HAND DEMON Demon Slayer : Everything You Need To Know

Hand Demon

In Demon slayer, Hand Demon is the demon that murdered 13 of Sakonji Urokodaka’s students during the Final Selection including Sabito and Makomo.

APPEARANCE Hand Demon Demon Slayer

APPEARANCE Hand Demon Demon Slayer

The Hand Demon a huge and clumsy demon, sporting fingernails that are red, olive-green and eyes of yellow . He used to appear like an ordinary demon. In additionm He had clothes and hair however, once he began feeding people with large quantities and began to expand considerably in size. Also, He developed many arms, and his mouth got larger than it was before and sharp teeth began to appear. The arms grew to such a size that he not only stopped wearing clothes and using his hands to protect himself and cover himself, but also he put down his feet and stopped walking around with his hands.

PERSONALITY Hand Demon Demon Slayer


The demon was extremely brutal to human beings; He killed them without hesitation. He was furious at Urokodaki Sakonji because of placing him in a wisteria trap.

Demon Ruk revealed his dark side by discussing how he had killed one hunter or another. However, he was terrified of dying, as he was so terrified after his head was severed the man refused to close his eyes. He could not imagine that he was actually dead.

Being a human, he had the habit of holding his brother’s hand, and when he lost and was defeated, he requested Tanjiro to follow suit. When Tanjiro accepted his request and thanked him with tears, he thanked him.

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HISTORY Hand Demon

As a demon who was weak the demon lost his battle against Sakonji Urokodaka, who imprisoned the demon in wisteria and caused him to constantly be on Fujikasanejama.

He started to dislike him and made a vow to himself to eat every one of the followers of Urokodaka. He ate 50 people, which included his 13 followers.



Demon Hand targets several potential Demon Hunters, killing one and pursuing another. Utilizing his body’s limbs to manipulate his body The aforementioned Demon is able to extend an limb in order to capture the Hunter. However, it’s taken away by Tanjiro employing his Water Wheel technique. Noticing the intrusion, Demon notes that he is a “cute tiny Fox.

He asks the potential Demon Hunter what year of the Meiji era and is told that the Taisho time is now in progress and he is enraged. While cursing Sakonji for having him caught in the wisteria-saturated Fujikasanayama region, Demon is furious and tells Tanjiro why he was snatched by his teacher in the Keio period that was part of his Edo period. The first victim he claims is accused of lying because due to the character of demons that were captured in the final round of selection However, Demon Ruk affirms that he ate fifty children. He then explains that Tanjiro is the 14th disciple of Sakonji who he came across who was killed, then devoured his entire meal. He relates the two that he remembers best: a boy with peach hair and a mark in the mouth’s corner and a woman who was dressed in floral patterns, and swift, effortless moves. When explaining the significance of the fox’s mask Sakonji handed to Tanjiro, Demon mocks the general situation of those he killed, focusing on Makomo’s initial reaction.

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The fury of Tanjiro who responds by cutting up the different legs with which the vicious creature has at him. One of the demon’s limbshowever passes through the Tanjiro’s attack line unleashing a devastating punch that knocks the angry victim unconscious. The Demon Ruk extends some of his limbs at Tanjiro however, Tanjiro managed to evade his limbs at the last moment. After severing these appendages and also, the cunning Demon is determined to catch his opponent by surprise by launching an attack that is aimed at him from below the ground. The Hunter is also able to avoid the attack, but the brave mutant leaps out with an enormous limb at the person who has fallen and is repelled by a powerful hit on the forehead. Contemplating that he no more can use his arm, the determined Demon decides to build up the neck’s defense and Tanjiro within a matter of minutes.

The blow hits, Demon Ruk notices that his voice is making the exact sound as Sakonji and, in a rage, he shouts Sakonji’s name. The strike completely dislodges the head of the enemy with multiple weapons, Demon panics over his fast-approaching death. Thinking that Tanjiro will treat him in a mocking manner after his death and he’s amazed by the young man’s eyes filled with sadness . The Demon hands out his hand to his foe and then holds it in his hands, hoping that he won’t turn into the Demon again following his resurrection. While crying, thinking about his previous life and his past, The Demon Hand disappears.

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SKILLS AND POWER Hand Demon Demon Slayer

SKILLS AND POWER Hand Demon Demon Slayer

It is believed that the Hand Demon was by far the most powerful of Fujikasaneyama and was much more powerful than the average man of 1-2 and all the other demons found in the region. Thirteen of the people who were killed were under the tutelage of Urokodaka which indicates his superior fighting skills.


  • Body Manipulation: The demon can manipulate his body and extend various arms to up to several meters. It is possible to do this using multiple arms simultaneously and can either strike with a deadly weapon or assemble his flesh into an arm. He could also use his arms to make strategic decisions, having the ability to submerge them beneath the ground to attack an uninvolved victim.
  • Improved Resilience The demon was famous due to his neck muscles which enabled the demon to crush blades pointed at him. Decapitation is often the preferred method for defeating demons this attribute is a way to minimize the demon’s main weaknesses. However, he’s not immune to attacks with blades since a forceful attack could actually kill him.
  • Regeneration As with other demons, a demon is able to regenerate forever if not placed in sunlight . Regenerative power seems to be above the average, given that it is possible to instantly regenerate his arms that were severed and fight.
  • Immunity to pain: Demon Hand’s pain threshold is massive as shown by the fact that he didn’t even blink despite the numerous legs he lost during fight. He even scratched his body in anger and despair until he started bleeding but all that he felt was rage and not pain.
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