Light Crossbow 5e D&D Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Light Crossbow 5e D&D

An game or D&D will always include scenarios which require you to think out beyond the boundaries. It can become boring when you play the game continues to give you the same information repeatedly.

There are instances when we have to remain away from our adversaries. It is not always necessary to be close enough in order to take the chance to take a blow.

Imagine if your opponent as well as you have to cross an enormous valley that is impossible to traverse. What happens if the target is trapped by flames that could cause severe damage to you?

By Dungeon Dudes

This issue can be resolved when you think beyond the standard combat routine. It is possible to use ranged attack such as spells and weapons that range. However, spells may not be available to your group.

What happens if all spell slots are used up by the casters of your group? What should you do?

A light crossbow can be a straightforward weapon to master. Since it’s a basic weapon, it’s an excellent weapon.

It’s not the norm for everybody to be proficient in the use of weapons for combat. People who have fought in combat with the blades of warriors, soldiers, others are those who are. Many people are able to use weapons that are simple.

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This gun could work for you If you’re an experienced caster and looking for an improved weapon to protect yourself. Continue reading this Light Crossbow 5E Guide to learn everything you need to learn about it.

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What is the 5e light-crossbow?

The 5 5th edition of D&D comes with an easy crossbow. It’s a basic firearm that can deal 1d8 damage, and costs 25gp.

The weight is 5 pounds. In the Player’s Handbook, page 149 contains a full description. The light crossbow appears to be an elongated bow (called the prod) which is placed horizontally on a wood mainframe, which is also known as the tiller.

It is usually made of wood, but it could also be made of light steel.

It is a weapon with a range which can be used to target targets far in its distance of between 80 and 320 feet. The numbers could be confusing , but they will be explained in the subsequent sections.

A light crossbow can be a simple weapon to make use of. It is not necessary to have any experience with martial arts or experience with the weapon. Keep reading to find out the classes that are skilled in this area.

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How can I use the 5e crossbow light?

A slight crossbow strike on an opponent is considered an attack from a distance. It is important to first identify the target before you can launch an attack from a distance.

They should be within the limit for the lightweight crossbow. Then, verify if you have bolts or ammunition for your light crossbow.

Your DM will determine any adjustments that you need to make if you’ve got multiple. If the target is stunned at your assault, as an example you’d gain an advantage in an attack roll.

Your DM will play your roll of attack. This will typically be 1d20. Your 1d20, plus your proficiency bonus and Dexterity modifier is the final roll of attack.

If you’re not skilled with lighter crossbows You can apply your skill bonus to your attack roll.

A five-level Rogue at level five will prefer to make use of his light crossbow to attack an opponent using armor class (or AC) 15, or 15 with the Dexterity modifier.

Rogues are able to use basic weapons and are granted an advantage in proficiency (+3) therefore they’ll require at minimum 9.0 on their combat roll. Also, read The Mage’s Hand D&D 5e Spell Book

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Final attack rolls consist of a 1d20 and the proficiency boost (+3) plus the modifier for Dexterity (+3). If the 1d20’s result is 9 or greater then it will result in an amount that is matched to your target’s AC that is 15.

5e Light Crossbow Properties

These are the attributes that make the crossbow light

  • 80 – 320 ft.
  • Munition
  • Loading
  • Two-handed

Range (80/320 feet.)

Two numbers are given for weapons with range In The Player’s Handbook. The first one represents the weapon’s range, and the second one indicates its long-range.

The usual range of the light crossbow is around 80 feet, however its range can reach the distance of 320 feet. The normal range of a ranged weapon can be defined as the range between the target and the location in which the attack is executed. You are able to attack any animal that is within 80 feet of you.

If we look at the length of each tile on the map of battle of 5 feet, this means that you could strike any creature with the long crossbow, which is 16 squares away. It’s quite an amount of distance!

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A strike on an animal that is outside the normal distance (80 feet) could result in a loss in the attack roll.

You need to roll 2d20 if you roll for an attack roll which is 1d20. Then, you select the lower number of both rolls.

If a rogue tries to attack an opponent who is at least 120 feet away and is penalized for the attack roll. The rogue will choose the number 3 if they roll either a 19 or 3. Talk about luck.

A weapon is not able to kill creatures outside of its range. The range of light crossbows is 320 yards.

This is equivalent with 64 squares the standard battle map size. The last thing to note is that If an enemy creature is within reach of you it are not incapacitated, and will still be able to see you.

If you try to take on an opponent from afar and an opponent is in close proximity, you’ll be punished.


A ranged attack is only able to be carried out using the light crossbow provided you have at minimum the size of one item or ammunition.

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Your strike would not be possible without the bolts. Bolts are the ammunition you use to make lightweight crossbows. Bolts appear like dart-like projectile.

It’s usually smaller and heavier than bow arrows. However, it’s still quite striking in appearance. It has a similar look as feathered arrows.

You can take the bolt you have in your arsenal whenever you engage with the crossbow that is light. To begin your attack, you’ll need to take one bolt out of the appropriate box, such as quiver.

Before you go out into the wilderness it is essential to carry enough bolts. They aren’t rare and are found in fletchers shops, weapon shops and armories. Bolts for crossbows can be bought from as little as one GP.

A quarter of bolts could be pulled out after battle when you shoot bolts with a lighter crossbow. It is necessary to spend at minimum one minute looking around the battlefield for any ammunition.

This should only be done following the end of the battle. In the event that you don’t, you could be injured by your adversaries when you search. If you’ve used 20 bolts in a single battle, you may search for 10 bolts after the fight. Also read: Dire Wolf 5e D&D Guide

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If you have enemies who are right next to you, your crossbow could be used as an unintentional weapon that can be used to strike a melee.

The attack is 1d4 in damage after it occurs as per the Player’s Handbook, page 148.

You are not able to add a performance bonus to your attack rolls when you are using weapons that you have made up.


Light crossbows can be slow to load new bolts due to the way they are constructed and the way they are used.

Light crossbows only fire one bolt at a time regardless of whether they’re making use of the action bonus, an action or reaction.

This weapon won’t allow you to access any capabilities or features which can provide you with more attack.

You are only able to attack once using the light crossbow regardless of how many attacks you attempt.


Light crossbows require two hands to utilize effectively. The light crossbow can’t be operated using just one hand.

Other important items like the shield which gives a bonus of 2 AC for anyone who uses it only one hand and is essentially ineffective.

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The light crossbow is able to be carried with one hand, however it can’t be used this way to carry out an attack from a distance.

You’ll need to get rid of any other items you have on hands, regardless of whether you intend to use your crossbow that is light.

There are a variety of methods to accomplish this. It is easy to place the item in your inventory such as backpacks and Bag of Holding. You can also carry the weapon, if you own it.

This could cost you actions in combat. If you drop it, you won’t lose any action. But, it is best to take it back when you’ve finished your battle.

What are the classes that can benefit from a crossbow that is light?

While everyone can make use of a bow that is light but not everyone can master. Most people can make use of an easy crossbow, but only one class of bowsman is skilled in the field: that of the Druid.

Below are the classes that are able to make use of the light crossbow effectively and effectively.

  • Artistificer Page 9 in Tatasha’s Cauldron of Everything
  • Barbarian (Player’s Handbook, page 46).
  • Bard (Player’s Handbook, page 51)
  • ClericPlayer’s Handbook page 56
  • Fighter (Player’s Handbook, page 70)
  • Monk(Player’s Handbook page 76).
  • Paladin(Player’s Handbook page 82).
  • Ranger (Player’s Handbook Page 89)
  • Rogue (Player’s Handbook Page 94)
  • Sorcerer (Player’s Handbook, page 99)
  • Warlock(Player’s Handbook page 105)
  • Wizard (Player’s Handbook Page 112)
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The majority of classes, with the exception of the Druid are skilled in shooting with a light crossbow. Most of them possess the ability to make use of simple weapons and light crossbows.

However those of the Wizard or Sorcerer classes are skilled in the use of this weapon. It is clearly in the instruction.

What are the classes that begin with a crossbow that is light?

All classes, excluding five, are able to make use of a crossbow light in their starting apparatus. The following is an overview of the available.

  • Artist:Any two simple weapons you want to use, an easy crossbow, and 20 bolts
  • BarbarianTwo Handaxes, or another weapon that is simple.
  • Bard Bard: Bard can be an rapier or a longsword or any other weapon that is simple.
  • ClericA lightweight crossbow that has 20 bolts as well as any basic weapon.
  • Monk is a brief word or a simple weapon.
  • The Sorcerer is an easy crossbow that has 20 bolts. It can also be used as a simple weapon.
  • Warlock: A light crossbow equipped with 20 bolts. It can be used with any other simple weapon or simple weapon plus any other weapon
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This list doesn’t include those of the Paladin, Ranger, and Fighter classes. A basic weapon isn’t enough for fighters.

They should begin with a weapon that is able to be utilized for combat. The only thing Paladins are restricted to is that they may only have the basic melee weapon but not one that has distance.

Rangers are often described as Paladins. They do however, have an longer bow as their equipment at first.

Rogues can choose to having a shorter bow than a crossbow that is light in order to make use of weapons that are ranged. For weapons, wizards can use only a quarterstaff or dagger.

Are light crossbows magical?

Usually, no. A light crossbow an easy weapon that is created by skilled gunsmiths.

Since they are basic weapons, they are accessible in combat. There are amazing light crossbows you could add to your arsenal.

The following items are listed below. If the column has “A” this means that the item is in need of attunement. If not, it’s not the case.

The item’s TitleRarityA.SourceLight for Crossbows +UncommonNoDungeon Master’s Guide, page 213+2 Light CrossbowRareNoDungeon Master’s Guide, page 213+3 Light CrossbowRareNoDungeon Master’s Guide, page 213Crossbow for the Corpse Slayer LightRareYesPage 266 in Explorer’s Guide to WildemountDrow + Light CrossbowUnknownNoMonster Manual, page 126.Hellfire Light CrossbowUncommonNoBaldur’s Gate, Descent Into Avernus page 223Light Crossbow of certain deathRareNoPage 270 in the Explorer’s Guide to WildemountLight Crossbow of WarnUncommonYesDungeon Master’s Guide, page 213Vicious +1 Light CrossbowUnknownNoAcquisitions Incorporated page 149Vicious Light CrossbowRareNoDungeon Master’s Guide, page 209


What’s the danger to a light crossbow 5e?

It is responsible for the 1d8 damage to the piercing.

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What’s the range for the crossbow light 5E?

It can be used for a range of 80 feet, and a distance of up to 320 feet. You are able to normally launch an attack from a distance against a person within 80 yards of your.

You’ll be penalized when you roll an attack roll if at least 80 feet away from the intended target. A ranged attack can’t be rolled further than 325 feet.

What is the cost for an easy crossbow?

It weighs about 5 pounds and is priced at 25 GP. You’d pay just 1 GP for a package that contains 20 bolts.

You can use an arrow with a light crossbow and an armour shield at the same time?

No, you cannot. Light crossbows can be utilized as weapons that can be used with two hands. It is essential to use both hands for control of the firearm as well as to defend yourself.

A light crossbow should only be used by only one hand to strike. One hand must be open to create an armour.

What is the most effective option for strength dexterity, speed, or lighter crossesbow rolls?

The light crossbow is utilized as a weapon that can be used at range. You can add to your Dexterity factor to your attack roll using the weapon as well as damage.

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What is the difference between a crossbow that is heavy and a lighter one?

Both are ranged weapons. However, heavy crossbows can inflict 1d10 of piercing injuries, while light crossbows can inflict 1d8.

Heavy crossbows are often used as weapons for combat, whereas lighter crossbows are able to be employed as weapons. Thus heavy crossbows are not as well-known than lighter crossbows.

What’s the difference between hand and a crossbow that is light?

Hand crossbows are often as heavy crossbows, since they are both considered to be martial weapons.

Hand crossbows only handle 1d6 piercing injuries.

They are small weapons which can be used as a weapon to be carried with one hand.

What’s the difference between short bow and a lighter crossbow?

Short bows appear and function quite differently from lighter crossbows. Short bows use arrows, rather than bolts for light crossbows.

They are also only able to treat 1d6-sized piercing wounds. Both weapons are ranged However, they are not ranged weapons. Navigation after navigation

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