Manhwa With Cheat System: Our Top 30+

Manhwa With Cheat System is a very popular genre among manhwa categories. A series that has a strong main character is a favorite of all. It can be boring to have a character who is overpowering and without explaining their powers. Series with a protagonist who has a cheat system make it a lot more interesting. These series feature a main character who has a cheat system that allows him to cheat all his life.

Best Manhwa With Cheat System

Best Manhwa With Cheat System

Manhwa With Cheat System is based solely on my personal ranking and opinion.

So let’s start the rankings of Manhwa With Cheat System

31. Super Gene

Super Gene

Although many alien monsters have infiltrated the planet, it was predicted that humans could obtain their genes by eating them. This was the beginning of a new era in gene evolution. Hansen, a newcomer in the sanctuary, is considered a “crazy devil”, but no one knows that he is also the “B God” respected by all. Hansen: I am sorry, but I cannot get the Super Gene.

30. The Omniscient Reader’s Point of View.

Dokja didn’t know what the future held back then. Dokja didn’t know his web favorite, ‘Three Ways to Survive The Apocalypse’ would come to life and that he would be the only one to know the end of the world. He also had no idea he would end up becoming the protagonist of this novel-turned-reality. Dokja is now on a mission to alter the course of the story, and save humanity once and for all. Manhwa With Cheat System

29. Ultra Alter

 Ultra Alter

Oreum Lee, a VR MMORPG craze in Ergosphere Online is mocked harshly by his party members because he’s a poor healer. His teammates in the game also bully him at school. Oreum’s salvation is his alternate character. He plays the Avenger class character with exceptional skill. Oreum logs out from the game one day and a glitch in his system gives him the ability to use his alternate character’s abilities to defeat evil monsters in the in-game realm. Oreum will he be able to survive both the game world and school?

28. SSS-Class Gacha Hunter

 SSS-Class Gacha Hunter

“The Change” introduced dungeons full of monsters to the world and changed reality forever. Jin Jungdo, a pro-gamer, realizes that his abilities are ineffective and his lifelong dream of becoming a hero like these Mana Users. The “real universe” provides him with a set skills that allows him to draw information and find heroes from the past. He can now race through this game of chance and become the most powerful hunter! Manhwa With Cheat System

27. I Want To Be Killed.

I Want To Be Killed.

Yu Le was sent to another planet after he died from overworking. He received a gold item that every male MC receives — the system. Yu Le failed to meet the requirements, so he must say farewell to the system temporarily. He will need to live a life of complete sanity in order to reactivate it again. Yu Le decided to sue for death in order to activate the system quickly and get the ability to live forever. Why is Yu Le not dying, even though he tries so hard? Instead, he is becoming stronger. !

26 . Rise from the Rubble

Rise from the Rubble

The biggest ever recorded monster outbreak in human history decimated city S 10 years after night of starfall. Zuo Fan, also known as [A traitor’s son] and the most inept starfall warrior reserve, was awakened by the Super Warrior System during an elaborate raid. He has been a meteor rising to the top since then. He continued to search for the truth about his father’s treason in the face of strong opposition and began the difficult task of saving the world. Manhwa With Cheat System

25. Chaos Alchemist

Chaos Alchemist

Gu Yun is a young gifted genius who has been reduced to odd jobs at Qing Shan Sect because of a loss in his spiritual energy from an ancient god’s sealing.This god seal is why he was trashed. His father was also implicated. He was stripped of his position as head Qing shan sect and was sentenced to prison by the Feilu family.

This is a common occurrence in Chinese manga. Gu Yun uncovers the secret within his body, and makes a pact to a god.The thing he hated so much, and for which his entire life was destroyed, was the ancient seal.You already know the basics of Chinese manga, so this manga is a good choice if you are looking for something to entertain you and have a lot more chapters.

24. The Overachievers Black Text System


This manga is one that I have mentioned a lot back in articles. It only had 20 chapters.It has 140 chapters, which is a lot more than the average chinese manga.

This manga features a cheat system called black technology systems. The main character in the manga is a typical college student.After receiving the black technology system, however, he enters into the world of knowledge and increases his learning efficiency by 1 billion.He is the most intelligent person in existence!

This manga is unique because it tells a story that’s not common. However, you will find a lot competitions in which the main character participates and wins every one.These competitions concern mathematics, physics and chemistry. Our main character is now very intelligent, and even professors learn from him. Manhwa With Cheat System

23. World’s Apocalypse Online

Gu Qingshan, determined to alter fate, escaped from space and time after the world collapsed.He began to realize that the apocalypse was not as easy as it appeared.The main character is now in the past.

The most fascinating thing about this story is that our main character can use a cheat system to alter between his original world as well as the other.The art is amazing! You’ll know what I mean if you have ever read the manga light novel.This is because it will get more exciting as more chapters are published.

22. Infinite level up In Murim

Infinite level up In Murim

Tang Yoo Sung was a junior soldier with no talent and low-level training who died on the field.He realised that he had returned to his childhood, when he was a kid, when he looked into the underworld.He heard the message “Welcome To Murim Online”, which said, “A world that rises as hard as you work and sacrifice. Would you like to log in?” Click on “Yes or No”. Our main character clicks the Yes button.

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This manga is new and underrated. You won’t find a powerful main character, but he is reborn. He is a poor young man.He was not a great king nor had a great life in his past lives, and this makes this manga even more interesting! Manhwa With Cheat System

21. Long live the King

 Long live the King

A normal student travels to another world and becomes the King of that world. Imagine living a boring, normal life only to suddenly become a king. Our MC must be enjoying his newfound authority.

The king had a cheatingof his life, and was able to do amazing things such as traveling between different worlds (Amazing!). Although he was not strong initially, our MC became one of the most powerful characters.

This Manhwais for those who love Webtoons. The MC starts as a weak character but becomes stronger over time. Although this Manhwa is a little boring at first, I promise you that it will become epic as the characters develop.

20. Warrior of Hardcore Leveling

 Warrior of Hardcore Leveling

This is Ethan‘s story. He is the best player in the most well-known game, but is actually slow and dull. When an unknown player killed his character, he was at the top and had to start over. ).

Ethan didn’t give up on his dream and started to level up his character with the intent of becoming the number one in the world so that he could take revenge on the person who had killed his character. He will he succeed in his mission? That’s not what I will tell you. HEHE.

This Manhwa will help you find out. This is the best virtual reality Manhwas available. This is the best place to read if you love VR and game-type Manhwas. Manhwa With Cheat System

19. Dreamcide


Imagine falling asleep, and then waking up in a postapocalyptic environment. It was a place you lived for years, before you woke up convinced it was all a nightmare (I’m just stunned by all of this).

This is the story about our MC Hazin Nam, who finds himself in the postapocalyptic universe with a bleeding head. Dreamcideis an exceptional Manhwawith a remarkable twist and time travel narrative. It is not your average Manhwa with a typical story.

Hazinnam can use his time travel skills to save the entire World? You don’t need me to tell you because I want to let you discover it yourself. To do that, you can read this Webtoon.

18. Sleeping Ranker

Sleeping Ranker

In this series, a protagonist is a young man who has a lot of things that are stressing him out. As a result, his only moment of respite comes when he logs into a VR game. All he does in this VR game is sleep around. So, he is rewarded with an absolutely broken skill that works with his sleeping.

17. I Stack ExperienceThrough writing books

JongSeok Leeis an ordinary person who has one hobby: reading books. He is often seen reading a book in a bookstore. One day, he came across an unusual book. The book is filled with blank pages.

You did read that correctly: Every page in this book is blank. How does that mean? Is he in danger? Are you about to dive into the book? There are many things you want to know, and this Manhwa will answer them. Manhwa With Cheat System

15. Please Enjoy a Meal

Please Enjoy a Meal

Imagine yourself living your best life, doing your favorite job, only to suddenly lose it all because you can’t smell or taste anymore. This is the worst.

This is the story about our main character, who is an great chef but has lost his senses of taste and smell due to mysterious circumstances. Now that he is unable to taste and smell, his profession as a chef may be at risk.He is falling deeper and deeper into sadness as he can’t do the only thing that he really enjoys.

He discovers a VRgame which allows users to use all five of their senses while they play. I am overjoyed and relieved to tell you that our MChas recovered his skills and is now the best cook. He is also currently hunting down the monsters.This Manhwa story is really amazing. The author also knows how to link VR with real life. This Webtoon plot is unique. I highly recommend it.

14. Murim Login

Murim Login

Imagine you live in a land in which you must kill all the creatures that appear from different gates to protect yourself. Our MC Jin TaeKyung is in a similar situation, except that he cannot kill any monsters.Jin entered a VRgame one day and was trappedin the game. After many difficulties, Jin was eventually able to master combat skills and escape the game. Manhwa With Cheat System

He was able transfer his abilities and power from the Morim to the real world. He can now continue his work as a hunter. He decides to go back to Murim out of concern for his hunting companions.Murim Loginis one the most popular Korean Webtoons. If you’re new to Manhwas and looking for action-packed Manhwa games, this is the place for you.

13. Time Roulette

 Time Roulette

Jeohun isthe MCof the currently studying at one of the top law schools. Jeohununwillingly awakens an unusual power, and now he must keep it secret from other people. It’s exciting to think of characters who keep their abilities secret, and our MC is one of them.

Is there a mysterious power that he has? Does his life seem in danger? How can he defend himself against the unknown danger? You guys know there is only one way to find it. You are correct if you think you want to read this Manhwa to find your answers.

12. Updater


This Manhwastory centers around Aidan’ssorrowful story about how his town was destroyed by his foes, and how he plans on taking revenge. Aidan is a character from a game whose village has been destroyed by game moderators.

Aidan is reborn into this world, instead of dying. But this time, he’s also one of the moderators. (Sounds good, right?). How will he revenge his village and family members? This secret can only be revealed by reading the Manhwa.You can read the Manhwa and find out. Manhwa With Cheat System

11. Dungeons & Artifacts

Dungeons & Artifacts

This Manhwa is a renowned and historic Manhwas. This Manhwa focuses on Stretch Atelier who is our main character in the Manhwa. He has been given a second chance to exact his revenge.

Stretch Ateliergets various powers and eats artifacts. The ring is extremely powerful and can bring back dead people. His enemies, however, are extremely deadly.Is he capable of taking revenge on his enemies? This Manhwa is the only way to discover the truth.

10. From Today onwards, Player

 From Today onwards, Player

People live their lives in a happy, regular place. The children are having fun on the ground, and it seems like everything is normal. However, this is not the case for very long. Gates are portals to an unknown universe. They appear everywhere on the planet.

Demons and Monsters from another realm invaded the Earth and started destroying everything. These creatures were eventually defeated by people with extraordinary talents who enslaved ordinary people.

People are looking for someone to save them. But how is that possible? This Manhwa is the secret that propels our MC back in time. But why? Because I don’t want to reveal it, I encourage you to read this Manhwa.

09. Trapped In A WebnovelIt’s a Good Thing For Nothing

Trapped In A WebnovelIt's a Good Thing For Nothing

This is Yuseong‘s story about being trapped in a novel he was studying during his night shift and finally finding himself in the body the antagonist.We all know that villains often end in bad. Our MC is trying to live a happy and healthy life.

He is looking for a way to survive and getout this novel. But what will his fate be? This is a hard question to answer, so you will have to read the Manhwa to find out.

08. Solo Auto-Hunting

Solo Auto-Hunting

The planet was once a peaceful place, but now the monsters have overtaken it. Hunters that hunt these creatures are there to protect people against these monsters. This is one of the most dangerous jobs.

Oh Yunsung is our Manhwa’s MC. He’s a regular guy who works at a restaurant to make ends met. He wakes up one day with the desire to be a warrior and sets out to pursue those monsters.Are all the monsters of Earth gone? Can he restore peace on the planet?No one knows the answer yet. This Manhwa article will help you find the answer.

07. Great Dr Ling Ran

Great Dr Ling Ran

This manga was mentioned in my previous post. I also talked about top ten manga where the MC is using a System.Ling Ran, whose goal it is to be the greatest doctor in the world, has suddenly received the golden fingers system.

This cheat system is highly medically skilled.This cheat system allows our main character to reach new heights within the field of medical sciences.The manga has a light novel, with more than 1000 chapters.

Everything is described in detail, including how hospitals work and the medications.Our protagonist is intelligent, powerful and a badass!It will be evident that our young doctor is a surprise to everyone.He does not get the system’s knowledge, but his skills.

06. Library of Heaven’s Path

Library of Heaven's Path

Zhang Xuan discovers he can become an honorable teacher by navigating into another world.A mysterious library appears in his head along with his transition.This library is the greatest cheat ability that you will find in a manga.It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or an object; as long as it’s something he has ever seen, a book about its weaknesses will automatically be added to his library.He becomes formidable as a result!

Imagine you’re fighting someone, and then you realize it is his martial arts. The next thing you know, you discover the flaws in his martial arts.You will be a master, and you will naturally become superpowered.This manga describes a wonderful relationship between teachers, students, and administrators.Trust is the most important thing for teachers. You will see how the main character helps students realize their dreams and helps them reach them.He is not only trusted by their students but also regarded as a god by them.

05. I Am the Only One with Genius DNA

I Am the Only One with Genius DNA

One day, an incident occurs in a scientific lab and a drop from our main character lands onto a specific organism.After that, a status window appears suddenly in front of Ryu Jung-Jun. This is a researcher at a pharmaceutical firm.

Later, he realizes that the organism, or “that thing”, now exists in his body with the symbiotic relationship.It is also known as Rosaline, and is an artificial cell that can learn everything about biology.This is how our main character can analyze any medicine, DNA, etc.Watch his progress as a researcher in his country.Although the art is unique and decent, the story is captivating! This manga is for those who are interested in the medical category.

04. Maxed Out Leveling

Maxed Out Leveling

We have an amazing Manhwacalled Maximum Out Leveling. It is about a man named Cha Shin Hieon. Cha Shin is a maximum-level martial artist or warrior who had trained on other planets. However, when he returned home to Earth everything had changed.

Earth has evolved from a peaceful and regular world to one where monsters and hunters fight for the chance of levelling up. Our MC must now level up even though they are a fully-armed warrior.He can level up and defeat the monsters to bring the world back to normal. This Manhwa will help us find out. Because of its amazing storyline and art, this Manhwa is one of our favorites.

03. Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker

This is the story Chan Yeonwoo and his life-changing experiences. At an early age, he lost his father.The full story behind the death of his brother is clear and proves that it was not an accident. Our protagonist made the decision to find the truth and exact revenge on his brother’s death. Will he be able reveal the truth about his brother’s death? To find out, read this Manhwa.

02. Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King the story starts with mysterious graves appearing all over the globe. Because they give people superhuman abilities, the tombs have become extremely important. Jooheon is our main character. He is a tomb investigator.His coworker killed him and deceived him, but instead of dying he returned to his past.Graves and artifacts were not found during this period. Jooheon is now obsessed with revenge. With all his knowledge about tombs and relics will he be stronger than ever before?

01 . Limit Breaker

Limit Breaker

Limitbreaker is the greatest masterpiece.Unknown error: Kim Kibong got trapped in the Awakening test for 3,000 years.The real world has been overrun by monsters for 10 years.Our main character grew stronger over the 3,000 years. He couldn’t escape and escaped after 3,000 years.

Kim Kibong is back in his old world, with the highest level stats.This manga is very slow to update.It was published in November 2020. However, there are only 39 chapters.It is not as common as other mangas but if you look at the designs of the monsters you will see that it is an excellent manga.

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