How Strong is Whis’ Figure in Dragon Ball Super?

How Strong is Whis .Whis is considered by some to be the most powerful fighter in the entire Dragon Ball universe. However, others still doubt whether Whis really deserves the title. After all, Whis isn’t the only character in the Dragon Ball universe who has extraordinary powers. The Dragon Ball Super series introduces many new concepts, including the Angels.

They are often depicted in the role of assistants to Gods of Destruction. The Angel race is the strongest and most intelligent of all races, and it’s almost impossible to beat. They were actually more powerful than the gods devastation. Is Whis really such a powerful figure? How strong is Whis’ power, then?

Who are Whis ?

Who are Whis ?

Whis, an Angel, is shown to be a companion of the God of Destruction (God Of Destruction) in Universe 7, Beerus. Whis is stronger than Vegeta or Goku. Even though Whis only played a minor role in Dragon Ball Super Broly, his one-handed holding motion made fans curious about Whis’ true abilities.

Whis is never seen fighting in the Dragon Ball Super series unless he’s in training. Whis is subject to the Angels’ rules, which prohibit him from fighting against anyone or interfering in matters that could change the destiny of an individual or the universe.

Many fans were intrigued by the strength of one Grand Priest’s child. Whis was trained by Goku and now Whis is a mentor to Goku in the Ultra Instinct technique.

How Strong Is Whis ?

How Strong Is Whis ?

When Whis is training Beerus, the series often shows his physical capabilities. Beerus confessed that Whis was stronger than him, based on his confession to the God of Destruction. This fact shows that Universe 7’s Angel is a powerful force and deserves our attention.

This is also a reason why Vegeta and Goku may not be able surpass Beerus’ strength. Even though Goku, with his Ultra Instinct power, is capable of challenging Beerus, Vegeta and Goku will not be able win against Whis.

As we mentioned, Whis is stronger than Broly and Beerus in Dragon Ball Super Broly. Whis is stronger than Broly or Beerus, which confirms that he’s the strongest character in Universe 7. Whis is not the strongest character, however.

How Strong Is Whis ?

Zeno, a Dragon Ball Super-class god, is the only character with a confirmed power level greater than Whis. This figure is the Grand Priest, who is the father of all the Angels. Goku is told by Whis that his power is not greater than that of the Grand Priest.

Goku is curious to see the Grand Priest use his powers. But Whis warns him not to challenge him. We saw some of Whis’ abilities in the Broly film, as well as training to fight Vegeta or Goku. Broly blames Frieza for Broly’s anger and loss of control over the film. Paragus was killed by Frieza.

Broly attacks Whis and anyone else around him, causing him to lose control. Piccolo and Goku teach Vegeta the Fusion Dance, so that they can create Gogeta to stop Broly. Whis was enough to stop Broly, rendering him powerless. The Legendary Super Saiyan couldn’t even land one blow at Broly.

How Strong Is Whis ?

Whis seemed to be able to guess where his punch was going. Also, the film shows how Whis can sense Instant Transmission from Gogeta. Then, he changes his position. Fans were divided over the potential power of Whis.

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It was a sign that Whis had reached the highest level Ultra Instinct, allowing him to sense people teleporting around. Or his cosmic sense, which then detected Gogeta’s Instant Transmission. This enabled him to dodge quickly and anticipate Gogeta’s arrival.

It is unknown if there is a fighter that is stronger than Whis or can defeat Whis. Whis claims that the Grand Priest is one the strongest fighters across all twelve Universes. He did not reveal the identities of the four other fighters.

How Strong Is Whis ?

Whis may have considered himself to be one of the strongest fighters. If Whis was not able to defeat him in battle, then there were four other beings who could – and it wasn’t Beerus nor another God of Destruction. Vados, the God of Destruction Universe 6, is the Angel of Champa. He is believed to have the same power.

Whis admitted in the Universe 6 Saga that Vados was stronger than Whis. Whis, however, notes that this happened many years ago. He explained that their current power level was the exact same. Whis is only threatened by a handful of characters, but that is not what is certain.



The extent of Whis’ power cannot be explained because Whis rarely fights. Based on the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie and the series, Whis can be assumed to have a very strong power and that only 5 people can defeat it.


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