How Strong Is Tatsuya Shiba  ?

How Strong Is Tatsuya Shiba  .Tatsuya Schiba is a First-Year Student in Course 2 at the First High School. He is the eldest child of Four Leaves Technology president and a member of the Yotsuba family. His only sibling Miyuki Schiba. He was born in April, while Miyuki was born in March. According to the Japanese school system, they are both studying in the same year. Tatsuya is near the bottom of the technical skills section, while Miyuki ranks at the top of the freshmen class. The school has a split between high-scoring students, the blooms, as well as the lower scoring students, the weeds.

Tatsuya seems to be very cold except when it comes down to his sister. Later, it was revealed that Tatsuya is “half” of Taurus Silver, who is considered an ingeniusCAD Engineer. The “Taurus” part comes from Ushiyama (who Tatsuya calls Mr. Taurus). Tatsuya, who is still an underage student, is said to have done this because he could not patent his theories.

The Yotsuba clan found it unacceptable that he was born without any magic ability other than decomposition or regrowth. His mother, Shiba Miya, and her twin sister, Yotsuba Maya tried to improve his magical abilities on Tatsuya, a six-year-old girl. Miya used Outer-Systematic Magic “Mental Design Interference” to forcibly alter the area of the consciousness that produces strong emotions.

Tatsuya was given the ability to use magic but it wasn’t what they had hoped for. The artificial magic area performed significantly less than a natural one and Tatsuya was limited to being used as a Guardian.

Despite being in high school, he is part of the JSDF 101 Independent Magic Equipped Battalion. This elite magic fighting force is highly elite. He has several personal magics: Gram Dispersion (Strategic Class Magic), Mist Dispersion (Regrowth), and Material Burst (Strategic Class Magic). Material Burst has been used three times by him so far. Once in anger during the Great Asian Alliance invasion of Okinawa in 2092 and again three years later during Scorched Halloween.

Shiba Tatsuya’s Abilities and Powers

  • Tatsuya is able to deconstruct physical objects on a macro-scale
  • Quickly disassembles four tanks
  • Disassembles guns
  • Tatsuya has the ability to use Dismantle to protect himself. Anything that crosses a certain range will be destroyed.
  • Dismantle can be used on a micro-scale to create Mist Dispersion and deconstruct physical objects at a molecular scale
  • A crashing airship is destroyed and an explosion surrounds it
  • Tatsuya, 13, walks through a battlefield using Mist Dispersion against all enemies and all bullets/explosives
  • Removes the protection of an enemy magician, then the magician
  • Takes out bullets
  • Take apart a landing ship with everyone aboard
  • Fires Mist Dispersion like an laser at a particular location.
  • Material Burst is the final evolution in Dismantle. It completely degrades matter and converts it into energy.
  • A Material Burst is used on a flag. It releases the equivalent energy to 22 megatons TNT and destroys the southern tip of Korea’s Peninsula
  • Tatsuya believes that he could destroy the world even though he has not tried Material Burst on anything heavier than two pounds.
  • You can use dismantle on inorganeal objects or phenomena
  • Removes an anti-magic area from it’s effect
  • Destroys a movement vector
  • Destroys a synthetic spirit made by ancient magic


Any object can be returned to its previous state

  • Regenerate allies during battle to prevent any casualties
  • Recovers an item that he has lost
  • If Tatsuya’s injuries are serious enough, Tatsuya activates and uses Regenerate quickly enough that no one, even Tatsuya, will notice.
  • The ability to activate this ability when his ‘combat factor is’ inhibited (including gas-induced sleep) is later demonstrated.
  • Regenerate is capable of restoring fatal wounds, and even the life of the recently deceased. However, it can’t restore life to someone who is truly dead.
  • Regenerate is able to work on non-physical objects
  • Tatsuya feels the full pain of his injury and the effects of Regenerate as he casts it.

Elemental Sight

The ability detect any existing

  • Views the interior of a room from more than a mile away (later discovered to be 4000 feet).
  • A USNA spy satellite is watching him
  • Tracks information about an enemy who is moving too quickly for his eyes to follow.
  • Uses ElementalSight to search and scan a top-secret research laboratory from the outside
  • Locates everyone within a building quickly
  • Sees a conversation happening without him being present.
  • Elemental Sight detects anything that has happened in the last 24 hours
  • Can choose a target and remain aware of their surroundings. He is constantly using this ability to protect his sister Miyuki and has never expressed any interest in using it against anyone else. )
  • You can learn all there is to know by reading the ’cause & effect’
  • There’s no limit to the range of Elemental Sight

Flash Cast

A Yotsuba family method that allows Tatsuya activate magic programs quicker than usual. It doesn’t require the use a CAD

  • Tatsuya claimed (although it’s possible he was lying), that Flash Casting is compatible to any magic program with up to five processes


Tatsuya uses multiple methods to nullify magic programs

  • Create a cast jamming effect by using two CADs
  • Program Demolition: A spell that releases a group of psionic particles to directly affect and destroy magic activation software.
  • Tatsuya is faced with 16 spells from a high-caliber magician and manages to use Program Demolition to disable 14 of them.
  • Program dispersion: This technique uses the spell Dismantle directly to dismantle magic programmes.
  • Program Dispersion is used to cancel two complicated spells from Lina and Miyuki, two of the most powerful magicians in this series.

Other Spells

Tatsuya relies primarily on Dismantle, Regenerate, but he also has the ability to use many other spells, sometimes in conjunction with Flash Casting

  • Motion suppression magic and acceleration to jog at 60kph
  • A vibration-type spell which creates psionic waves that incapacitate his opponent
  • Vibration magic to shake a crowd
  • Disperssion-type spell to remove sweat from the skin and clothes
  • Use this self-weighting spell in order to gain a negative weight
  • An oscillation-type spell to amplify the sound of a “snap” to make it loud enough to break the eardrums, and disable
  • Water Spider: A spell that increases the surface tension and allows Tatsuya’s run across water
  • Flight magic
  • A deceleration magic, used to reduce the damage from a shrapnelgrenade
  • A type of oscillation spell that creates vibrations that knock an opponent
  • Farstrike is a spell that targets your soul
  • Creating magic footholds during combat
  • If he can cast it (there isn’t a definite outline of exactly what that means), Tatsuya is able to instantly use any spell he saw before
  • As stated in multiple spell descriptions, the ability of Tatsuya to manipulate the physical world using magic, except for Dismantle and Regenerate, is very low. It has only minor effects.

Magic Use: General Properties

  • Tatsuya has the ability to target 36 objects at once with one spell.
  • Distance does not affect Magic or limit it in any way.
  • Tatsuya, 13 years old, uses Material Burst to shoot from 12 miles away. His range is limited by the sniper rifle with which he was shooting it.
  • Dismantle at 4000 feet (with the additional implication that he can do horizon sniping from 4000 feet away)
  • A sniper is dismantled from 1000 yards
  • Tatsuya believes that he could find microscopic amounts matter only a few kilometers away
  • Tatsuya can target any location that the satellites see with the help of Third Eye, a rifle-type CAD linked to surveillance satellites.
    • The Third Eye Tatsuya activates Material Burst from within Japan
  • No specific times are given other than the term “instant” to describe Tatsuya’s speed at activating magic. However, Miyuki considers 235 milliseconds to slow. This would mean that Dismantle or Regenerate Tatsuya would activate magic faster, to an unknown extent

Physical Abilities

Martial arts

  • Tatsuya’s martial arts skills are comparable to Yakumo’s.
  • Although it seems paradoxical, Yakumo’s greatest feat is actually being even to Tatsuya. However, most characters in the series recognize Yakumo as one of Japan’s top martial arts experts
  • Frequently fights large numbers of Yakumo students
  • was able to deal with ‘Range Zero,’ Tomitsuka in close combat. (Technically both were using magic, but the majority of the fight revolved around Martial Arts)
  • Tatsuya wins 2 matches against experienced soldiers at 13


  • Tatsuya’s ability to move quickly enough to make him invisible to others has been demonstrated.
  • Closes the gap of five meters in one step
  • Jumps between trees, while trying to stop the trees from stealing his position
  • Jumps on a woman, then falls onto another man’s shoulders. Kicks him in the head
  • Supports his sister with one hand and grabs a stack of dishes that has fallen with the other.
  • Running an obstacle course through mountains is no more difficult than running on flat ground
  • Intercepts an object moving at 400kph


  • Tatsuya’s resistance to minor injuries is evident, but his self-restoration of any injuries before he notices them is a feat that leaves no doubt about his endurance.


  • Tatsuya is strong enough to perform the mobility feats and martial arts mentioned above but Tatsuya has the physical strength without magic that is within the limits of humanity

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Intelligence and Personality

  • Tatsuya is a remarkable magician
    • Tatsuya, one-half of Taurus Silver, is the world’s top CAD engineer.
    • Creates sustained flight magic – a feat previously believed impossible
    • Tatsuya programs spells with only a text editor. This is the equivalent to removing ios on an iPhone and then writing an improved version without ever needing to troubleshoot or test it.
  • Near perfect photographic memory
  • Tatsuya uses his Elemental Sight and all the information he has gotten from being shot to track the bullet’s path back to the shooter
  • Tatsuya can defend against numerous professional hacking attempts without any difficulty
  • All his emotions, except for those towards his sister Miyuki,, and his obligation to serve the Yotsuba were deliberately removed by magic
    • Tatsuya is usually unmoved when it comes to Miyuki.


Tatsuya’s position in the Independent Magic Battalion (a Japanese Defense Force component) and as a member the Yotsuba family and half of the technology innovator Taurus Silber has allowed him to acquire a wide range of equipment

  • CADs
    • Trident – Tatsuya’s standardCAD, an improved version the Silver Horn and a very popular model
    • Third eye: A rifle type CAD linked to surveillance satellites
    • One-purpose CAD for flight
    • A thought-controlled CAD
  • A MOVAL Suit; combat suit that aids in flight, while also being bulletproof and heatproof. It can also absorb shocks and provide power assistance.
  • Bulletproof/knife-proof clothing
  • A stealthsuit (designed to make Tatsuya look more like Batman)
  • Conventional weapons
    • A handgun
    • A shrapnel gun
    • Sponge balls containing a powerful sleep medication
  • Tatsuya only used the CADs once and it is seldom, if ever, that the equipment is brought up again.


For me Tatsuya Shiba is a complete character both physically and magically. he is also endowed with an intelligence and a foolproof mind. Tatsuya is unfortunately one of the characters with great power under rated by many Otaku

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