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All Characters Of riverdale. Hey guys! We’re back with another recommendation blog. You know, we can never run out of ideas and will always provide you with the freshest content out there. This time, we have All Characters Of riverdale recommendations for you. We’re tired of reading action and holidays Movies, to be honest. To take a break from such series, we have collected a bunch of series where the main character has to start from scratch in order to make money.  What’s even more exciting than MC being rich is that he hides the fact that he’s rich! So, in this blog, we’re going to talk about All Characters Of riverdale who tend to hide this fact. They’re not only about making money, but also leveling up! So, if you’re interested, read on!

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All Characters Of riverdale Rated From 40 to 1

40: Rose Blossom

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Nana Rose is the mother to Clifford Blossom and Claudius, who were both poisoned by Penelope, her daughter-in law. She is also the grandma of Clifford’s children Cheryl and Jason. The latter was also deceased. She is also the great grandmother of Jason and Polly’s twins, Juniper (and Dagwood) After Cheryl had destroyed Thornhill, their previous residence, Nana Rose moved into Thistlehouse together with Penelope and Cheryl.

39: Tina Patel

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Tina is seen with Cheryl Blossom, Ginger Lopez as they search for cheerleaders. She was not impressed by Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge’s steps. Their forced kiss was even more disappointing. Ginger and Tina briefly interviewed Cheryl before class. Two girls wanted to find out why Cheryl’s story was not consistent with the one given by local authorities. Cheryl claimed Jason drowned in Sweetwater River but was shot to the head.

38: Ginger Lopez

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Ginger watches as Cheryl and Tina cheerleading practice begins. She’s not impressed by Betty and Veronica’s routine. Their faux-lesbian kiss is what she finds even more disappointing. Ginger and Tina briefly interrogate Cheryl before class. They are interested in finding out why Cheryl’s story isn’t consistent with the one released by local authorities. Cheryl claimed that her brother died from drowning, but the cause of his death was determined to be a gunshot. Although they insist that Cheryl is not to blame for Jason’s death it is still suspicious.

37: Geraldine Grundy

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Geraldine Grundy, also known as Jennifer Gibson, is a regular character on Riverdale. Sarah Habel plays her. Geraldine Grundy, a Riverdale High School music teacher, had an affair with Archie Andrews, an underage student. Geraldine was fired from her job after she was exposed for rape.

36: Floyd Clayton

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Coach Clayton is a regular character in Riverdale. Chuck Clayton’s father, he is also the coach for the Riverdale Bulldogs, an American football team at Riverdale High.

35: Joaquin DeSantos

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Joaquin, a Southside Serpents member, was caught between a romance with the Sheriff’s child and the mystery surrounding Jason Blossom’s murder. He briefly dated Kevin during this period, but he was eventually caught by law enforcement for his involvement with Jason’s murder. After receiving a call from FP, he returned to Riverdale to find that Fangs (a fellow Serpent) had been involved in the murder investigation into Midge Klump. This led to Joaquin being held at Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center. Tall Boy would then kill him.

34: Claudius Blossom

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Claudius and Clifford, his twin brother, were raised together in Riverdale. Claudius would later describe them as “modern-day Romulus, Remus” years later. However, it was clear that Claudius’ parents were trying to get him to inherit the Blossom business empire. Clifford threatened Claudius on their 14th birthday while they were down by Sweetwater River. He told him about the “Blossom curse”, which saw one twin die violently at the hands of another. Clifford saved Claudius’s life but Claudius was too scared to flee his home that night.

33: Clifford Blossom

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Clifford ran an undercover drug operation using the Blossom maple syrup plant. Clifford killed Jason to keep his father’s secret about the drug trade. Despite Clifford’s best efforts to hide his drug deals, the news about Jason’s death and his drug deals eventually broke. Clifford made the brave decision to hang himself in the Blossom barn, despite the presence of law enforcement at his door. He was also a business associate with the Sugarman, since he would meet secretly with him at his house while Cheryl and Jason were kids, until his death.

32: Smithers

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Waylon J. Smithers Jr. is a fictional character in The Simpsons animated television series. Harry Shearer voices him in the original version. Pierre Laurent, who replaced Patrick Guillemin in France, has been lending his voice to him since the tenth series. Jean-Louis Millette in Quebec doubles the role until Alain Zouvi takes over. His first appearance was in season one’s episode An Atom of Common Sense. However, his voice can still be heard in Deadly Christmas.

31: Jason Blossom

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Jason was the son Clifford Blossom and Penelope Blossom and the twin brother to Cheryl Blossom. He was the school’s water polo captain and a Riverdale Bulldogs member. It is believed that he died in mysterious circumstances after he fell from the boat into Sweetwater River on July 4, just before the series started. He was actually shot by an unknown assailant a week later, on July 11. He is also the father of Polly’s twins, Juniper and Dagwood.

30 :Chuck Clayton

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Chuck is a Riverdale High student and a Riverdale Bulldogs player. His father, Coach Clayton, coaches the Riverdale Bulldogs football program. After his date with Veronica Lodge, and his harassment and pranks towards them, Veronica decides that she will get revenge. She discovers that he had harassed many girls and figured Ethel Muggs out. Veronica, Betty, and the other girls had Chuck kicked off and disassociated from their team.

29: Valerie Brown

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Valerie was a Riverdale High School student and a member Josie and The Pussycats. She reformed the group with Veronica, dubbed “Veronica & the Pussycats”. After confronting Josie, Melody and Melody decided to leave. Josie was secretly trying to pursue a solo career. Valerie briefly dated Archie before he got too involved in the Blossoms. Seven years later Val still lives with Melody and works as a barista. The Pussycats will reunite with Josie, a multi-platinum recording artist, and accompany Josie on tour.

28: Melody Valentine

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Melody Vaneltine is a recurring character in Riverdale. Asha Bromfield plays her. She is a student at Riverdale High School and is part of the Pussycats’ group Josie and The Pussycats. He is a secondary character and only appears when Josie or the Pussycats sing or are rehearsing.

27:Dilton Doniley

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Dilton is believed to have been born in Riverdale. It is not known much about Dilton’s family life. He does not seem to have any close friends. His greatest priority seems to have been his devotion to Scouts, but recent events have revealed that DJing is at least one of his hobbies. Eight years ago, Dilton, an eight-year old, revealed that he had attended an annual memorial camp. This tradition was started by his father who was an adventure scout.

26: Ethel Muggs

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Ethel, a Riverdale High School student, teams up with Betty and Veronica to plot a revenge against Chuck Clayton. In Season 3, she becomes obnoxious and obsessive about the “Griffins and Gargoyles” game. Ethel and Chuck Clayton met up at school to have a brief conversation. Ethel then helped Chuck with a math problem. Chuck started spreading rumors that Ethel and he were involved in sex acts. Someone wrote “sloppy second” on Ethel’s locker.

25: Sierra McCoy

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. My daughter is my most important possession. There are many things you can do to help her succeed in life. If you do anything to screw her, Marc Berger at the SEC will call me and have him look into every financial transaction you’ve ever made. Mr. Cabot, no empire has been built without at minimum one rusty nail. Ask Hiram Lodge. Sierra McCoy is the mother to Josie McCoy. She was also the mayor of Riverdale until she became an attorney.

24 :Hal Cooper

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Hal is the father to Betty and Polly Cooper. He also ex-husbanded Alice Smith. Together they used to edit the Riverdale Register. Due to a feud that erupted generations ago, he has a hatred of the Blossom Family. After terrorizing Riverdale, Hal told Betty and Alice that the Black Hood was him. Betty’s speech to the 75th Anniversary Jubilee reminded Hal of a promise he made his mother Riverdale would be better.

23: Waldo Wetterbee

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. He is Riverdale High School’s principal. After Weatherbee became enchanted by the Farm, Holden Honey temporarily replaced him. Weatherbee was re-elected as principal after Edgar was killed, Evelyn was arrested and Evelyn was taken into custody. Although very little information is available about Mr. Weatherbee, it appears that he is stern and straight-forward.

22 : Moose Mason

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Riverdale High School student Moose was a member the Riverdale Bulldogs varsity football team. He was bisexual and had a brief relationship with Kevin. This relationship was never able to develop because of Moose’s reluctance. They did, however, date briefly in secret. Moose and Kevin rekindled their relationship over the summer. However, they kept it a secret because he was yet to come out.

21: Penelope Blossom

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Penelope was a member of the Sisters of Holy Mercy for a time before she was adopted by the Blossom Family when she turned 8. Clifford Blossom adopted her and she became his adoptive sister. She will eventually marry. She commits suicide to cover up her crimes. In season 4, he is a accomplice to the black hood (hall cooper), and the gargoyle-king. She was a trained herbalist. Penelope Blossom was the wife Clifford Blossom, who died hanging. She is also the mother to twins Cheryl Blossom and Jason Blossom, who both died. She is also the grandma of twins Juniper Cooper and Dagwood Cooper.

20: Mary Andrews

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Mary is Archie’s mom and the widower of Fred Andrews. Mary and Fred separated. Mary moved to Chicago. However, the divorce was never finalized. After Fred’s death, she returned to Riverdale and took legal guardianship over Archie until he went off for basic training. She would eventually sell Archie’s house after Hiram Lodge tried to demolish the Andrews family home.

19: Polly Cooper

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Betty’s older sister, Polly, is Jason Blossom’s wife. With Polly, she has two children, Juniper, and Dagwood. Polly was released from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy where she was held for several months by her parents. This followed the discovery of her pregnancy. She also attempted to flee with Jason. Polly then joined The Farm where she would give birth to Jason and their children. Polly, who was “healed”, has returned to Riverdale and introduced her mother to The Farm and Edgar Evernever, the Farm’s leader. They later found out that it was a cult.

18: Tom Keller

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Kevin Keller is the son of Tom Keller. He is Riverdale’s sheriff. He is especially involved in the investigation of Jason Blossom’s murder. We don’t know much about Tom Keller’s personal life except that he is known to sneak out at night to meet his lover. Veronica spying on him discovers that her mysterious friend, Sierra McCoy, is Riverdale’s mayor.

17: Pop Tate

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. He still has the dinner that his mother gave him. He is no longer able pay the cost of the dinner and will have to sell it. Hiram Lodge, who prefers to remain anonymous, is the only buyer. Pop, who is still the manager, finds this convenient. Jughead Jones later discovers the deception, and demands explanations from Pop. He tells her that he knew that he had sold the diner, and he refuses to mention it in his article about the Lodges.

16:Tabitha Tate

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Tabitha, Pop Tate’s grand-daughter, arrived in Riverdale from Chicago after she left a six-figure job. She wanted to take over Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe in order to franchise the famous diner. Since then, she has made many changes and implemented different rules. Tabitha and Jughead became closer as they looked into the Mothmen sightings. This turned out to be a hoax but linked them to an illegal clan of inbred Blossoms who were abducting, murdering, and living in the woods off the Lonely Highway.

15: Fangs Fogarty

All Characters Of riverdale

All Characters Of riverdale. Fangs was a Southside High student until Mayor McCoy closed it down. McCoy deemed Southside High a health hazard and claimed toxic fumes were coming out of the basement’s “methamphetamine laboratory”. Fangs was transferred to Riverdale High with Toni Topaz and Jughead Jones, his closest friends. He is also a member the Southside Serpents.

14: Toni Topaz

Toni Topaz

All Characters Of riverdale. Toni, the Serpent Queen of Southside Serpents, is the leader. Toni was just a member of the gang during her childhood. She met Jughead in her sophomore year. He transferred to Southside High and she became his guide. Toni was also the school’s photographer. Unfortunately, Southside High closed down after that venture. Toni developed a close relationship with Cheryl Blossom shortly after she transferred to Riverdale High.

13: Reggie Mantle

Reggie Mantle

All Characters Of riverdale. Reggie is tall and attractive. His position on the school’s football team is probably what makes him so athletic. His hair is straight and black with dark brown eyes. He also has olive skin. Her clothes are casual and consist of a t-shirt with jeans. Reggie is tall and attractive. His position on the school’s football team is probably what makes him look so athletic. His hair is straight and black with dark brown eyes. He also has olive skin. She wears a casual outfit, a tee shirt and jeans.

12: F. P. Jones

 F. P. Jones

All Characters Of riverdale. FP was the leader and father of Jughead, Jellybean and Jellybean. After Clifford Blossom dropped off a gun in FP’s trailer, FP almost was arrested for the murder Jason Blossom. Clifford had made FP fall for him to protect his son Jughead. FP was eventually found innocent of killing Jason, despite having a gun at his home. However, he was an accomplice to the crime and remains behind bars until his trial. He could be facing a lot of prison time because of his loyalty to the Southside Serpents.

11:Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller

All Characters Of riverdale. Kevin is a Riverdale High sophomore and Betty Cooper’s best friend. He also became Veronica’s MAG, a gay best friend. Kevin struggles with his sexuality as he doesn’t have the same options that his friends. Kevin is often reckless because of this. Joaquin was in a relationship with him and he had a brief interaction with Moose Mason. However, Joaquin left Riverdale and Moose didn’t want to be out like Kevin. This forced them to seek other ways to feel something. thing. Kevin recently expressed strong feelings for Moose. These feelings have been either dismissed or ignored.

10: Hiram Lodge

Hiram Lodge

All Characters Of riverdale. Veronica initially looked up to him, but she soon realized he was not a good person and she decided to quit. She began to forgive him as Season 2 progressed. His arrest was caused by Clifford Blossom. Veronica discovered that the Blossoms have been paying the Lodges for more than 75 years. Clifford wanted to be free from an agreement that Blossom Maple Farms was required to pay Lodge Industries’ monthly fees. Hiram’s arrest resulted in payments being stopped immediately.

9: Fred Andrews

Fred Andrews

All Characters Of riverdale. Fred was Archie’s father and the owner of Andrews Construction. In high school, he was a friend of Hermione Lodge and later married Mary Andrews. After more than a decade of marriage, they separated. Mary moved to Chicago after leaving Riverdale. Mary moved to Chicago with Archie and the couple formed a stronger bond. Archie preferred to leave his mother than leave Riverdale and abandon his father, as he was shown in the first season. Archie turned down his mother’s offer of Riverdale.

8: Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

All Characters Of riverdale. Alice, who was the editor and co-owner for the local newspaper, is also the ex-wife and mother of Betty Cooper and Polly Cooper. She also gave up her son Charles Smith to adoption while she was in highschool. She is also the grandma of Jason’s twins, Juniper (and Dagwood) and Polly. Alice was a Southside Serpents ex-member. This is one of Alice’s most secretive relationships. After her arrest, she cut all ties to the gang and erased or at least was believed to have erased every article from the system archives.

7: Josie McCoy

Josie McCoy

All Characters Of riverdale. Josie was the guitarist and lead singer of Josie and The Pussycats. Valerie and Melody split up the group after Melody secretly decided to pursue a solo career in music. Her father named Josie in memory of Josephine Baker, the late singer. Josie struggles to win his approval due to her father’s love for music and to impress him. Sierra, Josie’s mother, is much more supportive of her talent than her father. She especially loves her music and band.

6: Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl Blossom

All Characters Of riverdale. Cheryl is the daughter Clifford Blossom and Penelope Blossom. She is also the twin sister to Jason Blossom, who mysteriously vanished early in the series, July 11. Since Jason’s death, Cheryl has had a difficult relationship with her family. His mother blames him for helping Jason escape Riverdale by the River, which ultimately led to his death. Cheryl’s father views her as nothing in comparison to Jason, who was known as the “Golden Boy.” She is a student, cheerleader at the Rivers Vixens and self-proclaimed Queen Bee of Riverdale High School.

5: Jughead JoNes

Jughead JoNes

All Characters Of riverdale. Jughead was a Riverdale High School sophomore. However, his father FP Jones, the leader of Southside Serpents was arrested and he was placed into foster care. He was forced to transfer to Southside High. He attended gang and drug high schools and reopened his school newspaper, The Red and Black. Toni Topaz, Toni Topaz, and Robert Phillips were their advisors until Jughead’s arrest. He has close friendships with Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews, with whom he had a high school romance. After his father’s arrest, he joined the Southside Serpents.

4: Hermione Lodge

Hermione Lodge

All Characters Of riverdale. Hermione, the ex-wife and mother of Veronica Lodge, is Hermione. After a brief relationship with Fred Andrews, Hermione ended their relationship when Hermione disclosed that she was the buyer for the SoDale project. Hermione and her daughter had to leave New York during her husband’s imprisonment. She tried to make Lodge Industries, the family business, a legitimate corporation while she was there. Hiram was released and he took back control of the company.

3: Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge

All Characters Of riverdale. Veronica is a Riverdale High School student and wealthy. She is also the frontman for Veronica and The Pussycats, and a member the Rivers Vixens. Due to her father’s imprisonment and arrest, she moved to Riverdale from New York. As she fears for her family’s safety, she struggles to uncover the truth about her father’s loyalty and motives. She also strives to be a better person. Archie Andrews is her current partner.

2 :Betty Cooper

Betty Cooper

All Characters Of riverdale. Betty is a Riverdale High student and a long-time friend of Jughead Jones & Archie Andrews. She also has the friendship of Kevin Keller and Veronica Lodge. Alice Cooper is her daughter and she is also part of the River Vixen, Blue & gold high school newspaper. Elle, the Register’s editor in chief, is Polly’s little sister. She is therefore also Polly’s aunt. Charles Smith, her older half-brother, is also her mother. Betty, along with her boyfriend Jughead, joined theSouthside Serpents, making her the Queen of Serpents.

1: Archie Andrews

Archie Andrews

All Characters Of riverdale. Archie is a Riverdale High student, musician and a Riverdale Bulldogs football player. Coach Clayton gave him his team number nine. This number was originally Jason Blossom’s. Archie chose to not take the jersey in Jason Blossom’s honour and instead took number 17. Archie was the former captain of the football team, but he decided to give his title to Reggie Mantle, as he felt more connected to his music. Since childhood, Archie has been best friend with Jughead Jones (and Betty Cooper).

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