Seton Academy Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

We have been waiting more than a year for Seton Academy Season 2, and it’s been over a year since our last visit. Seton Academy: Join The Pack, also known as Murenase Seton Gakuen was a hugely successful manga and anime series that reached a wide audience. It was a unique genre that made it one of the most overlooked shows last year, despite its popularity. We know that there are many Seton Academy fans who are excited to see the next season.

Seton Academy is an anime series that focuses on Japanese romance comedy. The manga series was originally written by Bungo Yamashita and published by Cygames in May 2016. It will continue until May 2021. Studio Gokumi made the anime series directed and produced by Hiroshi Itehata. The series aired from January 2020 to March 2020. Seton Academy Season 1 had 12 episodes and one OVA episode. We were astonished to hear that Seton Academy Season 2 was being announced by the studio.

Seton Academy Season 1 : Plotline

Seton Academy Season 1 : Plotline

Seton Academy is thriving in a world with a declining human population. Humans evolved into humanoid creatures. Jin Mazama is a fully human male who attends Seton Academy, where most of the students are diverse humanoid species. Ironically, however, our protagonist is a terrible animal lover.

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Jin was walking around Seton Academy when he met Ranka Ookami, a small wolf girl who didn’t belong to a pack. Ranka was immediately attracted to Jin the first time they met. 

Ranka is a wolf who lives in her pack and invites Jin to join her pack. Jin rejects her invitation immediately.

As the days passed, Jin fell in love with Hitomi Hino, the only female student at the school. They became friends and started a cooking club. From here, the story continues with more characters being added to the episodes. Our protagonist is caught up in a complicated relationship between Hitomi and Ranka.

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Seton Academy Season 2 – Renewal Status

Seton Academy Season 2 - Renewal Status

Seton Academy’s first season was a wonderful show. The anime series perfectly captured the animal kingdom society. The characters are simple, but they convey the feelings and touch our emotions. 

The anime has much more potential. The first season’s ending was criticized by many fans. The story had both comedy and drama, with physical humor and slapstick jokes.

Seton Academy Season 2 - Renewal Status

We know that Seton Academy Season 2 will be made from the manga, which has been in print for five years. Seton Academy Season 2 is likely due to the high ratings, positive responses, and high demand from loyal fans. 

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Seton Academy’s first season only aired 12 episodes and had an OVA episode. There are also possibilities that Seton Academy Season 2 could have the same number series.

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Seton Academy Season 2 Release Date

Seton Academy Season 2 Release Date

We will soon see Seton Academy officially announced due to the demand and constant begs from Studio Gokumi fans. We knew that even popular anime and high demand would require years to get the next installment. Seton Academy Season 2 will likely be out in 2-3 years.

The exact release date is difficult to predict as the show has yet to be renewed. Murenase! Seton Gakuen Season 2 needs to be in high demand for many years to ensure that the studio recognizes that Seton Academy’s next season will bring them profit and not just hype.

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