How strong is the Yamato compared to that of zoro and sanji?

Yamato is superior to Zoro or Sanji?One Piece readers might be curious if Yamato is higher than Zoro or Sanji, at the least in their current forms.

The One Piece term for the Monster Trio refers to Luffy and Zoro together. They are the strongest of the Strawhat Pirates. Some readers fear that Yamato will join them.

This article will contain spoilers to keep you up-to-date. It will use all current information up to Chapter 1060. This is important to remember before you move on.

Yamato is stronger than Zoro or Sanji?

Yamato is stronger than Zoro or Sanji?

People don’t want yamato joining because they fear the Monster trio dynamic will be destroyed.

This One Piece article uses the Onigashima Raid reference guide. It will show Yamato’s accomplishments with Zoro, Sanji and others. For a few arguments, this article will also make use of historical precedent.

Take a look at their abilities in One Piece

Yamato is unbelieveably powerful

Yamato is unbelieveably powerful

Many One Piece fandoms were attracted to Yamato. She is one of the most powerful women in this series.

  • Extreme strength: Kaido, the strongest creature in the world, was also a fierce opponent
  • Mastery in Haki: You can use all three types of Haki
  • Haoshoku Haki’s rare infusion technology greatly speeds up her attacks
  • Inu Inu No Mi, Model: Okuchi to Makami A Mythical Zoan Devil fruit that grants her extraordinary strength and endurance
  • Secondary powers – Can use the element of Ice effectively
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Yamato is able to deal with Tobiroppo members such as Ulti or Sasaki. Even better, Yamato also stopped Kaido during Onigashima Raid in the hope that Luffy would return to that fight. Yamato did not sustain any serious injuries in the rooftop battle like Zoro.

But, Yamato is not likely to receive power-ups like Zoro or Sanji. Jinbe’s power levels are stagnant, so Yamato could face the same fate.

Meanwhile, Zoro and Sanji got some really good upgrades

Meanwhile, Zoro and Sanji got some really good upgrades

The Wano Countryarc has the longest history of One Piecehistory. In that time, Zoro and Sanji only got stronger.

This arc gave Zoro a chance to shine. Let’s take a look at his dangerous fighting skills in the One Piece series.

  • Wado Jigonji: Survived an attack by Dracule Mihawk (the world’s greatest swordsman)
  • Enma – Formerly owned by Kozuki Oden. One of the most prestigious swords in the world.
  • Sandai kitetsu – A deadly cursed blade
  • Extreme durability – Can withstand lethal attack
  • Mastery in Haki : This course covers all three types of Haki
  • Expert swordsmanship Can bypass Kaido’s dragon scales
  • Haoshoku Haki’s rare infusion technology greatly speeds up his attacks
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Zoro defeated King, a high ranking executive of the Beasts Pirates, during the Onigashima Raid. The bounty was 1,390,000,000 bellies. Even more impressive, Zoro gave Kaido a permanent scar using his Nine Sword Style. Yamato could not do that.

Meanwhile, Zoro and Sanji got some really good upgrades

Sanji also excels in the One Piece series. He has seen a huge boost in his power since the Raid Suit was on.

  • Genetic modifications – Developed an extremely tough exoskeleton
  • Speed and agility – Moves faster than what the eye can see. Makes him appear invisible
  • Ifrit Jambe – Uses blue flames that burn hotter then 2000 degrees Celsius
  • Busoshoku Haki – Gives his legs more endurance
  • Kenbunshoku Haki Senses his environment better than anyone else

Sanji also defeated queen, another high-ranking executive whose bounty was worth 1,320,000,000.00 bellies. Queen should be equal in strength to King, though slightly less. All All-Stars are blessed with Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits which give them exceptional physical stats.

Yamato Vs Zoro

Yamato Vs Zoro

Kaido is clearly superior to all of Wano at the moment, so it is best to adapt these characters for Kaido or Big Mom (since they should be very close). We also know that Zoro was introduced to Luffy as his right-hand man. He is very close in strength. He also did incredible feats against Yonko. We can see that Zoro can crush Kaido in Full Dragon form and react to Big Mom’s reaction while cutting Prometheus in half.

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Even though it is only for a brief time, he can withstand a double-yonko attack by Kaido or Big Mom. This attack was supposed be capable of wiping out supernovae.

Zoro’s greatest feat would be to blitz Kaido with his Ashura and cause him permanent damage, leaving him with a permanent scar. This feat is Kozuki Oden-level, and even more so because Zoro did it in Kaido’s hybrid form while Oden was doing it to Kaido’s Dragon form. Kaido is also implicitly stronger than Oden. Zoro was admittedly immobilized by the attack but still managed to accomplish such feats.

Yamato Vs Zoro

Yamato is also a yonko-level prowess. Her prowess is diverse, which shows that she is comparable to Kaido in speed and power. We know she can block Kaido’s attacks by reacting to them.

We also know that Yamato and Kaido’s special attacks cancel one another at the beginning of the fight.

Both use Thunder Baguas to attack one another, and Kaido can often be seen bleeding. Yamato can permanently inflict damage on Kaido.

Yamato is strong enough to match Kaido in power. She is however not as strong as Kaido and is more tired than Kaido. Kaido was also weakened by having to fight multiple opponents simultaneously during Onigashima. We also have a scan from his attack and Luffy’s to harm Kaido.

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She is a better fighter than Zoro because she has less difficulty with Kaido than Zoro and performs more feats than Zoro. She also has more endurance.

Yamato Vs Sanji

Yamato Vs Sanji

Yamato has more feats than Sanji. Sanji’s greatest feats were to damage the Queen and fight the King and Queen simultaneously (though it was only a very short one).

It is remarkable that he was able fight both the Queen and King simultaneously, despite his short life. This suggests that Sanji is likely to be closer than Marco in terms power and speed since Marco also accomplished this feat. However, we know that Marco had more difficulty and lasted longer. It’s impressive that Marco can run into Big Mom and intercept Admiral attacks and knock Aokiji, Kizaru and back with kicks (although it hasn’t been proven he can do damage to them). Although Yamato is likely to have a higher AP then Sanji, that’s a relative. Yamato wins the large difference.

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Our Final verdict

Our Final verdict

The arrival of Yamato will not break the dynamic of the monster trio. Yamato is stronger than Zoro, but she will eventually come back to 4th place.

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Yamato can be said to be on the same level with Zoro or Sanji, maybe slightly higher. Based on their performances in the Onigashima Raid, this is possible. Despite her appearance being more powerful, the One Piecefighters are not too far apart.

Zoro and Sanji recently received their power-ups. This gives them plenty of room for growth in the One Piece series. They are also determined to protect Luffy, the future Pirate King. It’s reasonable to expect Zoro, Sanji, and Yamato to soon exceed their growth rate is extraordinary.

The Monster Trio is able to maintain its integrity based on past precedent. It is worth noting that Nico Robin was stronger than she when she joined the crew. She was overtaken quickly by Zoro, Sanji and the crew a few arcs later.


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