Sky Rojo Season 3 Release Date : All You Need To Know

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Sky Rojo Season 3
SeriesSky Rojo
No. No.2
Total Episodes16 (Season 1-2)
StatusSeason 2 (END).
DirectorDavid Victori, Oscar Perdraza
Writer(s)Alex Pina, David Barocal
CastVeronica Sanchez, Asier Etxeandia
ProducerMigue Amoedo, David Barrocal
MusicIvan Martinez Lacamara
GenresAction, Adventures, Crime, Drama and Thriller
Country of OriginSpain
Original LanguageSpanish
LanguagesSpanish, English
The First Episode aired19 Mar. 2021 (S01 EP01)
The Last Episode aired on23 Jul. 2021 (S02 EP08)
Season 3 Release date2023



Season two of Sky Rojo has many twists, turns and fast pace. It is just like season 1. The story is a bit more complicated this time. The story is a mess in many places. After two seasons, the cat-mouse chase concept has grown a bit tired. Sky Rojo Season 2 has some great cliffhangers and is an enjoyable show.

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Sky Rojo Storyline

Sky Rojo Storyline

Sky Rojo’s storyline is fascinating. The show promotes feminism and emphasizes women’s power. The story of three prostitutes, Wendy, Coral, and Gina is told through dark comedy. They hate their job and run from Romeo, their pimp.

They are pursued by Romeo, his henchmen Moises, and Christian as they set out on their quest to freedom. This series is filled with danger and fun, as the girls embark on an exciting journey. As they discover ways to beat Romeo and other bad guys, the three girls re-discover themselves and strengthen their friendship. Sky Rojo is about strong female friendships and life lessons.

Sky Rojo Season 3 Spoiler

No announcements have been made regarding the storyline for the third season Sky Rojo. Production of the third season is underway. It is expected that it will air sometime in 2023. It is likely that Moises, Romeo and the girls will be back after season 2. Moises is determined to exact revenge for the death of his brother on the girls. Keep watching to see what happens after the series is released.

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Sky Rojo Season 2 Recap And Ending

Sky Rojo Season 2 Recap And Ending

After Sky Rojo Season 1 ends, Coral goes to Romeo’s bar in order to get their passports. Wendy and Gina then wait near a petrol station for Coral’s return. Moises arrives at the pump but Wendy and Gina fight to bury him and his car. Wendy is badly injured and bleeds during all this pursuit. Season 1 ends with the question of whether the girls can leave the island.

Sky Rojo season 2’s finale is fast-paced and many things take place at once. Christian and Moises confront Romeo to tell them that they want to quit the business and go home to their mother, who is ill. Romeo, who is already suffering from a lot of financial losses, refuses to let them go. He kidnaps their mother, to force Christian and Moises into working for him. They plan to rob Romeo of his Madeira earnings. The money is also planned to be stolen by Gina, Coral, and Wendy. This is their ticket to freedom. The paths of the characters meet again, and this is the end. The five men attempt to steal Romeo’s money. Christian is shot and Moises is taken hostage by the girls.

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Romeo keeps Christian in captivity in a room, and he refuses to give him medication. A wounded Christian is left to die. They manage to get away on a boat loaded with the stolen money. Romeo poisons Moises’ ears and threatens to kill the girls. Moises is now confused after he has lost his mother, Coral, and his brother. He is full of hate and revenge. Moises is determined to find them and get his revenge, even though the girls managed escape.

Christian and Moises wanted to quit the dirty business and start over. Romeo was not interested in the brothers and they wanted to move to Namibia with their mother, who is ill with dementia. Romeo, having lost too much and too many of his closest friends, his wife Coral and his sanity, was not in the mood to leave his brother Moises.

Sky Rojo Season 2 Recap And Ending

Moises quickly realized Romeo’s obsession, and out of guilt and his past feelings for Coral, he dug up the girls and saved their lives. Moises helped Wendy, Gina, and Coral to get to a Motel. He also gave them money to leave the island that day. The three plotted a heist to take Romeo’s earnings in Madeira, but a bitter Coral refused to leave.

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Romeo then kidnapped Moises’s mother to force the brothers to join him in running his club. In a coincidental twist, Christian and Moises planned a similar heist in order to steal money from Madeira, and then trade it with Romeo for their freedom and the kidnapping of their mother.

Six characters’ lives crossed paths once more. Christian was accidentally shot during the heist and Coral took Moises hostage. Romeo believed Moises had fled with his money. He locked Christian, his bleeding brother, behind bars to threaten Moises. Coral, Wendy and Gina had planned to escape the island via the waterways. Wendy and Gina left early in order to get a truck to load their cash, while Coral stayed behind to care for the chained Moises.

Romeo did not try to save the Christian who died on the spot of the robbery. He later blamed the robbers (Coral, gang) for igniting a fury in Moises. Coral, Wendy and Gina fled the island with the cash, but Romeo, Moises and their comrades reunited to exact revenge against them.

How Did Romeo Convince Moises To Stay Back?

How Did Romeo Convince Moises To Stay Back?

A large chunk of Sky Rojo Season2 was dependent on Moises and his relationship with Romeo. Moises’ father was an alcoholic and used to physically abuse his mother. Moises killed his father in a fit of rage one night.

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Romeo assisted Moises in the burial of his father’s body in the desert to cover his crimes. The two criminals who were flawed became soul brothers, and they started a syndicate that was later joined by Christian.

Moises owed his entire life to Romeo. He saved him from being arrested and gave him a lavish life. Christian persuaded his brother to let go of the evil and begin afresh. Romeo was determined to build his empire brick by brick, with the help and support of Moises. He didn’t save the bleeding Christian because he believed he was the root of all the doubts and fidgeting in Moises mind.

After Christian’s death, Coral was taken to the hospital and their mother died. Moises didn’t have any motivation to leave Romeo nor his business. He remained behind.

Sky Rojo Season 2 Summary

Sky Rojo Season 2 Summary

Sky Rojo season 2 released July 23, 2021. The second season of Sky Rojo was action-packed, packed with action and many interesting twists and turn. It was unclear what would happen to Coral after the fight between Romeo and Coral at the end season one. Gina and Wendy burrow Moises on the construction site, and then try to escape Christian’s attack. Wendy threatens him with her gun but he is not able to be killed. Christian allows the girls to go and sets his brother free.

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Coral manages to escape Romeo’s den at the Brides Club. After a complicated hide and seek, Romeo and Christian catch up with the girls. It is discovered that Christian and Moises are looking to escape the criminal world. Following an exciting conclusion, Christian is shot to death in the chaos. Romeo blames the girls for the deaths. Moises is furious. It is clear, however, that the chase is far from over.

Summary of ‘Sky Rojo Season 2’ Plot

Coral saves Romeo’s life, and then she takes too much cocaine to her prideful self. One of Romeo’s loyal employees attacks Coral before she can leave Las Novias Club. Coral falls to the floor after she blackens.

Wendy and Gina take to the desert on a motorbike to escape from the buried Moises. Christian follows them, and they are then attacked to their utmost despair. Wendy threatens Christian with murder and points a gun at him. They share a past conflict in which Christian sexually assaulted Wendy. However, Wendy realizes she’s not a murderer and leaves him alone. Christian still runs to the construction site, where he finds his brother Moises.

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Romeo eventually captures the three women and places them underground after a frantic chase. Romeo pours concrete cement over the car of the women to ensure their deaths and closes their chapter. Is that how their story will end?

Sky Rojo Season 3 Popularity

Sky Rojo currently has its second season. The show’s popularity is on the rise. Its sharp writing and charming characters have made it a favorite with viewers. The season has been filled with unexpected and thrilling events that kept viewers riveted. Viewers are eagerly awaiting the next season. The cast and crew have done an amazing job.

Sky Rojo Season 3 Cast

Sky Rojo’s third season cast has yet to be announced. It is however expected that the main characters of season 3 of Sky Rojo will reprise their roles.

Veronica SanchezCoral
Miguel Angel SilvestreMoises
Asier EtxeandiaRomeo
Lali EspositoWendy
Yany PradoGina
Enric AuquerChristian
Luisa VidesLupe
Penelope GuerreroTsunami

Sky Rojo Season 3 Release Date

Sky Rojo Season 3 Release Date

Although the official announcement regarding the renewal of Sky Rojo season three was made in 2021 the filming has not begun. Production for the third and final Sky Rojo season is currently underway. Officials have not yet released a release date. Officials have not yet released a release date for Sky Rojo season 3. However, it is possible that Sky Rojo season 3 may be available online around the beginning of 2023.

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Guide for Parents

Parents Guide is designed to help parents get familiar with the series. This series contains profane speech and graphic violence as well as a number of other disturbing elements. We strongly advise parents not to allow their children under 18 to see this series.

What number of episodes will there be in Sky Rojo Season 3 Episodes?

According to reports, there will be 8 episodes in the second season of Sky Rojo. The showrunner might decide to make the next season of Sky Rojo with 8 episodes. Previous seasons have had 8 episodes.

Where can I watch Sky Rojo?

Where can I watch Sky Rojo?

Sky Rojo is a series produced by Vancouver Media. Both seasons are available online at Netflix. Sky Rojo season 1 and 2 can be viewed online on Netflix by signing up for a subscription.

Sky Rojo is worth the effort?

Sky Rojo is worth the effort?

Sky Rojo is a great series based on its storyline, characters, and ratings. While the series does have its flaws, it also contains many interesting aspects that make it worthwhile. Sky Rojo has some interesting characters with deep backstories and strong personalities. The storyline is also very exciting. There are many twists and turns and you never know what might happen next. Sky Rojo also has some great action scenes. If you like action-packed movies with interesting characters then give Sky Rojo another look.

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Sky Rojo Trailer

Sky Rojo’s third season is currently in production. The release date for Season 3 of Sky Rojo has yet to be announced. A trailer for the season 2 is not yet available. The season 2 trailer can be viewed below.


This Spanish action series is a huge hit with fans. It features some unique characters and a fast-paced chase featuring a cat and mouse theme. If you like this storyline, give it a try.

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