Is Thirteen lives based on a true story? –

Is Thirteen Lives Based On A True Story? -


Thirteen Lives is the true story of the soccer team who was left in a cave in Thailand and was eventually rescued. It debuted on Amazon Prime Friday. This is the second feature film to be made in less than one year. However, you can’t hold filmmaker Ron Howard responsible for picking up the story so soon after the documentary, The Rescue, because it’s a remarkable one. Thirteen Lives tells the story of these events which took place in two weeks during June and July 2018. The main characters are played by Tom Bateman (British diver), Joel Edgerton, Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen (American diver), and Viggo Mortensen (International diver rescue team). Given that all of this actually occurred, it’s an exciting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But, it did happen. Continue reading to find out what we know about Thirteen Lives’ faithfulness to the true account of the Tham Luang Nang Non-cave rescue. Hollywood is known for lying.

Is Thirteen Lives Based upon a True Story

Is 13 Lives Based On A True Story?

Yeah, “Thirteen Lives” is based on the real events that occurred when the Wild Boars team and their assistant coach became trapped in the Tham Luang cave in Northern Thailand when it became inundated owing to heavy rains. The practice ended on June 23, 2018. The coach and the squad decided to explore the caves again. Although the big rains hadn’t yet arrived, they were aware that the caves flooded during the rainy season. The rains started very early and trapped the team and their coach in the cave. They had to stay there to avoid drowning. Parents became concerned when their sons didn’t return home from school that evening. They called Nopparat Kanthawong, the head coach. Songpol Kanthawong was a youngster who left the practice to tell his mother about the caves where he found their bikes and other belongings as well as the water that was blocking their path. Khanthavong sought assistance from authorities after discovering that his squad was submerged. During the initial days, the Thai Navy Seals and the villagers searched for escape routes for Khanthavong’s squad. 

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Because there was no way to reach the crew who had become trapped, an international appeal was made for anyone with cave diving knowledge to help them. Cave divers from all parts of the world came together in Thailand to help. John Volanthen, a British cave diver, and Rick Stanton (a British cave diver) were charged with finding the boys and their coach. They were assisted by Maksym Polejaka, a French cave diver, and Ben Reymenants, a Belgian cave diver. For the first four days, they were unsuccessful in their search, and as the caves’ oxygen levels dropped, their hopes also declined.

The two guys eventually discovered all thirteen alive on Day 9, more than a mile and a half from the cave’s mouth. Everyone was relieved to discover that the team was still alive but there was no easy way to secure them. The cave had kept them in jail for more than a week, making them already very frail. Furthermore, they did not have any cave diving experience and had no time to learn.

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