Misa And Usui Maid Sama: Everything You Need To Know
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Misa And Usui Maid Sama: Everything You Need To Know

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Misa and usui

Kaichou was Maid Sama gave us some hilarious moments and funny scenes with one of our most beloved couple of anime, Misaki as well as Usui. The 10 most memorable moments they shared will leave us wanting more.

Kaichou was Maid Sama gave us some laughter and cute moments with one of our most beloved couple of anime, Misaki And Usui. The top 10 moments from the two together will leave us wanting more. The plot revolves on the romance of two principal protagonists Misaki Ayuzawa, and Usui Takumi, two students of Seika High School. The show is a fun romance that highlights the best aspects of both worlds. In addition, the show is centered around the “poor girl, rich man storyline, which is always enjoyable to watch.

Misaki is strong, tough and intelligent. She is the president of Seika High for those reasons. She’s a strict disciplinarian, but she’s also an enormous softie to her family and friends. Misaki is a Tsundere-like character which is definitely unique approach to the female protagonist of a teen rom-com series. Misaki has a secret which isn’t known by anyone else she is employed in a cafe that serves as a maid to help her family with expenses. Could seem embarrassing to her, but she has a totally charming appearance.

Usui On the other side, is among the most beloved male characters, not just for his appearance, but also because of his manner of life and the way the way he interacts with Misaki. Usui is an elegant gentleman who is but also obscure. There is no information about his background, aside from perhaps Misaki. Usui is from a wealthy family.

With Misaki’s Tsundere-like appearance and Usui’s out-of-the-box character, their romance was stunning. There were plenty of funny and touching moments throughout the series , making their relationship one of the top couples from the anime world.

Here are the top 10 moments of Misaki Ayuzawa, and Usui Takumi or Misa And Usui:

1. When Usui declared his Love for Misa

When Usui declared his Love for Misa

In the time that Misaki Ayuzawa, and Usui Takumi were sitting on the roof of their school, discussing her work experience, which included the knowledge that she was employed in a restaurant that caters to maids, and she was trying to conceal the fact, Usui teased her. In addition, the image of her dressed as a maid scared her.

One of the most memorable times was when the photo flew out of her fingers. At that point, Usui confessed to her and kissed her. He was also ready to leap from the roof to save her photo and her humour. A lovely moment that made her a bit confused, Usui took her by surprise and affected her thinking. He always ensured that she was aware that he wouldn’t compromise her job as school’s President.

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2. The moment he saved her from Igarashi

The moment he saved her from Igarashi

Misaki is a tough woman both mentally and physically. However, sometimes she may need a little help. And Usui is the perfect person to save the day when she was getting into trouble.

When Misaki decided to turn down Igarashi’s proposal to change schools, he ran over her thinking that she was as other girls who was looking for money. Even though she was held, Misaki was somehow able to get away from his grasp. With the help of Usui is always there for her, always ready to help her. As a typical hero he took her away from Igarashi and returned her to safety.

3. Misa was Drunk in front of Usui

Misa was Drunk in front of Usui

A hilarious moment and one of the greatest scenes in the history of Misaki Ayuzawa as well as Usui Takumi. The scene made us laugh, Misaki got hypnotized by Kanou an uni student who was disgusted with her. So, she got drunk, which resulted in an adorable prez roll being film by a delighted Usui.

It seems that Misaki is always a bit difficult to follow her. After calming his daughter down, the sailor chased Kanou to correct him. As usual, Usui saved her from the danger that could have put her in a difficult spot.

4. Misaki became sick, she was asymptomatic.

Misaki became sick, she was asymptomatic.

No doubt Usui will help her right when she’s in danger of collapse. Misaki is an extremely hard-working person. When she became sick, he was sure to care for her and get her home before she became worse.

Misaki was happy for him, and that’s where the romance between them relationship started. Although Usui is stubborn He only wanted the best for her and did not judge her for her circumstance. In reality he was able to get along great with the family as well.

5. When Misaki took care of him when he was sick

When Misaki took care of him when he was sick

Usui Takumi can be described as a subtle person. He comes from a wealthy family and a popular celebrity, he is a heartbreaker and, most importantly Misaki’s greatest fan. It’s not common for someone like Usui to get sick.

Misaki determined to help her friend and care for her. This was the result of an adorable scene between them that made them look like lovers who have become friends. This particular moment of love between Misaki Ayuzawa, and Usui Takumi made them feel closer.

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6. When Usui won in the Race for Misa

When Usui won in the Race for Misa

Misaki is an all-rounder, and she is sure to let everyone know she’s an all-rounder and makes sure everyone knows. She is good at academics, athletics as well as being the school’s president. When she was required winning the competition, but was unable to do it, Usui helped her.

Usui is aware of Misaki’s desire to be successful. They didn’t have to speak their opinions. When Usui was able to take her place and took the victory this moment, it was clear that he was exactly what she required. Although she’s strong, Usui has always helped her when she was in need of it.

7. Misaki’s Head-pats to Usui

Misaki's Head-pats to Usui

Usui displays his affection through his adorable gesture of head-pat. An unspoken gesture that shows how proud he feels of her. These moments are treasured not just in the eyes of Misaki however also viewers.

Therefore, when Misaki also did this thing to her, that meant more for him than any other thing. This simple gesture showed that their relationship was progressing very well. Misaki Ayuzawa, and Usui Takumi are certainly one of the top couples in anime that helps us realize that even small gestures of love can have a significant impact.

8. The Time Usui and Misaki were in A Love Trial

usui love trial misa maid sama

With the power of great power comes with great responsibility. President Misaki has many duties, such as reprimanding poor conduct and ensuring the school’s festival goes without a hitch.

In the course of their search, Usui and Misaki decide to join Love Trial, an event for couples to show their love is unbreakable. They triumphed and proved that their unresolved love between them is powerful! This is one of the most important elements of top couples in anime.

9. When Usui gave a horse to Misa

When Usui gave a horse to Misa

Misa is often naive in her approach to Usui. She’s faced with a myriad of issues that take up the majority of her time, yet she doesn’t let it interfere with her. Although she’s smart, it isn’t able to fully comprehend the motives of Usui.

The scene was hilarious but sexually naughty. Usui was not interested in having anyone else to look at her in a swimsuit and thus the naughty act- he gave her an Hickey. This is a clear indication that Usui is a sexy person and is looking to make her his.

10. Misaki’s confession

Misaki's confession

In the final scene in the series, which occurs in Episode 26 Misaki admits her love for Usui. It’s a surprise and completely heartwarming. Misaki makes the confession at the end of the school’s celebration.

With the firework display on the horizon and the two in a room all by themselves the confession was among the most memorable moments of the series, and inspired us to love them more.

For a girl as Misaki is, she requires someone who is there to support her in every way. And who more then Usui for her companion for the rest of her life? Although we don’t get to see much about Misaki Ayuzawa’s and Usui Takumi’s love story within the show, manga does have the entire storyline from that.

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