Steins Gate Watch Order Guide : What is The Right Order ?

Steins Gate Watch Order Guide

You’ve likely seen Steins;Gate if you love anime and time travel stories. The most loved anime series, it takes viewers on an adventure filled with twists and turns throughout its series and the accompanying film.

Steins.Gate centers around a group friends who discover a way to time travel. They can send messages back in the past to influence events in the present.

Since its debut in 2011, the Steins;Gate universe has seen a lot of content. The most recent addition was a new season in 2018. This is the optimal order to watch Steins,Gate.

Let’s take a look at this watch guide that will help you make anime watching more enjoyable.

Steins Gate Release Order

Steins Gate Release Order

  1. Steins;Gate (2011)
  2. Steins;Gate 0 (2018)

2. Other Media

  1. Steins;Gate Movie: Load Region of Déjà vu (2013)
  2. Steins;Gate: Soumei Eichi no Cognitive Computing (2014)
  3. Steins;Gate: Kyoukaimenjou no Missing Link – Divide By Zero (2015)
  4. Steins;Gate 0 Special (2018)
  5. Steins;Gate: Egoistic Poriomania (This is the 25th Episode of the 1st season but not canon)

Steins Gate Chronological Order

Steins Gate Chronological Order
  1. Steins;Gate (2011) (Episode 1-22)
  2. Steins;Gate: Kyoukaimenjou no Missing Link – Divide By Zero (2015) (Episode 23β)
  3. Steins;Gate 0 (2018)
  4. Steins;Gate (2011) (Episode 23-24)
  5. Steins;Gate: Egoistic Poriomania
  6. Steins;Gate Movie: Load Region of Déjà vu (2013)
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Steins.Gate watch orders by release date

Steins Gate Watch Order

This section will give you an overview about the Steins.

  1. Steins;Gate (anime, 2011)
  2. “Egoistic Poriomania” (OVA, 2012)
  3. Stones;Gate – The Movie – Load Region de Deja Vu . (movie. 2013)
  4. Steins;Gate: Somei Eichi no Cognitive Computing (ONA, 2014)
  5. “Divide By Zero” (OVA 2015)
  6. Steins;Gate 0 (anime, 2018)

We will show you how to watch the series chronologically in the next section of this article.

Steins;Gate Episodes chronological watch order

Steins;Gate chronological watch order

This section will give you a chronological overview about the works at issue.

Episode 1: “Turning Point”.

Okabe Rintaro, a self-described mad scientist, attends Professor Nakabashi’s time travel lecture in the summer 2010. He is accompanied by Mayuri Shiina, his childhood friend. After accusing the professor, saying that he copied Professor John Titor’s words, and having explained a time travel theory ten years earlier, Okabe Rintaro walks out of the lecture hall to be accosted and accosted by Makise Kurisu. She claims that he texted her and that they had already seen each other fifteen minutes ago, even though he has never met her.

Later, Okabe discovers that his mother is dead. A strange phenomenon happens and events that should have occurred, because he witnessed them, don’t happen. Okabe discovers that he is not the only one who can recall the events. Later, we find Okabe in his laboratory/apartment, presenting himself and Daru with the results of an experiment using a banana that glows for a reason he doesn’t know.

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He discovers that the conference did not actually take place, and that the message he sent to Daru during it was in the past. This leads him to an even more remarkable discovery: Makise Kurisu remains alive.

Episode 2: “Time Travel Paranoia”.

Okabe is shocked by his findings and invites himself to the conference. He wants to show the impossible of time travel. Kurisu will be happy to humiliate Okabe. After being humiliated, Okabe goes to the temple called Mayuri where Rukako Urushibara is an androgynous boy and returns home. Amane Suzuha is his new Baito, and he greets him upon arriving.

He discovers that Professor Titor was not remembered from 2000, but that he appeared in an online forum in 2010. He meets Moeka Kiryu, a young woman who asks him if he can find the IBN 5100 old “legendary” pc. It attaches to and gels to the original banana cluster. Kurisu decides to disembark from Okabe’s laboratory at this point.

Episode 3: “Parallel World Paranoia”.

Okabe agrees that Kurisu will study the Phone Microwave under the condition she joins the lab. He discovers that Daru had connected his cellphone to the microwave during the lecture and that it was exploding. Okabe concludes the microwave is a time machine, but Kurisu doesn’t want to hear it.

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Okabe learns about the Large Hadron Collider, micro black holes and asks Daru to hack SERN (an organization that studies time travel). Soon thereafter, Okabe decides to ask Titor questions. He explains to him his theories about the future of SERN. After the hack is completed, he finds out that the SERN has already conducted top-secret experiments using micro holes with an individual as a guinea. End of the report “subject dead”.

Episode 4: “Interpreter Rendezvous”

Daru and Okabe are shocked by their discovery. They try to find more information but the code is too complex for Daru to decipher. Titor then reveals to them that they will need the IBN 5100 for this, which is the exact one Moeka was searching for. Kurisu later clashes with him, still denialist about the existence of a time machine. He tells Kurisu about the IBN. She is intrigued when Okabe’s contact confirms his story.

Okabe later learns from Mayuri that Feyris Nyannyan, his colleague, knows the location of the IBN. After forcing Okabe to play Rai-Net Battler, she informs him that he is in the right place. He is told by her that Ruka lives in the sanctuary. Okabe’s father, Ruka, reveals that Ruka gave the computer to him. He told Okabe that the person who gave the IBN to him said that Okabe would one day come to get the IBN. Okabe and Kurisu borrow the computer from the lab.

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Episode 5: “Starmine Rendezvous”

Suzuha reacts to Kurisu when they arrive at the lab, and appears ready to attack him. Okabe then goes to purchase parts for the IBN and encounters Suzuha, who warns him of Kurisu. After successfully starting the computer and decrypting data, the SERN realizes that they have failed 14 times with human guineapigs.

Each file includes newspaper clippings that mention frozen corpses discovered by police officers. Kurisu believes Kerr’s Black Hole research was used by the SERN and explains that the bodies were gelled because matter can not pass through a slit of spacetime smaller than its own size, compressing it and crushing it on an molecular level. He is even more stunned to announce that he will improve his time machine in the future.

Episode 6: “Butterfly Effect’s Divergence”

The group names the messages that were sent to “D-mail” and then performs several experiments to determine their limits and rules. This allows them to determine not only the time they can send, but also how much information they can send. They also learn how far back they can send D-mails. Moeka visits the lab to examine IBN 5100. He hopes to borrow it form Okabe. Moeka tries to conceal the truth of the experiments, but fails. Moeka is now “Lab member 005”.

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Episode 7: “Divergence Singletonity”

After Daru has updated the Phone Microwave’s firmware, Okabe sets out to conduct an experiment that aims to alter History. The experiment involves sending the winning numbers from the lottery to the past. Okabe felt the same sensation after the satellite crashed. Okabe received the D-mail and experienced the same feeling. After discovering that nobody except Okabe knew about the experiment, Okabe concluded that Ruka had purchased a lottery ticket on Okabe’s orders.

Okabe learns from Suzuha that there was a line change in the universe at the time the D-mail was sent. Okabe, however, is the only one who can recall the event. This one happened in a different timeframe. John Titor is then contacted by the scientist, who informs him of an extraordinary power that would enable him to lead the world past the barrier of the 1 percent divergence, and thus, prevent a dystopian future. produce.

Episode 8: “Chaos Theory Homeostasis I”.

Rintaro decides that he will continue his experiments and Moeka can send him a D-Mail. Rintaro is able to send the D-Mail and move to a new timeline, where Moeka has never been. Ruka then goes to the lab to request a D-Mail from the past to allow her to be born as a boy. Ruka’s mother receives a D mail from her before Ruka was born. She informs her of an urban legend that she can alter the gender of her baby’s gender by eating certain foods. Rintaro is able to move to a different timeline but doesn’t notice any significant changes.

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Episode 9: “Chaos Theory Homeostasis II”.

Rumiho Akiha, aka Feyris Kyan Nyan, discovers about the mobile microwave while Rintaro is arguing with Hashida at the restaurant. She becomes very interested in the device. Rintaro later discovers that the IBN-5100 disappeared as if it never existed, most likely due to Moeka’s D-Mail. Rintaro discovers that the IBN-5100 was stolen from Ruka’s shrine earlier. However, she does not know where the IBN-5100 is.

She learns that Ruka’s DMail has allowed Mayuri to meet Moeka within this timeline. Mayuri, Hashida and Rintaro go to Rumiho to see her family, who own Akihabara, and originally donated the IBN-5100. In exchange for being allowed to send D-mail ten year ago, she offers them a substitute. The story has been changed once again. Akihabara’s face is now completely different.

Episode 10: “Chaos Theory Homeostasis III”.

Rintaro discovers that Rumiho sent the D-Mail which prevented moe culture being brought to Akihabara. Rintaro is puzzled as to why his friendships have not been affected. He then realizes that Ruka’s gender has been changed. Rintaro then talks to Suzuha. She reveals that she was in Tokyo to search for her father.

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Rintaro is contemplating hosting a party for Mayuri, giving her the opportunity to send him a D-mail in case he can’t make it. Then, he receives a message letting him know that someone is watching. Mayuri mentions Rintaro’s illness as a child. He believes that this was the moment when he “Steiner’s reading”: his ability of traveling between timelines while keeping his memories intact.

After some mishaps in preparing for the party Suzuha doesn’t show up. Instead, he sends Rintaro an email saying goodbye. He sends himself a D-Mail, telling him to follow Suzuha. This changed the story and Suzuha ended to attend the party in Tokyo. The satellite that crashed into Akihabara’s building has mysteriously vanished in this new timeline.

Episode 11: “Dogma at Event Horizon”

Rintaro discovers that the key to D-mail’s time slot is a 42″ TV found in an electronics store below the laboratory. Kurisu suggests that D-Mails could be used to transmit memories at the lab’s time, allowing people to “jump into the past”. Rintaro and Mayuri go into town to search for parts Kurisu requires, while Moeka is also there.

Suzuha informs Rintaro Kurisu works at SERN. Kurisu, however, denies the claim. Kurisu also tells Rintaro her struggles with her father. Rintaro offers to help them reunite. Kurisu and Rintaro decide to have a nightover at the laboratory. Rintaro then receives another disturbing text message, warning him that he knows too little. The lab is connected to SERN without any members. This was known to lab crews.

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Episode 12: “Dogma in Ergosphere”.

Kurisu is able to use the LHC and completes her “time jumping machine”. Rintaro is being tortured by the text messages he has received and decides to stop the experiment. He suggests that they announce it to the general public. When the lab members plan to throw a party Kurisu and Suzuha clash. Suzuha claims she is destined for becoming a SERN spy. Mayuri manages calm them down.

Suzuha sees a bomb threat on TV. After hearing about SERN’s connection to the lab, Suzuha suspects that something is seriously wrong and runs. The laboratory is attacked by an armed group led by Moeka, who claims to be part SERN. He demands that Rintaro, Kurisu, and Hashida use the time machine to go with him. Mayuri decides that Mayuri’s death is unnecessary and kills him.

Episode 13: “Metaphysics Negrosis”

Kurisu, who has just witnessed Mayuri’s death in front of him, tells him that he will go back in his time to save her. Okabe attempts to save Mayuri but the helmet doesn’t work. Okabe tries to save Mayuri by going back to the past but the result is the same, plunging Okabe into deep destruction.

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Episode 14: “Physically Necrosis.”

Okabe is driven to despair by the series of failures in saving Mayuri. Kurisu notices Okabe’s sadness and tries to comfort him. This one, at the bottom, tells him all the details. Kurisu offers to help him by offering the advice of getting his counterpart from the past, despite its absurdity.

Okabe attempts yet another time jump. Suzuha tells him that Mayuri cannot be saved in this universe line. He must cross a universe line at which the 1% divergence barrier has been crossed, known as the beta universe line. Suzuha takes them both to a mysterious satellite crash site. It turns out that Suzuha is a time machine, and thus reveals his true identity. He is John Titor online and was born in 2036.

Episode 15: “Missing Link Necrosis”.

Suzuha explains how SERN built a time machine that was used to control the world in 2036. She says that she had originally planned to travel to 1975 in order to obtain an IBN-5100. However, her time machine breaks down and the three of us are forced to leave when security guards arrive. Rintaro jumps 2 days before the completion of the time jump machine to allow Hashida to repair Suzuha’s time machine. Mayuri suggests that Hashida will also assist in finding Suzuha her father.

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Suzuha presents Rintaro with the Divergence Meter and tells him how he started the rebellion. Suzuha spends the day searching for her father. Suzuha thanks Rintaro and then gets a call from an American artist asking her where her father is. He tells Suzuha that someone had ordered a badge similar to Suzuha’s. Keeps as a memento of his father.

Episode 16: “Sacrificial Necrosis”

He claims it’s secret and can’t remember who ordered it. Rintaro fails to identify Suzuha’s client or possible father and decides to jump back to time to meet the client. Itaru wants to create a fake badge for Suzuha. Mayuri discovers that Suzuha is actually Daru’s father before Suzuha leaves for 75. They hug and then go back to the past.

The landlord receives a letter from Suzuha a few hours later. She writes that she had failed, that time travel was inept and that she lost all her memories. He mentions that the machine’s failure was the day of the storm. Rintaro prevented him from leaving that day. The landlord then sends them a letter from Suzuha in which she writes that she has failed, that time travel was imperfect, and that he should go back in the past to let him leave before the machine is damaged. Rintaro then sends himself D-mail to this end.

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Except for Rintaro, everyone loses their memories about Suzuha. However, in this version of the universe Suzuha didn’t kill herself like Mr. Brown explained to them before they sent the D-mail. She died from illness this time. Rintaro is worried about Mayuri and runs to the laboratory, believing that he will soon die. Rintaro is surprised to find that Mayuri doesn’t die, and wonders if the world has changed, even though divergence remains at 1%. The meters did show a change in the numbers.

Episode 17: “Made in Complex”,

Rintaro believes he has found a world in which Mayuri doesn’t die. However, armed men enter Mayuri’s home and kill her. This means Mayuri’s death was only delayed one day. She is hopeless and asks Kurisu to help her. Kurisu suggests a way for Mayuri to survive. Rintaro begins to cancel all D-Mails sent. Ferys’ D-Mail is the first to be cancelled. Both find themselves in dangerous situations fleeing from thugs who want her to lose any more games (the one in which Rintaro beat her chapters ago).

Rintaro then takes her to her “old work” where she recollects all that happened. Rintaro then tells her what her D-Mail was. Her goal was to prevent her father’s death in a plane accident. The timelines are changed again after she agrees to reverse the message. Akihabara reclaims the culture and its original façade.

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Episode 18: “Fractal Androgynous”

Okabe requests Ruka’s mother’s number and explains that she was a boy before. Ruka accepts the condition that Ruka go out with Okabe. He agrees to go out with her the next day in a tuxedo. However, the two have difficulty communicating. She recalls their first meeting, when he said that he didn’t care whether she was a boy/girl. Mayuri, who had been on a date with Ruka, told the lab member that Okabe was the one she had seen.

She claims Okabe never took off his blouse. His comrades protest Okabe’s support for Mayuri, and Okabe insists that the date is still not over. Ruka sees Okabe again, wearing a blouse. He replies that he will always be his “student”, regardless of how she sex. Okabe cancels his D-mail.

Episode 19: “Endless Apoptosis.”

Kurisu offers Mayuri to go with him to the convention. Okabe rushes to Moeka’s apartment and discovers that Moeka has just committed suicide. In an attempt to save his life, he realizes that he has made a time jump. She is confused and lost when he finds her in her apartment. He was not able to contact FB, who had ordered him to locate IBN 5100. Okabe has failed many times to send D-mail using Moeka’s mobile phone. He is left with one option: send a D-mail to FB’s cell phone. Moeka feels betrayed by FB and then reveals the secret hiding place of the famous computer.

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Episode 20: “Finalize Apoptosis.”

Okabe is aware of where the IBN 5100 is but Kurisu offers to help him find it by following the path of his computer. They are accompanied by Moeka and see the object move between several people, including Mr. Braun. Then they land on a plane headed for the SERN labs. The three protagonists are then confronted by Mr. Braun. He reveals that FB is his task, which he had to do in order to save his daughter. After this, he kills himself, taking Moeka along.

Okabe then alters the universe line once more, thanks to Mr. Braun’s laptop. This line is where Moeka, Mr. Braun, and he recovers the IBN 5100. He realizes, however, that he has returned to the universe line at the beginning of the season, the line in which Kurisu is killed, and he cancels all of his actions.

Episode 21: “Paradox Meltdown”

Okabe doesn’t want Kurisu to disappear so he cancels the SERN hack. In a moment of panic, Okabe is suddenly attacked by a car, which intends to kill Mayuri. Mayuri’s death cannot be changed, so Okabe saves her friend, but it costs her her life. Okabe surprises Mayuri after a time jump. She tells Mayuri that she has strange dreams where she sees her dying repeatedly and that Okabe is in unbearable pain.

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Episode 22: “Being Meltdown”

Okabe is told by Kurisu that he dreams often of his death and Okabe’s attempts to save Mayuri. She tells Okabe that she would rather sacrifice her life to save Mayuri’s. Okabe, who is rushing to do a time jump at the last minute, feels the bomb. Kurisu warns Okabe that Mayuri’s death is gradually killing him. Kurisu’s attention to Okabe makes him feel loved.

They then share a kiss. Kurisu plans to return to the United States the next day while Okabe, Okabe, and the other erase their data from the SERN network. This has the effect to change the universe line. Okabe is contacted by Suzuha to ask for his assistance in stopping World War III.

Episode 23b: “Divide by Zero (OVA).

Okabe fails Kurisu’s rescue, so he recalls his futile attempts at saving Mayuri and gives in. He also gives up on all scientific experiments and no longer returns to his laboratory. He gets rid of the lab coat in favor of dark, neat clothes. Mayuri comments to him that he is finally happy and he continues to study. He is asked to return to the laboratory, which she says is silent and empty. [Credits] Kurisu’s purple-colored face appears on TV at the end of the credits. Okabe sees her and is overwhelmed by a strong feeling. It could be fear, remorse, and sadness.

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Steins;Gate 0 (2018)

Steins;Gate 0 (2018)

Rintaro Okabe failed to save Kurisu Makise in this universe line. He ended up dying. Desperately, he ceases to behave and calls himself “Hououin Kyoma”. He continues to suffer from flashbacks to Kurisu’s passing. He is worried by his lab colleagues, so Mayuri advises Rintaro to seek treatment at a clinic.

When he was helping out at a college seminar with Kurisu, he met Alexis Leskinen (his professor and research supervisor) and Maho Hiyajo (his assistant). Kurisu was an artificial intelligence researcher and had his own lab at Viktor Chondria University. They teach Kurisu about the “Amadeus”, a system that can store the memories of human beings and allow him to create his own emulation.

Rintaro’s entire life is changed when Leskinen asks Rintaro to be a guineapig in the interaction between Amadeus and allows him to contact the Kurisu memories stored in the system. Rintaro, who is a tester, continues to communicate with “Kurisu”, using an app on his smartphone. Their relationship starts to strengthen with each conversation, just like it was with the real Kurisu.

Episode 23: “Open The Steins Gate”

Suzuha explains her mission. She must stop Kurisu’s death and enter the Steins Gate universe, where the 3rd World War does not exist. Okabe and Suzuha then do a time jump just before Kurisu’s murder. He hides in the same room as the murder. Kurisu then meets his father, who is trying to steal his theory about time travel.

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Okabe fails his mission and kills his assistant by his hands. Suzuha and Okabe then go back to their time. There, he is told by Suzuha that this was part of the plan. Suzuha then shows him a video showing a future version. He explains that he can only succeed if he makes her believe Kurisu is dead.

Episode 24: “Achievement Point”.

Suzuha and Rintaro decide to go back to the day Kurisu was assassinated. They have retrieved the Light Sword in the lab to replace Kurisu’s blood. Rintaro finds the Oopa metallic intended for Mayuri. This toy, which she lost the first time around, is supposed prevent it from burning in the fire of Nakabachi’s plane to Russia.

Rintaro finds that the liquid in the gadget has dried up and decides to provoke Nakabachi to stab Kurisu. Frightened, the latter flees with her daughter’s item. After knocking Kurisu unconscious with a Taser, Rintaro recreates the scene from his past using his own blood. This tricked his past double, and sent him on his time travel. Suzuha thanks Rintaro as he returns to the present. She doesn’t exist in the Steins Gate timeline.

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Rintaro, who has since recovered from his injuries, made badges for each of the lab members he had recruited from other timelines. One was saved for Suzuha, who will be 7 years old in 7 years. Rintaro, who is walking through Akihabara’s streets, bumps into Kurisu. He seems to also have memories from other timelines.

Episode 25: “Egoistic poriomania” (OVA).

Okabe is the only person on the road, in the middle the desert. He speaks on the phone, and says that it all began two weeks ago. Two weeks before, Ruka Okabe and Mayuri travel to LA to join Kurisu or Faris. They all manage to find a Motel to rest, despite some problems between Okabe (and the police)

Okabe and Kurisu have an evening conversation about the former’s dreams regarding the different universe lines. Kurisu, Mayuri, and Okabe are at Faris’ restaurant paying for their return flights. Okabe then sees Suzuha’s silhouette and hair and leaves to follow her along Route 66.

The woman and Okabe have a conversation at the “Drive In” level about Yuki Amane, Yuki’s future wife and mother to Suzuha. Kurisu, who thinks he fled because of Okabe, goes to Okabe’s house. Okabe walks alone on Route 66 home, exhausted and without a phone battery. He falls, feeling exhausted, and regrets not telling Kurisu everything. Kurisu appears right at that moment. His car is running out of gas, and his battery has died. In a very romantic scene, Okabe admits his feelings for Kurisu.

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Steins.Gate: The Movie- Load Region Of Deja Vu (2013)

Steins.Gate: The Movie- Load Region Of Deja Vu (2013)

The film is set one year after the events in the anime. Rintaro Okabe has reached the end of an exhausting journey through multiple timelines thanks to the inventions of “D-Mails”, which are text messages that can send to the past. According to information from “Steins Gate”, Rintaro Okabe landed in a timeline that doesn’t require any of his friends to die, and does not have any future controlled by SERN because of the invention of time machines.

Okabe begins to notice the side effects of traveling through multiple timelines. This causes Okabe’s existence to become increasingly cluttered. Okabe is left with Kurisu Makise as his only hope. Kurisu Makise was the girl Okabe saved because of his efforts and a déjà vu that brought him back to life. Kurisu now has to find a way for Okabe to return to the timeline.

Last Words

Now that you have the chronological order to watch Steins Gate, enjoy the anime. If you feel that the order needs some updates, do let us know in the comment section.

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