Shiba recalls the Past – Ao Ashi Chapter 303 Release Date

Shiba Recalls The Past! Release Date


The previous chapter saw Shiba, Ashito, and Shiba finally show off their insane skills. Everyone was surprised to see Ashito understanding Shiba’s move and successfully receiving his killer pass. No one had expected Ashito to be able team up Shiba. It will also remind Shiba about his past in Ao Aki Chapter 303. Shiba will be able to recall his youth and how he behaved like Ashito. He will be impressed at his moves and will support Shiba throughout the whole process. Continue reading to see the next part of the story.

Shiba’s past will be recalled in the 303rd chapter. He would recall how thin he was which affected his training periods. He was elated to receive an invitation from the professional team. He was forever changed by that moment.

Ao Ashi Chapter 303

Ao Ashi Chapter 303: What’s Next?

The intrasquad scrimmage will be the next chapter. Shiba will recall that he wasn’t a pro-level player from the beginning. Soon, it will be focused on flashbacks. It will shift to Shiba’s HS days, where his coach highlighted that although Shiba has outstanding technique, he still lacks the physical ability. However, one day an Esperion scout invites Shiba to participate in Esperion’s practice sessions. He seems shocked that a professional team asked him to be a part of it and views that as his last chance to succeed.

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But during the practice session, the pros toss him like a rag doll, while others can’t believe that someone like Shiba is actually trying to become a pro. He loses faith quickly, but in desperate times, he finds out how to do it with his small body. After two years of college, Shiba receives another call from Esperion. After becoming a pro, he vows to listen to his manager, coach, teammates, and others’ advice to become stronger. He decides to use his brain and eyes as a way to make up for his physical limitations. One day while playing against Hiroshima, Shiba learns that other players aren’t thinking the same way, and he sends a killer pass resulting in an Esperion goal. He realizes that his game has become more intuitive since that day.

Ao Ashi Chapter 303

Here’s a quick recap!

Previously in Ao Ashi Chapter 302, Kaneko was surprised to see that Ashito successfully received Shiba’s killer pass, which was his best over these three days. Ashito was aware that Shiba is a top-class player and started to notice it. However, the defenders formed a defense line close to Ashito. Kaneko noticed that Ashito was attacking openly and left a gap in the other direction. Yuuma was awarded the pass and scored a goal. Everyone was excited for their team and cheering on the youth players. Kaneko was thrilled to see the connection between Ashito Shiba, and how they could connect through looks.

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Ashito thought about his field skills and the dedication he put in to training himself by watching Shiba’san. But it wasn’t easier for a kid like him to understand Shiba’s every trick. Everyone was afraid of his body and position. Kuribayashi called Deguchi in an attempt to stop Ashito moving forward. While the coaches seemed impressed with Ashito’s moves, he wondered why Shiba wasn’t sending him another pass. Shiba was still contemplating the play. He wondered if Ashito understood his teammates’ and opponents’ positions, things would be easier for them. Shiba then gave Ashito another great shot. It was the way the monsters played on field.

Ao Ashi Chapter 303

Ao Ashi Chapter 303: Release Date

Ao Ashi Chapter 303 will be available on August 14, 2022. It will be on the official Shonen and MangaPlus pages. The following chapter will focus on Shiba’s adventure and how far he went to become a pro-level player. He will be able to see Ashito in him and will be grateful for his efforts. Keep checking back. Keep checking the Anime Daily for updates.


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