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Who is Strongest Baki Characters ? There are many anime genres, but Action is the most popular. You’ll be captivated by the action genre. Not only are you able to witness thrilling battles, but you will also meet strong characters. These characters are often compared with other strong characters from the same anime and another anime. There will always be characters that are stronger than the main protagonist in any action anime. These characters, regardless of whether they are the antagonist or the main character, are often treated with more respect. Baki introduces us to strong characters that aren’t superpowered but who rely only on their physical strength. Here are some of Baki’s most powerful characters.

Baki is an anime that was inspired by the manga Baki by Keisuke Itagaki. He tells the story of Baki Hanma. Baki, a character, is raised by his mother as a fighter and to live the father’s life. He completes his traditional training and embarks on a journey to train as his father. He meets some fighters and eventually comes across his father. He fights his father, but loses. This makes him want to travel more. He travels to train more and comes across an underground arena where powerful fighters use different forms of martial art. Baki is able to grow as a fighter by fighting the most powerful fighters in this arena.

Top Strongest Baki Characters

Top Strongest Baki Characters

here is our list of Strongest Baki Characters . This list may not contain your favorite characters

26. Kureha Shinogi

Kureha Shinogi

Supa Dokuta (Super Doctor) is Kureha, a surgeon who performs miracles as both a surgeon as well as as a fighter. You would be amazed to know Kureha can restart someone’s heart using his naked _ hands . You’ve never seen a doctor like this before. !

Kureha has become a smart in every field, particularly the bio. His body is a perfect specimen. His physique gives him the strength and endurance of a runner, speed of an athlete and strength and rigidity as a fighter. Strongest Baki Characters

He could even hold Baki Hanma up and cause harm with one hit! Kureha would not be someone you want to mess around with.

25. Hector Doyle

Hector Doyle

These Baki characters are not only built, but some even have special attributes. Take Hekuta Doiru, as he is affectionately known. This man not only survived his execution in the electric chair, but is also well-known for his unorthodox fighting style.

He is a cool, collected man who does not display any emotion except for small, confident smiles when speaking. He is an skilled and experienced assassin. His knack for surprising his opponents with unexpected moves often makes him outperforms them.

24. Kaioh You

Kaioh You

Yang Haiwang is Your, a Chinese fighter who trained hard to achieve a “diamond physique”. While Dorian clearly has mental disabilities, You seems to not care about his well-being as he punishes Dorian mercilessly. Strongest Baki Characters

You are a skilled fighter of the Kaiou rank. He claims to be a ” diamond” fighter, who is able to withstand wooden swords, shackles and a large laden truck. His greatest accomplishment was staying awake while standing beneath a waterfall during a typhoon.

23. Spec


A prisoner submarine in the middle the ocean, an American who managed to escape. He is one of the most notorious and feared death row inmates. He is a bloodthirsty killer, despite his smile. Although he uses brute force in his fighting style, he can also use tricks to gain an edge in fights.

Hanayama challenges him to single combat after he has met the participants in the Basement Tournament. He is the first assassin to be defeated. His physical strength, despite his age of 97, is remarkable.

It will strike the Statue of Liberty’s head several times from the inside. This will cause severe cracks. It will eventually begin to fall apart, but it will be replaced by Navy officers.

22. Chiharu Shiba

Chiharu Shiba

Here’s a character you will find quite funny. Chiharu a person who fights without thinking about his well-being . Why am I saying so? He seems to have no concern for his safety and puts himself in danger when he is fighting. This is because he acts as if he doesn’t feel any pain .

As leader of a racing gang, Tokkoutai, I remember a friend telling me once about Chiharu breaking his arm on the railing. He said that he had never seen such a scene in an anime before. He even wondered what he was doing. However, this was followed by shouts of support .

21. Kaio Dorian

Kaio Dorian

A man who should have been executed but was saved by killing all guards. His devious and cunning mind distinguishes him from other convicts. He is physically a huge man with a slim body and lots of muscle. His beard, light hair, serene gaze, freedom of action and his mind often give him the appearance that he is an antiquity philosopher.

Dorian is not afraid to use a variety of tips and gadgets during fights. Dorian, in addition to his great intelligence and culture, is an expert in Chinese martial art and seems to have a special relationship to Retsu Kaio.

20. Ryu Kaioh

 Ryu Kaioh

It is located in Heilong. Jiang. Would you believe that this man is the temple’s head? Liu Haiwang is his real name and one of the few fighters from the Baki: The Grappler Series.

Kaiou Kyu has proven himself to be very serious, disciplined and unyielding when faced with failure. Yuujiro tells him during their battle, that breaking objects in Martial Arts is vital since it improves fighters without harming others, which is his opposition against unnecessary violence among humans. Strongest Baki Characters

19. Gaia


Nomura is his real name. Gaia, a mercenary who is considered to be the most skilled in combating in hostile environments and survival in hostile environments, is Nomura. Gaia is the leader of a group 5 mercenaries. Each one more powerful than the others. He sows terror and death at the battlefield, where he’s known as “Mr. War”.

Gaia, Nomura’s second personality, manifests when danger and the need to kill become too overwhelming. Nomura was a base soldier who was only meant to provide medical support and gradually fell into violence. After seeing death in his face, he gave rise to a second personality, Gaia.

18. Mohammad Alai Jr.

Mohammad Alai Jr.

Alai Jr, the son of Mohammad Alai Jr, a famous boxer, is Alai Jr’s worthy heir. He is an exceptional pugilist, and can compete with any opponent because he uses only his fists. Baki’s second section, he is the main opponent of our hero. He will also cause Doppo, Shibukawa and Jack Hanma much trouble, before losing some his splendor at its end.

He is a formidable fighter and a skilled seducer. His father, an old friend and respected Ogre figure, is another important fact. Strongest Baki Characters

17. Ron Shobun

Ron Shobun

This is the Japanese Muted character. Ron rarely speaks, and he prefers to keep silent unless is absolutely necessary.

He is a composed, stoic individual. He is seen contemplating while he waits for his battle against Bicuit Oliva . Oliva began imitating his main technique, the Pocket . He then attacked mercilessly . When he was fighting Oliva, he never felt hyper or had an adrenaline rush.

16. Doppo Orochi

Doppo Orochi

Many consider Doppo Orochi to be the most important living Karateka. He is the Shinshinkai’s leader, a Japanese dojo with more than a million students. Yujiro left him both scarred and beaten up after he met him once.

On the sands and the arena, he will again face the Ogre. Yujiro, who was defeated once more, will keep an eye on him this time. He will be competing in the strongest underground arena tournament where he will lose against Goki Shibukawa who is a master of Ju-jitsu. Baki will benefit greatly from his mentorship.

15. Retsu Kaioh

Retsu Kaioh

Retsu seems like the Piccolo To Baki’s Goku. His role is a supportive one in the story, and it can be easy to forget how powerful he really is.

being the only person to have the rank of Kaioh, it is no easy feat. Retsu, the only member of the Chinese team, won his match at the Great Raitai tournament. He allowed himself to fall for all the traps set by his opponent and beating each one. Strongest Baki Characters

Retsu isn’t afraid to fight dirty as demonstrated by his encounter with Doyle in the alleyway and bar. To treat Doyle, he uses fire, knives and a sword, just like the death row inmate. Restu humiliated Doyle, and then he was fast enough to run with Doyle along his back to Shinshinkai Karate headwaters in order to save his life.

14. Goki Shibukawa

Goki Shibukawa

He is a 74-year old man with one eye and the founder of an Aiki-jiu Jutsu School. He surprised everyone by making it to the semi-finals in the basement arena tournament despite his small stature. He is the only person present who can fight seated. His advanced techniques, which primarily use the strength of his opponent against him, are very impressive.

However, he is defeated by Jack Hammer’s brute force in the next turn. Jack performs an attack against Jack without gaining momentum to defeat him. This is how Jack counters the Aiki and Shibukawa has to use his own. Jack is thrown by Jack Hammer, but this does not work because of the large difference in weight and muscle mass.

Yanagi, who punctured his left side several years back, is the subject of the new series.

13. Katsumi Orochi

 Katsumi Orochi

Doppo’s adopted son, he was known as “the ultimate karate weapon”. His exceptional physical abilities and natural talent for Karate make him a well-known figure in martial arts. His mental weakness, despite all of this, prevents him from leaving his father’s shadow to make a name for himself in the world of martial arts.

His fight against Hanayama in the Basement Tournament is more difficult than expected. He is forced to use all the best techniques of Karate to defeat him. He can’t take on Retsu Kaio, whose powerful techniques are threatening to end his career.

12. Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma makes an interesting case. He is the brother of series protagonist Baki and the son Yujiro Hanma, the ogre. Jack is the biggest character in the series. After his bone lengthening operation, Jack stands at 8ft and is almost 450 pounds.

Jack is more than a juice monkey. He has real technique from his experience in underground combat pits. Although his fighting style is Pit Fighting, he clearly has experience in martial arts. Strongest Baki Characters

Jack can go toe-toe alongside Baki, and may have won their match at the Maximum Tournament if his steroids weren’t effected. He’s now even more powerful than before.

11. Kaoru Hanayama

Kaoru Hanayama

He is the leader of the Yakuza and a muscular colossus. His terrifying grip is well-known in combat. He was 15 years old and commanded one of Japan’s largest clans. He was then able to take it upon himself to confront Hanma Yujiro (the strongest man in the entire world).

Baki, 13 years old, challenges Hanayama. Hanayama suffers defeat against Hanma (father/son).

His inexperience in martial arts was not enough to overcome a Japanese Kempo specialist in the first round. Eighth finalist. He will be back for the second Baki / Yujiro fight and then for the Underground Arena tournament.

10. Katsumi Orochi (With Retsu’s Arm)

Katsumi Orochi (With Retsu’s Arm)

It is clear that he is Orochi’s adopted child ( Natsue, Doppo). He is also the third Shinshinkai, and is one of the most respected and strongest fighters.

09. Izo Motobe

Izo Motobe

Budoka emeritus is an expert in Jiu-jutsu as well as many Japanese armed techniques. He has many scores to settle with Yujiro Hanma. Baki is first introduced to him in this spirit, and he has the firm intention of evaluating his potential. The hero learns a hard lesson when he is unable to answer after several trips to the mat.

Izo lost to Yujiro once more, and in Basement Tournament, he was defeated in the first round, much to everyone’s surprise. He will be a luxury commentator, supporting the competitors for the rest of the tournament. He will continue to enjoy his glory days in NGB, where he will be routing Yanagi the criminal.

His true value will be revealed during a battle against Musashi Miyamoto, Baki Dou series.

08. Biscuit Oliva

Biscuit Oliva

Oliva, a favorite character, is so powerful that, even though he technically is in prison by the United States Government, they cater to his every need. He has gourmet meals whenever he wishes and his prison is just his private residence with 24/7 security.

The US government uses him to be a bounty hunter, going around capturing criminals cannot handle. We can see his strength when he is shot point-blank while naked.

Oliva’s muscles can make the greatest impact. They are so dense and strong that they can withstand a lot of pressure. Oliva was never pushed in any way except during the Great Raitai Tournament. It took Oliva some time to understand his Hand Pocket opponent.

07. Nomi No Sukune II

Nomi No Sukune II

He is the son Nomi and Sukune. Nomi, a professional sumo wrestling, features in the latest episode of the Baki manga as well as the anime series. Biscuit Oliva loved to simply call him Sukune nomi.

We don’t know much about him. Musashi Miyamoto was the previous legendary warrior. He had a more complicated mindset than Nomi. He is calm and cool when he fights. This can be seen in his encounters with the Oozeki, and Biscuit Oliva.

06. Kaio Kaku

Kaio Kaku

The oldest and most powerful active Kaio is this old man, well over 100 years old. Baki’s father even recognizes him as one of the most formidable fighters in the world.

Although he has to travel most of the time in a wheelchair he is still a formidable fighter and can even beat Yujiro. The Ogre’s fight was the highlight of the second series. He is accompanied by his son Kaku Shunsuei, and the formidable Long Shun Bun during the “Rai Tai” Tournament. Strongest Baki Characters

05. Pickle


This character appeared in the third series ( Baki : Son of Ogre). It is actually a prehistoric man discovered in an excavation at a Colorado power station (United States). He was kept in a thick layer of saltice, next to a Tyrannosaurus.

Pickle was revived by scientists from plants, but he wasn’t docile. He destroyed everything in his way, including an experimental combat robot, in an attempt at capturing the US military.

Strydum only saw Pickle in a friendly way when he was able take him to Japan to fight. Pickle has a superhuman level of physical power that surpasses any character in the series. Pickle’s savagery led him to eat Retsu Kaio’s right leg in a fight that felt more like Pickle foraging. He is becoming more like Baki.

04. Yuichiro Hanma

Yuichiro Hanma

Although not much information is available about Yuichiro, Mitsunari Tokugawa points out that he is quite the opposite of Yujiro. Baki is a strong supporter of Baki in his fight against Yujiro. This suggests that he could be more kind than him. Yuichiro is also very calm and carefree.

Yujiro finds Baki so difficult because it reminds him of his father. It can be seen in Yuichiro’s brutal fight against American soldiers during the Battle of Okinawa, where he twists his neck and breaks bones.

This can be justified, however, as they invade his home. Strongest Baki Characters

03. Musashi Miyamoto

Musashi Miyamoto

Miyamoto, a legend samurai from the Baki Series and also the main enemy. He is also the strongest Samurai that he has ever lived. In reality, he was brought to life by Tokugawa Sabuko who cloned his spine from tissues and infused it with his Spirit.

He is very direct when it comes to Musashi. After the fame and glory that he enjoyed, he behaves in a manner that suggests he is an aspiring fighter. Musashi has a greater mental distance from Pickle when it comes to mental distance. Musashi on the other side, was stuck in the past.

02. Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro Hanma

Father of Baki and Jack Hammer, he’s also known as “The Ogre” due to the evil expression that his back muscles show when stretched to the limit. Yujiro is skilled in many styles of fighting, including Kenpo and Ju-jitsu. However, he fights with his naked hands. His martial arts knowledge dates back to his childhood, when he was already sixteen years old.

When he was just a teenager, he was also responsible for the destruction of many Green Berets and SEAL units. To improve his combat skills, he trained on many battlefields, including Vietnam. He even killed Americans and Vietnamese. Oliva Biscuit will be meeting him at this moment.

Baki and his son consider him the ultimate goal. He is a cruel, ruthless being who strives to subdue and crush his enemies. Mohammed Ali (or at least his alter ego) is the only one who has earned his respect.

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01. Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma

Yujiro Hanma, the Ogre’s son, is the main character of the story. His only goal is to defeat (or at the very least outmatch) Yujiro. He faces ever more powerful opponents in order to move on the path that will lead him to his father.

He is thirteen years old when the story begins. At the end of it, he will be eighteen. He sometimes resorts to extreme violence in battles because of his genes, which he inherited from the Ogre. As he faces Jack Hammer in the Underground Arena Tournament Final, the “Face of the Demon”, a grim figure behind his back, will be there to help him.

Baki Hanma is 1.67m tall and still does daily strength training and Tai-chi-chuan.

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