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Ha Yuri Zahard Tower Of God : Everything You Need To Know a modifier

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Ha Yuri Jahard

Ha Yuri Zahard, more popularly referred to in the form of Yuri Zahard (lacking her family name) is a high ranker and Princess of the Ha Family. She also is proud proprietor of Black March and Green April Two from the 13 month Series Ignition Weapons. It is her first time to have two 13 Months simultaneously since Garam Zahard was the only Princess to have done so. She is also among the world’s most renowned Princesses, and is therefore highly coveted and has a lot of influence all over The Tower. After having a meeting with Baam the first time he arrives in the Tower She becomes attracted to him and continues to spend most of the time trying to locate him even getting on the Hell Train to do so.

Personality and appearance

Yuri is known for her beautiful fair-skinned princess who has flowing, ankle length (it nearly falls to her ankles) dark-colored hair which is often in a ponytail with an orange ribbon or a fascinator placed on the left of her head. She has hair that is swept towards the right side, and piercing eyes that are red, a slim figure, and an above average-sized bosom. It is reported that she is remarkably resembling her maternal grandmother Ha Yurin.

She is wearing two different outfits:

  • Then, in Part 1 she was wearing an white long-sleeved coat and black shirt. She also wore a red tie as well as a red skirt and black tights. The logo of Zahard on her tie.
  • Then, in Part 2 in Part II, she was wearing the long-sleeved business shirt, and long skirt in maroon with a matching blouse. The overcoat she wore was black and red fluff with royal-looking attire. The actress was not wearing a tie in this particular moment. In her latest appearance Yuri wears a sophisticated dark grey jacket over an oversized black t-shirt and black pants.

Also, In terms of personality, she’s hot-tempered and known for making reckless choices, much to the disappointment of her friend and her guide Evan Edrok. In addition, she has been proven to be tough instead of intelligent (e.g. she wanted to crush the screen to find Baam who was shown on the screen).


Yuri has been dubbed the Great-Granddaughter of Ha Yurin who is the the great-granddaughter of Ha Yurin,head of the Ha Family. Yurin’s bloodline runs strong through her veins, to the point that it is believed that Yuri closely resembles Yurin the way of appearance, as well as her temperament as a hot-tempered woman. That’s why her sobriquet”Black Snakehead” is “Black Snakehead”, in reference to her great-grandmother “Snakehead” .

Her lineage also consists from a variety of direct descendants of Ten Great Family Heads.

Yuri became a Ranker over the 200-300 year period. It took her another 100 years to attain the rank of High Ranker. This is because Yuri was acknowledged as a gifted child even among Zahard’s Princesses. She was rewarded with a 13-month Series. Over the course of the last 500 years She was also the sole Princess who was an official Princess and be awarded a 13-month Series, known as the Black March. During her period being a Regular she didn’t take the Hell Train, since because it was “troublesome”.

In spite of her rank in comparison with other princesses she’s been declared to be Zahard’s preferred daughter and is second in rank to Adori because of her rise in rank as well as her popularity and the performance of her in recent roles related to The 13-Month Series.

Capabilities and Powers

As Princess from Zahard, Yuri is an extremely strong High Ranker clearly capable of destroying other high-authority rankers effortlessly. Her description is “level cheating” and is able to take on any post. As a member of Ha Family Ha Family, she is skilled in close combat.


Immense Physical abilities

Originating from being part of the Ha Family, the Family that has the highest body Strengthening capabilities and receiving the strength that comes from Zahard in the form of a Princess SIU declared that, even as a regular the basic physical abilities of Yuri were superior to the abilities of a Ranker.

Shinsu Control

Being a High Ranker it is possible to conclude that her shinsu control is excellent. It has been observed that she has a strong connection to shinsu, so that, when Yuri becomes angry, it causes the air shake and the ground shake. Through shinsu, with a bit of effort she can send powerful shockwaves that could make the earth violently break up and splinter. When she was fighting The Purple Dementor Observer, she was able to inject shinsu directly into one of its claws and destroy it from the inside out.

Ha Yuri Zahard Relationship in Tower Of God

Ha Yuri Zahard

Ha Yurin

Yuri as well as her grandma share good relations. Ha Yurin has a lot of love for her. She believes that being a princess isn’t an enjoyable situation to be in and she asks Yuri whether she’s able to take on the responsibility of being Zahard’s princess. Yuri shares a lot the same way as her grandmother, but Yurin isn’t happy when she mentioned that they like to destroy things. This is probably humiliating for her.

Urek Mazino:

Urek Mazino

She is friends by an additional Irregular, Urek Mazino, and it appears that she has some involvement in the formation of a company known as “Wing Tree” or Wolhaiksong. She rates Urek as “the most effective to take on however, the most difficult one to live to live. When Mazino encounters Viole and listens to him talk about his need to protect those whom he cherishes and loves, he immediately thinks about the extent to which Yuri would love his company. Their bond was so strong that Urek would happily accept any task from her. Yuri is also known to be not afraid to get angry with him. This can actually be a source of fear for Urek who does not seem to take retaliation at these instances in the sense that Yuri could kick Urek and then beat him up, and Urek would just be nervously explaining his reasons for facing Hell Joe since Urek created the character.

Twenty-Fifth Baam:

Ha yURI Zahard And BAam

A man whose appearance she believes to be her ideal. Even though she didn’t know Bam for a long time, Yuri has shown great love for Bam for instance, seeking him out for six years even though his death had been publicized. When asked about why, she replied “He’s not someone who would have to go through that”. Then she gets the dreaded nosebleed, and her heart rate increases when she thinks about him.There are also the total shocked to find out that the man was alive, and joy of seeing him back and even hugging him during their reunion. She’s been a risk-taker in the event of Bam to using Shinsu on the train to following him down to the death’s floor and going so the extent of being declared as a traitor to Bam.


Yuri Zahard is also known to have had a conversation with another Irregular, Phantaminum, in the palace’s interior of Zahard However, she didn’t speak about it other than “He was a mess”.

Androssi Zahard:

Androssi Zahard

Yuri first encounters Androssi on the floor of Tests. When Androssi assures Baam’s safety by claiming she has promised him the possibility of a date, Yuri calls her a Snob. On during the Hell Train, Yuri pegs Androssi as the snob she observed in the 2nd floor. She keeps following Androssi around using an object (made to resemble the face of her) so that she can keep an eye on. In addition to this the camera, she puts it inside the pocket of Androssi. When she is on her journey towards the Floor of Death, Yuri continually calls Androssi to continue training with her. She instructs Androssi the method to use her skill Red Velvet Sword, enabling Androssi to utilize a derivation technique called Chiffon Sword.

H Cheonhee:

Yuri was a respected Cheonhee back in their more regular times. They would often argue with one another. Yuri loved being viewed as an enormous sibling, however Cheonhee considered her differently and was unhappy with her receiving a lot of praise from family members as well as the interest from Ha Yurin. Presently, Yuri didn’t seem to be aware that Cheonhee was angry and jealous of her conduct despite her being an Zahard Princess, but when she found out she was angry not because she perceived her mentor as a threat , but because Cheonhee did not have any idea of the hardships it took to be an Zahard Princess. She slapped her for it, and revealed that she was not able to defend her even during their fights during their youth however, she still acknowledged her determination and said she didn’t think she would be able to win anyway.

Khun Maschenny Zahard:

Yuri and Maschenny are in a very antagonistic relationship that is evident in Yuri publicly admitting to hate Maschenny to be a snob. Their encounter at Repelistia’s home was marked by a hostility that was visible as both insisting on their respective 13 Months Series, and cursing at the other when they are rejected.

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