Good Girls Season 4 Review & Ending Explained : What’s Happened ?

good girls season 4 review & ending

Good Girls Season 4, Episode 15, “We’re Even” is where the show begins to lose some of its character development. Annie is trying to decide what she wants, with Ruby, Beth, and Kevin trying to fix their friends. Let’s try to explore “Good Girls Season 4 Review & Ending“.

It’s encouraging to see them trying to fix this part of their relationship.

The Good Girls Season 4: Review

good girl review

But, “We’re Even” is a drag in comparison to Good Girls Season 4 Episode 16 “Nevada.” Nevada does what I wanted Good Girls to do all season: force the characters to make a decision.

Beth is elected to the Nevada State House and they have enough money for a runaway. I expected that this would be a huge exit that would force the women to make difficult choices. Instead, we get a sequence of dreams that is delivered on the shoulder.

Beth’s death was one of the many ways that I expected the series would end. As the women got deeper into the world, and things didn’t change, I assumed Rio would kill Beth.

The Good Girls Season 4 Finale, Explained

good girl review & ending

There was speculation that Good Girlsseason 4 would be continued for another season. The season finale, however, leaves some plot points open. Beth Boland (Hendricks), is elected to the city council at the end of season 4. Her husband Dean (Matthew Lillard), Annie (Whitman), Ruby (Retta), and Stan (Reno Wilson), all plan to move to Nevada to escape their lives full of crime. But Mick (Carlos Aviles), arrives at Beth’s house and shoots them.

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We see that Annie, Ruby, Stan, Dean and Ruby actually moved to Nevada. Beth soon realizes that their new lives are just as complicated as their previous ones and convinces her friends of a robbery. She is then shot again. Beth awakens in Michigan realizing that Nevada was a nightmare. The gunshot wound she received isn’t fatal. In fact, it was just a setup. Mick lost his gun, but it was the same gun that was used to kill Lucy (Charlyne Yay) in season 3. Beth discovers her prints are on the gun, and could be sent to jail. Ruby suggests that they all go to Nevada to forget their criminal pasts. Beth refuses to do so, saying that she doesn’t want leave it behind. Annie sees Beth is in serious trouble and so she surrenders herself to the crime.

good girl review & ending

Ruby and Stan must decide if they want to relocate to Nevada. Stan basically gives Ruby an ultimatum. Either come with us, your true family, or stay with Beth and Annie. Ruby is seen packing in her last scene. Will she leave? Oder maybe she was unpacking. We won’t know.

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The final scene shows Beth and Rio, the money-launderer with whom she has been flirting for the past three seasons. They sit down on their park benches, but things have changed. Because he had always held the upper hand in their relationship, she’s spent her entire time as a small-time crook. He responds, finally, that “You work for my now,” and Beth now has more power than ever before. She can now be a major-time criminal.

The dream in Nevada was always an illusion

Although Beth’s shooting is a serious and important one, the next scene shows us that we have travelled back in time and are now rejoining everyone in Nevada. Beth survived the assassination attempt. Ruby and Stan are practicing the jingles for Sara’s new nail salon. Annie is currently living with Ben (Isaiah Stannard), and Kevin (Shane Coffey).The dream in Nevada was always an illusionAlthough Beth’s shooting is a serious and important one, the next scene shows us that we have travelled back in time and are now rejoining everyone in Nevada. Beth survived the assassination attempt. Ruby and Stan are practicing the jingles for Sara’s new nail salon. Annie is currently living with Ben (Isaiah Stannard), and Kevin (Shane Coffey).

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But, the façade of a happy ending soon begins to crumble. As Beth and the others navigate their new lives, Beth realizes that Beth’s plan to move away to start afresh is not going to work for three reasons. The first is the fact that many problems that led them to a life in crime won’t disappear just because they move. This is evident when Sara’s kidney problem flares and Ruby doesn’t have enough money for their medical bills. Their move to a new local comes with all of the problems that come with it, such as Ben being discriminated by his school’s lacrosse team for being transgender. Beth’s realization that she doesn’t want to give up her crime-ridden life is the most important thing.

One Nevada scene shows Beth at a supermarket where a would-be robber takes over the store. Beth verbally beats the pistol-wielding amateur with her first-hand knowledge. He asks Beth if she wants to die. She responds, “Kinda.” Beth realizes that her life as a criminal was not without danger. However, this moment is a sign of Beth’s growing awareness of the value of living the life she wants.

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good girl review & ending

Ruby and Annie convince Beth to go back to basics. They pull off a store robbery that is old-fashioned. The robbery ends badly when an armed customer shoots Beth in the chest. She realizes, however, that her new life in Nevada was nothing but a dream.

Ruby and Annie find themselves at crossroads

annie & ruby

Mick’s bullet has not fatally struck Beth in her shoulder. Beth wakes up in Michigan and the episode moves towards its conclusion. We see the potential places “Good Girls” could have gone if they had another season.

Quickly, the group realizes that Mick’s attempt to assassinate Beth was not intended. He left behind the gun he used for shooting Beth at the crime scene, which we have seen before. It was the gun that was used to murder Lucy (Charlyne Yi), an unwitting counterfeit cash printer, back in Season 3.

good girls review & ending

Nick and Beth believe that the cops will locate Beth’s prints and arrest her for Lucy’s murder. Annie, however, has already dealt with the problem. She appealed to Mick’s paternal side earlier in the season and asked him not to place Beth’s prints onto the gun. Annie is “a really good mother.” We can assume that Annie had her prints on the gun, although it’s not explained. The FBI agents examine the case file and declare it a case of sibling rivalry. This implies that Annie was the one who shot Beth, as her prints were found on the gun. Annie is placed in handcuffs a few scenes later.

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Ruby faces a difficult decision as Annie is taken by the police. Stan already has an offer for a Nevada house and plans to go there with Sara. Ruby stares at a suitcase, deliberating if she will abandon Beth or leave her family behind.

Beth assumes control


Beth gets the best happy ending of all the main characters. Rio is seen meeting Beth on a park bench with her after she abandoned her plans to move from Nevada to meet her in the final scene. She is now a member of the city council, and she has survived Nick’s attempt for her to be arrested for Lucy’s murder.

Rio is unable to contain his glee when Beth tells Rio: “You work for us now.” Rio replies, “You got it boss!”

All three endings raise clear questions. Is Annie going to take responsibility for a crime that she did not commit? What will Ruby do? What will happen to Beth and Rio’s relationship now that Ruby is the top dog? It is fitting that the series has come to an end. “Good Girls” was originally a series about women who take extreme measures to improve their lives and protect their families. But it became a story about how easy it can be to get in over your heads.

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beth and his friends

Despite their best efforts to control their lives, Ruby, Annie, and Beth were always caught up in the criminal underworld. To cover up their previous crimes, they had to commit more. They were unable to keep the money they earned for long. It was often stolen or used to pay off another debt. They dreamed of the end at different points, but there was no end.

Although we won’t know the end of the women’s stories, it’s possible that this is okay as their stories will never have a clear conclusion. Perhaps an unresolved ending was the best way for “Good Girls” ever to end.

Was Beth shot?


Mick arrived at Beth’s home to kill her in retribution for Nick’s flipping – resulting in him being taken to prison. Mick’s goal was not good and Beth was left with a superficial wound.

Conveniently, he also left his gun at home so that evidence could be collected from it.

It turned out that Nick had arranged for Mick to not kill Beth. Instead, he shot her to draw attention to the authorities and left the gun for them. He also wanted them to locate the gun’s prints, as it was the gun that killed Lucy.

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What happened to Annie’s family?

good girls

Annie begs Mick to not put Beth’s fingerprints on the gun in the first episode. She’s “a really great mom”.

He also hears her tell him that it shouldn’t have her fingerprints on the gun.

Although it’s not explained in the episode, it’s possible Annie could have had her fingerprints put on the gun. Annie is seen being taken by police at end of episode.

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