Sea of Thieves PVE Tips

Sea Of Thieves PVE Tips


In Sea of ​​Thieves, there is a plethora of PVE enemies on both land and sea to defeat, with many new ones added since the game’s launch in 2018. Other players are not allowed to play in this PVP/PVE open-world, pirate adventure game. This game is AI-controlled. AI-controlled enemies are more likely to appear at the worst times and in the strangest places. This adds richness and challenge to the beautiful, diverse world. Sea of ​​Thieves.

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Every enemy type presents players with different challenges, no matter if they are sailing alone or in a team. It is important to plan and strategize before you embark on those dangerous adventures to the Ferry of the Damned.


10 Ghostly Gangs

The difficulty of phantoms has gradually increased lately, which may be related to the increase in ghostly activity as Captain Flameheart’s threat grows in the ongoing central story.

As powerful phantom attacks can cause severe damage to your health, it is important to keep your health under control. It’s also best to spread out, cover plenty of ground, and avoid getting caught in the middle. It may prove more efficient to isolate individual phantoms using blunderbuss shots and sword attacks in close encounters. If you’re attacked by larger groups while cruising the seas solo, reign over cannon fire for easier removal, or let throwables do most of the work.

9 Shady Sharks

Sharks inside Sea of ​​ThievesThey should be called stealth masters because they know how to scare people, especially when searching for sunken ships. It’s best to avoid them, they usually appear individually, but groups can appear the longer players swim.

Sharks’ usual attack pattern is to swim around players before they lunge, but they can also attack unconscious players from behind. Short-range weapons, such as the blunderbuss and sword, can be used to strike first. You should make sure you are stocked up on fruits as they can cause severe damage in just a few strikes. Divers can also shoot sharks off the ship.

8 Spooky and scary skeletons

Skeletons Sea of ​​ThievesPVE enemies are among the easiest to defeat, and the most commonly encountered, when you work for the Order of Souls. However, it all depends on how many and what type of skeletons you have. While the mermaid staff allows you to easily pick simple skeletons, larger groups of players can overwhelm you, especially if they have explosive barrels. It’s best to snipe barrelers from a safe distance to take out the entire group and draw attention to Skeleton Captains.

To regenerate skeletons, you must lure them out of the water with seaweed and barnacles. Shadowy skeletons can be found under lantern light. This gives players an attack window. The gold-encrusted skeletons are stronger and easier to destroy with throwables, cannon fire, or other means.

7 sneaky snakes

Snakes are a very docile threat to PVE and should be left alone. It is important for players to be aware of their foundations. They can overpopulate certain areas and make it easy to forget when you are running through the bushes. Snakes also don’t seem to like it when players linger and will spew venom, decreasing the player’s health and visibility for a limited time.

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Playing music near snakes can be a great way to make them forget you are there. This will calm them and keep them from attacking. This is a great way to catch and sell snakes.

6 Crustacean Tanks – Crab Ocean Crawlers

Since the beginning of the 20th century, these large, slow-moving but ruthless foes have been around. Pirate lifeThis add-on was launched in Summer 2021 with two additional Ocean Crawlers. Players should be cautious when they suddenly leap out of the ground.

It’s best not to get too close to these tanks, as their ground-pounding attack does significant damage. Throwables can be used to target them from a distance. However, they will protect their buddies and themselves with a coral shield. While they should be avoided, it is best to avoid them. They will often follow and haunt players to the most unusual places. And, ironically, no tunnel can be too small.

5 Cable And Clam Guys – Electric And Hermit Ocean Crawlers

Electric and Hermit Ocean Crawlers were also introduced. Pirate lifeUpdate and spawn often among other Ocean Crawlers. You can use whip attack to shoot with electric attacks, and also shoot off lightning bolts using an electric gun. The mussel-like hermit charges his batteries before burrowing into the ground.

They can be killed with a few gunshots and sword attacks. They will sometimes fight other enemies like phantoms for the players to use if they have extra help. Like other enemies, hot springs in the Devil’s Roar can also take them out instantly.

4 Sinister Sirens

The addition of siren kingdoms underwater has led to increased siren activity. Sirens can attack player vessels from the ocean and appear close by shore while exploring islands.

You can pick them with the sniper rifle on board or at land. However, they are easily dodged. It’s best to keep moving and fire once in a while as they retaliate with a projectile bubble attack which can also burst holes in the ship. In the water, groups of sirens can be a challenge to defeat, so it’s best to use the blunderbuss to shoot from a distance and avoid powerful swipes at close range.

3 Treacherous traps

Sometimes it’s not just enemies that players have to watch out for, but also where they step. Players can find treacherous trap mechanisms on Sailor’s Bounty Island and in the ‘Shores of Gold’ Tall Tale.

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There are many types to traps. The key to avoiding encounters with ferrymen is timing. The floor button mechanisms can be activated by players stepping on them, but they can also be left unaffected by the player simply jumping over them.

2 The great Meg and Kraken

The Kraken’s difficulty increases for those bigger ships sailing, but there are some universal PVE tips for surviving the Kraken’s attacks. If they are caught, players can use their sword to escape or get stuck in the water. This will allow them to replenish their health and restore their health if they have been poisoned. It is important to repair the ship as it can quickly fill up.

You have the option to escape or attack one of five megalodon types. Sea of ​​Thieves but either way, it’s best to run below deck when the meg is charging to avoid being thrown off the ship. Players can either head inland or change their direction until the meg music stops.

1 Ashen Guardians, Key Masters & Lords

Key Masters and Ashen Guardians share a similar difficulty level and attack strategy as Skeleton Captains, but they are also protectors of keys or ashen chests. The 4 Ashen Lord bosses are undoubtedly the most difficult enemies due to their powerful attacks and long life expectancy.

If possible, it’s best to fight Ashen Lords in a team rather than solo, as it requires perseverance, and it’s important to keep well stocked, including finding the nearest ammo box or taking one with you . Throwables and cannons are key to beating any attack wave.

Sea of ​​ThievesIt is available for play on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Series X/S.

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