Hero Mask Season 3 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

hero mask season 3

Pierrot created Hero Mask Season 3 as an anime series that is unique to Japan (ONA). The second season of Hero Mask will be available in full on 23 August. However, viewers might not know that it is the end of the series.

If he can solve the conspiracy that drove Hero Mask’s first two season, the Hero Mask team may return to Netflix to work on new stories.

Mikio Ono (Producer of Hero Mask) stated that the show was originally planned to have 24 episodes spread over two seasons. Studio Pierrot isn’t the only one involved in this endeavor, despite its size. They are known for producing popular franchises like Bleach (which has over 300 episodes) and Naruto: Shippuden (which has 500 episodes).

Hero Mask Season 3 Story

Hero Mask Season 3 Story

Hero Mask contains a supernatural element and crime. The series is set in a fictional London and the main characters are William and Emily. James Blood, a hot-blooded officer in the Special Service of Crime division falls under the jurisdiction of the Capitol Police Department.

James has lived a life that was unusual. However, after learning about the death of Monica Campbell, Superior Crown Prosecutor, James discovers that things have taken an unexpected turn.

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James had more surprises in store. James’s old enemy, who is believed to be dead, attacked the station where he works. Shortly after the attack, Crown Prosecutor Campbell succumbed to his injuries.
James did not understand the causes or the motivations behind such turmoil. He and Sarah, our protagonist, attempt to find the culprits behind these strange events.
The path to Truth is not always easy, despite this. In the pursuit of discovering the truth, they become involved in a conspiracy with the Live Corporation.
As evidence of their escape from prison, they now wear masks that give them supernatural powers. If the show is renewed, more interesting events will occur.

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Is There a Season 3 of ‘Hero Mask’?

Is There a Season 3 of 'Hero Mask'?

On August 23, 2019, the second season of “Hero Mask” debuted. Unfortunately, this will be the last season of the animated series. The third season is not planned. The Hero Mask’ team may return, as they have indicated that they are open to working with Netflix again in the future.

Mikio Ono (‘ Hero Mask’ producer) said that the animated series was originally planned for two seasons and 24 episodes.

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Ono explained to Anime News Network that the original plan was to have 24 episodes, which would consist of 12 episodes for part 1 and 12. But when we signed the contract with Netflix, we didn’t have to follow the same format as a regular TV anime. So we could make the first 15 episodes to fit the story while the second part would consist of nine episodes.”

Studio Pierrot has produced animated shorts before, but it is not the first. This contrasts with other popular titles such as’Bleach (which has more than 300 episodes) or’Naruto: Shippuden (500). Both ‘Naruto‘ and ‘Bleach_ have manga volumes to adapt, while Hero Mask is based upon an original story. This is why Hero Mask has only 24 episodes.

Ono shares his thoughts with Anime News Network on why it is so difficult for original animes that they are renewed. “Especially when it comes down to funding at the end. It takes a lot luck, just like when Netflix was created.”

It is difficult to renew an anime for season 3 due to a lack of source material. Hero Mask is more costly than other animes to make. This anime requires a lot of animation to create action sequences.

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Producer Ono says that if a veteran director was handling [Hero Mask], they would be familiar with the TV anime standard, and would seek out more labor-saving techniques.”

Season 2 of Hero Mask will be the last chapter. However, we don’t intend to close our doors to the possibility that the anime could be remade in a spinoff. The anime’s creators admit they are open to working again in the future.

In the same interview, Ono said that “Personally speaking” “I believe that Netflix has strong users overseas. It would be a great challenge to work with them.”

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Hero Mask Season 3 Characters

Hero Mask Season 3 Characters

James Blood is the main character in the series. He is a passionate officer and works in the elite section of the Capitol Police Department’s SSC. Grimm, literally meaning “rising from the ashes”, attacks the police station where he works. He teams up with Sarah to search for the Truth.

It stars Sarah Sinclair, a female lead character. Monica Campbell is currently her Assistant Attorney. She was also a witness to Monica’s death as she investigated the case involving LIVE Corporation. Before Monica’s death, several crucial details are revealed about the case. James and she team up to uncover the huge controversy surrounding the LIVE Corporation, as well as the super-powered villain.

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Hero Mask Season 3 Characters

Theo Lowe is a key supporting character in the series. He is a criminal who held multiple doctors hostage at the hospital so her daughter could have a heart transplant. He is believed to be dead after his plan fails. He survives and is used as a test subject for experiments that involve the mysterious masks, which can give superpowers to those who wear them. Theo escapes from the experiments and continues his search for his family.
Edmond Chandler is the technical specialist and sergeant of SSC. Harry Creighton is a former detective who currently works as a LIVE Corporation mercenary. He is charged with finding super-powered masked people scattered throughout London.

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