What is Mage Hand: D&D 5e Spell Guide

Mage hand D&D

You’ve created your own character, now is the time to choose the adventures you’ll take.

If you think one of your excursions could result in a traumatizing experience, at the very minimum any of your excursions will serve an objective.

Mage Hand gives incredible utility and solutions out of the box to every issue the Dungeon Master presents to you.

This is a brief outline of one of the best cantrips that can be used for use in D&D 5e.

By ZeeBashew

A floating hand with a spectral appearance is displayed in a place that you choose to put within the bounds. The hand will remain visible throughout the duration of the display, and will remain visible until you take it off as an act.

The hand vanishes when it is located more than 30 feet away from you or when try for a second time to use the spell.

You can utilize your movements to manage your hand. Hands can be utilized in order to lift an object open an unlocked door or container, store or take an object out of an unlocked container , and then empty the contents of the vial.

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The hands can move as much as 30 feet per time you utilize it.

The hand can’t assault the hand, make use of magical objects or transport more than 10 pounds.

Mage Hand Spell Specifications

Mage Hand Spell 5e Specifications

school: Conjuration
level: Cantrip
The Time to Cast: One Action
Distance 30 feet
Components: Verbal, Somatic
Time: One Minute

Mage Hand is a spell spells out the Mage Hand ability creates a spectral hand that is in the close proximity of.

It can hold up to ten pounds and it is possible to make use of new techniques to move the hand , or let it interact in other things.

Mage Hand is the third hand that can be found anywhere you’d like to be but isn’t.

If you’re prepared and have a plan in place, it can use it in practically any situation. Influncing a social environment through poking holes into puzzles, using creative strategies to fight, and utilizing specific techniques to aid in exploring.

A player who is well-prepared can utilize Mage Hand in all situations. Mage Hand in all scenarios.

Who gets the Mage Hand?

The cantrip appears on Bard, Artificer Sorcerer Warlock and Wizard the list of spells.

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There’s the Arcane Trickster subclass of the Rogue that can always get it, and so are two other cantrips from the Wizard list.

Mage Hand Social Uses

Our spell is only a certain amount of force it can utilize that prevents it from engaging in combat use directly.

However, this tiny amount of force can be employed to accomplish social goals.

If you’re under the watch of a security guard or are unable to surpass some threshold, but you may still be able to make an attempt to get the attention of authorities.

To get the reverse effect, you can also use The Mage Hand to deceive someone when you attempt to sneak past them.

Puzzle Breaking Uses

The most common usage of the hand of a mage generally is to defy or assist in solving puzzles and traps that the DM creates.

The most common problem in puzzles is the piece that is not accessible or perhaps away from the participants.

If you’re able go 30 feet higher, it’s possible to surpass these limitations.

If you’re at risk of pushing a lever or releasing an appropriate button, you might be able to stay clear of the danger by activating the lever in the distance.

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If a trap comes that has the element of darkness in its element due to it is because the DM recognizes that the group isn’t equipped with Darkvision It weighs 1 pounds.

It’s therefore simple to carry it to the light source in the manner you’d like to.

Creative Combat Uses

The social section the Mage Hand has been designed in order to prevent specific attacks on the subject or use of magical objects.

It is possible to make use of everyday objects to aid in indirect combat.

A majority DMs are opposed to throwing flames of alchemists, or caltrops, on the opponent due to them being clearly dangers.

However throwing the alchemist’s fire or caltrops could be used as a deterrent to slow the process.

The enemy must be aware or else risk losing their speed.

If they must sacrifice their speed of their movements through using caltrops in order to get away or escape it is likely that they will be located by group members.

In certain situations it is possible to covertly plan for the killing of your opponent, without taking part in combat.

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For example, the spell allows you to perform actions like opening a bottle. It is possible to add poison into the cup of the person you want to target. This is an indirect attack that can be made in the hands of those who are the Mage Hand.

Mage Hand The Down Sides

While there are specific applications for the spell, it is a system with inherent limitations that stop it from performing all of the things.

In the beginning, Mage Hand cannot be employed to combat. This means it is not able to be used in a long-range melee construction.

If this wasn’t the case, the user could make their weapon strike from 30 meters away. A sorcerer might be at least sixty feet away, and decrease his armor included in and the health risk for arcane casters and prevent them from getting close to their targets.

In this case, The Mage Hand cannot be used as a magic item.

The guidelines to be followed for this fifth edition were designed with the idea that magic items would be difficult to obtain.

In addition a DM who does not allow enough magical items can quickly derail the whole campaign.

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The ability to avoid a trip with magical objects is another way to safeguard yourself from the dangers associated with magical items.

The spell blocks the caste from applying more than 10 kilograms in force.

This is to prevent things like pushing or lifting very heavy objects which could cause the spell to be difficult to consider to the DM.

This law is a good example, and you can avoid it if you are able to make up your own ideas.

In the end, Mage Hand is limited to simple interactions.

Example: You are able to open a door that’s locked but you’re not allowed to open the door.

This restriction is lifted when you acquire Mage Hand through the Arcane Trickster subclass of the Rogue.

As The Trickster you can employ the trickster to steal objects put an object on the target, or select to lock it.

Fun & Creative Exploits

In the case of a game that has an expansive scope such as Mage Hand There will always be things the designers didn’t consider.

This list isn’t complete.

It’s nevertheless an excellent collection of tips and creative ways to utilize your Hand of the Mage Hand that are technically efficient.

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Flying Halfling

The Sorcerer, Warlock or Wizard can use this third-level magic spell to use to fly… efficiently fly.

What would happen if we could fly with our Mage hand?

The issue is that it is with the fact the fact that it is the Mage Hand is restricted to limitations on its capacity of the hand, which is 10 pounds. Halflings belong to those races that form the core, however they’re still carrying around forty pounds.

With an additional reduction of the level 2 spell, their weight and size is reduced to one-eighth of the size they were originally size, which is equivalent to an eight-pound former.

With the hand combination available to the Sorcerer as well as the Wizard can fly up to two levels ahead, and also use the spell slot that is one level lower.

It could also work on Gnomes Kobolds and some Goblins.

Extended Familiar

With the help of to Locate Familiar you can use touch spells with your personal familiar.

The problem is that many of the choices have a reputation for poor performance and overall health.

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If you must get to someone who is farther away, you can let your friend take a ride on your back and be the first to share your rate of travel.

Use your motion to move the familiar 30 feet. Then they will be able to move at their own pace prior to their next turning.

If you are able to multiclass at minimum two levels into the Fighter. You can apply an Action Surge to perform this touch spell immediately before the start each turn.

Cloaked Scout

If you’re worried that there are enemies lurking in the far distance, you can create your own Magic Hand.

Place a cloak on the upper part of your hand and keep it in place about 30 to 30 feet in front to you.

The person is now disguised who is looking around to capture anyone you’re worried about.

Final Words

Mage Hand is a highly useful and versatile cantrip.

It can accomplish many of the things we’ve discussed, as well as several other ideas that you could develop in your head.

If you have an idea that works, but isn’t quite clear. Let your DM to decide whether they’d take the idea on board.

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It’s not the best feeling to plan for something that is canceled at the last minute.

Furthermore you’d like to maintain good relationships and build trust to your Dungeon Master, wouldn’t you?

Best wishes to you all. We hope that all of your rolls are at least twenty.


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