Most Charismatic Anime Characters : Our Top 35 +

They are experts at what they do and know how to do it perfectly. We are talking about the most charismatic anime characters. Some of these characters might be some of the most savage in anime. These guys are incredibly attractive, you have to admit.

To do this here is our Most Charismatic Anime Characters

Top Most Charismatic Anime Characters

Top Most Charismatic Anime Characters

This list is a list based on popularity, appearance in the anime and also my personal opinion.They could be that you are not of the same opinion with the classification

The characters that are bad or nice, man or woman will be quoted in the lists. Let’s start our list

Haruhi Suzumiya

It’s a complete oddball, that’s for certain.

She is charismatic, strong in the oddest way and perhaps the biggest bee yatch of anime.

She is unique and different. She wants to be friends with time travelers, aliens, and espers. Charismatic Charismatic is a character that has a lot to fear, because of her melancholy.

36. Mikoto Suoh

Mikoto is the most outstanding character in K Project.

He is a king, but he doesn’t let that get to him. Mikoto has a real relationship with his Clansmen. He cares about their well-being.

He has become more distant and quiet towards them since his character’s death. He has never lost his genuine concern for them and is still close to his Clansmen.

35. Roy Mustang

Roy is a great character in the FMAB series. His charisma and his ability to communicate is what makes him so memorable.

Mustang, who is outwardly arrogant but playfully manipulative, is intelligent and almost always one-step ahead of his competitors. He likes to feel in charge of the situation.

34. Esdeath

Esdeath, one of the most courageous girls in anime, is freaking amazing.

Her compassion is evident in her concern for the lives of her husband and other close friends.

Esdeath is well-known for treating her subordinates with respect and allowing them to do what they like. This in turn inspires her loyal loyalty and devotion, making her followers the most offensive force within the Empire.

33. All Might

All Might

A solid and powerful character who has a record of winning every single battle against his opponents inspires us the most. However, he has many other reasons to give us to include him in this list. All Might is one of the best characters in the anime series My Hero Academia, and that is because of his charisma. He is still the strongest character in the show and helped as many people as he could. All Might knows that he has suffered because of his critical injury, but still he does not care about himself and tried to use his full potential to help people, and that is one of the best parts of his charisma.

32. Ladd Russo

Baccano’s strength is down to its cast. They are all unique, vibrant, and interesting. Ladd Russo, however, is a very special member of the cast. Ladd Russo is a prominent Russo member. He uses his position of hitman to indulge his bloodlust.

Although he may have alienated some people with his penchant for murder, Ladd has cultivated a loyal and dedicated circle. Lua Klein is his love, whom Ladd affectionately claims can only be killed by his hands. Ladd’s good looks and sadness inspired his subordinates on The Flying Pussyfoot to create chaos.

31. Gon Freecss

Having a character who always carries a positive vibe around himself is the best part of the anime series. Gon is a character who extremely believes in himself and always follows the right path. He always trusts his allies even though they are not as good as him. There are multiple instances where we have seen his charisma, but one of the best is- when he knows that he is not as good as his father and other high-rank hunters, but still he believes in his strength and training hard to become one of the most popular hunters in the world. His dream of becoming a hunter and a set goal gives us an open opportunity to see his charismatic style in the series.

30. Izaya Orihara

Izaya Orihara

Izaya is without doubt the most memorable character in the Durarara series, but what makes him so special are his charisma and manipulation.

He is an underground information broker who is skilled and powerful.

He often gives information to his enjoyment and claims that he loves all humankind, except Shizuo Heiwajima.

29. Satsuki Kiryuin

Satsuki Kiryuin

Satsuki is a beautiful girl, and one of the most charismatic people you’ve ever met.

She is determined, strong, and speedy. Her reflexes and speed are unmatched. Her charisma makes her even more attractive throughout the series.

28. Sir Integra Hellsing

 Sir Integra Hellsing

Integra is my favorite charismatic character. Just think of a person who can command the great Alucard.

She is charismatic and patriotic and runs the Hellsing Organization.

27. Kamina


If you have ever seen the anime, Kamina is a charismatic and iconic character. Simon trusted him completely, he saw his potential and made him the man he became.

He is determined, strong, and a wise man. Everybody around him will take the next step in defeating the beastmen by just hearing his words. You’ll also see Kamina around Simon until the end of the anime.

26. Shogo Makishima

Shogo Makishima

Shogo is a dangerous and intelligent villain. His intelligence and strength make him even more unique.

Makishima, a manipulative and aggressive anarchist, is as brutal in his plots as he is in combat.

He is a natural evangelist and has a unique charisma as well as a gift for storytelling.

25. Yoshikage Kira

Yoshikage Kira

Unbreakable has been regarded by many as one JoJo’s greatest arcs. It’s a fun story that focuses on the disturbing events in a small town due to a wave of serial murders. The plot is as sharp as ever.

Morioh feels more like a real place. Josuke, his friends and other characters are very likable. It is Kira, a serial killer, who steals the show. Although his death was brutal, Kira’s charismatic presence will be a lasting influence long after JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is over.

24. Sadao Maou

Sadao Maou

We always hate those people who are the symbol of every evil and corrupted thing around the world. And we represent them with the name of the devil, but what if a devil king helps humans. That is odd, Right? Sadao Maou is popular in the list of characters who have played a role of a devil king, and that is because of his charismatic role in the anime series, The Devil is a Part-Timer! He is introduced as a villain, but in reality, he is a hero of the show. Sadao gives us enough reason to include him in this list, but one of the best reasons is that he has followed always the right path even though he is originally a devil king. He believes in humans and their potential. Also, helps them even when he has low life force energy.

23. L (Death Note)


He is a genius and has amazing detective skills. He is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic people you will ever meet, even though no one knows his identity.

He is a great tactician and quick thinker. His style is unique.

22. Koko Hekmatyar

Koko Hekmatyar

Koko is my favorite character. She is charismatic and bold which has earned her success in her business and the fierce loyalty from her subordinates.

Koko, despite her childish and bubbly behavior, is actually quite ruthless. She has been called a “monster” by several characters.

21. Balalaika


Balalaika, a woman with many talents, is a leader in anime and everyone respects her.

She is a fierce and charismatic character.

Balalaika’s leadership in the brutal fighting in Afghanistan has made her men an example to their men and they will do almost anything for her orders.

20. Vegeta


Vegeta has become Goku’s friend, and the two Saiyans are fierce rivals who push each others to new heights. Vegeta used to be a power-hungry Saiyan, who would never cease to show his pride to everyone.

was a very cookie-cutter character, and Vegeta felt like a breather. He was a popular part of the main cast. This is especially true since many fans consider him to be the Prince of All Saiyans.

19. Orochimaru


Like Vegeta, Orochimaru also experienced growth over the course Naruto. This evil antagonist caused a lot of damage to the Leaf Village, and forced them to endure a series of difficult events that ultimately led to the death the Third Hokage.

It’s easy to understand why everyone loves Orochimaru because of his infectious personality. Sasuke’s guidance helped the Uchiha become a strong warrior before he left his master to pursue his goal of killing Itachi and taking revenge for the Uchiha genocide.

18. Tsurumi


It appears that Lieutenant Tsurumi is a prominent figure in the 7th Division. This may be due to his military rank. As Golden Kamuy develops, it becomes apparent that his men are more than just following him. He manipulates and shepherds the broken, manipulates them, and keeps them bound to his love with a cunning silver tongue.

He amassed a talented and dangerous collection of military men through his methods. Golden Kamuy has been voted one of the most popular seinen manga, and anime. This is due in large part to Tsurumi’s bizarre methods. Watchers can’t help but feel swept away by a tragic man with no other path than militarism.

17. Yuri Nakamura

Yuri Nakamura

She is determined, strong, and a leader.

She is one of the most charismatic women you will ever meet, and she is determined to defeat all evil in the afterlife. Yuri is strong-minded and handles all his comrades with ace. It’s like she knows them inside out. Charismatic Anime Characters

16. Askeladd


Askeladd immediately took control of the screen when he was introduced. Vinland Saga presents him as Thorfinn’s main antagonist and villain. He leads a group of mercenaries and is assigned the task of killing Thorfinn’s father. But he does it, but the exchange reveals both his pathos as well as the deep-seated honor within him.

He’s easy-going, confident, and confident from the beginning. It’s easy for one to see how his mind is adept at combat and warfare. This makes it easy to understand why he has built a mercenary army as large and as skilled as his. Although his character has been somewhat restored, it is still evident that he is trapped in a cycle involving vengeances and bloodshed.

15. Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji

Every anime fan knows who is Muzan Kibutsuji. He is the main antagonist of one of the most popular anime series Demon Slayer. Muzan is representing himself as Demon King, and he is the main reason behind the planning and killing of Demon Slayer. All the demons are following in his footsteps. A powerful character and has unbelievable charismatic abilities that made him above all other characters. Muzan’s normal behaviors are very straightforward but complex when it comes to expression. One of the best parts about his charisma is that he knows well about dressing sense, and that is why he always wears different and unique types of dresses. His beautiful face with good-looking personality highlights his charismatic appearance.

14. King Bradley

King Bradley

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has many compelling minor villains, one of which is King Bradley. He is also the Commander-In Chief of Amestris’ military and one of the most troublesome of the homunculus. He is a formidable fighter in anime due to his superior vision and super-soldier strength.

While he presented himself as a caring father figure, he was actually a deeply sinister man. He was a constant war-starter to achieve his goals and he smiled gentle at his opponents. His charm and corruption were not uncommon in the military.

13. Aizen Sousuke

Aizen Sousuke

Aizen Sousuke, a mastermind, has plans that go back hundreds of years and happen exactly as he intended

He is smart, strong, and cunning. He doesn’t trust anyone and expects the best from others. He is a charismatic leader that will be remembered for his charm. Charismatic Anime Characters

12. Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith

Erwin is without doubt the most important character in Attack on Titan.

He is a man of his words, understands his legion well, is charismatic, honest, and fearless.

11. Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch is a man with many talents. He is also a multi-talented guy, except for his athletic abilities.

His charisma is unmatched by any other character. His charisma and belief in justice have earned him the trust of many soldiers as well as leaders. He is the Black knight’s leader.

10. Chrollo Lucifer

Chrollo Lucifer

A character who teaches us about loyalty and trust in his companion is Chrollo Lucifer. He is the character who was designed to make clear the difference between an antagonist and an antagonist who gives an impression of a protagonist. A powerful villain and also the leader of the Phantom Troupe, trust his allies for leaving him behind when they find themselves in a critical situation. He is one of the best characters in the anime series Hunter x Hunter, and his charisma shine the most when he tries to compromise himself for the lives of his companions and does not think once about himself.

09. Griffith


Griffith is a dangerous character. His charismatic, intelligent and handsome personality gives him and his band the reputation for invincibility.

He led the band of hawks and his charisma made it easy for them to get along without too much trouble. Charismatic Anime Characters

08. Rintarou Okabe

Rintarou Okabe

My friends, Steins;Gate itself is an icon, but Okabe is what makes it so special.

He is charismatic, one of the most brilliant or mad scientists you could imagine, and his extraordinary appearing and delusional acts throughout series are a great example of this.

Okabe’s charismatic words are very small in front. Just watch the anime and you will see what it means.

07. Sano Manjiro

Sano Manjiro

Do you know Sano Manjiro? No. But you know Mikey. Right? Yes. Sano Manjiro is also known as invincible Mikey or Mikey. He is a character who gives you an impression of a small boy. However, that is where he shows his charisma through some unexpected acts. One of his best charismatic styles of him is his look, he is a handsome, cool, and good-hearted boy with no easily understandable personality. Also, he is a kicking master who can easily beat a tall guy just with his feet. He knows he is not a tall guy, but his speed and strength through his unspeaking and unpredictable style of fighting make us believe in his charismatic personality. Charismatic Anime Characters

06. Johan Liebert

Johan Liebert

Johan liebert is a charismatic, master of all genius intellectuals. Monster series is an anime that mixes genres but johan is the best.

He has lived in many places over the course of his life under various aliases, and possesses extraordinary charisma and intelligence.

He manipulates and corrupts others with his talents, often with no obvious end except to cause suffering or destruction.

He is a mastermind at such an early age, with an IQ of un comparable and can be dangerous or kind in his own ways. Simply outstanding and without equal.

05. Dio Brando

Dio Brando

An antagonist always inspires us with a painful and unbearable backstory. However, Dio Brando is a kind of different type of villain in one of the most popular anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He applies a huge amount of pressure on the other characters of the series, and that is not because of his powerful characteristic design but because of his solid impression of villainous nature. His physical stature is quite magnificent and attractive even though he is an antagonist, his appearance gives us more likely a glimpse of a protagonist. He has many reasons to show his charisma, but one of the best is that- his words are still forcing others to follow his will even though he is no longer a part of the series.

04. Light Yagami

 Light Yagami

The world of anime begins with one of the most popular anime series of all time, ‘Death Note’. Every character has a remarkable presence throughout the series, but the one who stands above all is – Light Yagami. He is not only the central character of the series but also the charismatic icon of the show. He is cold, calculative, and self-centered, and he believes in himself for removing all the negativity from the world, which makes him extremely cautious. Light has shown us so many incidents where we can see his charismatic style, and one of them is his strategic mind with a calculative plan. Also, his confidence which drives him to become an antagonist to the protagonist. His charismatic style throughout the series inspires us the most, especially when he does not care about others more than himself.

03. Eikichi Onizuka

Eikichi Onizuka

Onizuka is a character that’s sexy and a symbol for all teachers.

He is a strong character. If he can think of it, he will find it.Charismatic Anime Characters

He is charismatic in some ways, and when someone needs his support, he convinces them either individually or collectively with his words or actions. He is a teacher of life lessons to his students and will use any means to help them.

02. Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai is the most beloved tsundere in anime history. This character is a standout. She transformed from an obsessive stalker to a control freak with a tendency towards murder.

Despite her heinous acts, she was still shown as a sympathetic character near the end. It is clear that Yuno has more to her character than meets the eye. Future diary became a memorable watch because of her infectious personality.

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01. Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager

It’s clear that Season 4 of Attack on Titan made Eren a true villain. He is also a villain who has turned Attack on Titan on it’s head, while becoming the most interesting character in the series.

Eren’s charisma is not based on his ability to speak well or have a strong personality. It’s his determination that makes people believe in him, regardless of how distorted it may seem.


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