Romance Manhwa : Our Top 60+

We have the top romance manhwa recommendations for you guys. Grab your popcorn and buckle up! Let’s get to it! Romance is a very popular genre and fills the heart. We have the best manhwa romance suggestions for you guys. Relax with your popcorn and buckle up.

Best Romance Manhwa

20. Age is a Matter of Life

Age is a Matter of Life

Age Matters is an original manhwa that has an amazing storyline. The story centers on a 29-year-old woman who is hopeless romantic. The 23-year-old billionaire bachelor becomes her assistant and this is how their love story begins. They were meant to be together. Their love story is heartwarming. This manhwa is a great read for anyone who enjoys these kinds of stories.

19. I Love Yoo

I Love Yoo

Shin Ae Yoo was a terrible child. Her parents divorce caused her family to be divided. She was also suffering from a lot of bullying and suffered a lot. These facts made her an introverted, sarcastic teenager who is now 17 years old and has lost all love since seeing the tragic love-life of her parents.

One day she refuses to believe a man’s love confession and is treated by her friends to dinner. One of the boys she rejected was among the group of boys who entered the restaurant . They were slandering her and her friends. So, she decided to throw some drinks at them, which ended up hitting a boy with a ginger hair. What’s next?

18. True Beauty

True Beauty

This is the best romance manhwa . This will raise your standards and make you long for a man who doesn’t exist. True Beauty is the story of a high schooler named Lim Joo Kyung who believes she’s ugly and can’t do makeup.

She meets a beauty content creator one day who inspires her. She decides to learn makeup. She turns herself into a clown and everyone laughs at her. She soon learns the perfect makeup and everyone is impressed by her. She is attracted to two handsome boys, and she ends up in a love-triangle. Is she going to be able escape? Which boy will she choose to marry?

17. Let’s play

Let's play

This manhwa’s main character is on her way to achieving her dream of making cool video games. But, she is hit hard by the reality of life. A streamer who is very well-known gives her a harsh review. She discovers that her neighbor, a shifted woman, is a critic. It’s a wonderful story with many problems.

16. Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus

This is an interesting story. This is the story of Gods and their love story. All the friendships and lies, gossip, and live parties. It seems that the Gods are not very different from us humans. This is a fascinating story that will make you shiver at times. It’s possible to imagine the romance between gods. Oof!

15. Spirit Fingers

Spirit Fingers

Amyis an average, boring, and ordinary girl who joins a art club called Spirit Fingerswhich helps recover her suppressed emotions and colors. Amy’s life is largely black. Every day is the same. Amy’s life changes when she joins an arts club. It’s a good thing she joined an art club. HAHA.

14. Devil Number 4

Devil Number 4

What would you do if a devil came into your life? What will you do if a devil comes into your life? Our MC is an isolated loner with no close family or friends. It’s a boring life that she finds very dull. How will this devil and this girl interact?

13. Ecstasy Hearts

Ecstasy Hearts

Shimuzu Anya, the daughter of a High-Class tennis player,is very confident in her abilities. But one day she is completely beaten by a man and that’s when their rivalry starts! Because it contains two genres, this series is different from other manhwa. One is romance, the other is sports. That sounds interesting.

12. Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade

What would you do if a vamp girl is reincarnated into your school? Orange Marmalade is the story of Baek Ri, who has been treated differently than other students because she’s a Vampire. Ma Ri meets a man whose blood is very sweet, and it leads to romance.

11. We are so over… or not!

We are so over... or not!

This story is about arranged marriages. This is a very sad story. With the help of a magic coin, Chastity & Valor can relive their teenage years. Will they be able to stay together? Or will they part ways?

10. Pinocchio


This manhwa’s story revolves around Choi Ha Rim, a young girl who purchases a strange necklace. She sees Yu Ga On right after she buys the necklace. The spirit doesn’t remember how he died. That’s quite a change, right?

9. Cherry Boy, That Girl

Cherry Boy, That Girl

Imagine being the only girl at an all-boys school. What would you do? Our MC is in the exact same situation. She attends an all-boys school, and is literally surrounded with them. Is she able to adapt to the school? Or, will she find someone who understands her situation? Cherry Boy, That Girl will help you find out.

8. Unloveable Replacement

Unloveable Replacement

This manhwa’s story begins with Chiko Dyer, a university student who split with his long-term girlfriend. He felt that she had grown distant and wasn’t the same. He has to deal with a lot of difficulties while trying to cope up. It is true that it can be hard to find someone you truly love. What’s worse, though, is the knowledge that they don’t feel the same way as you. *sad noises*

7. Always Human

Always Human

This manhwa’s story is also unique. The story revolves around two young girls who fall in love. The story is set in the world nanobots and robotics. You get to see mecha with romance, too. These types of stories are what “Always Human,” is for you.

6. Empyrea


Empyrea begins in a world in the Spiral. It was created by the Spider Grandfather to keep it from Chaos, the center of the world. Although it may seem complicated, as you read through the chapters you will slowly understand the plot. Don’t let this series fool you.

5. Suitor Armor

Suitor Armor

Lucia, lady in-waiting to Lady Krisi the future queen, is Luca. Lucia however has a secret.She’s a fairy with pointed ears and wings. It sounds like an elf to my ears, haha. She must keep her identity secret from all.

4. Your Throne

Your Throne

Valios Empire desperately needs a crown princess. Medea Solon, Psyche Callista and Psyche Callista can be the candidates. They accidentally swap bodies one day and that’s when all the trouble starts. The story is a love story that’s both amazing and twisty. I’m sure you’re gonna like it.

3. My Dear, Cold-Blooded King

My Dear, Cold-Blooded King

Kihara Mei, an average who has led a simple life. Her simple life is made more complicated when she has to face dangerous royal assassins. Will Kihara be saved by someone or left to her fate? Read My Dear Cold-Blooded Kings to find out!

2. Sica Wolf

Sica Wolf

Sica embarks on her missionto meet one of the most important persons in her life. Sica meets Karsus, a mercenary swordsman who is very similar to her first love. Sica is supported by Karsus on her adventure. Is Sica going to be able find the right person? What impact will Karsus’ name have on Sica’s life?

1. As You Wish, Prince/ Majesty

As You Wish, Prince/ Majesty

Yoon Soo is a popular author who writes fantasy stories, and then gets trapped in her own stories. LMAO! She also creates a villain. Will she be able defeat the villain?

Historical Romance Manhwa

1.Princess is a traitor

Princess is a traitor

Summary The protagonists of this story are Evenrose and Michael. Both live in separate worlds. He is a Homunculus, which is a race used only for manual labor and slavery in the kingdom. On the other, she is a princess at the royal palace. She tries to win her father’s approval and become his successor in order to free slaves and to change the system. This Manhwa’s time-reversal story is one of few that actually explains why time was reversed. It is a wonderful story

2. This family will be mine

This family will be mine

Summary The great Lombardi family was destroyed by Firentia’s grandfather. Firentia was unable to interfere and had to be present for all the action. She got drunk and was thrown by a carriage. She woke up the same seven-year-old she had been when she fell asleep. She seizes the opportunity to be the next head of her family and preserve the Lombardi heritage.

  • It’s great to see adults be startled by a little girl
  • I love to read a Manhwa royal about the most beloved Manhwa-Dad of history
  • Like reading a perfect story with perfect artwork (yes, I’m fangirling about this one).

3. I was married to the father of the Male Lead

I was married to the father of the Male Lead

Summary Aisha was a big fan of Abel before she reincarnated as the lead female character in her favorite novel “Persona”. She sent him gifts after she began her novel life. Abels Dad calls her one day to get a grip of her actions. There is a problem: Abels Dad thinks Aisha is just fangirling for his son. This is how they started their relationship. This Manhwa is on Tapas.

4. How to protect older male leads

How to protect older male leads

Summary Roxana belongs to a corrupt family of assassins, the Agriches. After being reincarnated, she is able to understand the story and save Cassis Pedelian, the heroine’s brother. This is a risky move because she must pretend to torture him before her family. You can read more about Villainess Manhwa. This list is Villainess Manwa.

  • Want to read a historical Romance Manhwa featuring godlike art?
  • I don’t mind stories with mild gore and psychotic characters. It’s refreshing to read.
  • Would you like to see love bloom in a toxic environment?

5. Villains are meant to die

Villains are meant to die

Summary The female lead in an otome game became engrossed and must now live as Penelope Eckhart, the villainess. The problem is that the game is in hard mode. She is afraid of making a mistake and she will die. The affection bar above her male love interests is her only indicator of how she is doing.

  • Don’t be surprised if the male lead is treated very badly at the beginning
  • Love to read historical romance Manhwas with beautiful art (I know I’m repeating myself).
  • It’s great when you don’t know the real male lead

6. I am the prince

I am the prince

Summary Angela is a big fan of Prince Rayburn and even wrote fanfics for him. Surprised, her cringey fanfic was published without her knowledge and became a huge hit. The imperial family discovers the fanfic and begin to hunt for the author. Rayburn’s sister Hoya brings her in to protect Rayburn. In return, she must write a sequel to her novel in secret in order to boost Rayburn’s reputation. Rayburn is her inspiration. It’s a fascinating story. This is not your typical Isekai, beautiful duke storyline. She didn’t go back to time and she didn’t reincarnate.

7. Flirting With the Dads of the Villains

Flirting With the Dads of the Villains

Summary The female lead is reincarnated as Princess Yerenica in Bus-kun’s wrath. This character appears in “Brisney Wants to Be Happy”. The twist is that she reincarnated twenty years before the story of her novel begins. She knows the plot and tries to seduce her father before the villain is born.

8. Beware of Villainess

Beware of Villainess

Summary The female lead is reincarnated as Melissa Foddebrat. She is the daughter a duke, and has made many enemies in her past. She was also very clingy. Melissa isn’t going to become a saint, but she will teach the men who are stupid a lesson. She does it with a beautiful ruthlessness.

9. My gentle raised animal

My gentle raised animal

Summary This isn’t an Isekai, or a time-reversal Manhwa. It is quite special by itself. Blondina, who grew up poor, is taken into the palace because she is the forgotten princess in the Ates empire. She is not welcomed with open arms, and her family treats her very poorly. Amon, a member the divine leopard clan, meets her and can transform into a human. They soon become close. Continue reading: Best webtoons 2021.

10. Carrier Falcon Princess

Carrier Falcon Princess

Summary – This Manhwas woman lead is Zelle. She is the eighth princess royal of Roymonde who was abducted by the enemy. She wakes up as an animal after falling asleep in a life-threatening situation. Yes, a bird. She is a messenger bird for Commander Valhayle because she loves to help her country. They form an unusual bond.

  • Enjoy a fresh and original story
  • Don’t be surprised if the male lead is drawn to a bird in a strange way. This story is funny because it still creates tension and bonds between the mcs.
  • I love to read a Manhwa that has an ongoing war and a mysterious plot.

Manhwa Historical Romance

11. I am the Real One

I am the Real One

Summary Keira was a noble and upright daughter who did what she believed to be right. Even though her father was cold, she did all that was required to become a water elementalist. According to a prophecy, there will only be one elementalist born into the realm. When Cosette arrives and displays her powers, everyone suspects that Keira has been deceived. She is executed at the end, but she travels back in history. She is determined to make a change in her life with her second chance.

  • You don’t have to know who the male lead is.
  • It’s a great feeling when the female lead is very awkward in social situations
  • I love watching the female lead slowly evolve and open up.

12. Villainess is back

Villainess is back

Summary Artezia Rosan, a master manipulator, uses her skills to help her brother take the throne. He stabbed her in her back after she decided he didn’t need her anymore and she was imprisoned. Even though her legs and arms were severed, she was able to draw a circle that would allow her to travel back in time. She uses her talents to assist Cedric Ebron, a man she adores

13. Father, this is not what I want.

Father, this is not what I want.

Summary – If you enjoy misunderstandings, this story might be for you. Juvelian is supposed be a villainess, although it’s not really clear what she did wrong. She feels abandoned and is afraid of her father. She dies tragically in the first chapter. No one, not her father nor her lover, helped her. After going back in time, she ends her relationship with her lover and attempts to win her father’s love. Her father is very protective of her and they all have poor communication skills. To keep her from getting married, she signs a contract with her father’s student.

  • It’s great when the male lead falls for the first time and is shy and possessive.
  • don’t mind a misunderstanding-inception and the lack of proper communication (it is pretty hilarious for now – but I hope it won’t get dragged out too much)
  • I love to read a story about a father who is VERY misunderstood.

14. It is time to transform the genre

It is time to transform the genre

Summary The female lead is reincarnated as “The owner of winter forest”, her favorite revenge novel, and becomes the evil aunt Eudith. She must take care of Luka, the male lead in the novel. She began to treat Luka well after she woke up and he started getting close to her. Rudiger, Luka’s uncle, arrives to take him away. Eudith refuses to leave Luka and they move to Winterwald.

15. The lady and the beast

The lady and the beast

Summary After a life filled with heartbreak and bloodshed, Empress Martina is reborn as Astina. She is a daughter to a count. She must marry Archduke Atalenta after her family is forced to go bankrupt. He is also known as Terriod the Beast because of a curse that transforms him into a wolf. Astina doesn’t feel intimidated and manages the situation. This recommendation shows how the art is quite unique.

Bloody Romance Manhwa

15. For Stella

For Stella

We now move on to another well-known womanhwa. This time, we will be exploring a romance and time traveling theme. Stellais the story about a girl trapped in her own novel who can only escape to her world by taking her own life (that’s it). Our FL is Diana. Diana tries suicide multiple times but is saved each time by the hero of the novel. Why is the hero trying to save her? He may have fallen for Diana and want her to stay there forever. We won’t reveal any more. Let’s go for it, and see what happens.

14. Father I don’t want you to get married

Father I don't want you to get married

Father, I don’t want to marry anyone with a title! This is historical romance mixed with fantasy. The story centers on Jubelian who draws upon the knowledge she gained in her previous life to help her survive her current one. Even though she is basic villain canon fodder, the lady desires a simple life. However, her husband is not someone she can choose because she is the duke’s daughter. Unfortunately, she is about marry the insane Crown prince who murders anyone he doesn’t like. What will Jubelian do next. Is the Crown Prince insane?

13.Villainess of Love is in You

Villainess of Love is in You

Are you ever tempted to reincarnate as a beloved character from your favourite books? It all depends on the novel you’re reading. This is the story about the manhwa. When our MC was taken into the body of a villainess, he was enjoying a happy life. She is rapidly approaching the end her life as a villain. Our MC is determined support her and to help her heal. Can she achieve her goal? This is all I can tell you right now.

12. The Father of the Villain

The Father of the Villain

Next, we have another manhwa that is amazing. It focuses on a young girl who Isekai her favorite book and makes it so beautiful and exciting once she has transferred it to her. This novel is for lovers of manhwa, romance and good literature. Excellent writing and storyline for manhwa. It won’t be easy to put down.

11. Princess Imprints is a Traitor

Princess Imprints is a Traitor

This Korean Best Isekai Romance Manhwa focuses on Evenrose, the seventh Imperial Princess. Although she was the main character, they couldn’t immediately kill her in a massacre. Her entire family was killed in the massacre. God gave her another chance to save her family by sending her back in eight years. How can she save her family from destruction? Only love can stop war. So what’s the next step? Will she be tempted to marry the man who murdered her family? Find out.

10. Who made me a princess

Who made me a princess

One choice is a great manhwa, Who made me a princess. His plot involves “getting stuckin a bedtime story.” This is the story of a little girl who was reincarnated in a bedtime story her father told. Now, she is trapped in a sad tale and cannot find a way to return to her normal life. Is this her destiny? Is she going to stay here? This manhwa is an excellent way to find out.

9. Villains are Destined to Die

Villains are Destined to Die

Penelope Eckart was a participant in one of the most popular, trending dating simulator games. The main character is a 17-year old girl from the country who becomes the long-lost child of a duke. After living as a commoner, she finds herself surrounded by new connections and incidents. There are several male targets, each with their own charm. The duke’s daughter has ulterior motives. She stole the main character’s place while she was absent for six years. Let’s watch Penelope Eckart play this game.

8. Villainess’s Maker

Villainess's Maker

I was the villainess in the novel’s body. It was also a fantasy novel I wrote 10 years ago. Villainess Isla was a cursed woman who died at the hands the main character. What if I’m not a villain? “This time, I’m going bumble about like an unemployed rich lady all my life!” But, the day started to repeat itself every single time I began to dangle about. It is possible that this is because I chose not to be a Villainess. I don’t want death! Please stop the time loop… It is easy. It’s easy to be a true villain. A real villain? A true villain? I was once greeted by a sorcerer, who gave off a strong odor of danger. “If you want, I will happily take the crown from her and lay it on your forehead. After that, I will make the way for your acces to the throne. This man, much like the Devil whispered sweet words into my ear with his most gentle tone. Your answer? Can I really stop the time loop so that I can be reborn as a true criminal? Manhwa’s Best Isekai Romance

7. Why Raeliana ended up at the Duke’s Mansion

Why Raeliana ended up at the Duke’s Mansion

Before I begin, let me tell you something amusing about this manhwa. This Best Isekai Romance Manhwa holds the record for longest title. The plot of this manhwa is incredible, so don’t let the title fool your eyes. This is the story about a young woman who was tricked by her husband and then killed. She was revived in a mansion, instead of dying. At first, she was confused and afraid. Things turned out to be in her favor after she met a Duke. The Duke was kind and handsome. It is easy to guess what the next event will be.

6. I am The Precious Daughter, the Greatest Villain of Fantasy World

I am The Precious Daughter, the Greatest Villain of Fantasy World

The manhwa is also taken to the home of our MC. Not to a novel, not to anything, but to the home and heart of a cruel villain. She is the only one who can master martial arts. To be able return to her normal life, she must master this skill. Many people are following her relentlessly because of her father’s poor standing. What is she to do in such a circumstance? Is she capable of making it work? You have many questions. Because I don’t want spoileverything, I won’t be in a position to answer all your questions.

5. the Abandoned Empress

the Abandoned Empress

The Abandoned Empress is an interesting manhwa. This manhwa involves time travel, which is what makes it so fascinating. This story tells the story about a woman who was meant to become the country’s Queen but, because of some unfortunate events, she dies before she can wear the crown. Here’s the twist. She survived, and she now travels back in history to discover what happened. What are your thoughts? Are you confident that she can figure it all out? Can she be the queen? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

4. I am a member of the House Castielo

I am a member of the House Castielo

We continue with another manhwa. It is the sad story of Estelle, an 11-year-old girl who was sold by her cruel mother. Her mother deceived her and she was afraid of what would happen to her. She was able to adopt Ein Castielo, the duke, thanks to the kindness of the universe. It was later revealed that he was her dad. How will she live her life now that she has reunited with her father. Are all her grievances about to vanish? Keep an eye on this manhwa.

3. First Night With The Duke

Manhwa is the Best Isekai Romance. A beautiful, self-centered noble falls for a kind, gentle commoner. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. An average college student wakes up in Ripley’s role as Ripley. She decides to live the life she has dreamed while enjoying the luxury of Ripley’s status and watching the plot unfold. Her plans soon get scuppered when she discovers herself in bed with Duke Zeronis (the novel’s hero). Can Ripley survive the night and the villainess plots, as well as the Duke’s advances and her own feelings?

2. Villainess Turns the Hourglass

Villainess Turns the Hourglass

The Villainess Reverses is the story of Aria Roscente, who was the child of a prostitute. She was to live a lavish life after her mother became Count Roscente. Her efforts earned her poor reputation, and she was ignored by her step-sister Mielle. Aria was a victim of hatred and maltreatment. At the age of 20, Aria died. She was not supposed to die, but she was sent back in time and is now ready for revenge against all those who wronged her.

1. They claim I was born to a King’s child

They claim I was born to a King's child

Suhee Kim spent her youth attracting the attention of many wealthy suitors. She finally falls in love with Jinsu Han, her steady boyfriend. Suhee is then brutally murdered. Surprised, Suhee is reincarnated immediately as a baby girl called Sanghee Kim who happens to be a princess. She is also fully aware of her past lives. One problem is that women in this society are considered to be completely inferior, even princesses. Sanghee is disgusted at the way women are treated in the kingdom. She wants to change the patriarchal system. Is Sanghee going to be able succeed or will she continue living her second life as a woman treated lowly?

School Romance Manhwa

11. Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade
Concept for High SchoolRomancePlotArtTotal

Genre: Vampires, Fantasy, High School and Romance

Manhwa Storyline

Orange Marmalade is available! This manhwa actually has a k-drama. You should definitely watch it if you haven’t. It will be entertaining to start the manhwa side-by-side. Let me now tell you about the story. The story centers around Baek M Ri,who is a vampire. She hides her identity from her schoolmates.

She appears quiet and emotionless at the beginning of the story. This is what earns her the nickname “Ice Princess”. She is traumatized by being ridiculed at school for being a Vampire. She bit Jae Min one day and became his love-interest.

Vampires are seen by humans as evil and they hope to die. Baek Ma Ri is filled with fear and confusion as she goes to her school. She wants to make friends. Jung Jae Min, the main character in the series, meets her one day. He is charming and a great basketball player. Both are friends despite the fact he hateswomen because they remind him of his stepmother, who beat him up as a child.

10. Only One Girl He Knows

Only One Girl He Knows
High School ConceptRomancePlotArtTotal

Genre: School Life, Fantasy, Drama, Romance

Manhwa Storyline

Just a Girl He Knowsis a time travel story. The story centers on a young lady who mourns the death of her neighbor and an old friend whom she was close to from the beginning. She was never brave enough to tell her classmate her feelings. She squandered the chance to do so. Don’t let that happen, girls! Don’t miss the chance to let someone know that you feel a certain way about them. We never know what has in store for us.

This is how it happens: a girl is in a bus crash. Because the driver was drunk, she caused an accident. It turned out that she was transported back in time after the accident. It took her approximately 10 years. This might be the right choice for you guys if you enjoy time travel stories with a touch of romance.

9. Although life can decide us

Although life can decide us
High School ConceptRomancePlotArtTotal

Genres: Drama, Romance and High School

Manhwa Storyline

Even though Life May Decide Us, it has a profound lesson. We all have the desire to do more in our lives. It’s not easy. Competent is what you need. You also need to know more about your self. Because life can deceive us, we never know. Kam SaHam, our MC is a college student with no money who wants to study Fashion Design. After dedicating to changing her life, she discovers that the university she chooses has many spoiled rich brats who could make her life more difficult. Is she able to find true love amid all the chaos?

Fashion Schools can be very costly, as we all know. SaHam is a poor student and must work hard to pay her tuition. As the story progresses, SaHam meets many rich people who make her life more difficult. This manhwa is a must-read for anyone who loves fashion.

8. Celebgram

High School ConceptRomancePlotArtTotal

Genre – Romance

Manhwa Storyline

Suji, a talentedwoman, can take amazing selfies. This ability has been reincarnated in her. One day, a popular idol DMed her. The idol she idolizes asks her to meet him. Worst of all, this girl used beauty appsto modify her photos on social media. How will it turn out at their meet-up? OOF! Imagine ripping off someone using beauty apps.

I’m not going to lie, I also know some apps. E.g, Snow, Line Camera, etc. These apps will transform you into someone else. These apps don’t have to be used. You are beautiful just the way you are. Accept yourself and you will be even more beautiful!

7. Lonely, Lonely Fireflies

Lonely, Lonely Fireflies
High School ConceptRomancePlotArtTotal

Genre High School, Slice of Life

Manhwa Storyline

Lonely, Lonely Fireflies may be your best choice if you love young stories with lots of young charactersand hidden messages. The story centers around four teenage friends who come together. It is obvious that when a circle is too large, there can be complexities such as betrayal and excitement. Small circles are healthy and good for you.

6. Falling cohabitation

Falling cohabitation
High School ConceptRomancePlotArtTotal

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural

Manhwa Storyline

Do you guys know the term Gumiho, or are you unfamiliar with it? Gumiho, a folktale creature from Kroean tradition, is mentioned in Kroean historical history. It shares many similarities to Chinese Huli Jiing. Is your country home to something similar? Please let us know by leaving comments below.

A Falling Cohabitation is centered around a housewarming celebration with a Gumiho. It’s an ongoing manhwa. It is definitely worth reading!

5. Four years apart

Four years apart
Concept for High SchoolRomancePlotArtTotal

Genre Comedy. Romance. Slice of Life

Manhwa Storyline

Irie has been set up to marry her mother’s friend’s boy. She was five years old when it all started. She grew up with Kangee. By together, I mean side by side. They share a very interesting chemistry.

Kangee, however, moved to the United States due to his father’s work, which created a gap of four years between them. After four years of being together, they were still the same. Will they marry now? Want to know more? This manhwa will help you to find out!

4. Something About Us

Something About Us
Concept for High SchoolRomancePlotArtTotal

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Manhwa Storyline

This story is about two best friends who have been misunderstood by everyone else as a couple. The struggle is real. They have a certain “something about them” which is suspenseful. They might even end up dating, who knows? It’s difficult to explain, as there are many complexities in their relationship.

3. Mother, I am sorry

Mother, I am sorry
Concept for High SchoolRomancePlotArtTotal

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Manhwa Storyline

This manhwa’s story is complex. The story revolves around a father and son. The son discovers that his mother’s life is at stake. He gives his yearsof his life to his mother. Just like that, his mother is youngerthan her son and receives a second chance at life. This is so interesting! Imagine your mom being older than you. HAHA!

2. Inso’s Law

High School ConceptRomancePlotArtTotal

Manhwa Storyline

Ham Dan is an average high school student. However, she finds herself trapped in a novel and must live an extraordinary existence. Her role in the novel is that of a childhood friend. As the story progresses, her character becomes more and more.

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1. True Beauty

True Beauty
High School ConceptRomancePlotArtTotal

Genres: Romance, Comedy High School, Slice Of Life

Manhwa Storyline

True Beauty is one of my favorite manhwas. It is simply the best! The story centers around Lim Joo Kyung, a high school student who believes she is ugly. She has to use makeup24/7 to be able to fit in at the school she attends . Although she was initially a novice at makeup, her perseverance and practice made her a better artist.

As the story progresses, Lim Joo Kyung meets two brothers, Seo Joon and Su Ho. You already know what is coming. She is trappedbetween the two of them in a never-ending love triangle. This manhwa is a must-read.

Modern Romance Manhwa

17. Let’s play

17. Let's play

This one is going to be your favorite. Samare is a game designer and her dream is for an incredible game. Ruminate was her first game. However, it failed to succeed because it received negative reviews from Marshall Law. What’s worse? Marshall Law, the same man who moved in next to her home, was Marshall Law. This story deals with social anxiety and real struggles about life.

16. True Beauty

True Beauty

The story has the same feel as makeup remover. Our main lead, Lim Joo Kyung, thinks she’s ugly and needs to makeover. She was aided by online videos. Her make-up was not perfect at first. Even her friends laughed at her. But she continued to practice. She is starting to look beautiful and everyone notices her. Two boys now have a crush on the girl, and they are in a love triangle.

15. Nineteen, Twenty One


Have you ever pondered what would happen if you could skip two years and not experienceanything. It will be wonderful or miserable. Let us know what you think.

This webtoon also covers the same topics. Yun-lee was the lead. She had an terrible car crash and ended up in a coma. This caused her to lose two years of valuable time. She is now admitted to university but she is still struggling to catch-up. When she was caring for some cute cats, she meets Dong-Wi, a bright and cheerful man. This is when the story of Nineteen Twenty One began.

14. Forever Mine


The curse exists between Jooin and Youngwon’s families. Their families and Youngwon’s can’t be separated because of this. There is also a master and subordinatething. The subordinate must follow the master’s orders. Youngwon is a member of a master’s family , while Jooin is a member of a subordinate’s . Youngwon was a child with Jooin. Both of them care about each other and may have feelingsfor each other. The story is complex and fun because of the subordinate and master curse.

13. I Found Somebody To Love

13. I Found Somebody To Love

This is a true gem. It really handles adult relationsvery well. Yihyun is an English teacher and he loves poetry. His student NamWoo saw his poem and was impressed. This story is truly heartwarming and focuses on the relationship between an English teacher, Namwoo, and hisstudent.

12. A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal

Are you a blind dater? Ha-ri (our lead) asked Ha-ri to go on blind dates.

Her BFF (Tae Muk Kang) has made a marriage request. However, her BFF does not want to be involved so she asks her to stop it. Her BFF even gave her some cash. She discovered that her blind date was the handsome CEO of her company. He asked her to marry him. The question is, why would a rich man ask a woman to marry him on their first date? Here’s the answer: He didn’t want blinddates. His grandfather was the one who set up the date, but he didn’t ask him. He got annoyed and decided he would marry any girl that showed up. It will be amazing to witness their chemistry.

11. I’d love to see you in my 19th life

I'd love to see you in my 19th life

Do you ever wonder about your past life? What was your life like? How did you live your life?

Humans don’t have any memories about their previous lives. We are born again, forget and die. Ji-Eum Ban is able to recall her past lives. She was wealthy and belonged to Korea’s richest family in her 18th year, but she wasn’t happy. Seo-ha was bored with her life, until she met Seoha Mun. But a tragedy struck when they became close friends. They were both going to park on Seoha’s birthday. On the way, a car plowed into them. Ji died instantly. She was reborn in a poorfamily, her memories intact. Her goal is to see Seo again.

10. Devil Number 4

Devil Number 4

I have a question for you. Would you be willing to sell your soul if the devil comes knocking on your door promising you every wish. It doesn’t matter if it’s a PSP5,so take my whole body. This is what Hanna was told. A man named Number 4, who was a stranger, told her that he would grant her every wish in return for her beautiful soul. But she refused to believe him. She claims she doesn’t have anything. Number 4 remains on Earth until she desires something to take her soul.

9. Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade

Are Vampires real? For around 200 years there was a peace agreement where vampires could live with humans and drink only human blood. Ma-ri, a schoolgirl, hides her identity as a vamp because the rest of the world views them as monsters. She meets Jae-min one day and finds that his blood smells sweet. He was bloody, and she wanted to try it. But somehow, something changed in her life, and it became romance.

8. The Whale Star

The Whale Star

Are you a fan of historydramas This one is for you if you answered yes. If not, you will love it because of the art and the way the author executes the story using amazing characters. The story takes place in 1926, when Korea is still under Colonial Japanese control. Soo-a is a handmaiden. One day she came across a man in pain on the beach (Eui Hyun). He is an activist.

He was nursed by her. Eui tells Eui a story about a little Mermaid. It is a story in which the same events occurred to her. The princess of the Sea saved the life and they fell in love.

7. The Vampire and the Maid

The Vampire and the Maid

This one is also related. Areum, a girl from India, was injured in an accident and wakes up in Soltera. Because of her dark hair, everyone thought she was a vamp. This world doesn’t have many people with black hair. She was riding in the carriage of a slave on her way to the household of a duke (a wealthy, powerful vampire). The duke tried her blood and was stunned when they arrived. He stated that she couldn’t be human with that blood. He promised to put her up for auction once more. She begs for the life of her child and promises to do any chore, including cleaning or other domestic duties. The Duke accepts her offer after two to three times of begging

6. Unlovable replacement

Unlovable replacement

My senior has a friend. They talked a lot at first. My guy kept talking about her as if she were so cute and cool. Things get more complicated after sometime. He ignored her sometimes, and she ignored his. They broke up because of a stupid misunderstanding. After the relationship he had with another girl, but things have changed. He wasn’t happy anymore. Now, I’m going to tell you. The story is very similar to that of a man named Chiko-Dyer who ends his long-term relationship with Millie because he may need more space. He promised her that he would find someone who is more understanding and compassionate. He believed he would be content and that he would find someone who is better than her. However, he is struggling to move on as my friend.

5. Positively Yours

5. Positively Yours

Imagine that you have a crush upon your BFF. You are going to tell your BFF, but your BFF is actually dating your other BFF. This is a mess right? This is exactly what Hee-Won did. It was understandable that she decided to go wild,I would have done the same. He is a handsome man she meets. She also has a night with the handsome guy, but she is pregnant.

Doo-Joon discovers all this. Doo-Joon is a decent man so he will marry her. Their marriage will be successful because they are so close.

4. What’s the Deal with Secretary Kim?

What's the Deal with Secretary Kim?

Young-joon is our main guy and vice president of his family company. He is an arrogant, handsome man. Miso is his secretary. He worked with her for about 9 years. His attitudeis difficult. She has decided to quit. He doesn’t want her going so he talks to her friend to convince her to stay. Will she really refuse to go?

3. The Baby isn’t Yours


Kalia and Simon are the story’s central characters. Kalia is a war veteran, and she is pregnant. Her fatheris Sin. He didn’t know about her baby and she believes he doesn’t want it. She quits her war duties, and disappears without telling anyone. He loves her, and when he learned about the baby, began to search for her.

2. Light & Shadow

Light & Shadow

Edna was a servant, and the duke forced her to marry him. The Duke is a noble and he wants a noble girl to marry him. Edna has a chaoticsecret that the kingdom is keeping secret and it cannot be revealed.

1. What’s wrong with you, Duke?

What's wrong with you, Duke?
ArtCharacter WritingPlotRomanceTotal

This is a not your typical historical romance manhwa. Someone gets isekai, and then they suddenly fall in love.

The story begins with Erin who is an illegitimate daughter. She was betrayed her remaining family by blood.

The grim reaper, who personified , came into the picture to exterminate her family because they were “rebellious nobles”. They used Erin as bait. But fate is not always what it seems and there’s a deeper meaning to her identity. Just as her blood was about paint the handsome, but rude duke, he suddenly got down on his knees and asked her for marriage.

Fantasy Romance Manhwa

15. I love Yoo

I love Yoo

Quimchee wrote and illustrated I Love Yoo. After growing up in a less than ideal environment, Shin-Ae decided to live alone. She doesn’t speak or get close to anyone.

  • Ideal for lovers of love triangles
  • Female leader aims to keep her freedom
  • Romance is a slow burn

When an accident occurs, Shin-Ae is entangled with the lives of two young boys. Shin-Ae is faced with two choices: to change her behavior and interact with the boys or stay an introvert.

14. Why Raeliana Ended Up at The Duke’s Mansion

Why Raeliana Ended Up at The Duke's Mansion

How Raelianna End up at The Duke’s Mansion was written and illustrated by Whale. Raelinanna, a supporting character, is poisoned by her husband.

  • Receiving an anime adaptation
  • Some political intrigues & controversies
  • Fans of isekai will find this great!

A woman wakes up and discovers that she is a character. She pretends to be Duke Noah’s fiancee to save her life. She falls in love with his charms to live, but it is always a question whether she can escape her fate.

13. The Abandoned Empress

The Abandoned Empress

The Abandoned Empress was written by Yuna Joong and illustrated at iNA. Aristia, the proud daughter of House Monique and the next in line for the title of empress, is down on her luck.

  • Time travel dynamic
  • Female lead gets second chance at changing her destiny
  • Beautiful artwork

Her entire life is changed by the appearance of a mysterious little girl. She is then sent back seven years ago. Aristia must now figure out how she can fix the problems that will befall her in the future. This manhwa will be enjoyed by Kamisama kiss and Your name fans.

12. Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade is a unique concept that was created and illustrated by Seokwoo. Mari Baek disguises her identity in order to continue living as a high school girl in a world where vampires no longer fearful as bloodthirsty beasts but are actually discriminated against.

  • A vampire is a female lead
  • A lot of attention is given to the development of female leads
  • Unusual take on vampires

Her crush is however, the most popular boy at school who hates vampires. Mari Baek must now decide whether to tell him the truth, or to continue to observe him from afar. This manhwa will be a hit with fans of Vampire Knight or Dance In The Vampire Bund animes.

11. Empress of Another World

Empress of Another World

Empress from Another World was written by Lim Seo­rim and illustrated by Lee Young Yuu. This isekai manga tells the story of Sabina, a high school student from Korea who was killed in a traffic accident and who wakes up to find herself at the center of a power struggle for who should take over the throne.

  • This is a great place to be if you are an isekai fan
  • Setting up courtly romance
  • Female leaders must outwit their adversaries

Sabina is the concubine of the emperor and begins to live. But it is not long before an assassin kills him. Sabina now has all the power she needs to win the trust of her subjects and the court.

10. The Maid and The Vampire

The Maid and The Vampire

The Maid and the Vampire was written by Seon Lee and Yujeong Ju and illustrated by DolceYi. Although this romance manhwa is about the vampire and his maid it’s not a common story. Areum, who is in a car accident, is sent to Soltera. She is then mistaken for a vampire.

  • The master and servant dynamic between the leaders
  • There are many sweet and fluff moments.
  • A vampire is a male lead

Areum, however, was sold to Duke Millard Travis, the only vampire in Soltera. She vows to follow him as her master. This is a wholesome manhwa that’s full fluff, despite the master-servant plot.

9. The Evil Lady’s Hero

The Evil Lady's Hero

The Evil Lady’s Hero is a series written and illustrated by Lee Horan. This series is a shaming example for fans looking for an evil isekai manhwa. In a romance novel, the protagonist is reincarnated as a villainess.

  • Ideal for fans of isekai
  • There are plenty of mature content
  • “Reincarnated as villainess” trope

Yunifer Magnolia was the original villainess. She was in love with Ishid and jealous of Rael Cania, her best friend. Cassian, the crown prince, eventually killed her. Yunifer chooses to ignore the main characters in order to avoid her horrible fate. The fates begin to unravel after Yunifer has a one night stand with Ishid.

8. Something about Us

Something about Us

Some Information About Us was written by Lee Yunji. This manhwa is full of fluff and a friendship-to-lovers romance. Two childhood friends, Da Gayoung & Han Woojin, are now college students and often mistakenly thought to be a couple.

  • Friends-to-lovers romance dynamic
  • The trope of childhood friends
  • There are many sweet and fluff moments.

They see themselves as best friends, even though they are viewed as a perfect couple by others. Their relationship blurs the lines between lovers and friends, so they don’t know how to describe it. Their relationship is full of twists, turns and turns by the end.

7. A tender heart: How I became a Duke’s maid

A tender heart: How I became a Duke's maid

A tender heart: The story of how I became a Duke’s maid was written by Jooahri, and illustrated by Aloha. This is yet another romantic story where the female lead is taken into the world of a novel but with a twist.

  • Fans of isekai will find this great!
  • Female lead with kindness
  • Love is a way to defy social status

Liandro, a supporting character in the original story is made to feel lonely by a curse that has caused his family to abandon him. Evelina, a kind reader comes to the novel to play the role of Liandro’s maid. She might just be the one who saves Liandro from his loneliness curse.

6 The baby isn’t yours

The baby isn't yours

The Babe Isn’t Yours was written by Arongdri, and illustrated by SIN. This promotional shot is intended to promote the book of the same title. Kalia, a celebrated hero and commander who ended a war in the past, is the story’s central character.

  • Friendships can lead to love between best friends
  • A recognized hero is the female lead
  • Male leads the charge

After a one-night affair with Simon Terroan her best friend, she finds out she is pregnant with his child. In fear of him not wanting a child, she decides to take her retirement and leave while he is away. Simon falls in love with Kalia and desperately searches for her.

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5. You at First Sight

You at First Sight

You at first sight was written by Icchae. It’s a slow-burn slice-of-life romance with a hint of mystery. This manhwa has two seasons, so you can read the second one after reading the first. Yechan is able to see the inner thoughts of a person, making her appear distant from other people.

  • Ideal for lovers of slow-burn romance
  • Interest sparked by a supernatural element
  • Clean, attractive art style

White noise soothes Yechan’s curiosity when she can see the face of a boy without his thoughts. Yechan meets this boy, and learns his secret.

4. Whale Star The Gyeongseong Mermaid

Whale Star The Gyeongseong Mermaid

Whale Star: Na Yoonhee wrote and illustrated The Gyeongseong Mermaid. This historical romance is for those who want a mature love story. The story is set in 1926, when Korea (then called Joseon) is under Japanese rule. Su-a, a seventeen-year-old maid, works for a Japanese collaborator and meets Uihyeon Kang, an injured activist.

  • Based on a historical romance
  • This is a great choice for anyone who wants a tragedy.
  • Korean culture story authentic

Su-a falls for him after he is brought back to health. He tells her the story of The Little Mermaid. It turns out, for both of them, that their love story is very similar to the dark and twisty tale.

3. This girl is a little wild

This girl is a little wild

This Little Wild Girl was written and illustrated by Coyo. This manhwa will please fans who want a sweet, short romance with a strong lead female character. The Demon King is defeated by Sir Roel the captain of Holy Knights. After that, the demon uses all of his power to make Roel a weak woman.

  • Female leadership is strong
  • Fantasy setting
  • Plot for body swapping

The Demon King did not know that she was already a female. Sila Epheria and Sir Roel exchange souls. She must prove her identity, however, by getting engaged to the captain a special task force and becoming his fiancee.

2. What’s the Deal with Secretary Kim?

What's the Deal with Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? was written and illustrated by Kim Myeongmi. Based on the 2013 novel with the same title, it was also illustrated by Kim Myeongmi. The series was so popular that it inspired a manhwa and a 16-episode Korean drama. These aired from June 6 through July 26, 2018.

  • Setting up an office
  • Female leaders who are competent
  • Male lead growth

Miso, the legendary secretary to Lee Young-joon’s narcissistic vice chairman, wants to resign. However, there are problems between them. He begins to feel for Miso and tries to stop her leaving the company. This manhwa is a great choice for lovers of workplace romance comedies such as Wotakoi, Love Is Hard for Otaku.

1. Light & Shadow

Shadow was written by Ryu Hyang, and illustrated by Hee Woon. The story is based upon a novel by the same title. Things get complicated when Edna, the strong but lowly maid, is to marry Duke Eli rather than the noble daughter he had hoped for.

  • “Opposites Attract” trope
  • There is plenty of tension between the leads
  • Female leadership is strong

Each one is keeping secrets from the other, which could cause chaos in the kingdom. They might be able fall in love, but they might not be able survive their differences.

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