How To Get Dwarven Oil in Skyrim (Locations + Uses) : Everything You Need To Know

The Dwarven Automatons are all able to are able to drop Dwarven Oil. There are plenty of them within the majority of the ruins of the dwarves that are scattered across Skyrim.

Dwarven Oil is also available as normal loot in the ruins, with one instance is Mzinchaleft.

However, if you do not want to go into the ruins of the Dwarven You can also look up the merchants that sell Dwarven Oil. Alchemy shops such as Arcadia in Whiterun are likely to have a 15% chance of having many bits from Dwarven Oil in their supplies.

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However, if you’re hoping to harvest drops, let’s take a look at the best alternatives are.

The Dwarven Automatons

The Dwarven Automatons

Every dwarven automaton discovered in the ruins can be a candidate for the Dwarven Oil when killed.

The easiest enemies to defeat are the Spiders and then the Dwarven Spheres and after that, the Dwarven Centurion which is among the most powerful foes in Skyrim.

If you’re using the Dragonborn expansion, you’ll find that the Dwarven Ballista found in Soltsheim also gives Dwarven Oil.

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Additionally an Dwarven Centurion and its variants (the Centurion Guardians and Centurion Masters) will always carry at least one flask filled with Dwarven Oil.

They’re tough adversaries However, this is a way to make sure you have oils for your own.

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Mzinchaleft is a ruin for dwarves with a lot of Automatons of the Dwarven race and Dwarven Oil located southwest of Dawnstar.

Here you’ll see falmer, bandits and Dwarven Automatons, such as Spiders as well as Dwarven Spheres. This is a great location to harvest drops.

There are a number of dead automatons can be scavenged to purchase Dwarven Oil here , too.

In addition, you’ll find Dwarven Oil along alongside other items on tables in this area.

Also, you will find them at various tables in the second room in which you will see falmers.

The final area of this location, known as “Mzinchaleft Gatehouse”, has some tables that are filled with Dwarven Oil and other dwarven items that you could steal.

Dwarven Oil Uses

Dwarven Oil is used in alchemy to make potions with Fortify Illusion and Regenerate Magicka Restore Magicka and Weakness to Magic effects.

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It is possible to make an infusion of Restore Magicka by combining Dwarven Oil with an Red Mountain Flower.

You can also add Garlic for an Regenerate Magicka potion that boosts the magicka’s regeneration rate.

Whatever way you choose, magicians can benefit from these potions and will appreciate having a little extra oil in their cupboards.

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