Razor Hunter X Hunter : Everything You Need To Know

Razor Hunter X Hunter

In Hunter X Hunter, Razor  was one of the games masters and the creators of Greed Island. He is the leader of Convicts of Greed Island.

APPEARANCE Razor Hunter X Hunter

APPEARANCE Razor Hunter X Hunter

Razor is an athletic, tall man who has the appearance of an athlete. Razor is short and spiky with hair with a round face, with the most thin eyebrows. He is almost always happy and has his eyes shut or drooping to show a gesture of respect which is a reflection of his friendly personality.
He is sporting an white T-shirt, red shorts, with vertically aligned diamond patterns.

PERSONALITY Razor Hunter X Hunter

PERSONALITY Razor Hunter X Hunter

Razor is usually relaxed and friendly, he is a good friend to others and even those who been there to take on his authority. But when he has to confront someone, Razor is fierce and competitive however, he is very sensible. He doesn’t accept lightly that people ignore his words and will impose punishments to anyone who breaks the rules.

He doesn’t put a down on those with less abilities than he does and doesn’t think about the difference in age or training when fighting. Razor was treated by Gon as an adult, not as a child and has a lot of respect for him.

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STORY Razor Hunter X Hunter


Razor and Ging

Razor was once a criminal however he was nabbed and convicted by Ging and was sentenced to life in prison. Ging got his help to develop his Greed Island game. It was at this point that they became close friends.


razor story Greed island Arc

Razor is first seen when he ejects his fellow members of the Ghost Brigade after they attempt to get into the island without permission. He is a crucial player in getting one of the toughest cards to play “Backwater from the Shore.” To win the card players must take on Razor as well as his fourteen devils and take down them in various sports contests.

The pirates he has recruited have been trained and are Nen users. Then it is revealed they are not pirates but rather creatures made by him with his Nen. The creatures are numbered between 1 to 14 with the first one bearing the number zero , acting as a reference.

He lost an encounter against the team of Gon that included Killua, Biscuit, Hisoka as well as a number of others who were recruited from Battera. Ging requested to not to be hesitant to take on him if his son return to Greed Island.

Razor later confessed to Gon that the convict was his former home and was later rescued by Ging and taken to Greed Island as an inmate. In the spirit of Ging, Razor helped him create the Greed Island game, and the island was made into guardianship of the convicts. Razor also became one of Ging’s closest friends and was assigned to guard Greed Island as one of games’ masters.

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SKILLS AND POWER Razor Hunter X Hunter

SKILLS AND POWER Razor Hunter X Hunter

Razor is extremely powerful. The aura of Razor can frighten even Hunters. While his capabilities in real combat are not known, it is reasonable to think that he’s the most dangerous adversary, and is not afraid to utilize his enormous power to defeat his adversaries. The Ghost Brigade even Phinks Phinks, one member of the Ghost Brigade, recognized his power and with his other comrades decided to quit the island to face him, which suggests that he may be more powerful than they are.

In a ball match, the player could be fatal to all of his foes and only those with the size that of Biscuit and Hisoka are able to fight back to Hisoka (Hisoka fractured his fingers because he chose to throw the ball back that Razor had thrown, even though the game could be won without his involvement).

He also has incredible mental stamina and incredible concentration, and even the pressure of a game didn’t cause his numerous Nen creatures disappear or fail. Similar to his fellow Greed island Game Masters, Razor is equipped with a card that lets him to eliminate intruders from his game and then return them to his “real world”.

  • Incredible power: Razor appears to be extremely powerful. He was capable to end a shot fired by Goreinu (covered by Nen) on his own without using Nen. The Ghost Brigade members Ghost Brigade recognize his power.
  • Stamina after receiving the ball reinforced by Gon’s Nen He does not take harm from the hit.
  • Accuracy The moment that Razor utilizes his Nen ball, he has the ability to accurately hit objects from an extended distance. It was demonstrated when he fired his nen ball into the ship that was used by the Ghost Brigade
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NEN Razor Hunter X Hunter

NEN Razor Hunter X Hunter

Razor has been described as an Emitter however he has shown control in intensity and Emission. Razor has a powerful aura. When Razor places his energy on a normal beach volleyball Killua claimed it’s the same weight as bowling balls. With its ability to withstand a lot, Razor can easily seriously harm anyone it hits. A good example is in the case of Goreinu’s Nen monster broke up when it was hit with an immediate hit. He’s adept to manipulate, intensify and emit without difficulty, which is why it is believed to be one of the top Nen users. as a master of game, he’s responsible for his Emission model system and the spells of Accompany Magnetic Force Return Railguide and Exit Drift/Jump, Collision and Eliminate cards are compatible using his Nen.

  • Razor is able to divide its aura in 14 fights, referred to as “Diablos”. In his game of burn, Razor employs these to alter to the right direction for the ball. The passes are so quick they make professional Hunters struggle to follow them. However, the strength of the shot diminishes with each passing. Each devil is stronger when they are bonded together.
  • Razor emits an red Nen ball that explodes when it comes into contact. With lots of force it can be used to cause the destruction of a small vessel when thrown. If it is dropped, it could take out a head of a human.
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