How Strong is Ging Hunter X Hunter ? & what is its type of nen ?

How Strong is Ging Hunter X Hunter ? & what is its type of nen ?

I will explain to you what the ability of nen Ging is. As you know, Ging is the father of Gon, the main character of Hunter X Hunter. Ging is a character who does things at his own pace and puts his own intellectual curiosity to the test.

He is not bound by common sense or preconceived notions, and has unconventional ideas and values.

However, he is not as gentle as the Gon. He is rather quick to anger and can be seen lashing out and fighting with the people around him, and is generally considered a fool.

But he is quite competent and many people trust him, even Pariston, his rival, gives him a form of respect.

How Strong is Ging Freecs In Hunter X Hunter ?

How Strong is Ging Freecs In Hunter X Hunter ?

Ging’s strength is rarely revealed in the manga. However, according to Netero, he is among the five best nen users in the world.

There have been many very strong characters in Hunter X Hunter so far and of course there are many characters that are yet to appear, but being in the top 5 should be strong enough.

I will now explain Ging’s strength, referring to his abilities and strength shown in Pip-Play.

According to Ging, it doesn’t have much to do with the ability once you do it. But the fact that it requires aura control gives us an idea of the base level of nen.

The Pip-Play requires the transmutation ability, since it changes the shape of the aura. We can guess that it is very close to what cookie, hisoka and other transmutation abilities do.

How Strong is Ging Freecs In Hunter X Hunter ?

It is suggested that it is several times better at controlling nen than other uses. This allowed him to boast of his pip game. Usaman has lost his confidence and those around him are no match for Ging.

He is among the top five nen users in the world, it is quite plausible that nen’s striking abilities can be copied once he is attacked in a fight.

With a subordinate that Pariston had set up to see what Ging could do, and Ging uses the nen emission ability type against an opponent with an embodied weapon. When he hits an object, the aura slides through the object and is released onto the target.

How Strong is Ging In Hunter X Hunter ?

At first, I thought it was Ging’s nen ability to copy the striking abilities. But this one seems to be just another talent, he has an extraordinary ability regarding the nen ability, so much that he immediately developed an application technique when he saw the starting version.

That is, after considering the backbone of the developer and the mechanism of nen ability.

Razor appears in the gi arc and is a founding member of the GI.
as a nen ability, he was in charge of the release system during the development of the game, so it can be assumed that he is good enough to hold Razor.

Razor has shown such an ability to release nen that it took gon Killua and Hisoka to barely hold him back. He is so good that gon and Killua, his mentor cookie and the ghost troops are all impressed.

How powerful is Ging In Hunter X Hunter ?

It is speculated that Ging is powerful enough to catch Razor without killing him, one of Ging’s achievements is the annihilation of the white band of thieves.

I have no idea how strong this gang is, but since it is listed as one of his accomplishments, I expect this gang to be very strong.

The thieves and hunters gang of the moment is the ghost troop and if they are on the same level as this, it was pretty impressive the fact that he couldn’t get credit for catching bad guys like Razor, suggests that the gang was pretty hard to catch.

What’s Nen Abilities Type Of Ging Freecs In Hunter X Hunter ?

What's Nen Abilities Type Of Ging Freecs In Hunter X Hunter ?

The candidate types for Ging’s Nen ability are specialization, manipulation and transmutation.

Since there is only one base for transmutation, the possibility is rather low, the mechanism as explained below is a good example.

Transmutation is the ability to change the nature and form of an aura, hisoka changes his aura into rubber and Killua changes his aura into electricity.

What's Nen Abilities Type Of Ging Freecs In Hunter X Hunter ?

Mecanism does not change the nature of the aura, but it requires the transmutation technique, because it changes the form of the aura, although it is a high level ability.

He may not be very attached to the transmutation technique, since he said it is meaningless.

I think it is a description to show that he has extraordinary power, even though he is not good at transmutation.

Personally, I think specialization and manipulation are the most likely.

Since there are so many things related to luck in Ging’s words, actions, and relationships with the people around him, I assume it is an ability that affects luck.

What's Nen Abilities Type Of Ging Freecs In HXH ?

Now, let me explain First of all, Ging is the founder of Greed Island. And when Gon and Killua researched the hunter’s website for Greed Island, it was suggested that specialization was involved.

All the information on the hunter’s website about Greed Island is true, and it is certain that the ability to specialize is involved. This does not rule out that Ging, the person in charge of GI, is a specialization type user.

But this provides evidence, gi is also developed by Specialization type then the ability of each card, effect and system.

What's Nen Abilities Type Of Ging Freecs In Hunter X Hunter ?

For example, Razor is in charge of the risky dice system on the island of greed, there is an item called risky dice, it is a 20 sided dice with 19 sides being very lucky and one side being very unlucky.

If you are lucky, something very good will happen to you and there is a 95 chance that you will be lucky but if there is a 5 chance of being unlucky.

A misfortune equivalent to the luck that was caused by the risky die will happen this is a game object but I guess Ging was responsible for this ability here is the justification for the following …

Name change one of the creators of greed island was a man named Dwun but he was forced to change his name by Ging. He said that the title of the game was chosen as an anagram of the founding members and he was forced to change the name just to match.

Since he changed his name to dwun, he said his luck has increased.

Kite & Ging Nen Abilities

Kite’s ability is “Crazy Slots”, which is a gambling game that gives the user an ability that matches the result of the slot. The ability nen is part of the user’s personality but doesn’t it seem a bit strange that Kite has a gambling ability with his strong sense of justice, his calm and gentle, it is hard to imagine that he activates such an ability Kite himself says that his mentor is Ging.

And Ging says that he is the one who taught Kite the Nen ability.

Don’t you also think that Ging’s ability is involved in the details of Kite’s crazy slots and Mito’s misfortune?

Since Ging left the island, various incidents happened as mito’s parents died in a car accident, Ging’s father went fishing and never returned.

Ging & Mito

At that time, Mito made a significant comment, everything started from when he left Mito.

Was she aware of Ging’s abilities? It is not clear if she was spared from misfortune because Ging was on the island, or if it was the cost of Jin’s ability.

It seems to be related to Ging’s ability. Election statements in the scene where the 12 zodiacs gather for the election, Ging predicted that the lottery would be the one to decide the vote.

He uses a lot of probability terms and horse races to explain this from these remarks, we can see that Ging is generally obsessed with reading probability, he also says he likes it and I guess Ging’s ability to read is related to luck.

If Ging’s ability is to improve luck. Then it is clearly a specialization. However, there are representations where Ging is considered a manipulation.

Ging Nen

Also, if Ging is a user of manipulation type nen then it can be considered in some respects as a specialization.

Let me explain, manipulation is also an attribute that is more likely to turn into a specialization.

Indeed, manipulation can manipulate matter, but the ability acquired by Ging of specialization may have blossomed and sublimated into the ability to manipulate luck.Also,

Manipulation is also compatible with emission, so it makes sense that he was able to copy and even apply Leorio’s emission abilities.

Furthermore, when Gon returned home, the tape Mito gave him contained Ging’s net.It is about erasing audio by overwriting the recording after playing the tape, the ability to play and erase a tape as a manipulation, the ability to put waves in a tape that is far from him is called emission. (yourdoctors)

Killua also hit the tape but did not even scratch it, it can be assumed that the tape is covered with Ten or Ko sublime by a nen type emissions.

There is also another representation that suggests manipulation in the scene where Ging appears for the first time.

Ging Nen Type Abilities

He is riding two giant dragons and the presence of the two giant dragons shows that Jing seems to have the characteristic of being easily appreciated by animals, but now that I think about it, I can also think that he was manipulating them with his manipulation ability.

Enhancers are simple and determined. Handlers are logical and do things at their own pace.

The transmitters are capricious and liars, the transmitters are impatient and not detail oriented, the specialists are independent and charismatic, the prestidigitators are very strict.

ging nen hunter x hunter

I think that the manipulators and the specialists are the two most likely candidates.

In terms of transmutation, Ging is fickle but not a liar as for the show, he is angry but not messy.
His plans are quite precise, and his personality is of the logical type.


Ging Nen HXH

On the hunterpedia, Ging nen is listed as a specialization personally, I think manipulation is a type of acquired specialization if you consider manipulation as the core.

It makes sense that it is a specialization, if so, it makes sense that he immediately copied and applied Leorio’s emission ability since manipulation is compatible with emission, there are still a lot of mysteries about Ging, but what do you think about him? Please let us know in the comments.


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