How Old Sasuke in Boruto?

Fans were teased about what was to come in the final episode of Naruto Shippuden after the conclusion of Naruto Shippuden . A movie about Naruto Uzimakia’s son Boruto was made shortly thereafter. The series followed.

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The story of Naruto’s son Boruto Uzumaki and his journey to become a great ninja with his friends Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki Uzumaki is the focus of this new series. The manga series started serializing in May 2016, while the anime began airing one year later, in 2017. Both manga and anime are still being produced.

All our favourite characters from the original Naruto series have become adults in Boruto. It feels like yesterday when Sasuke was a young boy who wanted to eliminate Itachi and the entire Uchiha Clan. Now he is the Shadow Hokage and a father to a girl.

Who is Sasuke Umiha?

Who is Sasuke Umiha?

Sasuke Uchiha, a shinobi hailing from Konohagakure (the Village Hidden in Leaves), is described as “Sasuke”. He was the last remaining member of the proud Uchiha Clan, and the villager pitied him. His elder brother, Itachi Uchiha murdered the entire Uchiha Clan when he was a young man. He spared Sasuke, and asked him to become stronger and more challenging in the future.

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He was the top of his ninjutsu class. His good looks made him popular with girls. He didn’t pay much attention to girls as his sole goal was to kill Itachi. After graduating Ninja Academy, he was placed on the same team with Sakura Haruno who has a crush and Naruto Uzumaki who views Sasuke his greatest rival. They were guided by Kakashi, one of the most renowned shinobis.

Who is Sasuke Umiha?

These characters are not the only ones returning to the Ninja universe. There are many new characters who enter the Ninja realm throughout the series. The show introduces a whole new set of threats and power that may even be more powerful than anything we have ever seen.

You may be curious if you are a fan of the show as to how old the characters were during the event. Also, how large a time jump occurred between Naruto and Boruto.



Sasuke, who is slightly older than Naruto was born a few days before Naruto. He was also 17 when the series ended. He is 33 years old in the Boruto events, according to the time skip.

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Sasuke Uchiha – July 23rd

Sasuke Uchiha - July 23rd

Like the rest of Naruto Team 7, Sasuke is 33 years old. Sasuke, however, has spent 15 years trying to make amends for his actions in Naruto.

Sasuke has dedicated himself to Konoha’s protection. He is older and more tired than his friends, but he is still trying to figure out how to balance his familial and personal responsibilities.

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Age Chart for Boruto Characters

Age Chart for Boruto Characters

Below are the birthdays, ages and relationships of Boruto’s main characters.

Boruto UzumakiFebruary 27th12
Sarada UchihaMarch 31st12
MitsukiJuly 25th12
Naruto UzumakiOctober 10th33
Sakura Uchiha (Haruno)March 8th33
Konohamaru SarutobiDecember 30th27
Himawari UzumakiAugust 1st10
Shikadai NaraSeptember 23rd12
Cho-Cho AkimichiAugust 8th12
Inojin YamanakaDecember 5th12
Hinata Uzumaki (Hyuga)December 27th32
Sasuke UchihaJuly 23rd33
Shino AburameJanuary 23rd32
Ino YamanakaSeptember 23rd32
Kakashi HatakeSeptember 15th48

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