How Strong is Hulk ?

How Strong is Hulk .People want to believe that the Incredible Hulk is the greatest superhero ever. This is largely due to the many impressive feats he has accomplished over his long and successful career. The sad thing is that comic book fans know much more than this, even though they may not want to admit it. Although the Hulk can smash entire worlds with his fury, he is actually quite strong at his peak. This is thanks to his writers. Unfortunately, that’s not as impressive as you might think in the Marvel Universe. You might think that the Hulk is stronger the more insane he becomes. Sometimes rage can be more destructive than the person who feels it.

His fury carried him quite far in World War Hulk’s rage.

His fury carried him quite far in World War Hulk's rage.

He made his way towards Earth and stopped at the moon to have a “discussion” with Black Bolt. The leader of the Inhumans knocked back the Hulk with just a whisper. The Hulk was not able to stop him. He came roaring back and beat Black Bolt shortly after. The Inhuman leader might have intended to hurt the Hulk rather than warn him. The Hulk finally reached earth and began to take down all the heroes in his path, but not in the brutal manner you might expect. The only reason the World War Hulk series never showed his true potential was because he went to punish and not kill. Although there were a few heroes who could put him down, they each had their reasons (cough cough, writers, cough, etc.) for doing what they did. Imagine what would have happened if Ghost Rider had laid his Penance Stare upon the Hulk. It would have been fascinating.

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Once he is off the earth, his power diminishes to almost nothing.

Once he is off the earth, his power diminishes to almost nothing.

There are many Marvel characters that have reason to fear the Hulk, despite his ability to pulverize many. You’ll have a whole new fight if you talk about those whose power levels begin where the Hulks’s taper off. Hulk can be defeated by the Silver Surfer, and many other celestial beings he has fought. The Hulk has been beaten by Odin, Galactus and Galactus. Thanos is able to handle the Hulk quite easily, and not even break a sweat, as you may have seen in Infinity War. Hulk’s biggest problem for a long time, which has allowed Wolverine and other opponents to continue to hurt him, is that he is a bruiser and a brawler and doesn’t know much about hand-to-hand combat. Being well-trained in combat is not a requirement when your whole concept of fighting is to be strong, durable, and have a healing factor that works constantly. However, this leaves the door open to other combat-trained opponents to come in and target the Hulk’s weaknesses and exploit them.

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There are only a few people who can help him even on this planet.

There are only a few people who can help him even on this planet.

Although Wolverine was mentioned before, fights between them ended in draws more often than not. Hulk has been a great enemy of the savage mutant in the past, as he can cause havoc on the Hulk like no other. There are other names that can cause damage. For example, Red Hulk in his normal form, which is General Ross, one of Hulk’s oldest enemies. The Red Hulk can absorb gamma radiation to make him weaker. Hulk, who is one of the most powerful men on Earth, still gets beat no matter how angry he gets or how much power he has to be critical. This is the sad part.

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