Isabel Magnolia Aot : Everything You Need To Know

Isabel Magnolia Aot

In Aot, Isabel Magnolia and Furlan were partners. He was also a member the Exploration Corps of the spin-off manga Without Regrets.

APPEARANCE Isabel Magnolia Aot

APPEARANCE Isabel Magnolia Aot

In Aot, Isabel was a young girl of short stature with long red hair and large green eyes. She had two pigtails. She shared a striking facial resemblance with the character Eren Jaeger. While living in the subway, he wore a simple shirt and a vest with boots. Later, he was seen in the military uniform of Exploration Corps.

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PERSONALITY Isabel Magnolia Aot

PERSONALITY Isabel Magnolia Aot

Isabel was energetic and self-confident, and was often referred to as being the most cheerful of her peers. She was positive despite any prognosis, and she had deep affection for her companions Furlan and Levi . After being captured, she tried to fight and insult members of the Exploration Corps.

Evidently, she didn’t understand mathematics and stated that it was not as important to her as eating in the subway.

HISTORY Isabel Magnolia Aot

Elizabeth, along with Levi Ackerman, and Furlan were criminals in the subway city before the fall of Wall Mary. In an attempt to free the bird from its wounds, she carries a bird. Furlan and Levi defended her against the bullies and she asked them to allow her to join them to learn the Three Dimensional Mneuver Gear. After she had learned how to use it, they released the bird together. They were then called for a job that would give them a normal life, but with the condition that they get an important document and assassinate Erwin Smith.

Erwin Smith, of the Exploration Corps captured them later. Isabel and Furlan followed Levi after he was forced to join the Exploration Corps. Isabel assisted Levi in bringing down an eccentric titan on their first expedition beyond the walls. Due to heavy rains the day after the expedition Levi decides to kill Erwin with the rain on his side. Although his friends are keen to join him, Levi demands that Isabel as well as Furlan maintain their positions so they don’t provoke suspicion. 

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Levi sets off to find Erwin and discovers human remains along the way. Then he realizes that titan tracks were heading towards his friends. Levi discovers the titans attacking Isabel’s and Furlan’s squad, who are trying to avoid war. Furlan’s horse falls on top of Furlan’s as they try to flee. Isabel tries to help Furlan escape, but is stopped by a titan’s attack. She attempts to slash Furlan’s neck with her swinging arm, but it fails. 

She gives it another try but the titan slips off her back, causing her to lose balance. Also, She is barely conscious of her senses and hangs by a thread. Furlan is killed by the titan as he lunges at her. Furlan’s death causes Furlan turn around to face the titans. But Furlan realizes too late that her fall has severely damaged her equipment. Levi arrives and Furlan is eaten.

HISTORY Isabel Magnolia Aot

He is shocked to see his first friend die. Erwin appears and Levi threatens Levi to kill him. Levi blames Erwin for his friends’ deaths. When Erwin speaks to Levi, he realizes that his pride was what had blinded his eyes and that he was responsible for the death of his friends.

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Erwin Smith, on the verge of possible annihilation and ahead of confrontation against Beast Titan in the shadows of the Wall Mary begins to wonder if all the deaths of his comrades who gave their lives to help humanity have any meaning. Levi will always remember Elizabeth as one of his comrades.

SKILLS Isabel Magnolia Aot

SKILLS Isabel Magnolia Aot

She learned to ride horses very quickly and became an expert on the Three Dimensional Maneuvering Equipment like her classmates.


  • In the anime, Isabel joins her group later in life while Levi took her in the manga at a young age.
  • When Levi arrives at the scene of bloody violence, Furlan and Isabel are already dead. Levi’s horse lands on Isabel’s severed head after it slides over a body covered in fog. Farlan and Levi witness Farlan’s death in the manga. Farlan then bids Levi farewell. Later, he finds Isabel’s head.
  • After Levi and Furlan had learned it, Isabel learns how to control three-dimensional maneuvering equipment. Although she seems awkward at first, she eventually learns how to use it.
  • When Levi defeats the titans, and Isabel sees his severed head, Isabel’s eyes open, looking into space, is the moment in the manga. Levi closes his eyes by closing his eyes with his fingers.
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Elizabeth is a Hebrew name that means “God’s Promise”. Her surname refers to the Magnolia flower family.

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