Kokichi Muta Jujutsu Kaisen : Everything You Need To Know

Kokichi Muta

Kokichi Muta is a character supporting in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. Kokichi was a sophomore at Kyoto Jujutsu High using Ultimate Mechamaru as his substitute for the school. Kokichi himself did not have the ability to do so because of the ill and fragile body that he was born with due to the Heavenly Restriction.

Appearance Kokichi Muta

Appearance Kokichi Muta

Kokichi is a thin young man who has delicate skin tone with sharp eyes. His black hair was tied in a top knot over his head. most of his body covered by the ropes that bound His Heavenly Restriction. His entire body was covered with wrinkled, thin skin that was covered in bandages. 

The right forearm of his left was completely missing and both legs were weak to support his weight below the knees. Inmobil, Kokichi sat inside a bathtub that was attached to a number of tubes within a cave in the remote.

Kokichi Muta Jujutsu Kaisen

After his healing by Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration Kokichi gained a strong and healthy body. There was only one scar on his cheek was left as he was then able walk by himself. As his Mechamaru spokesman during school Kokichi put on a typical high-school uniform made of jujutsu, and the white, puffy cloth on the collar.

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What is Personality Of Kokichi Muta ?

What is Personality Of Kokichi Muta ?

Kokichi was a quiet and reserved person who hated being born with no hope of a future outside the jujutsu world. He proudly confessed that he’d return every ounce of his cursed energy in order to get an ordinary body.

Kokichi’s anger led to him projection of blame on those who aren’t worthy. In this year’s Goodwill Event, Panda suggested that he and Mechamaru should be friends since there are two cursed corpses. Kokichi did not agree with this, and considered Panda as simply a toy. [3] This is because Panda enjoyed a life in the sun, while Kokichi was trapped in the dark suffering from his limitations. [4]

Personality Of Kokichi Muta

With his fellow classmates, Kokichi embraced the quiet robotic look of the character in the role of a student at Mechamaru. Kokichi longed to walk with them at one point, regardless of his physical condition and how they would be treating them. [5] Kokichi was especially fond of Kasumi Miwa who he admitted to having affectionate feelings. [6]

To achieve his goals, Kokichi was willing to take part in the Binding Vow with his adversaries to get an ideal body. Kokichi shared information with them , but he also stipulated that they shouldn’t harm colleagues Kyoto students as part of the agreement. Kokichi tried to murder Mahito and Pseudo-Geto once his body had healing. In a desperate attempt to reach his objective, Kokichi bet everything on his plan and determination. But, his frenzied determination led to his death before he could meet his fellow classmates as well as Kasumi. [7]

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What Are The Abilities and Powers Of Kokichi Muta

General skill:

General skill

Kokichi Muta was an jujutsu sorcerer in semi-grade 1 as he was an undergraduate in Jujutsu High. He was able to control multiple puppets at a time distantly from a long distance, each having a high level of combat skills enough to merit his rank.

In order to take down Mahito, Kokichi was prepared to unleash his entire life’s energy that was cursed to beat Mahito. Pseudo-Geto acknowledged that Mahito’s skills and tactics were extraordinary in this fight. [8] It was close enough to ward off the special curse of the grade or, as Mahito says, Kokichi puts too much trust in his strategy. He ultimately lost because Mahito was able to trick him into a false feeling of security, believing that the goal was achieved. [9]

Great Tactical Intelligence:

Great Tactical Intelligence

Kokichi was a very tactical thinker and fighter who strived to keep a one step ahead of his foe. When fighting together with Panda, Kokichi ascertained Panda’s strengths and weaknesses, as in addition to his own throughout combat. [10] Pseudo-Geto also acknowledged Kokichi for his good ability to think tactically when fighting Mahito. Kokichi was prepared for the fight, and his strategies nearly were successful in dragging Mahito out and inflicting damage on his body, while also neutralizing his techniques. 

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Cursed Technique Kokichi Muta
Cursed Energy Manipulation
Incredibly Cursed Energy: Because from his Heavenly Restriction Kokichi’s cursed energy was so vast that it covered the entire country of Japan.[11Kokichi is able to outpace the limit that his energy cursed production and make use of his Puppet Manipulation throughout a wide range.[12When he was playing Mechamaru Mode: Absolute, Kokichi was prepared to utilize all 17 years, five months in addition to six cursed days that he amassed over his lifespan.[13The energy charges accumulated from years of cursed energy discharged at high output levels of special grade even if it was only momentarily.[88.
Heavenly Restriction
Kokichi was born with no right arm, and both his legs were ineffective. He felt nothing below his waistand the skin of his body was sensitive that it could not be touched by light and the pores of his body felt as if they were being cut by needles. For this, he was given unlimited amounts of cursed energy which is distributed across a wide spectrum. [14]
Innate Technique
Puppet Manipulation (Gui Lei Cao Shu Kairai Sojutsu ?) Kokichi’s method allowed him to remote manipulate cursed corpse puppets in the entire area. Puppets like Mechamaru can be controlled by the cursed energy to emit heat rays as well as a host of other capabilities.
Ultimate Mechamaru (Jiu Ji mekaWan Ultimate Mechamaru. (Jiu Ji mekaWanArutimetto Mekamaru ?): A mechanically cursed body that Kokichi initially used as his substitute to go to the school and go on missions.
Sword Option (Dao Yuan Jie Fang Sword Option (Dao Yuan Jiefang Sodo Opushon ?) Multiple blades protrude from the forearm of Mechamaru with his nails that extend. Mechamaru can also be a part to increase the length of his forearm, and having spikes protrude out of it.
Ultra Spin (Jue Ji Jue Ti Ultra Spin (Jue Ji Jue TiUrutora Supin ?): Mechamaru spins his hand and forearm and then swings his right arm towards the goal. This technique can be capable of easily cutting into a tree’s trunk.
Ultra Shield (Jian Shan Dun JIAN SAN DURANUrutora Shirudo ?): Mechamaru puts his defense in place, with his forearm positioned in front of him to deflect attacks.
“Boost” (Tui Li Jia Suan Busuto On (Tui Li Jia Suan Busuto on ?): Mechamaru releases cursed energy from his elbow in order to boost how fast he attacks.
Ultra Cannon (Da Fu Pao Ultra Cannon (Da Fu PaoUrutora Kyanon ?): Mechamaru fires an explosion of cursed energy from his hand.
Mode Albatross (Pao Zhou Qiang Hua Xing Tai Albatross (Pao Zhou Qiang Hua Xing TaiModo Arubatorosu ?): Mechamaru protrudes a cannon from his mouth.
Ultimate Cannon (San Zhong Da Fu Pao Ultimate Cannon (San Zhong Da Fu PaoArutimetto Kyanon ?): Mechamaru fires a blast of cursed energy out of his mouth.
Ultimate Mechamaru Mode Absolute (Jiu Ji mekaWan Jue Dui Xing Tai Arutimetto Modo Abusoryuto Aruntimetto Mekamaru Modo Absoryuto ?): A large mechanical puppet Kokichi can pilot from the cockpit of the head of the puppet. It can be used for large attack on a large scale by using the energy from the curse which was saved prior to the event.
Ultra Cannon (Da Fu Pao Ultra Cannon (Da Fu PaoUrutora Kyanon ?): Kokichi fires an explosion of cursed energy out of the palm of a puppet’s hand. This method uses up an entire year’s worth of energy Kokichi has saved.
Miracle Cannon (Er Zhong Da Fu Pao Mirakuru Kyanon ?): Kokichi fires a blast of cursed energy through both hands of his puppet. This method uses two years amount of cursed energy Kokichi has accumulated.
Pigeon Viola (Zhui Wei Dan ~Wu Zhong Zou Bijon Biora ?): Kokichi creates 5 orbs that are made of cursed energy. They explode off of them after being released. The blasts are directed at the object until they come in the vicinity of something. The technique uses up five years in the form of cursed energy Kokichi has accumulated.
In Shibuya Incident Shibuya incident, Kokichi was carrying smaller Communications Puppets made to assist his sorcerer companions. They were powered by the leftovers of his cursed energy following his death. When the energy ran out they were deactivated.
Barrier Techniques
Technique Charge – Simple Domain (Jian Yi Ling Yu Jian Yi Ling YuKan’i Ryoiki ?): Kokichi invented four tubes that carry The Simple Domain cursed technique. It was the only method to create the Simple Domain work. The tubes are placed in an area and activated using the Technique Charge. Then, Mechamaru can shift his fingers into spikes or shoot barrels that will bring the effects of Simple Domain to Kokichi’s goal. It is also a way to shield the cockpit from any enemy Domain Expansion.
Binding Vows
Kokichi Muta entered into the Binding Vow with Mahito in which he promised to give the two a list of information to get a healthier body. The one of the terms Kokichi agreed to was for Mahito’s team to not harm anyone at Kyoto Jujutsu High.

Battles & Events About Kokichi Muta Jujutsu Kaisen

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

  • Panda vs. Ultimate Mechamaru
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Panda vs. Ultimate Mechamaru

Shibuya Incident Arc

  • Kokichi Muta vs. Mahito
Kokichi Muta vs. Mahito

7 Facts About Kokichi Muta Jujutsu Kaisen

It is possible to say that the traitor figure is just one of the many ingredients which helps to make this Jujutsu Kaisen story more intriguing.

A character that received the part is Kokichi Muta Alisa, Mechamaru. His friends were shocked by this and especially Kasumi Miwa.

Some interesting information about this unlucky robot control? Take a look at the details below!

1. Three Heavenly Restrictions

Three Heavenly Restrictions

We all know that Heavenly Restriction can be described as an oath of boundness that is taken by a person at birth.

In a way, participants in the pact were often required to surrender something valuable to gain the power.

In the instance that of Zenin clan Zenin family, Toji as well as Maki were bound under the oath of having incredible physical strength. However, the two of them didn’t possess any curse energy at all.

The pact does not apply to Kokichi. Due to Heavenly Restriction Kokichi was able to acquire enormous curse energy, but was forced to endure an impairment to his physical body in return.

The skin of Kokichi was so weak that it could not stand up to the sun’s rays, and he had to stay inside his personal space for many years.

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2. The scope of the technique for puppets can reach an entire surface of the land

The scope of the technique for puppets can reach an entire surface of the land

As we know, the puppet controllers typically have a restricted range of control. Thus, most of the time, the person using the puppet will retreat in the shadows and allow the puppet to go at it alone against the foe.

But, this doesn’t have any effect on Kokichi. According to Utahime the scope of the technique used by this student is believed to be able to extend to the entire region of Japan.

Furthermore, Kokichi’s expertise in managing the robot is remarkable. Kokichi is able to move Mechamaru as if it were his own body despite being thousands kilometers away.

3. Have you ever thought of being be jealous of Panda

Have you ever thought of being be jealous of Panda

In the match-up in the match between Tokyo as well as Kyoto branch, Kokichi got the opportunity to play against Panda.

From that point, Kokichi felt jealous of Panda due to the many situations they encountered.

He was jealous that the cursed corpse was wandering around under the sunlight, and it was impossible for him to leave the room, even when it was dark.

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Kokichi even said that he was prepared to go to any lengths to be a normal human being, even if it meant to abandon his skills.

4. Being close to Kasumi Miwa

being close to Kasumi Miwa

Who would have thought Miwa was an avid fan of Gojo was adored by Kokichi since the beginning.

But, the two prefer to have a normal relationship while at school. They were not keen on their personal opinions to influence the role of a jujutsu magician.

The moment their relationship was exposed was exactly when Kokichi was killed by Mahito.

Kasumi who at the time was keeping the record of the previous device belonging to the owner Mechamaru and was granted a directive not be able to approach Shibuya for his own safety or the safety among those who were Tokyo students.

In the end, Kokichi had expressed his sentiments through the voice message, and he hoped that Kasumi would be content in the wake of his passing.

5. Being a Kenjaku group spy

Being a Kenjaku group spy jujutsu

In the words he’d told Panda in the course of play, Kokichi was willing to take on anything, even giving up his entire cursed energy to gain the normal human body.

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Due to this Kokichi is willing to collaborate with criminals such as Mahito as well as Kenjaku. Kokichi is prepared to serve as the informant of these criminals, as when he can get the right body.

Fortunately, he cares about his peers, and the he could take an A Binding Vow that bans curses from touching anyone of the Jujutsu School.

The agreement was scuttled due to Hanami. In the wake of obtaining the body he desired, Kokichi was attacked immediately by Mahito.

6. The first student killed by the curse

The first student killed by the curse

It was in fact Yuji who was the first student killed by a spirit cursed to kill. However, he was able to be revived because of the binding oath of Sukuna.

But this miracle didn’t happen to Kokichi. He died instead following a fight with Mahito.

It was ironic that it happened just after Kokichi received what he desired. The dream of meeting one-on-one with his fellow students was shattered.

Luckily, he had planned everything to ensure that he assisted his fellow soldiers even after his death. This means that at most Kokichi could pay the price for his crimes following his deeds to his school.

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These are fascinating details regarding Kokichi Muta. He is the most powerful robot controller from Jujutsu Kaisen.

Trivia About Kokichi Muta Jujutsu Kaisen

Trivia About Kokichi Muta Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Mechamaru was ranked 30th in the manga’s first Character Popularity Poll , which received 468 votes.
  • Kokichi has named the mecha in honor of an animated series he loved. [15]
  • According to Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook [1]:
    • Method of enrollment He was in the custody at Jujutsu High at the time the time he was a child. He began his enrollment when he reached his age as a senior highschool pupil.
    • His favorite pastime is to act as an act in a team (Ultimate Mechamaru).
    • Food that you like: Anything with a strong taste.
    • The dish that is least liked Raw food.
    • Stress is a cause all the time.
    • His parents are not witches.
    • His parents believe he died years before he was murdered by Mahito since that’s the exact scenario Kokichi had hoped for.

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