Mimicus Season 2 Release Date & Review : All You Need To Know

“Mimicus,” a drama for high-schoolers, is about students at an art school who have to prove they are different in a world filled with imitators. This cast is filled with idols, including Yoo YoungJae (ex-B.A.P), Jo YuRi (ex-IZ*ONE), woo!ah!’s Nana and Kim YoonWoo. Yoo YoungJae was one of the leading characters in the BL drama adaptation based on the webtoon Spring Of Crush (cunjeongjiran Korean). Written by Noh MyeongHee. You can find the list of drama adaptations that have been confirmed here. Spring Of Crush is just one of many BL dramas that were released this year. You can find the list of BL dramas that will be released in 2022 .
Mimicus Season 2 Release Date & Review
YoungJae also appeared in the dramas “Police University”, and “Mr. YoungJae has also acted in the dramas “Police University”, “Mr. Nana of woo!ah! has been seen in the dramas ” Most Mistake 3″ and ” No Going Back Romance.” This will be Jo YuRi’s debut on the small screen. Kim YoonWoo, actor, will play his second lead role in this drama. He will also star in the drama based upon the THS universe ” Young” as Park JMin. Actor and former contestant in ” Extreme debut: Wild Idl”, Oh JaeWoong, who previously appeared in the dramas ” The Moment the Heart Shines” and ” Navillera”, will also be part of this web drama. More information is available here.

Mimicus Season 2 Preview

Mimicus Season 1 Review

Ji Su Bin is a junior who is extremely popular on social media because of his beautiful looks. Lee Mi Yeon, Su Bin’s mother, is the CEO at an entertainment company. Su Bin is a trainee there. He is expected to become an idol. He is eventually transferred to the school with Han Yu Seong (a senior ML) who looks very similar to him. Su Bin is followed on social media by many people who call Yu Seong “fake Su Bin”. Yu Seong is often called the “fake Su Bin” because they dress and dance in a similar way. It is generally believed that Yu Seong is copying Su Bin.
Mimicus Season 2 Preview
Yu Seong is close friends with FL, Oh Ro Si. She has debuted with Ice, but it is clear that her other members are bullies and microaggressors. She is often left alone. It happens that she meets Su Bin, and it is clear that he crushes her even though Yu Seong is close friends with her. Some backstory clues are provided by Hyeon Wu, another Yu Seong friend. He also tells his other mutual friends, Oh RO Si and Sin Da Ra, that Yu Seung hates copycats. Yu Seong’s mom Mi Yeon and Su Bin were his parents as a child. Yu Seong’s mom saw Su Bin in the same cardigan that she wore once, and she almost tore it off of him. She did not want them to wear the same clothes. Yu Seong is also prone to anxiety and panic attacks. By Ep 3 and 4, Su Bin and Yu Seong are both supposed to perform their solo performances in front the school. Since Su Bin is the first to perform it is obvious that his dance is identical to Yu Seong’s. Yu Seong decides to not perform, but the audience hears the song again and realizes that it is the same song Su Bin just danced to. Su Bin’s imitation of Yu Seong’s dance is suspiciously received by Yu Seong’s entire circle. Su Bin defends himself to Oh Ro Si, and she is confused as to who to believe. Su Bin later hears something strange about Yu Seong dancing and enters his mother’s computer. He finds a secret file containing information about Yu Seong. His dance, his school ID, information, favorite places, and other details about Yu Seong are all there. Su Bin is stunned to learn so much about Yu Seong. This is the story so far. Although the episodes are brief, I gave it a 7.5 rating. When the series ends, I’ll adjust. One of my issues with this story is Yu Seong, who is a senior at the performing arts school where he studies. Everyone who goes to that school should know him by now. It is absurd that his classmates call him “The Fake Su Bin”. It is also worth mentioning that Su Bin’s mother kept Su Bin’s identity secret at first. However, when Yu Seong accidentally appeared on Da Ra’s video, Su Bin suddenly becomes aware of his identity and is transferred to Yu Seong’s school… Yu Seong is a SENIOR. Are writers implying that high school students are so stupid? Yu Seong can be the copycat! That makes zero sense. Su Bin’s dance was very similar to Yu Seong’s. I don’t know what they will say, but I think it’s obvious that you can create your own dance. Making your own dance is like creating your own art. It will be interesting to see how writers explain Su Bin’s creation of the dance. Oh Ro Si has doubts about Yu Seong. Although she is supposed to be close friends of Yu Seong, she already doubts who is telling truth after only one conversation with Su Bin. Another stupid thing to write. Don’t insult womens intelligence or loyalty to their closest friends. Yu Seong also experiences anxiety and panic attacks. Some of this may be due to a frightening bedtime story that his mom used to read him as a child. Traumatized by nightmares and emotional scarring, he is afraid of all water species with tentacles. He can’t even eat seafood. Although I’m not sure why they would choose to tell a story like this, let’s hope there is more to the Yu Seong panic attacks story. It is possible that Su Bin’s mom, Mi Yeon, had an affair with Yu Seong’s father and the boys are identical. This would explain Mi Yeon’s obsession with Yu Seong, and the pain Yu Seong’s mom went through. It almost seems like she wants Su Bin the “original” child. This is my prediction. However, each episode could have been a little longer. Based on the few negatives that I have found, I gave this a rating of 7.5. It may change in the future. Updated: It’s really disgusting that Oh Ro Si has already sided with Su Bin, whom she doesn’t know, and isn’t protecting Yu Seong. It makes me dislike her character. Ugh. It’s obvious she is playing the “pity card” for Su Bin, but it just drives me crazy that her character is being written like that by the writers. I end up thinking of HER as the pathetic, unintelligent one. You need to get a clue. Do not ignore the obvious signs. Sigh. Su Bin is actually bullying Yu Seong and stalking her. It’s a form of microaggression bullying that the writers seem to enjoy writing. You don’t have to be crazy just because your mom is crazy.

Mimicus Season 2 Release Date & Time

Mimicus Season 2 Release Date & Time
Although fans expect a 2023 premiere, the release date for Season 2 has yet to be announced. We must wait until the studio makes the proper announcements.

Mimicus Plotline – What would it be possible to be about?

“Mimicus” describes a high school for arts in the setting of the “military academy of superstars.” This school is popular with young people who want fame and fortune. Contrary to romanticization, “Mimicus,” will describe the school’s mimicking and hyperrealism. It will be more universally applicable than was previously thought.

What is the story of Mimicus’s existence?

Students from an arts high school are determined show that they are “the real deal.” Oh Ro Si, the youngest member and the center of the female group ICE, is determined to prove this. Shin Da Ra believed friendship was defined by copying the person she loves, but she has to rethink her beliefs.

Who will be part of Mimicus Season 2 (Cast & Character)

If the producers decide to make a second season of Mimicus, the main characters from the series would be back in season 2. Yoo Jung Jae played Han Yoo Seung, Nana played Shin Da Ra, Jo Yu R acted as Oh Ri, Kim Yoon Woo played Ji Soo Bin and Oh Jae Woong was Woo Jae Young.

What is the ratings for this show?

Season 2 of Mimicus has not yet been released. It is therefore difficult to predict the response from the audience. We will now examine the history of Mimicus’s first season. This Korean series was awarded an MyDrimlist rating of 8.0.

Are the Season 2 of Mimicus Renewable or Cancelled?

Is Mimicus Season 2 going to be renewed or cancelled? Many fans are asking this question. It was a critical and audience success. The show’s renewal has not been announced. The cast and crew remain tight-lipped about the future of the show.

What to Expect from Season 2 of Mimicus

Fans will expect the next season to be better than they are. This is normal fan behavior. Mimicus Korean fans have waited for years to find out if the series will be renewed and what kind of plot it will feature. There are no updates on Mimicus season 2 . We will wait to see if the official renewal is made.

Is there a second season of Mimicus?

We have not received any information regarding Mimicus Season 2 as Mimicus Season 1 is now over. We hope to hear positive news soon after that season’s end with good ratings and many fans. K-dramas are known for their one-season rule, but there has been growth in another season. Let’s all hope for the best.

What number of episodes will Season 2 of Mimicus have?

We won’t discuss the impending second season on the Mimicus TV Show. This is to avoid spoilers. It’s very difficult to predict the episode schedule for season 2. The second season will have at least 16 episodes if it is any indication of the first.

Mimicus can be viewed from any location.

Mimicus kDrama fans don’t have to worry about where they can watch it online. You can stream the web drama Mimicus, a youth romance web series, to both South Korean and international viewers on Rakuten Viki. English subtitles are also available. Fans can also watch short clips of Mimicus’ k-Drama episodes via Rakuten Viki’s official YouTube channel. See Mimicus’s high school love story unfold without any further delay!

Mimicus Season 2 Parental guide

Parents can determine if their child is old enough to watch a film, TV program, book or video game based on the Age Rating. If there are Blood and Gores, S*xual Contents, Mature Themes or Explicit language, it is not appropriate for children. The appropriateness rating above will help you determine if Mimicus is suitable for your children. If you have viewed the series, we would be grateful if your assistance could include parental advice. With your help, we can provide a more detailed image for everyone.

Mimicus is worth watching?

It’s available to stream right now. This show is well worth your time. You have to watch this show if you love Kpop idols and making Instagram reels. Mimicus has shown generation z in such detail that it is hard to find k-dramas like it.


This article contains all the most recent information regarding the renewal and updates to Mimicus season 2. Stay in touch for more information. You can also find all the details regarding the renewal of Mimicus in this article. Stay tuned for all future updates about season 2 of Mimicus.

Mimicus Season 2: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Mimicus genre?

Mimicus K’drama is a drama-drama that focuses on youth and drama.

2. What are the seasons of Mimicus?

Mimicus has so far had only one season.

3. What was the original release date for the Mimicus Season’s first season?

Mimicus was first released on July 22, 2022.

4. Mimicus Season 2 Cancelled

We don’t know if Mimicus Season 2 will be cancelled. However, if the creators pursue their dreams, it is possible that the film could be released in 2023.

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