Hinata Tachibana : Everything You Need To Know

Hinata Tachibana was the wife of Takemichi's Hanagaki, and the reason behind Takemichi's wish to transform the past.
11. Hinata Is Determined & Loyal, Just Like A Taurus

Hinata Tachibana was the wife of Takemichi’s Hanagaki, and the reason behind Takemichi’s wish to transform the past.

Appearance Hinata Tachibana

Appearance Hinata Tachibana

At the age of adulthood, Hinata has light brown eyes. She also wears her beautiful brown locks a bit longer than it was before. It extends over her shoulders. The model is wearing an oversized black dress that is adorned with floral embroidered flowers. The necklace she wears is that hangs around her neck, a sign of her friendship with Takemichi Hanagaki from their time in middle school.

In middle school her hair appears to be smaller and thinner. The hair is cut into a rectangular shape with an elongated bang that is slightly atop her eyes. She usually wears the Mizo Middle School uniform consisting of white blouse, tied in stripes with a skirt that matches the jacket and black loafers.

When she was in high school, her hair has grown up to her shoulders.

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Personality Hinata Tachibana

Personality Hinata Tachibana

Hinata is a lively and positive personality. She is extremely optimistic and constantly discovers ways to make difficult situations more positive. When others are discouraged or depressed, Hinata remains strong in an effort to propel ahead.

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She is a very determined and strong teenager who is ready to take drastic steps to protect the people she loves. But it can cause her to be unwise and allow her to not consider certain actions with care such as when she hit Mikey as they first met, while trying to stand up for Takemichi, even though she was not understanding the situation completely. This was thankfully, not a cause for any major consequences but it did come she was scolded about the kind of reaction her actions could have caused.

Hinata is a kind and compassionate person who connects with people easily and looks after people constantly. Her cheerful personality provides comfort and peace to those who depend on her help. Hinata is, however, quite frightening when angry, Mikey was amazed by the force of her the slap.

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By Stoneyxd

(to the Takemichi) “If only I was a boy, if I was, then I’d protect you Hanagaki-kun.”

(to the Takemichi) “You can’t just let these guys push you around. I’ll protect you.”

(to Mikey and Draken) “You think I’m the one fucking around? Friends don’t waltz into another school and drag someone without their consent. Takemichi-kun’s always been hurt lately. If that’s your guys’ fault, I’ll make you pay.”

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Relationships About Hinata Tachibana

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki And Hinata

Hinata Tachibana first started to date Takemichi Hanagaki while she was in the middle of school. She is extremely affectionate towards Takemichi and will take drastic measures to protect his feelings and him. Her smile and cheerful nature helps Takemichi’s worries go away. She’s also extremely vocal about her opinions.

We’ve seen her become annoyed because she didn’t understand Emma and Takemichi’s relationship. Then, she made friends with Emma when she came to learn about her feelings towards Draken she was cheering on her as they all attended the festival.

Hinata is a motivator for Takemichi as well as his only source of determination. Hinata is also extremely loyal to him since it’s evident that following their split she didn’t get into another relationship. The four leaf clover that Takemichi kept for her throughout the years following their breakup.

Naoto Tachibana

Hinata and Naoto Tachibana

Naoto Tachibana, the youngest brother of Hinata Tachibana. It is revealed that the brothers have a affectionate relationship and they both are deeply in love with each other. Hinata is the sole reason Naoto is seeking his help in making a difference in the direction of the future.

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Naoto is the main trigger for Takemichi’s abilities to leap time. He was a police officer in the near future after Takemichi revealed Hinata’s imminent death.

Masato Tachibana

MAsato Tachibana

Masato Tachibana Naoto and Hinata’s father.¬†He is an officer in the police force.¬†Also, Masato convinced Takemichi to end their relationship with Hina to ensure that she doesn’t become involved in dangerous situations (Chapter 90).

While he did well initially, he eventually admitted defeat after Hina admitted to him that he shouldn’t have married Hina’s mother due to how society viewed his appearance (Chapter Chapter 108).



Based on the Official Character Book of characters:

  • Her image’s color is white.
  • She loves cocoa.
  • She doesn’t like bitter coffee.
  • Her forte is the piano.
  • Her most beloved species is the dolphin.
  • The people she admires and admire is her mother along with Helen Keller.
  • The person she doesn’t like or is afraid of is her father if they talk too much.
  • Her goal is to become an nurse.
  • Hinata’s chart of relationships:
  • Naoto is the younger brother.
  • Emma: Friend
  • Takemichi: Love
  • A story (or tale about success or failure): “Takemichi praised me for the cookies I baked. (I thought they were macarons, but whatever!)”
  • Her favorite place to go is the roof top where she could watch the fireworks along with Takemichi.
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The day-to-day life of

Attending school along with Naoto Always a more early than her classmates and taking classes Music class is my favourite -> having dinner with female friends in the lunch break While driving to home, I went on an evening with Takemichi-kun! Take a long bath prior to going to bed and text Takemichi goodnight and then go to bed.


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