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Rod Reiss

Rhodes Reiss or Rod Reiss (also known as “Lord Reiss”) was the former king and owner of the farm on which his illegitimate child Historia Reiss was raised. Historia killed him to protect the District Of Orvud after he transformed into a huge Deviant Titi.




Rhodes is a man of average height with a mustache and black hair. His first appearance shows that he was able to wear a black suit with a matching hat, but when traveling, he wore a simple white shirt and elegant jacket. He wore a large, white toga during the ceremonies of the royal cult.

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Rhodes Reiss as a pure titan.

Rhodes, in his Primary form, had no hair and was unable to move his face. This was due to his heavy weight which caused his face to be distorted. He stood approximately 120m tall, almost twice the height of the Colossal Titan. His behavior suggested that he was a Deviant Titan. He focused on large groups of people and ignored everyone around him. Surprisingly, the Titan had digestive organs. This was evident in Operation: Dawn as the Titan stood at the District Of Orvud.

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Rhodes, a youngster, was idealistic and longed for the end to the titans with the Original Titan. He also wanted to end the burden on the other Titans.

He became calmer, more fatalistic, and more manipulative later. He may have appeared to be a respectful and courteous man at first contact between Rhodesand his daughter Historia Reiss. However, his reputation was at risk so he refused to compromise anything that was important to him. He also denied any connection to Historia or her mother, and let her throat be cut.

Although it may seem so, Rhodes was not a cold-hearted man. He was not brave enough to sacrifice his grandchildren and daughters for the Original Titan. He expressed his harshness by crying in Alma’s arms as they were lovers. Kenny says that his obsession with women drove him to live.

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  • Main article: Arc of the Major Turning Point



In Chapter 52 Rhodes Reiss is first seen. He is seen walking to Historia with Alma, his mother, who had abandoned Historia five years prior, just days after the Fall Maria Wall. He introduced himself to Historia in a charming manner to show that he was a friendly person. He offered to let her live on his farm.

Alma yelled at them as they left the house to get to her carriage. His daughter Alma, Rhodes and Alma were surrounded by a squad of First Division. When Kenny Ackerman asked Rhodes about the women, he did not hesitate to question him.

Alma lost her life as a result of this act. However, Historia offered Historia a deal. Historia would give up her life for the name “Reiss”. Historia had to give up her name to be called “Christa Lenz” in exchange for her life.

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Chapter 53 revealed that Erwin Smith, a member Historia, was trying to contact the Reiss family. After Pastor Nick’s speech revealing that the Reiss family might have the Titans secret, it was clear that he wanted to meet Rhodes to get information about him.


Rhodes at royal council

Rhodes on the other hand, in a meeting with the Royal Government, after having defend his measure of free food distributions to honor the anniversary of establishment of monarchy, for the need of strengthening adherence to crown, gave them priority.

The priority was to obtain the power of Original Titan and its host. He stated that it was futile for the Special Brigades continue their search, because the man of the hour has taken action and they will soon be at his mercy.


Rhodes Reiss with his daughter

Later, Rhodes Reiss was reunited with Historia. Eren Jager, who was the host of the Initial Titan, had captured her. It was Commander Kenny Ackerman. They were tied in coffins and brought there by the latter. Rhodes was kind and caring towards her, but she had a fierce expression toward him. He was concerned about her health, and felt sorry for her past. Then he embraced her.

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Rhodes Historia reiss

Historia, Rhodes using their power

He secured Eren in chains to the altar, in a crypt below the chapel. To bring back a memory, he made Eren’s daughter climb on the altar with him. Rhodes asked Eren if he remembered his father’s sin after seeing him become terrified.

He explained to Historia that Eren was the Original Titan. This Titan, which has the ability to control Titans, would normally be owned by the Reiss family. Grisha Jager, however, seized this power in 850 its possessor Fredia and killed all ReissesRhodes, and Historia.
Kenny arrived and informed Rhodes about the success of the army coup. All garrisons had been against them. They had to get out as quickly as possible, before they could find them again.

Rhodes returned to his hotel with a briefcase and went on his way. He opened the case after making sure they were all alone. He opened the case and found a Titanium Injection Syringe.


Rhodes prepares the titanic injection

Historia was listening to him as he prepared an injection. He explained to Historia, that Frieda wasn’t yet dead, even though it was difficult to believe. She would be able to recall the Original Titan’s memories and bring Frieda back to life. He asked her whether she liked the idea. Historia smiled, happy to see her big sister.

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Rhodes informed him, too, that the power the Original Titan could only be activated by members of their families, so long as Eren has it, hell will continue. Furthermore, if Frieda had properly used her powers, it would have been possible to get rid of the Titans.

Kenny made matters more complicated. He was close by and had heard everything. Kenny attacked him.


Rhodes attacked By Kenny

When he realized that Rhodes was planning to steal the Original Titan power, he finally exposed his true colors and kept him close by. He kept the secret from him and kept him at his side. Rhodes was grabbed by the collar, his rifle at his neck.

Rhodes was not impressed and told him ironically that he wasn’t the dog Eren had brought back from one of his absurd headshots. Kenny was furious and threatened to kill him if Kenny did not respect him again.

To exact his revenge, he began to turn Historia around. He reminded her that she was going Eren to eat and then impliedly revealed that her father had murdered her mother. He had only spared her to make her eat the Original Titan one-day so that she wouldn’t do it herself.

Rhodes stated that Kenny was incorrect about this accusation. He was not being cowardice, but rather the fact that he couldn’t trust anyone to make him a titan. He dismissed them with condescension and wished him to find another reason for living.

Kenny, a bad loser, climbed up on the altar and slashed Eren’s forehead before removing his gag to defend himself.

Rhodes put greater pressure on Historia, and she asked him why the Reiss hadn’t eradicated the titans. He didn’t have satisfactory answers. He explained to her that the first King of the Walls wanted to control the world through the titans. Historia knew that if Historia injected herself, she would be a slave to a higher power that would stop her from eliminating the titans as she desired.

Historia changed her mind, and she threw back the syringe. It broke. Rhodes stared at his syringe for a while, dazed. In a fit of fury, Rhodes grabbed his daughter by the shoulders and began screaming.

This one refused to be mistreated. He made a self defense hold and swung over her shoulder, putting him on his back. He tried to manipulate her by telling lies, and she ran to rescue Eren.

Rhodes, in desperate attempts to regain Original Titan, crawled to the syringe, which was on the ground, and whispered that he was going with Uli and Frieda. He then licked its contents.

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Rhodes Titans

Rhodes transforming into a Titan

At that instant, his body lit up and then there was a loud explosion. A skeleton measuring more than 100 meters was found near his body. Then flesh and organs were added to it. This created a giant Titan that caused the Chapel to collapse. Historia and Eren were able see all.

Historia and Eren were able to escape the situation.


Armin Arlelt, Livai Ackerman and Livai Brinkman said he was twice the size of Titan Colossal when he first saw him after his complete transformation.

He crawled toward the District Of Orvud and the Sina Wall without worrying about the Exploration Battalion members who had come to rescue Historia or Eren.

He was described as a deviant who was attracted to the large number of people.

End Rod Reiss

Rhodes Titan attacks the Sina Wall

The Wall was occupied by the Garrison, the Exploration Battalion and Historia who waited for the Titan’s arrival. Despite being bombarded with fire by the Garrison’s cannons the Titan was able to hold the wall up, which reached its trunk only without much difficulty.

The Exploration Battalion assumed control and sent the Titan Assassin, who threw powerful explosives into the Titan Assassin’s mouth.

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Rhodes dies at the hands his daughter

Rhodes dies at the hands his daughter

But it wasn’t over. It could still reform as long as it was not cut off. The soldiers began to cut the pieces. Historia followed her instinct and identified the correct piece and cut it. Intimate memories of Rhodes’ soul flooded her mind at that moment. She was able to see another Rhodes, one who was more vulnerable and sensitive than the father she had.

Soon after, Historia was crowned Queen of the Intraural world.



Near the Reiss chapel, Kenny was mortally injured by an explosion. He sat down against a tree, watching his life go by. Particularly, it was 829 that he had his most memorable encounter with Uli and Rhodes.

Kenny attacked Rhodes and Uli as they were riding in a wagon to get revenge on their clan being persecuted under the Reiss. Kenny was captured by Uli, who transformed into the Original Titan. Rhodes tried to first shoot him with his rifle, then torture him to discover where the leak came. Uli asked him not to.

Uri Reiss And Khenny

Rhodes threatens Kenny

Kenny tried to end Rhodes’s life once more by throwing a knife at Rhodes. Rhodes was terrified, but he eventually got up and took his gun and pointed at Rhodes. Rhodes tried to avoid shooting, even though he just found out that he was an Ackerman so could not be conditioned.

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Alma comforts Rhodes

He remembered Rhodes shortly thereafter, just before he passed away. Despite their difficult relationship, they shared one thing in common: an obsession that kept them going. He was power, and Rhodes were women. They saw him again with his head in Alma lap looking for comfort from her affections.



He was in a bad relationship to his father. His father refused to give him an explanation and he wanted him to destroy the world of titans. He reprimanded the teenager and put him in jail.


uri reiss

He loved his. Little brother. He tried to stop him physically from eating his father’s food after he volunteered to take the injection. His daughter confronted him after the incident. Historia The thought of seeing him again gave him enough strength to drink the titanic serum that had been spilled on the ground.

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He hated him and couldn’t understand why his brother would adopt a stray dog such as him. He was not afraid to manipulate Kenny and use his ambitions to get Kenny to continue serving him.

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He was not faithful to her and mentions her once but doesn’t give her her name when he tells of the massacre of her family in 850 by Grisha Jager . It is possible that this was an arranged marriage.


Although he loved his oldest daughter very much, he didn’t object to her giving herself a Titanic Injection in order to consume his brother. After his confrontation with Historia with his daughter , it wasn’t the thought of seeing his oldest daughter again with Uli who gave him the courage to take the titanic serum from the floor.

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Rhodes seemed to be devoted to his children. Frieda was not able to protect the children from Grisha. He killed all the children after Grisha murdered her. Rhodes was devastated.

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She was originally the maid at the Reiss mansion. As the only person who could understand Rhodes, she quickly became his confidante. He was never close to her, but that did not last forever. He didn’t hesitate to let Kenny Ackerman slit his throat.

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He was absent initially from her life and didn’t recognize her. He was sensitive to his daughter, though he didn’t want her to be killed. After his daughter was captured, he hugged his daughter with tears in his eyes and told her that he regretted the things she had endured.


He hated the man who had in one night exterminated his entire family.


Rhodes had a chilling pleasure in sharing painful memories of the terrible acts his father, Grisha, committed. He felt no pity for the idea of him being devoured Historia. Even though he was judging his fate due to all the sins this one seems to associate with his father’s. He was not only the son of his executioner but also a threat to Paradise’s future because the Original Titan couldn’t be used without a family member.


Rod Reiss was annoyed by the selfishness of his prime minister and was unable to comprehend that in order to keep the people loyal the monarchy, it was necessary to provide them with food.

NOTES About Rod Reiss

  • Rhodes seems to have been able to predict the size of the titan that the cerebrospinal sera would transform his daughter. This shows that he had some knowledge about the subject.
  • “Rhodes,” may refer to the Rhode nymph, who is associated with the Greek island of same name. Both have the same Greek writing from ancient “Rodos.”
  • He is the only Paradise monarch not to have had the Original Titan in his possession, and he, together with his great ancestor Karl Fritz I are the only de jure Eldian rulers.
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