How Strong is Meena Dhawan ?

Meena Dhawan was an S.T.A.R. A Labs scientist, Meena Dhawan was hit during the Speed Force storm at Central City. This gave her an extraordinary speed. She was Fasttrack and Flash. Together, they trained the next generation of speedsters to use their abilities at S.T.A.R. Labs.

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Early life

Before joining the S.T.A.R. Labs Newton’s Practical Application Department, Dhawan was an employee at title=”A.R.G.U.S. “>A.R.G.U.S..[1]

Lightning Strikes Twice

As fast track

Dhawan was named director of the Speed Force testing center in S.T.A.R. after the Speed Force storm on Central City. Labs. She revealed to August heart that she was also struck by lightning during the Speed Force Storm and that she had gained similar powers. To train a new generation, she began working with Flash. Fast Track was her new name.

After convincing The Flash to train the speedster Avery Ho, they ran to Iron Heights in order to check on the three speedsters August and Flash had captured. They found August injured on the floor, along with the other speedters who had lost their speed. They found August, injured, on the floor. The other speedters were also killed.

Meena and Flash, believing Dr. Joseph Carver was Godspeed, infiltrated the Black Hole Base and began asking questions. In an effort to fight back, Carver activated the Speed Machine that artificially filled his body in the speed force. The machine, however, did not give him superspeed, but instead made him a sentient Speed Force storm beast. Meena and Flash were able to defeat Carver and make him a sentient Speed Force storm monster.

They shared a kiss while working together with the Flash and he admitted to her that he was Barry Allen. They began to date, going to Bali together.

Later, she offered to teach Wally West his skills. They saved two window washers whose scaffolding was damaged.

After Wally’s training pass, Meena ran back to S.T.A.R Labs to see the whole building on fire. Meena entered the building to see the bodies of Speed Force trainees lying on the ground. Meena heard a scream and saw Godspeed trying to remove the speed from three of the survivors. She tried to phase him out but it didn’t work. Meena realized that Godspeed was trying to steal their speed when he started running around them in a circular fashion. Meena realized that Godspeed was trying to steal their speed and tried to make them spin together.

Barry arrived on the scene and found only the suit of Meena, but nothing of her body.

Black Hole and Perfect Storm

She was however found alive by Black Hole and Grod. But she is eventually freed by Barry.

After Iron Heights

Meena returned to S.T.A.R. after the destruction of Iron Heights. Meena returned to S.T.A.R. (under supervision) and continued her studies into Speed Force. She eventually helped Barry, Wally and Avery with their uncontrollable speed.

Later, she answered Max Mercury’s call from Speed Force to assist him and his Flash Family in fighting the Legion of Zoom.

Powers and Abilities


  • Speed Force/ Negative speed Force Conduit Meena was granted access to the Speed Force by the Speed Force storm that erupted in Central City. This mysterious cosmic force pushes time forward. Dhawan forced Barry Allen to accept the Negative Speed Force, transforming him into the Negative Flash. The Negative Flash has the same powers as the Flash but can also acquire new abilities. [8]
    • Meena can move at superhuman speeds. She can keep up with August Heart and the Flash .
    • Meena’s balance, agility, and coordination are all enhanced to superhuman levels. This allows her to move at superhuman speeds and maneuver easily.
    • Meena’s body is capable of handling the stress of moving at high speeds for extended periods of time, without getting tired or weak.
    • Speed Force Aura Barry Allen explains that a speedster’s body is protected by a friction cushion, which acts as light protection against the more dangerous elements of speed.
      • Meena’s endurance is greater than that of any other human. The Speed Force provided Meena with a “friction pad” to help her move.
    • Electrokinesis Meena is a conduit for the Speed Force and generates large amounts electricity. She emits Speed Force lightning, especially when she is moving at superhuman speeds. [2] Meena can generate dark, destructive lightning from the Negative Speed Force. [8]
      • Electro-Blast[8]
      • Speed Force Absorption Meena is able to drain the Speed Force and Negative Speed Force from other energy sources such as storms. [10]
    • Enhanced Sens Speed Force conduits that travel at the speed sound can miss important events. Meena’s Speed Force gives her enhanced senses, which allow her to see and hear at a faster speed, and then smell, touch, and/or taste it as it is processed.
      • Speed Force Sensor: Meena is able to track the location of Speed Force conduits by using their connection as an homing beacon.
    • Molecular Acceleration [2]
      • Meena can vibrate her molecules to cause objects to phase through them [2]
    • Vortex Creations Meena can create strong vortexes by turning her arms at super-speed. [

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Meena Dhawan: Who Are You? The Flash’s new Speedster Explained

A new Arrowverse speedster has been introduced by The Flash in season 8. Here’s Meena Dhawan, as well as what the comics have to say about her story and powers.

Season 8 of Flash has introduced Meena Dhawan, an Arrowverse speedster. Barry Allen finally met the mysterious speedster in dark in the final scene after spending one episode trying to find her. Kausar Mohammed played the role of the character.

Flash Season 8 Episode 17 titled “Keep It Dark”, seems to have added a member to Team Flash unexpectedly. Barry found Central City’s mystery speedster immediately after discovering that Meena Dhawan is Fast Track Labs CEO. She gave herself powers and wants to use them for good. Barry’s brief encounter with Meena proved she is not at his level of power and she doesn’t have the same knowledge about her abilities. Meena agreed to mentor Barry after their meeting. Meena is now free to assist Barry and Allegra in fighting metahumans on the field.

This comic book portrays Meena Dhawan as a superhero. It reveals what you can expect from Barry Allen’s new protege. Meena, a superhero from DC Comics, goes by the codename Fast Track. Meena, introduced in 2016, was Barry’s love interest and a speedster who worked with him at S.T.A.R. Labs. After being struck by lightning during a Speed Force storm, she was able to become a speedster. She joined forces with Barry and played a key role in Barry’s fight against the Black Hole organization. Additionally, she mentored Wallace West (a Wally West-inspired version inspired by the Arrowverse’s portrayal).

The Flash has already told its Black Hole story, but it seems that Meena is still welcome in the Arrowverse. She could use her speedster abilities to participate in any future battle for Team Flash. This could include Matt Letscher’s Reverse Flash, whose return was confirmed in the promo for the next episode. It’s likely he was the ” associate” Meena referred to when she spoke about her attempts to create an artificial speed source.

Meena’s ability to create her own speed sources with artificial speed is not as depicted in the comics but fits well with her character. Barry has described Mena Dhawan, Arrowverse’s Arrowverse’s genius, as being exactly the same person she was in comics. Meena is a gifted mind and speedster and could be a valuable asset for Barry, Team Flash and Team Flash throughout the remaining episodes and possibly in Season 9 of Flash.

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