Manhwa With Op Mc : Our Top 60+

Today, NNtheblog has a list of the Manhwa With Op Mc 60+ With OP MC Ranked. You can also consider Isekai a relative to the Reincarnation category. These two characters are very similar.

Best Manhwa With Op Mc

15. Dungeon Reset

Dungeon Reset

Jung DaWoon must face dangerous monsters and deadly traps in order to win. Jung was “dead” after he was injured in a dungeon. He was able to be healed by the dungeon, but now he is an “error bug” and cannot continue. What are his options? He’ll be working with a bloodthirsty companion and an adorable ground squirrel to create an underground base.

Because he uses his brain, this is a rare OP MC. This is a comedy isekai manga with an opMC story. There is also a bit of darkness at the beginning.

14. Solo Glitch Player

Solo Glitch Player

Taepung Shin’s gaming adventures ended abruptly after his death. His favorite MMO videogame, Paradiso, was his last. However, this is not the end of his gaming adventures. He’s now reincarnated as Jared the delinquent Lord of a frozen Province… in Paradiso!

He was so addicted to the game that he became too tired and eventually died. He decides to take over the world as soon as he is resurrected. He knows almost everything about the game in which he is resurrected. He is a lot more powerful than he appears to be, but he does so in a positive way.

13. God Of Blackfield

God Of Blackfield

Kang Chan, also known as the God of Death, is the brain behind SISS (the group of the French Foreign Legion). The powerful and handsome MC is able to dominate all his enemies. He ends up witnessing the death of his teammate in battle in Africa.

Three years later, he is reborn in South Korea in the body of another Kang Chan (10x OP). MC sets out on a quest to find the traitor responsible for the death of his teammate and meets a clingy, generic schoolgirl.

12. Nano Machine

Nano Machine

Nano Machine tells the story of a young orphan called Cheon Yeo Woon. He is a highly skilled martial artist, and he has the ability to control machines.

But he also holds a dangerous secret. Chemo isn’t human. He is a robot created by mad scientists. His dangerous secrets could put the world and him in danger.

He has however, developed a human personality. He is now trying to figure how to live in this new world he was reincarnated into.

This is the classic Isekai plot. As the mc grows, he encounters stronger enemies and becomes stronger.

11. SSS-Class Revival Hunter

Gong-ja, our main character, is ensconced in a mysterious tower. Gong-ja lives a worldly life and is admired by all-star hunters. He suddenly becomes OP and gains a rare ability that allows him mimic his abilities. This skill saves his life. Before he could figure out how to do it, the Flame Emperor, hunter number 1, attacked him. Gong j, a time traveler who was still learning how to kill himself to exact revenge, used his ability of time travel to kill the Flame Emperor.

This is an isekai Manhwa, which is set up in a hunter-based modern society. It has some completely new plot twists.

10. The Omniscient Reader’s Perspective

The Omniscient Reader's Perspective

Yoo Joonghyuk, a normal guy who enjoys reading, is chosen by an unknown entity to read a web novel called Way of the Emperor. Things get more complicated when the story changes and Junghyuk’s life begins to reflect the events in the novel. Soon, he realizes that he’s not just a reader; he’s a part of the story and can change its course if it is clear to him.

The Omniscient Reader’s Perspective is not your average isekai manhwa paired with OP MC. Yoo is able to control and read the web novel he is part of. Joonghyuk wasn’t transported to another time or world. He is a reader who finds a novel that becomes real and finds himself transported into the world of the story. He is able to stay one step ahead of everyone in the story and can adjust the pace of the web novel to his liking.

9. Infinite Leveling: Murim

Infinite Leveling: Murim

This manhwa, which is weaker than strong, illustrates the very real “work hard and gain hard” principle. Yuseong Dan reaches back to his childhood and decides that he wants a better future.

The MC was once a hardworking, but talentless warrior who died while protecting his superiors from those who had long fled the battlefield. In his second life, he uses his previous knowledge and experiences to decide he doesn’t want to be poor. Instead, he wants to become an OP. He has a system that assists him with quests. The system does not improve his talent but rewards him for the hard work he has put in. Yuseong desires to be strong. He is strong enough to protect his friends from death.

8. Reborn As A Scholar

Reborn As A Scholar

Junwoo Hwang, our protagonist, is reincarnated as Junwoo, the eldest child of the revered Lord Suzhou. He once lived a hard life and now feels the opposite.

Junwoo’s new dad has dreams of Junwoo becoming an academic, but it is still difficult for him to give up his love for martial arts. Junwoo’s quest to be powerful and protect those he loves can be seen as he makes choices that are influenced by his wealth and privilege.

7. Heavenly Demon Reborn

Heavenly Demon Reborn

Unseong, the humblest initiate of the Heavenly Demon Cult, learns martial arts techniques and secrets to help him become stronger. He is initially considered the least likely to survive and rises to be the leader of a distinguished squad. His might is even greater than that of his mentors. Unseong should be aware of the dangers associated with demonic practices, despite his desire to vengeance against his master’s murderers.

This novel is a shining example of the best Op Mc isekai manhwa. This novel is unique in that the man becomes a member a “Demonic cult” in his second life. It gives the story a little twist. This isn’t a “MC is reincarnated solely for revenge” cliché. He discovers more things that he is interested in than revenge as time passes.

6. Crimson Karma

Crimson Karma

Colonel Kasia Del Rome is a soldier who was betrayed by her comrades. She now faces a threat from her own past. Kasia decided to commit suicide. But, to her surprise, she regains consciousness and discovers that she was transported to Calistonia in medieval-era Calistonia. She is now a young female knight attacker.

Kasia is the only survivor of the catastrophic magical explosion that decimated many lives. She is a young OP MC, and a member the Royal Guard in this new world. She is assigned to protect the Emperor and his families, but soon she finds herself in a web full of intrigues and deception.

Kasia is a character who tries to unravel the mystery behind Emperor’s death. She soon finds herself in conflict with a powerful enemy.

5. Miss Not-So Sidekick

Miss Not-So Sidekick

Hyejung loves to read to relax, so it’s no surprise that she wakes up to the pages of her favorite novel! Latte is a minor villain, but that doesn’t stop her excitement. Acting is the best way to be part of the story. She meets the main characters but they aren’t as she expected.

Despite being lacking in power, she is not a damsel in distress. She knows how to take care of herself. Our heroine is a person who enjoys watching the story unfold before her eyes, even though she’s being isekaid.

4. The Beginning after the End

4. The Beginning after the End

This is the story Arthur Leywin, an ex-King of Dicathen and Grey of Four Armies. King Gray is a wise OP MC and is respected by many.

A dispute over territory leads to a war between Dicathen Empire and the Alacrya Empire. The Alacrya Empire believes they are entitled to all of Dicathen, and should therefore be the ones in control. They believe that the Indrath Clan is the only one who has the right to control all of the Relictombs. This means that they should also have access to all magical artifacts, treasures, and other valuables within the Relictombs. King Gray is killed in the conflict and is isekaied as an unknown person with no recollection of his past.

Arthur begins to relive many of his past memories with a second chance at life. The journey begins to uncover who Arthur was in his past and how he can help make a difference in the new world. To save the world, he must confront great dangers and make difficult decisions.

This is an isekai mamba with OP MC. It is his journey to be strong again. He will discover love, passion and friendship at the heart of this story.

3. Who made me a princess?

Who made me a princess?

When MC Anastasia, a reincarnation of herself into a royal family is made, she knows that her father will be the one to bring down Anastasia’s untimely demise. In an attempt to get her father to love Anastasia, she can only be cute and lovable in this uncertain future. It doesn’t feel like Anastasia has been transported to another world when she discovers a castle that is owned by Claude, her father.

Isekai? Isekai?

2. Solo Leveling

solo Leveling Ending

Jin Woo is a typical guy who lives a regular life. Then he discovers that he can “level up” to gain special powers by killing monsters. Solo Leveling’s monsters are powerful creatures from another dimension. They are constantly looking for new ways of consuming human life and destroying the world.

Jin Woo is a complex and interesting OP MC. He has the ability of using a variety different types of magic and can heal himself. He is a powerful and deadly hunter, and he is constantly learning new ways to enhance his abilities.

Solo Leveling is an itekai manawa because Jin Woo’s world is different from the one he was born into.

He was born in a world that didn’t have magic or monsters. But he was reincarnated to a world with magic and monsters. Jin Woo makes use of this ability to hunt down powerful monsters, and is known as one the most formidable hunters in the world.

1. The Return of the Blossoming Blade

Cheongmyeong wins and defeats an insane op man, but it is too late. All his family and friends are dead. The MC feels hopeless, as he has no reason to live. He is reborn 100-years later, only to discover that his name has been erased and that Mount Hua, his former sect was in serious trouble. Cheongmyeong refuses the temptation to forget his past, and sets out to restore the glory of his beloved sect. Op continues to train hard and strives for the title of MC.

Return of the Blossoming Blade could have all of my favorite words and adjectives. It is deserving of all these words and deserves to be number one on this list.

Reincarnation Manhwa with Op Mc

15. Reincarnation of the Suicidal God of War

Reincarnation of the Suicidal God of War
Overpoweredness of MCCharacterPlotArtTotal

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Manhwa Storyline

The reincarnationmanhwa has many overpowered characters, demons and, above all, passion, rage. The story centers around Zephyr’s adventure journey. He was blessed by the gods and given another life. He decides to defeat all demons who made him lose his own life.

It is a fantastic plot that portrays fantasy, and the concept of power!

14) A red knight does not blindly follow money

A red knight does not blindly follow money
MC’s OverpowerednessCharacterPlotArtTotal

Genres: Fantasy, Romance and Shoujo

Manhwa Storyline

Hey, do you like swordsmanship? This is the amazing story of a knight. She loved money and would do anything to get it. However her life was a disaster later and her money couldn’t save her. It’s not hard to guess what it was. Yes, she did die with a bonus of betrayal

However, fate gives another life and she now wants to live a free life. You will enjoy her amazing swordsmanship. Isn’t it fascinating to see the journey of a money-lover who becomes a money loser?

It’s that awkward moment when you realize there is no difference in math and a Thug. Both take nothing from you and give absolutely nothing! LOL!

13) The Duchess with an Empty Soul

The Duchess with an Empty Soul
MC’s OverpowerednessCharacterPlotArtTotal

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Manhwa Storyline

The story is about the hard life that the duchess lived. Her husband abused her and then betrayed her. Ivona was strong to the point that she could summon God-level beasts. Her cheating husband took all the credit. It was Ivona who died as a beast that triggered the twist.

Don’t worry! We know it is a reincarnation-manhwa! Ivona was given another existence with all her memories. She vows to never be the exact same again and will become more powerful in character, and power.

You would love her journey, I’m sure! Are you ready?

12) Kill the Hero

Kill the Hero
MC’s OverpowerednessCharacterPlotArtTotal

Genres: Action, Adventure and Comedy

Manhwa Storyline

This manhwa is primarily focused on revenge and reincarnation. Like most reincarnation manhwas the main lead is betrayed by his close mate and killed. Kim Woo Jin was reincarnated in time after his death. He was Kim Woo Bin for a second.

He vows revenge, just like the other plots. The manhwa also has an interesting concept of dungeons, and beasts. What are your thoughts?

11) Untouchable Lady

Untouchable Lady
MC’s OverpowerednessCharacterPlotArtTotal

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Isekai

Manhwa Storyline

Keep your heart firm, this manhwa may make you feel emotional. This touching story is about Hilise who has experienced death six more times. She makes self-sacrificing in every lifetime for her family, and her brother.

Every time she dies hoping that her brother will save her. In the seventh reincarnation she vows to revenge her death and become the headof her family. The protagonist also has the power to summon spirits. It’s magical!

A tip: people who are diabetic cannot get revenge. You might be wondering why? It is always sweet, my dear!

10) The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

The Villainess Turns the Hourglass
MC’s OverpowerednessCharacterPlotArtTotal

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Webtoon

Manhwa Storyline

This is the story of Aria, a woman who loves and hate. Her sister killed her in her previous life. In her second, however, she vows to exact revenge. Aria knows that her sister is the villainess.

To overpower the villainess Aria must be two levels ahead. Let me now give you a bonus. Aria received an hourglass, during her death. This makes Aria an superpowered character in another lifetime.

The hourglass allows her to see the future as well as the reverse time so she can avoid future situations. She is capable enough to change the future.

She was able to get a time machine back when computers were not common. Oh, she is so lucky!

9) The Constellation that Returned from Hell

The Constellation that Returned from Hell
Overpoweredness of MCCharacterPlotArtTotal

Genre: Adventure, Action, Cultivation

Manhwa Storyline

The manhwa is, as the name suggests, derived from the same concept. It is the story of a stunning, cool, and strong constellation. His life was nothing short of hell. Amazing endless fights, adrenaline, action and chills that Korean manhwa depicts are amazing!

After living as a star, Choi Yeonseung was compelled to save humanity. Although this is a complicated concept, it’s not a true reincarnation. However, I guarantee you that you will love this one .

8) Princess Imprints the Traitor

Princess Imprints the Traitor
MC’s OverpowerednessCharacterPlotArtTotal

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Manhwa Storyline

The story is about Eve , the main leader. She was living a normal life before she reincarnated. was working to protect homunculi. But, , her sister, betrayed and murdered Eve out of jealousy.

Our protagonist chooses to live strategically in her second life. She also increases her status by being an magician. Although she had the ability to use magic in her previous life, it is stronger now.

You will enjoy the story of how Princess imprints the traitor. She chooses the strongest homunculi to be her knight. It sounds fun, right? Did you not see this one?

7) God of Blackfield

God of Blackfield
Overpoweredness of MCCharacterPlotArtTotal

Genre: Action and Adventure, Shounen

Manhwa Storyline

This is the most passionate story about a soldier who was a great danger for his enemies. However, was attacked from behind by one of his enemies during a fight. Our OPMC’s friends, who had a blinding belief in him, also died in front of his eyes.

heroes don’t die , so we all know that heroes are never dead . They just don’t die even if they do. Our Kang Chan gets reincarnation. His new life was very different than before. He is also a high-schooler who is bullied. You can guess what the next step is, right? The bullies have lost a lot!

6) Return of the 8th Class Magician

Return of the 8th Class Magician
MC’s OverpowerednessCharacterPlotArtTotal

Manhwa Storyline

This manhwa, as the name implies, follows the journey of a amazing magician. His 8th-class magician was betrayed and killed by his best friend. Poor soul! But, I do hope that we all know Karma, the greatest avenger.

promises to pay vengeance for‘s death one day. It’s safe to say that it’s a spectacularplot depicting the reincarnation of an superpowered character .

5) The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After The End
MC’s PowerfulnessCharacterPlotArtTotal

Manhwa Storyline

It’s likely that we have all heard of the amazing manhwa. The story centers on the life of King Grey after his reincarnation. You are correct! Grey was givenanother chance to live as Arthur Leywin .

This is a great example of how someone corrects past errors. I also hope you enjoy watching him use his knowledge from the past. This Korean manhwa is a complete package that includes magic, fantasy and much more!

4) Who made me a princess?

 Who made me a princess?
MC’s OverpowerednessCharacterPlotArtTotal

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai

Manhwa Storyline

It is one the most recognizable Korean manhwas. It follows the story of Reincarnation. In the book she was reading, the main character was reincarnated. Her knowledge of her past life is what makes her an overpowered character.

You would be thrilled to see a mature within a baby’s body! This manhwa also has beauty in terms of characters and art . This manhwa is unrivalled! I’ll give you a bonus: the bond between father and daughter is truly heartwarming!

Imagine a random girl who takes revenge on people she betrayed and reincarnates to become a princess with the greatest riches . What would her first thought be? It would be ” Damn Why didn’t I do it earlier?” LOL

3) Protecting Female Lead’s Elder Brother

Protecting Female Lead's Elder Brother
MC’s OverpowerednessCharacterPlotArtTotal

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Josei

Manhwa Storyline

Another story about reincarnation in a world. Roxana is now living in another life in the fantasy. The worst part? She isn’t the main lead, and has to struggle hard to avoid her horrible death.

The plot is complex with many twists and surprises. You never know what end will bring! This manhwa is the perfect manhwas! It includes magic and power . There’s also passion . You will be a fallen for OP MC’s bravery.

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2) The Villainess Is A Marionette

The Villainess Is A Marionette Chapter 74

This manhwa is about the reincarnation of a princess who was just a puppetof a brother in her past lives. He eventually betrayed his princess. But she found another life . Later she decides to make everybody her puppet.

After knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each character, she uses mind games to play mind games . It’s like playing chess with humans as Pawns. Man! It is amazing how creative people can be!

Our protagonist also learns forbidden magical! Worth reading is her journey from zero to hero. You will be captivated by the beauty the main leads.

1) The Lady Wants to Rest

The Lady Wants to Rest
MC’s OverpowerednessCharacterPlotArtTotal

The manhwa has multiple reincarnations…approximately 52! The best is yet to come! Oh yeah, the best is yet to come!

She was a knight and witch , as well as an author, , and many other roles. After a thousand years of living, she is now retired.

Fantasy Manhwa with Op Mc

15. The Tutorial Tower’s Advanced Player

The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player

This comic features Dungeons, Guilds, Hunters Monsters, as well as a Main Character who kicks everyone.

14. Tales Of Demons And Gods

One of the Best Manhuas with good story development and a detailed world-building. A side character with personalities, a Harem, the smart and strong main character who travels back in time to stop the calamity from happening and defeat the demon King.

13. Doom Breaker

Doom Breaker

The Main Character returns to the past, and with future knowledge, gains more power. This changes the ending. It’s likely not the same story you’ve read before. I mean, the name of the main character is different.

12. Solo Leveling (Only I Level Up)

Solo Leveling

Father of all those cliches hunter/dungeons/guilds comics with Badass and OP MC with great art and fine story development.

11. To Kill A Villian

To Kill A Villian

A powerful main character with anger management issues and a desire for revenge. Some character development is included. Overall, An entertaining read.

10. Let Go of That Witch

Best Isekai Harem Manga With Op Mc

Best Kingdom Building Manhua, Great Story, Great Characters, and an Intelligent Main Character. This manhua is rich in art, witches of different powers, wars and demons. It also has the potential to develop many inventions in medieval times with the help future knowledge.

9. Reincarnated as an Unruly Heir

9. Reincarnated as an Unruly Heir

The protagonist tries to keep a façade of being lustful, self-centered and makes people drop their guard and strike at just the right time. There are lots of fighting and action.

Read “Reincarnated” as an Unruly Heir

8. The Sword King in A Women’s World

8. The Sword King in A Women's World

Another Cultivation comic in which a sword cultivator finds his way into a world filled with females. It’s a good read.

7. Unordinary


The story takes place in a school where superpowers are used and bullying is rampant. This webtoon is rich in character development and story development.

6. Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator

Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator

Another classic… You can add some cliches, such as saving a girl, and you’ll see her fall for him.

5. Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice

It is a unique story that is entertaining. The characters and art are excellent. This story is full of information about insects.

4. Monster Pet Evolution

Monster Pet Evolution

This one is for you if you love pokemon.

3. The Earth’s Chosen Savior

The Earth's Chosen Savior

You can go from a regular office worker to a smart and ruthless savior. The world we see is the same, with many monsters and a survival theme. The story is interesting and the art is excellent.

2. Cultivation Chat Group

Cultivation Chat Group

My Favorite Manhua. Extremely funny. Highly Recommended.

1. Eleceed


This is a great story, with unique characters and a wonderful world. The story is full of action and each chapter is different. Highly recommended.

Dungeon Manhwa with Op Mc

15. I became a renown family’s sword prodigy

I became a renown family's sword prodigy

Baek Woojin was the main character. He was the youngest of two swordsman families. His father was not skilled in swordsmanship or had an impressive Aura. He worked hard, but one day his family abandons him and he dies a sad death. He reincarnates, however, as the owner of a Magic Sword.

He now has a second chance at life and vows to destroy his family. This dungeon manhwa is a good story with excellent art. He is hardworking and will do anything to make himself stronger.

14. The Newbie is Too Strong

The Newbie is Too Strong

JaeJu, the main character, was an average child who grew up in an orphanage without his parents. After hearing that the orphanage would close in three years, JaeJu attempts to make money, but fails to raise the money necessary to support the orphanage. He thinks he has it all over when he receives a video alert from his phone. It shows him in the future and shows him climbing the tower that appeared several years ago.

This manhwa’s story and art are both excellent. Through his cheat, the main character learns all about the tower via the video. You should also try it as he is smart.

13. Kill the Hero

Kill the Hero

Woojin was a high level player who was also a member the Messiah guild, which was believed to bring about salvation for the entire world. He is later killed by his guild leader, realizing that all the information about his guild was false. He gets another chance, and he opens his eyes to the day of his awakening. Woojin now knows all the motives of his former guild leader and must destroy them.

This is a great dungeon manhwa that has op mc and should be tried by everyone. This manhwa has a strong main character and top-tier art.

12. Return of the Shattered Constellation

11. Ex- and Ash

Lee Changseon was the protagonist. He was a human who rose to the position of Constellation and earned the nickname ‘Twilight of the gods. He is known for his evil deeds and kills other constellations. After he passes judgment, he loses all of the powers and divinity he had. He is granted a second chance by the master of Nether World, and is regressed to his rookie days.

This is a great dungeon manhwa that you can try with op Mc. It also has a good storyline and art. Smart and efficient, the main character is intelligent. If you have not read it yet, you can start reading it.

11. Ex- and Ash

This manhwa tells the story of two friends who journey together to become knights. Ex, the main character, is a genius thief. Ash is the one with a mystery past. They made their living by stealing jewelry and gold from nobles. After meeting Ryu, Ryu is the greatest swordsman among knights. This is their story of how they survived in the test ground of knights, where only the strong gather to triumph against Elite Nobles.

This manhwa’s story and art are both very good. The story progresses through character development for both the main characters. Although they aren’t superpowered, their cheat skills help them to grow stronger than others.

10. My daughter is the last boss

10. My daughter is the last boss

Lee Seojoon was the main character. He was one of the most powerful hunters and was assigned to kill the final boss to save the planet. He was unable to defeat the final boss because his daughter was the boss. He was killed by the sword saint and was reincarnated back to when it all began. He vows not to make the same mistake again and will correct his wrongdoings during this life.

This is a new manhwa. This dungeon manhwa has a great story and art. The main character is strong right from the beginning and makes use of his future knowledge to his advantage. This is a great book to read if you haven’t yet.

9. The Hero Returns

The Hero Returns

When monsters appeared and threatened human life, the world was in turmoil. Some people were given special abilities to help humanity deal with these threats. The main character was chosen from all the others to save humanity and be a hero. The main character was unaware of his surroundings and was thrust into chaos with the sole goal to save humanity.

He was just too broken to face the harsh reality. He was not able to control his destiny and he died along with many others. He wakes up in another body, but he comes back in time just after he dies. He decides to take advantage of the second chance and becomes stronger. This is a great dungeon manhwa, with an op Mc. You should definitely try it.

8. Regression is a waste of time

Regression is a waste of time

Lee Sungmin, the main character, was an ordinary man who was summoned to Eria. After suffering through hardships for thirteen years, he still dies in a terrible way at the end. However, his death causes him to regress back to the past because of the ‘Stone of the Past Life’ that he was able to obtain by accident. With the second chance at his life, he is determined not to lose heart and move on regardless of what.

The story and art of the dungeon manhwa are both excellent. Although the main character is weak, he works hard over a long time to improve his strength. He also undergoes character development.

7. The Teacher of Perishable Villains

The Teacher of Perishable Villains

This manhwa’s main character wakes up in a laboratory full of monsters. After gathering enough information, he discovers that he was in the “Mystic world” game that he had created in his previous life. He was a test subject named Lee Han, who was also one the twelve doomed villains. He decides to make all those who were meant to be villains legendary hunters.

This is a great dungeon manhwa that has op mc to explore. The main character makes use of his future knowledge to his advantage to survive. Although the art is not great, the story is intriguing.

6. The Undefeated Rankinger

The Undefeated Rankinger

Monsters from other dimensions began to infiltrate earth on the Day of Judgement. This continued for many more years. Threety-two year later, hunters, which are humans with special abilities, appeared to start fighting the monsters to protect humanity. To get stronger they train in “Lost City,” an online game. However, Jinsoo Kwon, also known as “Unknown,” is the best player. He was not a hunter.

He plays the game to make money for his sister’s health bills. One day, a guild offers Jinsoo the opportunity to become a hunter in exchange for his sister’s medical fees. He couldn’t refuse, even though he wanted to. Follow him as he grows stronger and becomes a hunter.

5. I am an SSS-rank trait, but I want to lead a normal life.

I am an SSS-rank trait, but I want to lead a normal life.

In 2050, monsters and other beings like constellations began to appear. The world was chaotic, but people with magical abilities and powers soon followed. The main character in this chaotic world was a normal civilian, who didn’t have any powers and was happy with his quiet existence.

After a night, he received an sss rank trait, legendary grade equipment and a sss rank trait. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. His peaceful and quiet life was ended as he had no choice but to fight to get higher levels. It is a beautiful story and art. This is a great book to read if you haven’t yet.

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4. The S-Classes I Raised

The S-Classes I Raised

Han Yoojin was an F-rank hunter and was trying to keep his younger brother from becoming S-Rank. Han Yoojin, after completing the impossible task to kill the dragon that killed the younger brother, regresses to the past when his consciousness was still not awake. He is honoured with the title “The perfect caregiver” and decides to keep a low profile while watching out for other S-Ranker hunters. He thought so, but the S-Ranks that he fostered are quite strange.

This is a very good dungeon manhwa, with an op mc. This manhwa is different from other manhwa, where the main character belongs to an overpowered hunter. The main character here belonged to a weak supporter class. After regressing, he develops his character and uses his cheat skills to win all future S-Rankers to his side.

3. Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

Swordmaster's Youngest Son

Jin Runcandel was the main character. He was the youngest of the most distinguished swordsman families. He was, however, the most untalented member of his family and was not skilled in swordsmanship. He is kicked out of his family and dies. But later, he has another chance at life.

He now has the memories from his past and vows to be the greatest swordsman. This dungeon manhwa’s art is incredible and the story is equally impressive. Although the main character starts out weak, he soon becomes strong and ruthless.

2. My Mom Is My Constellation

My Mom Is My Constellation

Jaemin, the main character, was an F-Class hunter who was weak. He was the son to two s rank hunters, and was left alone. He died while exploring the dungeon one day. In his final moments, however, he is saved by a mysterious constellation which sends him back in time to his past, just before he woke up. Later, he discovers that the mysterious constellation was actually his mother.

This is an excellent dungeon manga that you can try. He becomes a strong hunter with the help his mother and the knowledge from his past.

1. 990k Ex Life Hunter

990k Ex Life Hunter

No matter what age a person may be, there are at least one talent that he was born with. The main character, however, had no talent whatsoever. He was an orphan who had never known anyone. He was an orphan and nobody liked him. The main character, after losing all hope in his life, decides to go to a Dungeon to make some money. Unexpectedly, the rank of the dungeon suddenly grew and all his colleagues died.

Just as he was about to die, his past lives began appearing one by one in front of him. He knew that his past lives were his greatest and he didn’t want the Mc to ruin them. They decide to lend their strength to him. This is a great dungeon manga. It is well worth the effort.

Murim Manhwa with Op Mc

15. Star Instructor, Master Baek

Star Instructor, Master Baek

He is the main character. After learning martial arts from 4 imprisoned masters he decides that he will fight against the demonic. He is killed by the Blood demon, the Demonic cult’s leader, while fighting against them. After his death and the destruction of the demonic church, the main character is reincarnated as Master Baek, a village martial artist teacher. He decides to live a peaceful and quiet life this time.

This manhwa’s art is excellent and the story is decent. Although the main character is weak in the beginning, he gains strength through his knowledge from previous lives. If you’re looking for a murim mahwa, then read it.

14. Way to Heaven

Way to Heaven

Jinmu Shin Mo, the main character, was an orphan who lived alone in a hut with his siblings. Even though they were struggling to pay for food, it was not difficult for them to survive. One day, however, his life is transformed when he meets a woman who claims to be his grandmother. Watch him train hard and become strong with the support of his grandmother.

This manhwa’s art is beautiful, but the story is amazing. The main character is a hard worker and gains strength. He develops character and matures. The story is slow at the beginning but it gets better as the story progresses.

13. The Undefeatable Bladesman

This manhwa’s main character was weak and fragile. He wasn’t well-suited for martial arts. The protagonist loses control of his mind as he stares at a painting that a sage gifted to him. He is regarded as a ‘village idiot’ by his parents. Unknowingly, his life will change and he will be able to choose a new path.

This manhwa’s story and art are both excellent. The story’s main character is initially weak but becomes stronger as it progresses. If you have not read it, it is worth a try. It is one of the most important murim manhwas to read right now.

12. Gilgamesh


Tludia was the main character. She was a knight in training.

His captain eventually expelled her because she had broken many weapons and eaten three times more than others. While wandering through the desert, she came across some bandits trying to attack an elderly man. She ran in the opposite direction in an effort to save the old man. She realized that her help was not needed as the old man was strong enough. He is also immortal, can’t die, and has lived for a very long time. How will this meeting impact her life? Read it to find out.

This manhwa’s art and story are excellent. You don’t need to wait for the next chapter to be published.

11. Chronicles of a Returner

11. Chronicles of a Returner

Dan Woohyun was the main character. He was the strongest martial artist and was also known for being the unstoppable demonic god. Because he was too strong to be handled by the world, he was kept in a sealed enclosure. He is freed from his seal after 1000 years and begins to lose his sense of ruthlessness. He meets a little girl who is very poor and decides to take her in as his own mother.

This manhwa’s story and art are both excellent. The main character, Overpowered from the beginning, decides to keep his power secret and live peacefully. It is a murim manhwa that has op mc.

10. The world’s most talented assassin

The world's most talented assassin

Lee Gwang was an ordinary hunter who lost his sister to a murim member. He takes revenge, but is eventually caught by the coalition and imprisoned for six years. He is eventually released from prison and promises to become a murim alliance secret assassin. He must now find a way of becoming the most powerful assassin, and to free himself from the clutches of the coalition.

This murim manhwa is renowned for its art and op-mc. The main character is weak at the beginning but becomes stronger over time. If you haven’t yet read it, you should.

9. Blade of Wind and Thunder

Blade of Wind and Thunder

Dongbang Mui, the main character, is The Son of The Deadly Kings Dongbang Go Jin, also known as The War God. But, what many didn’t realize was that he was the secret son of his family and was the sole heir to The Wind Clan. He became the lower rank guard in The Murim League, following his grandfather’s lead. He was joined by the bounty hunter’s Ruthless Slashing Sword and the other companion who possessed The Plum Flying Sword to raise his Blade of Wind and Thunder.

This murim manhwa’s story and art are excellent with op-mc. The main character is amnesic at the beginning, and has lost all his memories. But he quickly regains his memories.

8. King of Battlefield

King of Battlefield

Mujin Kang was the main character. He was known as the king on the battlefield. He killed the demon king, ended the war that had terrorized the murim world for many years, and was called the King of the Battlefield. After killing the demon King, Mujin Kang thought it was over. But he discovered that he was back in the time before everything began. He realized that he could now live without regret and protect his family, something he was unable to do in his previous life.

Although the art is average, the story is excellent. If you have not yet read it, I suggest that you do so. It is worth reading. This is one of my favorite murim manhwas with op Mc that you should try.

7. Cold Moon Chronicles

Cold Moon Chronicles

Sowol, the main character, is a Wudang sect disciple. Everyone in the sect views him as a wasteful man who wastes his master and brother’s resources. What people don’t realize is that he hides his amazing martial arts skills and lives like a lazy person. He later embarks on a journey with Soha, his junior disciple, and Jiseo his First Brother on a mission from his master. Noak followed them on their journey and suspected Sowol to be from the Demonic Cult.

This manhwa’s story and art are both excellent. It’s a murim manhwa that is op mc.

6. The World’s Best Escort Bureau

The World's Best Escort Bureau

An old man with dementia who is strong and strongest suddenly vanishes. The man couldn’t recall his name and appeared before So Woon, a village boy. So-Woon takes good care of him and later teaches him martial art. The protagonist discovers that the old man has disappeared from his view and never returns. So-Woon realized that the old man had regained his memories, and left him without saying a word.

Six years later, the main character was one of the most powerful people in the murim universe. He began a long journey with his friends to become The World’s Best Escort, and find his master. It is a great murim manhwa, with excellent art.

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5. Administrator Kang jin Lee

Administrator Kang jin Lee

This is the story about Kang Jin, a young boy who was called crazy by his peers for his cruel behaviour. Because of his insane behavior, no one wanted to be friends. He met an old man while trying to catch rabbits. This man later became his master. To become strong and responsible, he began to learn from him.

This manhwa’s story and art are really great. Although it is slow-paced, it does not affect the story. This manhwa shows the growth of the main character, who becomes a prominent presence in murim’s world. This manhwa is a masterpiece of murim art and is worth a try.

4. Reaper of the Drifting Moon

Reaper of the Drifting Moon

Pyo Wol was the main character in this manhwa. He was a wanderer who roamed freely across the land, dry or wet. He is taken hostage and placed in a darkened place, where sunlight cannot reach. He later discovers that he was not the only one kidnapped. There were many others just like him. They were assigned the task of killing a person. They had to train there for seven years and go through many life- and death experiences.

This manhwa’s story and art are excellent. The main character, who is smart and thinks before he does anything, is also well-written. If you have not read it yet, you should.

3. Legends of the Swordsman Scholar

Legends of the Swordsman Scholar

Woon Hyun was an intelligent scholar and passed the Imperial Examination with flying colours. He was then invited to the Imperial Palace to become a Scholar. He is given the task of writing stories about murim to the crown prince. He soon regretted his miserable and unhappy life dealing with the Crown Prince’s hobbies. He persevered despite all the hardships and continued to study martial arts. He quit his job to wander the murim world.

As he travels around the globe, he experiences something he has never experienced before. This manhwa’s story and art are both beautiful. From the beginning, the main character is intelligent. Although he is weak at the beginning, he becomes stronger over time. If you haven’t, it is worth checking.

2. Heavenly Sword’s Grand Saga

Heavenly Sword's Grand Saga

Jin Wigan, the protagonist, was a disciple of six of the strongest masters. He is reincarnated back to the past with the mission to save the murim from an unorthodox sect that will overthrow the murim world in future. He didn’t know that he would be reincarnated in an obese body that was unable to walk.

This manhwa’s art is beautiful and the story is equally good. Through his future martial arts training, the main character becomes stronger and takes vows to finish the mission. If you haven’t read it, you should.

1. A Sword Fanatic Walks Through the Night

1. A Sword Fanatic Walks Through the Night

Jin Sohan was an orphan who was adopted and lived his childhood with the Mystic Lunar Dance Troupe. He is kidnapped one day by one of the four great demons. His special body allows him to be selected to become the great demon’s disciple. After years of training, he is now strong and sets out to learn more about the lunar dance troupe.

This manhwa’s art is stunning and the story is equally impressive. He is strong and ruthless. He is smart and can use his brain to fight. This is a must-read for anyone who likes murim manhwa.

Best Completed Manhwa With Op Mc

10. I am The Sorcerer Kings

I am The Sorcerer Kings
  • Author: Miro
  • Chapter: 143
  • StatusCompleted
The earth has a great mage. To be honest, this manhwa has been underrated. The story is well-written and the art is excellent. Although the protagonist is a bit too OP at the beginning, the story is still very interesting and engaging.

In his past life, the protagonist was a tier 9 wizard. He had already crossed the entire universe three times. He was also known as an Aura master, Golem Master, and a high-caliber craftsman. He had trust issues, as he claimed he can only recall one woman from his previous life. This was the dragon who killed him. He reincarnated in the 21st Century.

Lee Sunghoon At the moment, however, monsters have attacked humanity. Many people gained new abilities as a result. Because of the death of his mother, Lee was in dire need of money. He began to take dangerous jobs and was also used as bait by monsters. He was severely injured by a monster one day and now he can recall all his past memories as Sorcerer King Kratraus. His overpowered show now begins as he tries to regain his memories.

9. Max Level Returner

Max Level Returner
  • Author:Lee Ji–deuk
  • Chapter: 147+
  • Status Ongoing
This series is very similar to sword art online. Monsters were brought to Earth from games, just like sword art online. It is beautiful. It is also amazing how the plot and action work together. The emotions of the characters are also beautifully captured in this manhwa.

One day, monsters from a video game came running into the earth. They killed all and attacked everyone. They were defeated by the military. The players quickly returned to their games. Players who had already defeated many of these monsters in-game have now reached their gaming level in real life.

Yoon Sang Hyuk: After 22 years of struggle within the game, the Masked Monarch defeats the Demon Lord. It turned out to be a fabrication. After that, every monster became a reality. His gaming statistics also helped him return to reality. He was the most powerful player in the game. He reached level 10,000 and achieved all the goals in the game. His fight for the preservation of the earth is now.

8. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

  • Author:Shin Noah
  • Chapter: 62+
  • Status Ongoing
Fans love the light novel SSS-class Suicide Hunter. The novel was also recently adapted into manhwa. It is known for its unique plot. The manhwa's art made the action scenes even more impressive. Although the plot might seem simple, you will be captivated by the character's growth.

Unknown dungeons appeared from nowhere one day. The tower attracted many curious people. They discovered that the tower was home to monsters from another dimension. The tower gave some skills to the selected ones in order to defeat them. So begins the story.

Kim Gong–ja: Kim was a fan Flame Emperor, who was the strongest hunter. Kim was always jealous of him. He is awarded an S+ skill. He was able to copy any S rank skill of the person who killed him with this skill. To acquire the skill, he must die. He refused to be killed, but he was quickly murdered by Flame Emperor. He is granted the ability to time travel by Flame Emperor through death. He can now turn back time after his death.

7. Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker
  • Author:Nong Nog
  • Chapter: 113+
  • Status Ongoing
The web novel that inspired this manhwa was used as the basis for the story. This story is amazing with an incredible art style. For those who enjoy dark plots, the story includes the revenge plotline. The character's mental strength is also beautifully captured in this manhwa. It is very well written.

This story is set in the “Obelisk” tower. This tower was built by the Sun God, it is believed. Many Gods live in the tower and climbers are called “Players”. As the prize for climbing the top, the Player receives any wish granted. Cha Jaeng-Woo was the younger brother to the MC and died while climbing the tower. This is where the story starts.

Cha Yeonwoo: After 5 years, Yeon received news about his brother and it was his passing. His life was filled with tragedies. His mother and father both died young, while his mother had died three years before the events of the story. Before his death, his brother left behind a box with a watch. He learns from his brother that Jaeng was killed at the tower. He decides to take revenge and become a “Player”. He awakens as a dragon-blooded human. He now has the Obelisk knowledge he learned from his brother. He began to climb the tower, killing all those who had betrayed him.

6. Kill The Hero

Kill The Hero
  • Author: D-Dart
  • Chapter: 84+
  • Status Ongoing
Kill the Hero is a tale of revenge and betrayal. This movie is a great choice for those who enjoy revenge stories. It is a complex plot with many twisty action scenes. The stakes are high in this chapter. Follow him on his hateful journey of revenge and bloodshed.

Everything changed one day. January 1, 2020 saw the appearance of dungeons in the world. Monsters emerged from those dungeons and decimated cities. In a short time, thousands of people were killed. The “Nimbus” was created to defeat the monsters. The “Nimbus”, which gave people the ability to defeat monsters, was created and people stepped forward to save the world.

Kim Woo Jin: The story is based upon the character of Kim Woo Jin. Kim was a hateful person from the moment he was born. Kim was betrayed throughout his life by everyone and was beaten for being weak. After the appearance of the dungeon, everything changed. Se-Jun Lee is the one he meets. Se-Jun was the one he chose to follow. Se-Jun is the one he decides to take with him. Se-Jun then killed him. Se-Jun betrayed Kim as they tried to defeat their last boss. Se-Jun stabbed him to death. After a while, however, he was reincarnated. He is determined to exact revenge. He will get stronger and take revenge on those who have betrayed him.

5. The Breaker

The Breaker
  • Author: Jeon Geuk-Jin, Park Jin-Hwan
  • Chapter: 272( 2 Parts)
  • StatusCompleted
This manhwa stands out from all others. It includes martial arts as part of its power structure. The art style is black-and-white like manga. There are two seasons: "The Breaker" (originally) and "The Breaker, New Waves" (originally).

Han Chun-woo is now the academy’s new teacher. He is the most powerful martial artist. He conquered all nine power seats. Yi Shi-wun now wants to be his disciple. This is how the incredible story of martial arts begins.

Yi Shiwun:At first, Shi-wun was cowardly and was always the target bullies. Sometimes, he was also made a slave. He decides to take his own life after suffering through this horrible experience. But everything changed when he met Chunwoo. He witnessed him fight with thugs, and blackmailed him into becoming his teacher. That was the beginning of a difficult training regimen. He learned to fight and was eventually able to become a powerful fighter. Follow his journey to becoming the greatest martial artist on the planet.

4. High School: The God of High School

High School: The God of High School
  • Author: Yongje Park
  • Chapter: 530+
  • Status Ongoing
The storyline of this series is complex and beautiful. It also features many fascinating folklores, myths, and other details that make the action even more exciting. Crunchyroll recently made the manhwa anime. After the anime's release, this series is much more popular. Fans love the action sequences in anime.

Three realms are where the plot of God of Highschool Series takes place. These realms are the Human Realm (Sage Realm), Heavenly Realm (Heavenly Realm), and Since the beginning of time, demons, gods, and humans coexisted. To fight the demons, the gods provided support to the humans by giving them their powers. Recent changes have seen the Earth change a lot.

Jin Mori Jin Mori is the main character of this series. He is a taekwondo instructor. Taekwondo, a popular form of martial arts, is very popular. Jin was invited to a tournament in martial arts. Jin was invited to “The God of Highschool”, a tournament for martial arts. One of his dreams is fulfilled when the tournament’s winner is announced. The mystery surrounding Jin grows as the story unfolds. Many fans might be surprised at his true identity.

3. Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

Return of the Disaster-Class Hero
  • Author:San G.
  • Chapter: 29+
  • Status Ongoing
This brand new series is gaining popularity quickly. This story is about revenge and betrayal. This story is quickly becoming a fan favorite. It is also beautiful in its setting. The world was struck by a sudden disaster. Unknown creatures attacked the earth from nowhere. They were the "Calamities" which could destroy the world. They destroyed all that was in their path. God intervened to save the Earth. They send twelve saviors to Earth with special powers. However, God did not bless a thirteenth one.

My left arm is broken and I cannot lift my right arm. It is probably better to be dead here. Don’t laugh at me. It’s impossible for me to go down this way. I will not die until I kill the bastards .— Lee Geon (to Him)

Lee GeonThere were 12 people sent by the “Saints”, to save the Earth. Unknown person, however, appeared. He was not connected with gods but was much more powerful than the others. Lee Geon was his name. Together, they almost defeated all “calamities”. The world was almost saved. The 12 betrayed Lee Geon at once and attempted to kill him by throwing him into the most powerful dungeon. He returns after 20 years of defeating the most powerful monsters in the dark dungeon. This time, he will exact revenge.

2. The Beginning after the End

The Beginning after the End
  • Author:TurtleMe
  • Chapter: 130+
  • Status Ongoing
The main character is often the story. It is enjoyable to read because it has its own unique plot. This manhwa is better than Solo Leveling in some ways. The manhwa is still in its infancy and has not reached its peak popularity.

The Beginning after the End is a kind of Isekai story. One character who lives his life alone dies. King Grey was assassinated in his home. He is now reincarnated and has found his love. He will do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves and cares for.

Trust is the foundation of a king. And… I promised someone very significant to be a better person, and to cherish those around him

Arthur Leywin This story centers around King Grey. Grey was a lonely king. He was distrusted by everyone. He was eventually betrayed. He saw the light at the end the tunnel and realized that he had died. King Grey thought about his death and was shocked to discover that he had been reborn. He was a child when he was born. Arthur Leywin was his name. Everything changed in this world. He was the child of two loving parents who loved him. He has also made many trusted friends. This dangerous world was filled with sorcery and swords. He quickly realized the dangers of this dangerous world. He realized that he must be strong in order to protect those he loves.

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling
  • Author: Chugong
  • Chapter: 179
  • Status Completed
  • Solo leveling is an adaptation of a Light Novel entitled “Only I Level Up”. Both Manhwa and the Light Novel ended. It is a heartbreaking story. This is the story of someone who rose from the ashes to become the strongest.
  • The world is very different from the Earth. The world is filled with magic. People can use their magical abilities to defeat monsters. Hunters are people who fight monsters to save the world. Sung Jin-woo is the protagonist and the weakest hunter.

Top Manhwa with Op Mc and Leveling System

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

The solo leveling system is the best option if you are looking for a manhwa that has OP MC and Leveling System. This manhwa features a hunter who has the power of the necromancer and the ability to level.

This manga’s art style is simply amazing, and it attracts many readers around the world. This manga is the best. You could also be looking for anime with a leveling up system. This is the best title that can be included in the manhwa list with OP MC or Leveling System.

2. Enrollment in the Mercenary

Enrollment in the Mercenary

Ijin Yu, age 8, lost his parents in a crash of a plane. To survive, he ended up being stranded in an unknown location.

He returns home to his family 10 years later, and is welcomed back by his Korean parents. Korea is a country where food and shelter are abundant and the world is calm.

Ijin will soon realize that being a teenager is quite a different struggle. Ijin has just one year to finish high school. He must learn new skills in order to survive the battleground of schoolhouse life.

Is he capable of surviving one year at high school? Or, is the school going to outlast him? One manhwa using OP MC & Leveling System.

3. Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King

First, I would like to say that I enjoy this manhwa a lot. It’s not surprising. The whole concept of relics is intriguing to me as a history lover. It is also fascinating to learn about the history of things such as voodoo.

Although the story can be traced back to 1700 BC, it also includes a tale that dates back to around the 1700s. It’s not clear what stories or books have the same plot, so my opinions might be different if I had read something similar.

Although the beginning of the story is very similar to solo leveling, it has its own story. Copying is the same as copying.

The story is interesting to me and I look forward to continuing the journey. This manhwa is a manhwa that includes OP MC, Leveling System and other features.

4. Kill The Hero

This is the manhwa for you if you’re looking for a manhwa that has OP MC and Leveling System, with a unique story.

The most intriguing thing about the Summons was their ability to fight in the same way as the MC.

Imagine a Top Fighter/Hunter/Vanguard with the skills to compete with the best, combined with all the experience and expertise, being transformed into Skeletons and creating an army of them.

This is an amazing idea that has been presented in all Summoning-related manhwas that I know of.

The story is fantastic and I love its premise. It’s remarkably similar to Solo Leveling. The art is great and the plot can make you cynical.

A protagonist is someone you really like. This game is a “antagonist”.

Contrary to the spin-offs of Solo Leveling, the primary character doesn’t exist as a single thing. There’s always a twist to the characters. It’s a manhwa that includes OP MC, Leveling System.

5. The Beginning after the End

This comic (manhwa) is a favorite of mine. It’s simple and a great story. It’s amazing to see the fight scenes and the villains. The sheer amount of flexing is incredible. great character development, great love interest.

Overall, the art is fantastic. Also, the art “chefs kiss” is fantastic. The story continues to grow into a wonderful stew of sci-fi, fantasy action, adventure and suspense.

It’s not a cliche, which is amazing to me. Although the plot is complex and full of twists and turns, it still makes sense. My entire week revolves around Friday, when the novel’s next chapter is published.

It is a series I would highly recommend to everyone. It is so underrated. This manhwa must be read with OP MC or Leveling System.

6. Second Life Ranker

Are you looking for manhwa using OP MC or Leveling System This book is for you. It is easy to understand the storyline and design, and the artwork is pleasant and pleasing to the eye.

It is easy to identify the characters and they are easily identifiable. It is refreshingly simple and provides a great turnaround.

This is similar to Solo Leveling, and many other games. It was shocking to see how horrible the comic was.

This comic is worthy of at least a 5.0 rating considering other grotesque comics that received high ratings.

Before you can decide if it is the right one for you, you should read 15 chapters. This book is a must-read. A manhwa that includes OP MC, Leveling System and Leveling.

7. Living in Harmony with the Gods

It is a pleasure to read. It’s a combination of Omniscient Reader and Second Life Ranker, but has its own distinct elements.

As are the thrilling scenes of action, the protagonist is a true superhero. This book ranks among my top three choices after Solo Leveling a Manhwa with OP MC & Leveling System. I have read 21 chapters.

The plot is a strong character but he’s not able to take down The Outsiders as well as his colleagues (the outsiders could be a destructive force that threatens the tower). Not sure).

Through the sacrifices of his fellow players, he can return to the past and it’s as simple as any other reincarnation RPG or manga.

He knows all the secrets and is able to do what it takes to be as strong as possible in order to defeat his foes as he climbs the levels. A manhwa equipped with OP MC, Leveling System.

8. Doom Breaker

This is the next big thing. The manhwa was only 10 chapters long, but it immediately piqued my interest.

STORY: The basic idea is to “go back to the past to fix the problem”. The gradual development of the world, and the sequence of events are beautiful. This is not a simple “MC knows all”, it’s more than that.

He conquers obstacles and triumphs over them with grace. This world feels like an RPG, with dark souls as the main characters. I was well-taught. It’s a manhwa that includes OP MC, Leveling System and Leveling System.

Art: I find the art to be very solid. It reminds me of solo-leveling. On the other side, however, it appears that the blood is darker. Lightning and other elements seem distinct. It is also easy to fight.

Characters: The first few episodes show you what kind of person the protagonist really is.

Secondary characters are well-crafted with short but strong backstories. The writing is so well done that I just realized I have seen many backstories while writing this review.

It is not obvious how long it is when you read. It is a must-read manhwa, with OP MC & Leveling System.

9. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

I have read all of the first season of Manga. This manga is the manhwa that I consider PG-13. This is more Korean-style than Japanese art.

It would be a great idea to make this a movie. This manhwa is a great one with OP MC & Leveling System.

This show has a lot of VRMMO-related culture. It is appealing to be pulled into a Robinson Crusoe adventure, without having to go through the struggles and huffs of actually developing MMO characters.

I’m trying to convey that who doesn’t want to improve?

The story is a mixture of action and crafting. There is never a dull moment. There is no boring moment in the story.

Manhwa has a lot scrolling. Manhwa is a must-read with OP MC & Leveling System.

10. Overgeared


There are many ups and downs in the story. While some might find the character of the MC offensive, I find him to be an interesting character.

Grid and Greed are his names. Although he was fragile at first, he doesn’t have that shear mentality. Although he’s used his advantage, he has been courageous at times.

Although it was slow at the beginning, the story quickly changed by Ch.10. It’s a manhwa that includes OP MC, Leveling System and Leveling System.

Grid, a regular user of SATISFY, was attacked by an NPC while completing a quest. Unforeseen events led to Grid’s legendary book, which he obtained during the quest. This changed his status to legendary blacksmith level 1.

The blacksmith seemed to be being taken by misfortune, but his luck improved and fortune suddenly appeared in his professional life. A manhwa using OP MC & Leveling System.

School Manhwa With Op Mc

1. The Beginning after the End

1. The Beginning after the End

King Grey died in regret and was reincarnated into an amazing world. He was blessed with a caring and loving family, as well as the threats that this world can bring. Is he able to live a happy life?

The Beginning after the End is the most beautiful manhwa you will ever read. Arthur Leywin, a badass character is featured in more than a few scenes. This makes it a school-life fantasy manhwa featuring a badass mc/op.

2. Enrollment in the Mercenary

Enrollment in the Mercenary

Yu Ijin was a mercenary who lived after his parents died in an accident in which only he survived. This resulted in him losing all of his memories.

He discovered that he had a caring grandmother and a sister after ten years. Can he still live a normal existence after he has reunited with his family?

This is a great choice if you like Korean webtoons in which the MC defeats the sh*t out bullies. It is action-oriented, has a great storyline, and gets better with each chapter.

3. Weak Hero

Weak Hero

Bullies dominate this school by tormenting and trampling the weak. Gray came to the rescue. Although he looks weak, his manipulative and calculative fighting skills make him formidable.

It’s great that Weak Hero manhwa does not show the MC completely dominating others. He strengthens throughout the chapters and Gray is an awesome MC.

4. The Beaker

The Beaker

Shiwoon was tired of being bullied and turned to Chun Woo as his teacher. Even though Chun-Woo may be a martial artist but he doesn’t want to become a disciple like that. How can Shi-Woon survive in this world?

The Breaker has a slow-burn manhwa and a badassMC. The story sets the scene for the main character. Once you get to the point, you will enjoy the story.

5. UnOrdinary


John is an average teenager in a school filled with ability users. At least that’s what everyone believed, but has a secret which can change the social order. What could it be, you ask?

UnOrdinary may not be for everyone. It has its faults, but you won’t care about them when you see the pros. This school manhwa has an op main character.

6. Dokgo


Kang Hu was bullied to death, and his family became torn apart. His younger brother, who was only a year old, joins the school to stop the bullying. But will he be able to do it all by himself?

The synopsis outlines everything that this manhwa has. The story is easy to read. This is the webtoon for you if you are looking for a great school life webtoon that includes an op mc.

7. Girls of the Wild

Girls of the Wild

Wild’s high is a school that specializes in fighting, with the girls participating in violent fights. Song Jae Gu receives a scholarship to such a school. His life changes from the moment he meets the Queen of the school.

This manhwa has everything you need. You will find a great storyline, action sequences that are epic, and a badass mc. This school life manhwa has a badass Mc and a unique approach.

8. Random Chat

Random Chat

Joon Woo is an outsider. His only way to get through the day is by chatting. He meets Seung Ah, a beautiful young girl in chat. What happens next?

You might be a little disappointed if your first impression of the manhwa was not very impressive. The MC gives readers a sense that they are relatable, and the story is well written.

9. The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years

The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years

After spending 4000 years in eternal hell, the greatest archmage of history finally returns to his body in the Frei Blake. He is the most inept student at Westroad Academy. How can he be powerful and exact his revenge?

To me, this one is very similar to “Tales of Demons and Gods”. You’ll love this story because it has an overpowered mc, who is often underestimated. If you can wait until the story gets better you’ll enjoy it.

10. Viral Hit

10. Viral Hit

Hobin Yi is the last person that you can think of who will star on the NewTube channel. He started earning money and knocking out the stronger men. Is there a mystery to this and will he meet his match?

This manhwa’s character development is incredible. The book starts out interestingly, and then becomes a little boring after a while. But if you can handle it, you will be enjoying a wonderful school life manhwa with an op mc.

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