Our Top 35 Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. Hey guys! Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked is the kind of manga packed with great fight scenes, revenge stories, and have a great audience base. We’ve never needed manga more than we do right now. As the world reopens in the midst of a pandemic, ex-normal outings like a trip to a concert or music festival feel, well, a little weird. We want that part of our shared culture back, sure, but for now, we’ll ease back into things with the music movie. These kind of movies are basically music movies filled with action scenes, their stories are mostly revenge story, has a lot of action scenes. All these action thrillers have great movie stars. So, if you’re interested, read on!

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Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked From 35 To 1


Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. One person has expressed the wish that all students be killed. Dokkaebis are man-eating creatures that are allowed to kill people only by a rule. Students are disappearing by the thousands. Ki-Mok is a student who happens to have the “Blood of Gold” and is fighting for his life against the supernatural forces that want to seize power.


Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. Bira, a small boy, enjoys fishing and camping. He also loves to travel through the woods together with his grandfather. Bira is told by his grandfather to wait in the northern part of the forest until he returns. Bira spends many decades in the forest, becoming friends with bears and avoiding people, as his grandfather advised.



Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. Cheon Yeo Woon, a Demonic Cult child, is unexpectedly visited by his descendant from the past. He inserts a nanomachine into Cheon’s Yeo body, Woon’s dramatically changing Cheon Yeo’s life Woon’s once it’s activated. The Cheon Yeomission Woon’s mission to defeat the Demonic Cult, and become the strongest martial arts artist has just begun.



Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. In exchange for an Act of Vengeance against the killer, the Dark Hunters, immortal warriors, sell their souls and bodies to Artemis, the Greek goddess of revenge. Artemis promises them that they will seek revenge on the murderers within 24 hours in return for their souls and service in her Dark Hunter army. This manga is very similar to Rankers Lives a second Time.



Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. Youkou lives in a world where organ transplants are easy and available to all. But it turns out that there is a malicious organization using this technology for evil purposes. Only Jackalope’s elite squad can stop them before it is too late.

30: LAST WORd Of the WORlD

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. Retired businesswoman wants total control of her environment. She knows she has only a few days before she dies from a medical condition. She decides to write her own obituary, and hires a young writer to tell her story.

29: The Remarried Empress

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. Remarried Express features a female protagonist. She appears to be flawless in all aspects. Her life is perfect until her husband brings home another wife. The husband demands a divorce. The protagonist cannot refuse it. The protagonist then asks to be remarried so that she can continue to be an empress. She gets her wish.

28: Versatile Mage

Versatile Mage

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. The school that once taught math, chemistry and physics is now teaching magic. The school’s ultimate goal? To make sure that every student is a proficient user of magic. The world has changed. It was once all about science. Now it is all about magic. There are some things that remain the same as before.

27: The Skeleton Soldier failed to defend the Dungeon

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. This man can do it very well. This one is less scary and sloppy than Re: Zero but still excels in the story being revealed and also solving many mysteries. This perspective is different than the usual game mechanic insufficiently to an op manwha. Although the mc could be called Op, his ability to play as Re: Zero means he is able to avoid the usual plot armor. It is normal.

26: Taming Master

Taming Master

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. Everyone assumes he is insane when he suddenly resets his avatar. They don’t know Jinsung has created a new, powerful hidden class. It is difficult to tame monsters and it is tedious to advance. Jinsung is warned by his VR-loving tutor that he will fail. He has only two months to learn and become the master of Taming.

25: The Worn and Torn Newbie

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. The first chapter is typical manga. In it, the protagonist plays a ruined video game and loses his sword. He then reincarnates fifteen years earlier. With the knowledge he has gained from his past, he becomes one of the most difficult and powerful gamers to ever play the game. Although the story is good, there are some things that could be improved. Both the characters and the art are very enjoyable.

24: Memorize


Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. He was content, he had all he wanted, but everything changed from one day to another. Then, life became a nightmare. With one thought in his mind, he continued to endure with the hope of gaining back what was taken away from him. He was asked by a higher being: “Player Kim Su Hyun. Do you really wish to revert time of “Hall Plain?” You all correctly guessed the man’s answer, which was “Yes”. This one word sent him back 10 years in the past, where all of his possibilities still existed.

23: i’m Destiny for Greatness!

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. Amazing how quickly you can transform yourself from a person you know online to someone completely different! Taehyun Kim may be the most boring man you will ever meet. However, he is more boring than the average person in real life.

22: Dawn Of The Frozen Wastelands

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. In a world like no other, a terrible war broke out. The war was not an ordinary one, as the two sides were supposed to be on one side. The Heroes, protectors of Eastland are at each others throats and threaten to destroy the world to discover their fate.

21: The Tutorial is Too Tough

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. He was presented with an invitation like a hologram, and instead of panicking, he just followed the instructions without asking any questions. The message said, “Would it be a pleasure to join the tutorial world?” It sounds like a game being introduced. Next question: At what difficulty would you like your tutorial to be? The normal option went from easy to difficult, with one more that said “Hell”. The MC chose the last option without any hesitation and has the guts of complaining about how impossible that impossible game is.

20: Leveling with The Gods

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. He was a god to all humans. He was unmatched in strength, speed and agility. Yet, despite his overwhelming power, Kim YuWon was defeated. Kim was able to get a second chance thanks to the sacrifices of his nakama. Kim traveled back in time with all his knowledge and experience and tried to climb the terrible Tower again.

19: Overgeared


Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. Shin Youngwoo may be a poor construction worker but he can still work online as a laborer. This was a miserable life. He deserved something better. He was lucky enough to find the entrance to “Northern End Cave”, which led him to a legendary quest. After completing the quest, he was awarded “Pagma’s Rare Book”. With a click, he rose to legendary class player rank.

18: THE GREAT MAGE RETURNS After 4000 Years

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. Only a few magicians are aware that the Demi-Gods have taken control of the world from the shadows. Lucas Traumen led those mages. His gang was as powerful as ever, but they were nothing compared to him. Their fight lasted years, but they were finally defeated by Demi-God who trapped Lucas in a parallel universe for 4000 years.

17: SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. He was at the edge of despair and longed to be an elite player like his idol. He refused to work towards his goal and instead pleaded with anyone who would listen. It seems that even the gods get annoyed by him. They answered his calls just to put an end to him. If you want to be an S-Class hunter then do it! You must die to be eligible for the S-Class hunter title. No, it is not a cheap price for the ultimate power.

16: The Blade of Evolution: Walking Alone in the Dungeon

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked. He was trash before he discovered his healing abilities. His attributes are as trashy and he is, so nothing has changed. He tried to go into Dungeons but he was stopped by the worst. He and his group accidentally unsealed “Last Priest”, and everyone was whipped except him. He survived and hung on to life. He even managed to get a mysterious, omnipotent sword which gave him the ability of leveling up. What is he going do with all this power now that he’s a different man?

15: Dungeon Reset

Dungeon Reset

One rule governs this particular Dungeon: “Reset the Next Users”. One player, however, was, to use a more accurate term, immune to the rule because it didn’t apply. Jung-down was trapped in an inexorable loop and found himself in the same Dungeon over after over. He had average skills, but he had overwhelming weapons from his endless time in that hellish place.

14: Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Based on a RPG called “Lucid Adventure”, the plot is based. It is simple: the highest rankers who complete quests will be the ones who receive all the rewards. Ethan, the most skilled player in the game, found the perfect rule. After a mysterious new player killed him, he was suddenly relegated to level 1. He was determined to not let go of glory and he is ready to take revenge.

13: Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Our world is being overtaken by the Shadow World. Normal people have no way to stop it. We can only rely on powerful wizards who are now the protectors of humanity. This is the largest Shadow Labyrinth to ever appear. This is the greatest threat they have ever faced. To deal with the danger, more than 1000 magicians were drafted.

12: The Player That Can’t Level up

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

All over the globe, dungeons began to appear. These Dungeons were full of treasures, but they also had horrifying monsters. They were also given special abilities so that humans could fight alongside these inhuman creatures. However, not everyone was eligible to be players. Only a few were allowed. There were ranks for everyone, even those who were chosen.

11: I am The Sorcerer King

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

All living things were attacked by monsters that suddenly appeared on Earth. The new threat was defeated and the humans were empowered to defend themselves. Those who awoke became hunters. This was the most lucrative job anyone could have. Lee SungHoon wasn’t your typical human but he entered the industry to make money.

10: Your Trone

Your Trone

Lady Medea Solon was to have been sitting beside her King as the future Queen the Vasilios Empire. Due to a series of events, however, her beloved, her status and her bright future were all lost. Medea, a determined woman, knows that it is possible to regain what was lost. Medea will do anything to get back what she was taken from her. She will also make a hefty payment for the traitors who made her go under the bus.

9: The Beginning after the End

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

King Grey had a timeline and was set to rule the whole world. To get to where he was today, King Grey had to make many sacrifices. He could have everything and nothing all at once. He had a very unhappy life, and when he could no longer hold on to his life, his enemies took it away. King Grey did not die. King Grey was reincarnated in an infinite world full of magic, amazing beasts and millions of new scenes.

8: the Gamer

the Gamer

This is yet another Manhwa, with 417 chapters. It is still being worked on. Although the plot is simple, the world has been transformed into a game-like environment. You can level up to become more powerful and have the ability to increase your stats. However, you will need to adapt to the new Earth and learn how to evolve.

7: Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

It was almost as if the gods had abandoned the MC in the real world. He was an online legend everyone looked up too. He decided to sell his avatar and put aside the only thing that he was good at. It cost him a staggering 3.1 billion won. His money woes vanished, he was delighted. He was happy for only a second, but then loan sharks came in and put him back into misery.

6: Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Kim Dokja was only human to finish the book “Three Ways To Survive In A Ruined World.” After he had read the last sentence, something strange happened. The world became the novel he had just finished. The one who can predict what will happen next is certain to have a significant advantage in an apocalyptic setting.

5: Tomb Raider King

Manhwa Like Second Life Ranked.

Unknown reasons are behind the emergence of tombs all over the globe. These tombs are full of valuable relics that are sought out by the most dangerous individuals on the planet. This Manhwa’s MC, a tomb-raider, was betrayed and sent with his entire team to die in one these tombs. A relic saved him and he was sent back in time to the past, when Tombs weren’t yet possible. He now knows the location of each one and how to get rid of them all, so he has made it his life’s work to hoard all the relics that exist in this universe.

4: The Live

The Live

Yun-Jae lost the reason to live, his wife and his beloved daughter. He was on the verge of despair when he was presented with a diary written by his future self. He discovered that the heir was a way to bring them to life. He had to play in a death match and win. He might as well use it, since life without his family is not life at all.

3: Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

E-Rank Hunter Sung Jin Woo was called “The World’s Weakest”. After years of flirting with death, he was finally chosen by Shadow Monarch as his successor. Along with his omnipotent powers, he received his heart. He is now the mercy of all who have looked upon him.

2: Kill The Hero

Kill The Hero

He believed he was fighting for justice. He trusted his leader and would have given his life to support him until he realized that he was plotting to take over the world. He knew what he wanted and was determined to get rid of him. He died, and yet, he woke again in the past.

1: Tower of God

Tower of God

This is the manhwa most often mentioned when talking about climbing towers. Ban was forced to climb the Tower of God while searching for Rachel, his light. But getting there is not an easy task. We all want to be there for you Ban!

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