Mikado Learns Karen’s Feelings! Release Date

Mikado Learns Karen's Feelings! Release Date



Mikado never leaves a chance to infiltrate president Karen’s life. In the previous chapter, she did the same. Mikado noticed Karen talking to a man of interest and began digging deeper into their conversation. She didn’t find any information about it. Mikado will interview Karen in We Want To Learn About Kaguya Chapter. 184 She will get details about Kaguya’s feelings. Here’s everything you need to know about this next chapter!

The 184th chapter will see Kaguya, Mikado working together on a project. They will interview scholars for their newspaper. They will also learn more about the students’ studying methods and how to score better in the exam. They will also question Karen and Mikado may start to fantasize about a future.

We Want To Talk About Kaguya Chapter 184

We Want to Find Out More About Kaguya Chapter 184: What Will Next Happen?

In the next chapter, Kaguya (and Mikado) will continue to investigate the school to uncover some new news. They will be focusing on the most scholarly students and interview them about their study habits and how they rose to the top. Finally, it will be the time for Kaguya and Mikado to interview Karen. He will talk about his study habits and how he prepares for the exam using his notes.

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Karen will then ask Kaguya to join her for a chat after the interview. He will explain to her the requirements for the school and how to take the exam. Karen will ask her to come along for his study session. He will also give her some notes he wrote for Kaguya. Mikado will overhear their conversation and be glad to learn about Karen’s care for Kaguya. She will begin to dream about spicy stories.

We Want To Talk About Kaguya Chapter 184

Here is a Quick Recap

Mikado previously saw Shijokun talking with president Karen. She was curious to find out what they were discussing. Mikado said they might talk about love and the president’s feeling for Kaguya. But Shijokun was a little hesitant and didn’t want to share anything about their conversation with Mikado. But she persevered and tried to make Shijokun share their chat. But he chose to remain silent.

He felt ashamed that they were discussing sexual stuff. But Mikado wanted to know about the boys’ talk. She stated that she wanted to use them for news coverage on the front page and would use their conversation to guide her. Mikado tried to convince Shijokun while Kazama, Toyaski and Toyaski showed up. They asked them what was happening, and Mikado revealed that she wanted to know about the boys’ talk. Mikado was shocked when Toyosaki explained that boys often talk about horny stuff. Mikado was expecting another, and things became more awkward when Kaguya came in. Her statement made both Mikado and Shijokun upset.

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We Want To Talk About Kaguya Chapter 184

We Want to Learn About Kaguya Chapter 184: Release Date

As of now, the author hasn’t announced the release date of the 184th chapter. Further, it didn’t follow an even release date schedule. So it’s quite tricky to guess when the next chapter will be out. Based on past releases, it is likely that We Want to Learn About Kaguya Chapter 184 would be released in August 2022. It will be accessible on Naver’s Webtoon and Kakao pages. Keep checking back. Stay tuned to the Anime Daily.


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