Strongest Quincy Bleach

Who is The Strongest Quincy Bleach ? The Quincy, once considered to be the anti-Soul Reapers, were once thought to have died out after a long war against the Shinigami. They return in Bleach‘s final episode, quickly becoming a force to reckon with.

Quincy want to eliminate Hollows from existence, and Shinigami are determined to purify them. This leads to the conflict between the factions. Quincy are very similar to Soul Reapers, but prefer blades instead of archery and prefer white clothes over black. These are the ten most powerful Quincy in

Who is The Strongest Quincy Bleach ?

Who is The Strongest Quincy Bleach ?

Strongest Quincy Bleach Is based on my own opinion and the popularity of the characters in the game so your characters may not be where you want them to be

17. Quilge Opie

Quilge Opie

Quilge is a skilled fighter and can take out three Fracciones of the Tres Bestias at once. He can summon a sword from his Qunicy Cross to fight, and can also fire Holy Arrow. He can also master the Quincy, Vollstandig form by discarding his enhanced Sanrei Gauntlet. He gains a lot of Quincy skills and his appearance changes. Boots, gloves, angel wings and a reishi-halo are created.

He can absorb the spirit bodies from defeated hollows through the “Slavery”, but it does not work long-term. Its font is the Jail. Yhwach gave him the ability to create a Heilig Pfeil that imprisons the enemy in a reishi jail. This was extremely resilient and was capable of withstanding multiple Getsuga Tensho from Ichigo, Bankai state.

Our list begins with Quilge Opie. He was responsible for subduing Hueco and keeping Ichigo busy. While most people believe that Quilge Opie is weaker Sternritter than he actually is, he is very strong. This is evident by his ability to master the Quincy: Vollstandig and utilize it as a powerful Quincy move not everyone can use. Strongest Quincy Bleach

16. Liltotto Lamperd

Liltotto Lamperd

Liltotto has an extraordinary body that can withstand extreme pressure. Ichigo was thrown against the wall with all her might and survived without major injuries. Liltotto’s unique trait is her ability to eat anything she likes. This is evident by the way that she extends her mouth into a huge maw with jagged teeth. Liltotto’s “The Glutton”, however, has one major drawback: her insatiability makes it difficult for her to eat.

Although Liltotto may not appear to be much, she is quite powerful and can devour everything around her. She is also a noble character. Liltotto helped the Shinigami defeat Yhwach after she realized what a ruthless monster he was.

15. Cang Du

Cang Du

Cang Du is a unique individual who can make his whole body so strong that no sword can cut or pierce it. He was nicknamed The Iron because of this ability. Cang is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and can use these skills to defeat Toshiro Hitsugaya once he has regained his Bankai. He can use his martial arts to quickly kick Hitsugaya’s Bankai Daiguren Hyorinmaru, and even kick Hitsugaya in the air.

Cang Du was selected for this list due to his exceptional fighting ability that could even challenge Captin Hitsugaya. Sternritter is more powerful than Cang Du, but he’s a resilient fighter that makes him dangerous and unpredictable. He is certainly worthy to be included on this list from that perspective. Strongest Quincy Bleach

14. Giselle Gewelle

Giselle Gewelle

Giselle is a Zombie and cannot be killed by any attack. She can still walk and talk as though nothing has happened, even with severe cuts. She can also gain complete control over the body of another person as soon as she comes in contact with Giselle’s blood. The people affected become her “zombies”, and Giselle can command them at will, even forcing them to commit suicide.

Although Giselle Gewelle may seem like a joke, her power is quite impressive. Not only does her Zombie ability make her nearly immortal, it also makes it extremely difficult to defeat. However, it allows her to manipulate corpses from other fallen characters, thus allowing her to control a potentially powerful army.

13. Bambietta Basterbine

Bambietta Basterbine

Bambietta has incredible power and surpasses the Captain of the 13 Divisions. She is a formidable fighter thanks to her unique ability, The Explode. This literally allows her the ability to explode everything around her. She is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Sternritters, and despite her appearance she is a very powerful character.

Bambietta, according to us, is the strongest female Sternritter. She has shown on many occasions that she is a strong character and a powerhouse with great abilities. She is a skilled swordfighter and was able to stand her ground against Captain Komamura. Her explosion-creating skills make it an extremely dangerous opponent. Strongest Quincy Bleach

12. Bazz-B


Bazz-B, who is known as “The Heat”, has the ability to create powerful flames that can overwhelm even the most formidable opponents. Although his fire was strong enough to overcome that of Commander Yamamoto Genryusai he was still affected. He was able to defeat Rangiku Mizumoto and Toshiro Higasuya, both captain-level shinigami.

A wide variety of abilities are available to him, with most being fire-based. This is denoted by how many fingers he uses. These abilities are quite useful and often increase in power the more fingers he has.

11. Gremmy Thoumeaux

Gremmy Thoumeaux

Gremmy can imagine anything and it becomes reality. Gremmy, for example, imagined Yachiru’s bones as biscuits. This imagination became a reality. Gremmy can also imagine creating and killing living things. Gremmy can also use his talents to his advantage, giving his body the strength of steel or undoing serious injuries in seconds by pretending not to have been hurt.

He can also change the environment at will. He can lift a rock platform from the ground and create a crack in the soil.

Gremmy is a dual personality. His strongest ability is to manifest his “alternate self”, which he calls a “doppelganger”. This doubles his Visionary powers and allows him to create phenomena of himself that can be scaled to a meteorite, or launch your opponent into space. These abilities require mental focus.

Although Gremmy may not appear to be much, this creepy-looking child is extremely powerful. Gremmy’s power is so great that he can make anything he wants. He was also able to stop Kenpachi from cutting his blade with extraordinary ease. This is how powerful he truly is. He is not higher on the list because his power only works when he is focused on the target. If he loses focus (which isn’t difficult), the power stops working.

10. As Nodt

As Nodt

Nodt’s name is “The Fear” and it reflects his nature as well as the emotions that plagued him prior to joining Yhwach. His spirit weapon allows him the ability to manipulate thorns, and can inflict death upon contact.

He stole Captain Byakuya Kuchiki’s bankai, and then inflicted fear on him using the thorns from his spirit weapon. He was able defeat the powerful captain and he was crushed both mentally and physically. Rukia Kuchiki was able to confront him during the second invasion. She won because of the nature her bankai, and her ice powers. Strongest Quincy Bleach

09. Royd Lloyd

Royd Lloyd

Loyd and Royd are twins who can imitate others. Loyd replicates their abilities while Rody imprints their memories and personality. Royd, who assumes the form of Ywach, easily beats Kenpachi (one of Soul Society’s most powerful captains) and gives Captain-Commander Yamamoto a run.

08. Pernida Parnkgjas

Pernida Parnkgjas

Pernida was given the title “The Compulsory”, but it is actually the left hand to the Soulking. It was already gifted before joining the ranks. It is also part of the Sternritter’s special force known as the Schutzstaffel. This unit serves as one of Yhwach’s most powerful officers.

Pernida has the ability to manipulate matter inorganic and organic by stretching its nerves towards its target. This ability forced Kenpachi Zaraki, 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, to rip off his arm. Pernida could have been a more difficult opponent if it weren’t for Mayuri’s unpredictable nature. Strongest Quincy Bleach

07. Uryu Ishida

Uryu Ishida

Uryu pretends to be a defector to Yhwach’s side, but he secretly aims at stopping them. However, Uryu, like Ichigo and Ichigo, is a strong archer who gets stronger with each series.

Uryu’s Quincy power, which is unique to him, allows him to reverse battle events and transfer wounds onto his enemy. He was also able to master the transformation Letzt Stil which dramatically increases his power, but can only ever be used once.

06. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki

It’s possible to debate Ichigo here. He fights the Quincy, and rely mostly on his Shinigami abilities. He is still part Quincy through his mother, which allows him to use their defensive Blut technique for injuries.

He could also gain a variety of other abilities, such as his speed-enhancing Bankai and his Getsuga Tensho energy attack. He could also gain a Quincy ability through more training.

05. Askin Nakk Le Vaar

Askin Nakk Le Vaar

Askin’s special title “The Deathdealing” allows him to manipulate any lethal dose of any substance, attack or other substance as long as he has been exposed at least once. This ability can be used in a variety of ways. In one instance, it grants him an incredible healing factor and in another, it gives him immunity to other powerful attacks.

He was able partially incapacitate some powerful figures like Ichigo Kurosaki or Yoruichi Schihouin by using his deathdealing skills on both occasions. To defeat him, it took the combined power of Yoruichi and Kisuke Urahara as well as Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

04. Lille Barro

Lille Barro

Lille, a Quincy can absorb Reishi and combine them with his Reiryoku to make various weapons. Lille’s Heilig Peil, which is a piercing weapon that can penetrate any target it strikes, even Commander-level enemies and cities within the Royal Palace. This ability is known as the X-Axis and is his source among the Sternritter.

He is the best marksman among Sternritter, and in Bleach overall (although it would have been interesting to see him duel Starrk), Lille Barro was a powerful character that managed to defeat the Royal Guard as well as injure many Shinigami. He is an undisputed part of Yhwach’s elite soldiers and should be ranked so high in our list.

03. Gerard Valkyrie

Gerard Valkyrie

Gerard, along with Pernida and Parnkgjas are also beings with supernatural powers. He is the Heart of the Soul King, and holds the title “The Miracle.” His ability to overcome despair allows him to perform miracles that usually enhance his physical condition.

He fought for a long time against the series’ most powerful captains, but he relied on his miracle ability to get bigger. He was defeated by the bankai-form Kenpachi, but he activated his Vollstandig shortly thereafter. His solo fight against the multiple captains was an impressive display of strength. But, Yhwach recalled him, ending the confrontation.

02. Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth

Haschwalth, who is second in command after Yhwach and acts as his advisor, is commonly referred to the Sternritter Grandmaster. He was given the title and ability “The Balance”, which allows him to transfer misfortune among individuals in a particular area.

He also gains a fraction Yhwach’s power when the Quincy King sleeps, making him a more formidable opponent during this period. His spirit weapon FreundSchild is his second power. It absorbs any misfortune that Haschwalth suffers and allows him to transfer it onto other people. This ability enabled him to defeat Uryu’s Antithesis. He was only incapacitated by Yhwach after his power was retaken.

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01. Yhwach


Yhwach, also known as the Father of Quincy, has been around for more than a thousand years. He is a powerful being who defeated Yamamoto Genryusai (the most powerful soul society figure) and Ichibe Hyosube. His main power is known as “The All-Powerful”.

He can see into the future, altering events to benefit him in the now. He uses it multiple times in the final battle against Ichigo to wound the protagonist.

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