Our Top 53 Libra Anime Characters

Libra Anime Characters

Libra Anime Characters is a list made in honor of our favorite characters born under the sign of Libra .Anime characters born under the sign of Libra over time have proven to be very interesting whether they are secondary or main characters with special characteristics. we dedicate this list to the characters born under the sign of Libra

Best Libra Anime Characters Rated From 53 To 1

Best Libra Anime Characters

Libra Anime Characters is a ranking based on the popularity of the characters and the anime and also my personal opinion. You might not find your favorite characters in this list

So let’s start the rankings of Libra Anime Characters

53. Haruhi Suzumiya

Libra Anime Characters

Haruhi, a leader in the SOS Brigade and the title character, means “prominent one”. He is also known for being energetic.She is not only one of the main characters but also the one driving the series’ force.

Her mind is full of adventure and she inspires her colleagues to follow her lead. She has one mission: to find aliens and to use time travel.Apart from her birth, the only thing that makes her a Libra is her intelligence and energy that compliments beauty.

Boredom is something she cannot bear, so she created new activities for the brigade and made participation mandatory.She was not only the main character of Haruhi Suzumiya, but she also appeared in The Disappearance of Nagato Yaki-chan. Libra Anime Characters

52. Inugami Korone

Inugami Korone

Korone is one of the most important characters in 21st century anime. She is a well-known YouTuber with a famous D46.Tadano Hitohito (Komi Can’t Communicate)dialogue called: “G’morning! Fingers! Give me your fingers!!”Korone was born on the 1st of October. Her extroverted, sweet, affectionate, kind, friendly, and loving nature make her one of the best libra anime characters.

However, her sometimes frightening natures such as revealing secrets or laughing at serious situations can make her awkward. Hololive is her band.Korone is a very passionate person. She will kiss her family members whenever she’s excited. Nekomata Okayu is her partner and she is extremely loyal to her.

51. Nora Lemming

Libra Anime Characters

Nora worked as a Lambda Driver and was also a Second Lieutenant. She was born on 17 October, which makes her one of the Libras but she is the most extroverted and cozy of all the Libras. He was an engineer, and also did several studies on Chadorl Arm Slave during the time it was captured by Gauron.

Bunny Morauta’s death was the moment Nora faced the most difficult test, as she was responsible for Arbalest along with Bunny.When she came to Lieutenant Commander Kalinin, she was shown in a circle tangle.

50. Mink


Mink is one the main characters of anime. She was the leader of a group called Scratch.A cold, light-hearted and stoic person. He was initially introduced but changed his mind to be more talkative like any Libra.

He is a leader and has maintained this position for many years, becoming apathetic and merciless. His odd expressions were initially due to his inculcated experiences. However, it is impossible to ignore his religious nature.Aoba was very rude to him, but everything changed when he used Scrap for Mink. This resulted in Mink’s facade being altered. Libra Anime Characters

49. Iruma Suzuki

Libra Anime Characters

Iruma Suzuki, a 15-year old boy, is the leader of Mairimashita! Iruma-Kun. He was sold to a demon and now lives in demon land. He is a human but is on the cusp of becoming the demon king. Suzuki spends most of her time in hard school. She is kind and wants peace and harmony.

One characteristic of Libra is his inability to say no when asked for his help. He doesn’t like violence, but when it comes down to solving problems, he manages to get on the ground and find a solution.

48. Libra


Libra, one of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys, is a celestial spirit. Yukino Agira is its key right now.Apart from her name, the only thing that makes her Libra is her birth. She isn’t at all extroverted and isn’t friendly with people.

Everything about her is outof control, be it her ruthless nature, or her desire to see people kneel before her. She expects people to follow her. Her quiet spirit adds a bit of calm to her chaotic nature. She is not a person she loves to be around. Libra loves people who follow her, but Yukino is the only one she doesn’t ask a single question. Libra Anime Characters

47. Eijiro Kirishima

Libra Anime Characters

Eijiro, also known as Sturdy Heroes: Red Riot is a student in Class 1-A at U. A. A. Eijiro is a goofy character, which is typical of his personality. He is outgoing and curious about manliness. You can see it when he categorizes everything with just two terms, which are manly and unmanly.

Eijiro is a straightforward thinker, honest and kind-hearted. Eijiro is a person who respects all people and never regrets his actions. He is a Libra with the greatest qualities. He will do whatever it takes to help those he cares about, even if it means breaking the law.

46. Tadano Hitohito

Tadano Hitohito

Komi Can’t Talk’s Hitohito, a normal boy with amazing observational skills, is unable to communicate. He is able to sense the emotions of others and this skill enabled him to help Shouko, his classmate. Shouko was suffering with anxiety and he helped him. He set a goal to make 100 new friends by the end and it is a sign of his friendly nature.

Hitohito’s appearance is quite ordinary. This is evident in his clothing choices. His honesty to a girl, who was later rejected but gained self-consciousness, demonstrates his directness. He lacks talent, but he has the ability to keep himself out of trouble. Libra Anime Characters

45. Emilla

Libra Anime Characters

Starting Life in Another World is the story of Emilia, the protagonist of RE Zero, an anime/fantasy series that depicts a dark and gloomy world. She also appears in short stories, video games, as well as side storylines. Emilia has been a part of many “Isekai”, series television productions, such as the 2019 comedy crossover series Isekai Quartet.

Fortuna, Emilia’s late father’s sister, raised her in Elior Forest, an elf settlement. This was over 100 years before the events described. Her town was destroyed by Vanity and her comrades when Emilia was a child. Emelia, grieving over the loss of her loved ones, defroze the entire town as well as all its residents. Puck, an artificial spirit that became Emilia’s only confidante, and her companion, eventually defrosted Emelia.

Her beautiful face displayed both tenderness and maturity. Emilia had a charming appeal and subtle grace. Emilia is kind and generous to others but won’t admit that. She sees selfishness as it is. Emilia’s stubborn attitude keeps her from speaking up and allowing others to see her problems.

44. Lau Chan

Lau Chan

Lau Chan has been made a chief master, master at Tiger Swallow Fist, father to Pai Chan and many other tags. He is unable to recover from an illness, but he does not forget to devote quality time to his fighting techniques.

He is quiet and skilled. He is a cold man with a gentle nature that helps him achieve his goals.He is a perfectionist after he was awarded the Grand Prix title in a well-known competition for Chinese chefs.

He is happy with anything that involves martial arts, regardless of whether he is a fighter or a champion. We have witnessed him in every season with the same drive and ambition for life, which includes martial arts and discipline. Libra Anime Characters

43. Rain Mikamura

Libra Anime Characters

Rain Mikamura was conceived in October by Dr. Mikamura, her dad. She is a qualified doctor and a skilled woman in mechanics and maintenance. Rain is tough and intelligent. Rain is close to Domon, and has always been loyal to him.

Her compassionate and empathic nature is what makes her stand out. She is always there for those in need. She can clearly see her emotional nature when she feels sympathy for Domon and weeps at the fact Domon killed his brother.

42. Suzuha Amane

Suzuha Amane

Suzuha, a traveler, was born in 2036 under the name John Titor. She is part-time employed at the Yugo CRT store. She is on a mission to find her father. She is a veteran of World War 3 and has the mission to go back in time to prevent the death of Kurisu from happening.

She is a typical person because of her friendly nature, open heart, and aesthetic appearance. She is not close to others. She can be very entertaining, very direct and aggressive depending on her personality. She is the type of person who won’t let others see her pain and will solve all her problems on her own. Libra Anime Characters

41. Garfiel

Libra Anime Characters

Garfiel is a main character in Dark Fantasy anime. He was born to a father who was a beast and a mother who were humans, making him half-beast and half-human. He can turn into a tiger, and show his incredible fighting skills. You can see his strength when the ground shakes under the weight of his steps.

Garfiel, as a baby, was brought to the sanctuary Kremaldy with his mother and sister by his mother. This Sanctuary was a Hidden Village, which was for people who were half human and half man like Garfiel. His nature is a protector and fierce, as he cares for all those close to him. Through many events in the series, you can see his determination to accomplish his mission. This makes him a typical Libra.

40. Fukuda Tatsuya (Ao Ashi)

Fukuda Tatsuya (Ao Ashi)

Tatsuya Fukuda is an ordinary person with an average look. Tatsuya Fukuda is famous for his grey eyes and height. Except for his 21 October birth date, he is a Libra due to his friendly and outgoing nature towards the other characters in the series.

Tatsuya, who was active and served as an enthusiast, was chosen to be the coach for the youth Esperion FC.

39. Silica

Libra Anime Characters

Silica, also known as Keiko Ayano is one of the main characters on Sword Art Online. She is positive, supportive, and bright. You can see her friendly nature in her friendship with Kirito, which encourages and supports her to try new things. She is a Libra and has a strong attachment to Pina, which is why she was so saddened and emotional to see her go.

She feels embarrassed and frustrated, even in moments of romance. This can be seen whenever Kirito attempts to grab her hand, or when she meets a couple. Libra Anime Characters

38. Misaki Ayuzawa

Misaki Ayuzawa

Misaki Usui, Demon President’s female character, is one of her best. Her multitasking skills are evident in her work as a maid and student at Maid Latte. Misaki, a young girl, was kind, encouraging, and helpful when her father died. However, her father’s departure made her more judgmental and biased towards others.

She lost her faith and became inconsiderate. She is a hardworking woman who has demonstrated selflessness when it came to safety for others. Empathy towards girls, and other people is one of her best qualities. She is a fierce individual with determination and has the ability to make decisions that are right for her. This allowed her to influence others to work hard.

37. Masayoshi Hazama

Libra Anime Characters

Although it sounds cliché to say that someone tries to fulfill their childhood dream of being a superhero, Masayoshi is the real deal. He dreams of being a Samurai superhero. He is a generous person who never fails to help those in need.

His greatest talents or qualities include his ability to fight hand-to-hand in defensive fighting styles. He was determined to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a superhero. However, he was rejected by many of his teachers. Masayoshi’s life was difficult. His parents died as a child, and his grandfather has been his guide since.

36. Michiru Munakata

Michiru Munakata

Michiru is the friend of Ichika, Rumiko’s daughter and sister. She is a protector and has the ability to see spirits and ghosts that other people can’t. She is quiet, unlike any Libra, and she tries to be conserved. When she speaks, she doesn’t feel shy or awkward.

Her beauty and self-confidence, which drive her to many situations throughout the series, are what make her a Libra character. She was first seen in a white dress with big eyes, which makes her stand out from the rest.

35. Yui “Yui-Neesan” Narumi

Libra Anime Characters

Yui Narumi, also known as Yui Kabayakawa, is Yui Narumi’s married name. She is one of the main characters in the anime. She is a cousin to Konata, and a caring sibling of Yutaka. She was born on 7 October. Her friendly personality is often ironic.

Yui, a Saitama Prefectural Police Department Officer, is easy-going and acts before she thinks. Yui’s carefree nature is evident when Yui drives and she breaks many traffic laws despite being a police officer. Although she was not a model for fashion as a girl, her natural beauty is very appealing to the public. Libra Anime Characters

34. Kiritani Haruka

Kiritani Haruka

Kiritani Haruka, a Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy student, is a member of More More Jump, an idol group. Haruka, who was formerly known as ASRUN member, was charismatic. She inspires others to be better people for a better tomorrow.

She is a hard worker and holds herself to a strict work ethic. Haruka is an idol group member and avoids sweet treats that would satisfy her sweet tooth. She is determined in her pursuit of excellence, but she can also be competitive when it comes basketball.

33. Blood Falcon

Libra Anime Characters

Blood Falcon, an anime about F-Zero X, is a prominent antagonist in the F-Zero series. Captain Falcon’s Black Shadow-made clone, Blood Falcon was always dedicated to his mission of committing crimes.

He is 37 years old but has the heart and biology that of a four-year-old. He was also seen driving the Blood Hawk F-Zero’s car in the anime. Captain Falcon crashed Blue Falcon, and then fell into a coma. While he was still in hospital, DNA from Captain Falcon got engaged and made Blood Falcon.

The Blood Falcon has been nurtured by the Black Shadow since its inception. Like any other libra, he never forgets to question and seek out his identity.

32. Shiryu


He is also known as Shiryu the Rain and was the captain of Blackbeard’s Pirates. He was already in prison for murder and violence against prisoners, a sign of his bloodthirsty nature.

Shiryu is a psychopath and loves to kill people when he can. He is a psychopath who loves to kill people. Despite his cruel natures, he somehow manages to remain cool in the face of tension and dark situations. Because of his close relationship with everyone, he doesn’t have many personal details Libra Anime Characters

31. Mirajane Strauss

Libra Anime Characters

Mirajane has a charming look. However, she is the complete opposite. She is well-known for her crimes which is how she was given the title of The Demon. She was a sarcastic, impulsive person who had a temperament. However, she was very reserved about herself. She is now more demon-like because she lost her magical ability. This was due to the death of her younger sister.

You can see the change in her personality when she became a caring, loving person who treats friends and strangers with kindness. She looked stupid, but her behavior change and increased sensibility made her more Libra-like. Due to her immense power, she can fly, carries a great speed and has dark magic and stream.

30. Kyoko Kirigiri

Kyoko Kirigiri

Because of her focused, emotional, kind, and determined nature, Kyoko Kirigiri is a perfect example of a Libra. Her dialogue demonstrates this: “Protect yourself against deception and don’t allow others to read you emotions.” Don’t allow anyone to push you around. Keep that in mind.

As a student, Kyoko has taken part in events such as Killing School Life or Final Killing Game. She is witty, clever, intelligent, and mysterious. That’s why her emotions are kept hidden. Even in dangerous situations, she maintains her calm. As you can see, her sensitiveness was also a feature of the series.

29. Hijiribe uri

Libra Anime Characters

Ruri Hijiribe is a huge celebrity and idol. Ruri was a makeup artist when her family became bankrupt. It was due to the collapse of the family business. Ruri also managed Kasuka Heiwajima’s vampire makeup for his debut film Vampire Ninja Carmilla Saizou.

Because she rose to fame as a popular idol, she is often called “Hollywood”. She started out as a model for cosmetics, but she later became a businesswoman. An introverted, dark-eyed, or weak libra is not a good fit, but she has a quiet aura that can make you fall in love with her. She is approachable because of her physical strength, speed, endurance, and physical stamina.

28. Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo, also known as Everything Hero: Make, is his representative office class. She is studying to be a Pro Hero, and her behavior is prudent. Because of her commitment to her goal, she is a leader most of the time. She is a reserved and kind person who doesn’t care about losing her fight.

Her pride at first was too high, but it grew later because she lost to Fumikage Tokoyami. She regained her confidence in the end and began to be the same.

27. Seishu Inui

Libra Anime Characters

Seishu was a 10th Generation Black Dragon Attack squad Captain before he became the First Division Captain. Seishu’s loyalty to his friends, such as Hajime, is evident.

He is often described as being stoic and quiet. This trait was instilled in him from childhood. You can see it when he doesn’t respond to or share his thoughts even when hurt. He gave himself to people when he had trust in them, especially his closest friends. Seishu’s bravery and willingness to share his good side as well as his bad side is a sign of his greatness.

26. Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka, Kunoichi of Yamanaka Clan Konohagakure, is Ino Yamanaka, who is also part of the Ino-Shika-Cho trinity. She was portrayed as bold and confident from the start of the series. Her friendly nature and loyalty to others cannot be ignored. Ino exemplifies Libra’s characteristic of being protective of others.

She is always responsible for her family’s safety. When it comes to appearance, you can see a proud nature who often tries losing weight to look more attractive to boys. She is a more respectful member of the clan and therefore a more determined and kind-hearted person.

25. Yuichiro Hyakuya

Libra Anime Characters

Yuichiro Hyakuya, also known as Yuichiro Amae, is the birth name. He is one of the central characters in Seraph of the End. He is the only one to escape the Trap of Ferid bathory, which eventually led to the death of his family.

Yuichiro, who was affected by the tragedies of his childhood, is shown as moody and unsocial at the start of the series. His childhood was filled with solitude. His youth was filled with kindness and warmth. Because of his past, he has a fearless nature that makes him ignore the warnings. He is not always angry but he does not forget to care about others, even if he is vengeful. You can see his maturity and growth at the end of this series.

24. Rangiku Matsumoto, Bleach

Rangiku Matsumoto, Bleach

Rangiku is a charming, intelligent woman who uses her feminine qualities for whatever she needs. She played a prominent part in Bleach and displayed a carefree spirit that is common among Libras.

Rangiku enjoys drinking, but she is most passionate about working. Although her appearance is selfish, she can be compassionate and empathic when it comes down to reality. You can see her becoming serious most of the time because of her unstoppable behaviour, and not like a libra.

23. Lero-Ro

Libra Anime Characters

Lero-Ro was a Test Administrator of the 2nd floor and a ranker. Because of his instructions to Light Bearer Position, he has the rank of Light Bearer.

He is muscular and tall with blonde hair. Because of his extrovert nature, he is very friendly and easy-going. Although he has a sharp mind, he always expected others to be as powerful as he is. His intelligence and witty nature make it difficult for others to manipulate him in any way possible.

22. Yuuki Asuna

Yuuki Asuna

Yuuki Asuna is simply known as Asuna. She was the main female character of Sword Art Online, but she also served as a deuteragonist for Aincrad Arc. Asuna had never been concerned about dying before she met Kirito, another character. Later, she transformed her outlook on life and changed her personality.

She relies on Kirito for help, and he is her lifeline. You can see her kind, generous, and charming personality. Asuna takes her role very seriously, which is why you can see her determination in the rest. She is proud of her cooking skills and has a kind heart. She resolves the problem and attempts to move on regardless of the circumstances.

21. Sorata Suzuhara

Libra Anime Characters

He was originally from Heisei, but he moved to Taisho Era because of a mysterious song. The epilogue revealed that Sorata is a son to scientists. His father was the one that created Aion.

Sorata opposed the idea of a complete Reset, so he was locked in a frozen state for nearly 2000 years. Although he is extremely smart, he never felt proud of his intelligence. He is determined to win the Nobel Prize. He adapts quickly to his environment and is able to accept situations.

20. Mead


Mead’s parents became victims of the epidemic, but Bernia intervened and Mead was adopted by the villager. He is considered one of the lighter characters but is still very serious. Mead takes great pride in being one the villagers, but he feels insulted when someone calls him ale.

Sometimes, he has felt a bit helpless because he was an orphan. He can be jealous of the parents of children with more resources, which causes him to feel frustrated. He does pranks to draw attention to himself.

19. Doberman

Libra Anime Characters

He is muscular, heavy-set, and has a devilish face. He was also known as Vice Admiral Doberman and was a marine officer. He was also one of five vice admirals responsible for the Buster Call against Enies Lobby.

He is only a little kind to those who love or respect Film Z. You can see it when he and his comrade killed Zephyr the instructor forcibly.

18. Kyoko Kirigiri

Kyoko Kirigiri is the daughter of Jin Krirgiri and one of six main protagonists in the DanganRonpa series. She is also the Ultimate Detective. Kyouko, a beautiful 19-year-old anime girl, is tall and secretive. She thought she was 17 years ago, but she is now amnesia.

The light purple hair of her is dangled in a side braid and tied with a black ribbon. This compliments her pale skin and violet eyes. The costume she chose is an all-purple collared jacket with a tie over a white shirt, paired with a short skirt. A Libra, she is able to withstand most of her traumas and still manages to stay calm. Naegi’s valuable ally Kirigiri, Kirigiri can see things objectively without jumping to conclusions.

She becomes close to Naegi and even suggests a romantic relationship. Chapter 5: Naegi is found guilty by Kirigiri. Kirigiri is sensitive and hides her emotions beneath her cold demeanor. Alter Ego often allows her emotions to take over when she brings up her father.

17. Minoru Mineta

Libra Anime Characters

Minoru, also known as Grape Juice Fresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice is a student in Class 1-A. He is currently working hard to become a Pro Hero. He is shy and perverted, which is why he is not popular with the girls. He never misses girls and takes advantage of every opportunity to see them. This leads to painful events.

His love for women is one of his greatest motivations to be a hero. He isn’t ashamed to admit or do this behavior loudly. He is very impulsive and easily loses his concentration. He is known for his unique ability to cry when the situation becomes difficult.

16. Shoma Sawamura

Shoma Sawamura

Shoma Sawamura from Rival Schools is one the most outstanding examples of Libra. He is quick-tempered and impulsive, but hates losing. All these things lead to him losing track of who he is or what he wants.

He is more determined because of his awareness of everything. Shoma Sawamura’s appearance is fierce. His baseball shirt was a sign of his ever-ready personality. You can see his kind and gentle nature in the scenes where he spends quality time with family members and friends, and when he plays baseball.

15. Madoka Kaname

Libra Anime Characters

Madoka’s cheerful, positive, and hopeful personality can be seen in her dialogue: “If anyone tells me it’s wrong for hope, I will tell them that they are wrong every single time.” She is the protagonist of the series and also a member of Magical Girls. She is a shy and kind person who cares deeply for those around her. She was initially unable to self-confidence, but she soon became more confident after joining Magical Girls. This can be seen in her actions.

Madoka believes that the only thing that can make the world a better place, is for people to help one another. This is all she can offer. She can be easily frustrated or manipulated by her desire.

14. Aoi Toudou

Aoi Toudou

Aoi Todo was a supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen and made a huge impact. He is currently a student at the third year high school and a skilled sorcerer. He is eccentric and displays a war-crazed personality. It is his way of showing off his muscles and expressing the excitement of battle.

Aoi loves Takada-chan, his vocal idol and often brings her up during conversations. Aoi, a child, was incredibly strong and felt that his life was boring because of his strength. He met Yuta Okkotsu, and everything changed. His feeling of boredom was replaced by joy. He is confident, but not too confident. This is why he is so willing to do his best in dangerous combat.

13. Tatsumi Kyoudai Otouto

Libra Anime Characters

Tatsumi Kyoudai, Zodiac of Sanke, is one of the Zodiac. He is a man in his 20s with purple hair, which makes them attractive. He was devastated when he learned that either he, or his brother, would be the Juuni Taisen title at the start of the series.

He is far more foolish than Nagasaki if compared to his brother Nagayuki. He puts himself in dangerous situations all the time, which is why a dragon helps him save his life. He doesn’t have empathy for humans, which is why killing young boys becomes an acceptable thing.

12. Karin Maaka

Karin Maaka

Karin Maaka, 16 years old, is the main character. She is a vampire. Her older brother and younger sister are Ren Maaka and Anju Maaka. A Libra character who is kind and shy can sometimes be a Libra. This is different from any other Libra character. Although it is common to think that vampires are blood suckers, Karin is actually a blood giver. That’s why she is called Reverse Vampire.

She is unable to hold more than one thought at a time, which is one of her detriments. She is a skilled cook and can make simple dishes well-complimented.

11. Trafalgar D. Water Law

Libra Anime Characters

Trafalgar Law is sometimes referred to by the Surgeon of Death. He has been a captain, doctor and pirate of the Heart Pirates. He is one of the Worst Generations and, later, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Trafalgar is a young man whose appearance is both bold and slim. He only wants to discover Will of D’s purpose, and the ultimate One Piece. Trafalgar is the only person to have survived Flevance, a town where nearly everyone had died from a syndrome called Amber Lead. Later, he joined Donquixote Pirates and decided to take down the empire of Donquixote Doflamingo.

10. Yu Nishinoya

Yu Nishinoya

Yu Nishinoya, who was born on October 10, 1995, was a student at Karasuno High School. His volleyball team gave him the nickname “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity” because he was a libero. Later, Yu decided to travel the globe and retired from the volleyball team. He is very energetic and has a unique temperament.

He is known for his crazy personality, which can lead to him feeling irritable at times. He is a bit shy despite his quirky personality. Yu can be impatient and impulsive at the same moment, which can lead to many problems

09. Arthur Boyle – Fire Force

Libra Anime Characters

Arthur Boyle, a confident member of the Fire Force symbolizes Libra’s cooperative attitude as well as their search for justice and unwavering dedication.

Arthur, on the other hand, is so focused on his team’s success that it’s impossible for him to see any other way he can make things better. Even though he can sometimes be irritating, we would all love to have the Libra kid cheering us up and making us feel supported.

08. Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus

Minako Aino, the real name of Sailor Venus, is prominent in Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V. Her mission is to protect the Solar System as a female supernatural fighter. Usagi Tsukino was the one who found her and classified her as a Sailor Soldier.

While she was chosen as the fourth, her power was the first to be displayed as a Sailor Soldier. Sailor Venus is a multi-talented being with the ability to love, light, beauty and a gold material metal. She is a well-known celebrity and still dreams of being a famous Idol. She is very responsible and has led her team through many incarnations.

07. Maximillion Pegasus

Libra Anime Characters

Maximillion Pegasus, also known as Pegasus J. Crawford, is the creator of Duel Monsters and president of Industrial Illusions. Maximillion was a passionate gamer and creator of the games. His calm demeanour in stressful situations is the most striking thing about Libra.

He never loses his temper when he is provoked. Because he loves cartoons, it is easy to see his passion for gaming. Maximillion is humble when he loses, but he never forgets to fool his enemies or put on a façade.

06. Rimuru


Tempest is driven by the desire to create a world where everyone has fun and lives a comfortable life. Tempest also believes in honesty and truth. He believes in the power and potential of ideals, but he is also a greedy person who has a great deal of ambition. Tempest can be very childish if that’s his nature, but it is impossible to avoid his maturity.

Although he looks very plain and analytical from the cover, his smart moves are a pillar of his character. He is a funny man because of his caring nature towards colleagues and subordinates. His brutal torture and murder, which he does not blink at all, are more prominent.

05. Asta

Libra Anime Characters

Asta, an Orphan raised by his church mother after his mother died, was always cheerful and active. He was determined to join Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull Squad and become first-class senior magician. However, magic is a struggle for him.

To hide his insecurity, he uses his boisterous personality. Asta was an orphan growing up in a poor home and has been exposed to cruel and insulting opinions from his peers whenever he meets someone new. Asta developed a sense of humor because of all this. Asta is a pure Libra because of his sense of justice and caring for others. He also has a bold nature in fighting.

04. Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist of Naruto Series, is the first character to be created after the series was conceptualized. He is Konohagakure’s leader and Hokage has become his. His determination is never wavering. The villagers abandoned Naruto, who was the host for the Nine-tailed Demon Fox.

The Nine-tailed Demons Fox is a malevolent creature who attacked Konoha. Naruto attempts to make up for his abandonment by being cheerful and kind. You can see it in his friendships with many characters and foreigners. Naruto is very close to Sakura and Sasuke, his team mates from Team 7. Libra Anime Characters

03. Kirito

Libra Anime Characters

Kirigaya Kazuto was born Kirigaya Kazuto. Kirigaya Kazuto later became Kirigaya Kazuto. Kirito is the main character of Sword Art Online. He was chosen to be one the Beta Testers and also one of the 10000 players that were trapped in SAO. He played solo in many parts of the game, and eventually became Beater. Because of his simple nature, Kirito isn’t very good at writing.

Because of his addiction to computers and gaming, he is not as friendly as other Libras. He enjoys to tease and anger people and can sometimes be too confident at times. He still maintains his collected nature, even when faced with stressful situations. All these qualities make Kazuto a great player who can accept new circumstances and takes immediate action. Libra Anime Characters

02. Gintoki Sakata

Gintoki Sakata

Gintoki, the principal character of Gintama is also the founder and president of Yorozuya. He is a skilled Samurai and has fought in several wars. He changes his personality and his behavior during the war, even changing his name to Shiroyasha. Gintoki is lazy and has dumb expressions. He sometimes passes his time doing nothing.

He is always late on his rent because of laziness and poverty. His greatest strength is his dedication to his work and his ability to help others. He also values connections more than any character in the series, but he is also a man of humor.He is a Libra because of his outgoing nature, which loves to be fascinated and joke around with people.

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01. Erwin Smith

Libra Anime Characters

Erwin Smith is the Libran who best fits the criteria. Also known as Commander Erwin Smith Erwin Smith was a supporting character in Attack on Titan dark fantasy. He was the thirteenth commander of Survey Corps and he displayed boldness when it came to innovative and resourceful techniques.

Although a serious, calculated, and planning man may be serious at times, Smith is trustworthy when it comes down to Smith. He is more stable because he accepts everything, while still maintaining a strong sense of self-esteem.

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