Keep Breathing Ending Explained

Liv is definitely worse after she escaped from an underground cavern, and then fell off a cliff. She does manage to trek to the river’s edge. She slips into the water, and it takes her away. Liv is rescued by two fishermen. They bring her to shore, and she wakes up.

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The rescue scene cuts to Liv giving birth to her baby, with Danny (Jeff Wilbusch), by her side. Given the theme of motherhood, it is reasonable to assume that this show gives us a glimpse into Liv’s future. Although it is possible that Liv is only dreaming or hoping for the hospital scene, Keep breathing seems more positive and optimistic than that. As Liv finally escapes this horrible situation, I get the impression that we should see that as her true ending.

She did exactly what she was meant to do. She kept on breathing until the end. She continued to push forward, despite the unimaginable obstacles. This is the scene in which she leaves behind her vision of her mother in cavern. She continues to push forward and not give up despite the darkness.

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Keep Breathing end explained

Keep Breathing end explained

The cold! Poison berries! Bear! Liv faced many challenges, but her entrepreneurial spirit was evident as she came up with solutions.

She also had to deal with Sam, her inner voice that was constantly nagin’ at her. This is a destructive character trait that stemmed out of family trauma.

After a hard childhood, Liv had a difficult relationship with Lucia. She carried a lot of weight around with her all the time. She was also hesitant to form deep relationships with people, as she felt that the pain she experienced was inevitable.

Liv’s interactions and friendships with Danny (Jeff Wilbusch), are a prime example. He wanted to give her everything, but she kept pushing him away, not trusting that he would abandon her. Even when she found out she was pregnant with his child, Liv didn’t want to tell Danny because she feared that he would further tether them.

There would be no turning back once that door was open. Florencia Lozano is Liv’s mother in Keep Breathing

It looked like Liv was going to give up on the lies she believed about herself in the wild. She found a way through every setback, even when the ground below her feet gave way, and she fell into a pit.

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Who Survives The Plane Crash in Keep Breathing

Who Survives The Plane Crash in Keep Breathing

The inciting incident throughout the season is a plane accident. This is a terrible one as the pilot loses control of his aircraft and crashes into a lake. Worse, the plane’s pilot loses control of it and crashes into a lake. The passengers then become unconscious and wake up in a terrible situation. Our main character Liv is one of these passengers. We learn that Liv was on a work trip and is desperate to get to the city.

This is where the show attempts to fool the audience by splitting the storyline. The show divides the timeline into two. The present is Liv’s story, which takes place in the plane accident. And then, the past, before that plane crash. These flashbacks reveal a lot about Liv as a person, and the reasons she wanted to get to the city in a short time. We initially think it has to do with her work. But, later, we discover that it is more personal.

Is Liv able to survive at the End of, Keep Breathing?

Is Liv able to survive at the End of, Keep Breathing?

Liv is left alone in the forest and must survive by her own efforts. Liv recalls some things from her childhood, and has general knowledge. She is able to locate food sources like edible berries. It is much more difficult to fish and to find other substantial food sources. She is fortunate to have rainwater at her disposal, and she has even built a compass so that she can navigate through the woods.

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The end

The end

The final scene begins with Liv falling off a cliff edge and hitting many tree branches along the way. This probably softens the fall, saving her from certain death. Flashback: Liv’s doctor advises her to seek out de-stressing activities during pregnancy. She is unsure if she will be a great mother and becomes angry at the doctor. Liv is in a state of shock. She has bruised her right side and shows signs of internal bleeding. As she recalls her father’s love for her, which used to encourage her every morning to “get up”, she is in shock. Liv is able to hold herself up by using a tree branch as a reminder of this memory.

So Liv gathers her bearings and sets out to find the north. She is now feeling exhausted and unable to continue the adventure. However, her father’s words challenge and inspire her and she continues on.

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