Skyrim Difficulty Mods: The Best Ones to Make Skyrim Way Harder : Everything You Need To Know

After Skyrim is out for what seems like a long time (and repeated dozens and hundreds of times) I think it’s about time for some of us to raise the challenge of the game just to a degree.

Because let’s admit that Skyrim’s combat seems outdated, the NPCs don’t seem to be smart in any way and animals are somewhat dumb.

If your like me, and are looking to test the limits of difficulty your next adventure, you’ll be awed by this list. I’ve gathered some incredible modifications that make Skyrim appear to be a lot more difficult, when you do it correctly.

By Sinitar Gaming

In addition, these mods can allow the game to feel more real. It’s arguably the best list of mods that can ramp the difficulty of Skyrim. It’s a great way to keep your mind busy when you’re waiting to see Elder Scrolls VI to release!

Combat of Skyrim

Combat of Skyrim

It’s really impossible to transform Skyrim to Dark Souls.

However, when you want to make the combat more difficult and more skill-based it’s the mode you’ll require.

Timed blocks, more AI, far more effective hits, and more expensive cost to cover the loss of the chance to hit.

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The Combat in Skyrim (also called Smilodon) can create combat the most recent of the most difficult elements in the game.

It really makes the game appear more like a distinct title of the same brand but with a different storyline.

A Skyrim remake, but not actually an actual remake in the sense that you could call it.

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9. Custom Difficulty UI

9. Custom Difficulty UI

If you’re looking to make your game appear more challenging and you’re not sure if any other mod has what you want This is the mod you should try.

It lets you tweak every damage input in this game and then set the damage inputs to whatever value you like.

Incredibly difficult, or simple. It’s your choice.

This mod allows you to transform the game into be a real nightmare. I actually thought that I knew how to play Skyrim before I tried this mod.

Never before have I felt so embarrassed and slammed in my entire life. I highly recommend to not to push the sliders at the maximum Holy hell.

8. High Level Enemies

Are you looking to kill more people as you progress to higher stages of gaming?

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Sure, but perhaps you feel that there’s not any challenge to doing this…

The mod will add an astonishing amount of NPCs in this game (over 800 all).

Each NPC has a level and gives the game a more diverse, as well as increasing the difficulty for players who has reached 50 levels and you’re seeking a new difficulty in certain areas in the game.

7. Skytest – Realistic Animals and Predators

Are you fed up of all the animals the game feeling exactly the same?

Are you fed up with your wolves being as deer?

After that, download the mod. It alters an animal’s AI, making them behave and behave like their counterparts in real life (to the ones that actually are naturally).

Even animals from fantasy will behave in a more realistic manner with this mod.

I strongly recommend trying it out in case you’ve been fighting with creatures since it was came out and you’ll notice the impact.

6. Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim

While this mod isn’t a difficulty mod in its own, it will give you hundreds of new features.

It also alters the way that ability trees function, making it more difficult to decide where you should invest your skill points.

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It can also make the game feel fresher It’s something I’ll always suggest after years of playing the game.

5. Morrowloot Ultimate

This one is an entirely different style from those I’ve reviewed…

Since this completely changes how the game plays I’m adding it on my list of things to do.

It basically eliminates all “leveled” system of all enemies, making it more difficult to take on certain enemies right in the initial stages of the game.

A fantastic mod that can make your game a much more challenging experience , even if you’re just starting out and you know exactly how to proceed.

4. Rebalanced Encounter Zones and Leveled Actors

It’s basically just a superior alternative to Morrowloot.

It transforms sections of the game into strange hybrids that combine Morrowind and Skyrim.

There will be plenty of obstacles that you’ll be unable to get over in the beginning stages of playing.

It creates Skyrim even more challenging. It makes each choice you make take place.

If you start your quest in the wrong moment and you’ll be dead within a matter of minutes.

Save frequently, please. You’ll discover the reason.

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3. Mortal Enemies

Mortal Enemies allows the game to appear more real by removing the odd aimbot that enemies with ranges appear to possess.

However, it makes all NPC movements feel more natural, which is an enormous benefit.

It’s important to adjust to the new system before installing this mod and it’s a great option to test.

2. Immersive Patrols

Skyrim is in conflict.

Therefore, it is only logical that patrols have a higher frequency than basic game.

This mod will allow you to be able to see more patrols, which will make the game more difficult. It’s not too hard, perhaps just enough.

It’s compatible with all the DLCs!

1. Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Although this mod may make playing more enjoyable however, it could turn your brand new game into a nightmare on Earth.

Alternate Start allows you to have the possibility of starting with a different character than an inmate, be it wealthy businessman or a lonelier who is just arriving in Skyrim. Skyrim seeking better things to do.

What do you think it will be?

That’s it!

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