Mr 13.

Mr 13


Mr. 13is a member Baroque Works. He is an otter and is part of the Unluckies Duo with his partner Miss Friday. He is classified type D, which means “Small but strong”.


Mr. 13An otter wearing a polka dots suit and sunglasses.


He seems uncompromising to those who have betrayed his leader. He is, however, cowardly enough not to reveal the identities of the members of his team.Baroque Works to Navy.

Skills and Abilities

The Frontier Agents of Baroque WorksBecause of their relationship to the leader, they are afraid of him or his partner. They are his personal assassins.


Mr. 13 is a skilled artist in drawing. This skill is first used by Mr. 0 for identifying his enemies and then the Navy to find Baroque Works members.

Mr 13


They first appeared at Twin LighthouseTo punish Mr. 9’s failure and Miss Wednesday’s inability to perform, they were later sent to Little Garden to inspect the work of Mr. 3. Miss Goldenweek. They met instead Sanji, who pretended to be Mr. 3. He was speaking with Mr. 0 via Escargophone (a snail-shaped phone). His partner and he tried to neutralize Sanji, but they failed miserably.

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Then, he was captured by theNavy and Miss FridayTo help the Navy demolish Baroque Works, they were forced draw the faces of the others members.

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