How Strong Is Toppo ?

How Strong is God Of Destruction Toppo? A mortal who became God? It’s implied that Beerus was once a mortal who earned the right of god destruction.

We witnessed something similar with Toppo’s character. Toppo is the leader and candidate for the position of God of Destruction.

We witnessed him use his God destruction abilities in the final round of the tournament of power Arc.

Therefore, I believe it would be appropriate to find out how strong is God of Destruction Toppo. This will allow us to examine the power of Toppo, the Mortal, who is the next God of destruction for the Universe 11.

How Strong Is God of Destruction Toppo!

How Strong Is God of Destruction Toppo!

Toppo, the Universe 11 God of Destruction Belmod said that he is as strong and powerful as a God Of Destruction. Toppo stated that when they face off against Super Saiyan Blue God Goku, they are equal in strength.

Who is Toppo in Dragon Ball Super?

Who is Toppo in Dragon Ball Super?

Toppo is also known as “Top” in English and is the leader for the Pride Troopers. Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers and one of seven keepers for the peace in Universe.

Toppo isn’t the most powerful Pride Troopers member. Toppo is still very powerful and extremely knowledgeable about the universe.

Because he is the leader in this group, he must have the leadership skills.Universe 11 Toppo

Did you know that Toppo is a God Destruction Candidate.

Did you know that Toppo is a God Destruction Candidate.

Toppo is a candidate to be the next God of devastation for universe seven. This was something they announced in their promotional material for the Arc.

In the Battle of Gods, we briefly discussed the idea of a mortal becoming God’s destroyer.

Whis stated that he was interested in Vegeta or Goku becoming God of Destruction in Battle of Gods.

Whis also mentions that Beerus might be too old to be God of destruction or after the Arc in super version.

Whis asked Vegeta if he was interested in learning how to become a God of destruction, with the exception that he is very powerful.

Did you know that Toppo is a God Destruction Candidate.

Let’s not forget that the Zen exhibition match was held during Toppo’s first fight in Dragon Ball Super against Goku.

Toppo survived a warp Kamehameha using Super Saiyan Green Goku. He was able to just stand there and take it. That was an early Showcase of Toppo’s strength and he didn’t even have to tap into the God or destruction power.

In the Manga version, Toppo hit Goku with the balls, and that’s how they won. It was fun, but the anime version was far more entertaining.

Toppo has been praised for being a smart and level-headed fighter. This is probably why Toppo is the leader of Pride Troopers.

He is a true leader and respects his comrades. He is obsessed with Justice.

God Toppo’s Hakai

God Toppo’s Hakai

Toppo taps into his training to be a Hakioshin, a God of destruction when things get difficult.

He threw his morals away whenever he does this in the series.

You could say that you tap into his Godly divine power. We already have an early hint of this information when we learn that Toppo is The Guard of Belmod, the universe 11 God hierarchy.

It’s interesting to see a mortal who is the bodyguard of a God whose destruction is imminent. Does this mean that Toppo is more powerful than vermouth/Belmod

It’s possible that he’ll be more powerful in the future, or that part of his training as a God-of-destruction is to protect the present one. Although we may never know the truth, I’d love to see more of it.

Dragon Ball Super God of Destruction Toppo Abilities

Dragon Ball Super God of Destruction Toppo Abilities

Be sure to also note that Toppo did tap into his God ki in the Manga version of the fight with Goku just before the tournament. They give us a hint that Toppo had God ki at the beginning.

It was not the same as Toppo’s performance later in the tournament. This is what the Manga and anime versions of Toppo did not do.

In the anime version however, Toppo transforms into, I guess, his God of destruction.

Toppo was transformed into an anime character by Toppo’s Congee, which glows purple like other gods and destructors.

Toppo Powers has been shown in this form, and everyone is stunned at how much power Toppo had.

Toppo immediately uses his power to nearly instantly shoot a Golden Frieza with just one massive Hakai Blast.

Toppo’s Hakai Ball Technique

Toppo's Hakai Ball Technique

Because there has been speculation about the Hakki ball, I want to talk about it for a second.

Toppo said Hakkai, which suggests that Beerus and Sidra used the same technique earlier in the series.

However, Hakai is a God of destruction that wipes out the opponent.

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Toppo’s version, however, is more of a strong energy ball that’s made up of Hakai energy. This is actually not intended to kill you.Advertisements

Two reasons could explain this. One Toppo deliberately didn’t use the Hakai technique, as he would be disqualified if he killed someone during the tournament.

Toppo did not want to be disqualified, which would have reduced the Hakai energy that he used in the blast. It does not kill him.

How God of Destruction Toppo Controls his Hakai Technique 

How God of Destruction Toppo Controls his Hakai Technique 

These are the other options that Toppo is still learning how to use, and have not yet mastered the Hakai move Beerus and Sidra can use.

Perhaps that is why the Hakai wasn’t a deadly move. It’s still very powerful. It was so powerful.

This little fact is important: When Toppo powered up the whole world of void, realm or whatever it was called, it changed from green to purple.

He shakes the whole thing and changes the color according to what we saw Kid Buu doing at the end Dragon Ball Z. It seems more powerful when Toppo does it, because this is the world in the void.

Toppo’s Protection

Toppo's Protection

Toppo also uses another technique where he creates a barrier around himself using Hakai energy.

This move is extremely destructive, but protects Toppo against other ki base attacks.

There are many times when you need to know the exact location of Frieza’s God Toppo. He could kill Frieza at any time he wanted, but he didn’t want to be disqualified.

This is actually what Toppo says, and it’s likely true, because Jirenas is second in power to Toppo.

That should tell you something about Jien. God of destruction Toppo seems more focused on victory and Victory.

He discarded the morals he had as a Toppo. He’s Toppo, and he has all the wacky moves, like The Justice Crusher. Justice flash. Justice Choke. Justice pants. Justice Bean.

But, he is a God of Destruction and Justice becomes irrelevant. He just wants to win. Toppo even stated that Justice and Evil are irrelevant to him now. It was the original idea of the tournament.

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