Tenchi Muyo! Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Booklet

Tenchi Muyo! Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide


Tenchi Muyō!Kajishima and Hiroshi Hayashi created the anime, manga, light novel series Tenchi Masaki. The original series (Tenchi Muyō! Ryo-ŌkiSix OVA-type episodes of the series were released in Japan between 1991 and 1992. The popularity of the series was so great that there was a seventh episode known as “The Seventh Episode”. Tenchi Special) was created, and a solitary chapter called Mihoshi SpecialIt was later released. The second OVA (episodes 8 through 13) was released in 1994. Between 2003 and 2006, a second series of OVAs were released. It featured episodes 8 to 13. A twenty-second OVA episode was also released. Because of its complex structure, the Tenchi Muyo!series, we decided to present a complete watch list for each series.

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This section will give you an overview of the Tenchi Muyo! Works in the correct release order

  1. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Season 1 (OVA, 1992–1993)
  2. “Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special” (OVA, 1994)
  3. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Season 2 (OVA, 1994–1995)
  4. Pretty Sammy, Magical Girl (OVA, 1995–1997)
  5. Tenchi Universe (anime, 1995)
  6. Tenchi Muyo in love: Tenchi Muyo, the Movie (movie, 1996)
  7. Magical Projects (anime, 1996–1997)
  8. Tenchi in Tokyo (anime, 1997)
  9. Tenchi the Movie 2 – The Daughter of Darkness (movie, 1997)
  10. Tenchi Forever! The Movie (movie, 1999)
  11. Tenchi Muyo! GXP (anime, 2002)
  12. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Season 3 (OVA, 2003–2005)
  13. Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar (OVA, 2009–2010)
  14. Ai Tenchi Muyo! (anime, 2014)
  15. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Season 4 (OVA, 2016–2017)
  16. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Season 5 (OVA, 2020–2021)
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The next part of the article will tell you how to watch the series in chronological order.

Tenchi Muyo! Watch chronology in chronological order

This section will give you a chronological overview about the works at issue.

1. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Season 1 (OVA, 1992–1993)

Katsuhito Masaki discovers Tenchi, his grandson, looking for the keys of his shrine. Tenchi was able retrieve the keys from Katsuhito. He entered the shrine and accidentally released Ryoko (first prince of Jurai), 700 years ago. Tenchi, who fell asleep on the roof at his school, wakes to be chased down by Ryoko.

Ayeka Masaki Jurai awakens from her slumber and arrives on Earth in pursuit of Ryoko and her half-brother/fiancé Yosho. The fight ensues, and Tenchi and Ryoko are both captured by Azaka (and Kamadake) shortly thereafter. Later, Ayeka falls asleep, Tenchi meets her younger sister Sasami Masaki Jurai. She offers Tenchi a way out, and the Guardians chase them both.

After a brief escape from prison, Ryoko joins them to escape Ayeka’s wrath. As the battle continues, Ryo-Ohki forces Ayeka’s ship out of orbit in the lake near the Misaki house, destroying both ships. Ryoko finds an egg in the wreckage of her ship, and she adopts it. Ryo-Ohki emerges from the egg, now in Cabbit form.

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Ayeka spots signs of Jurai on Earth, and opens up to Tenchi. Mihoshi Kuramitsu is an incompetent Galaxy policeman and is sent to Earth to find out where Kagato, the wanted criminal, is headed. Meanwhile, Tenchi and his extended family take a short vacation at a local hot spring, and mayhem ensues when Ryoko and Ayeka’s battles destroy the station and crash Mihoshi’s ship, stranding the Galaxy Cop on Earth.

Kagato, the space criminal and murderer Kagato, appears on Earth and grabs Ryoko. He claims he is Ryoko’s creator. As Ayeka watches Tenchi’s grandfather fight Kagato, she realizes that Tenchi’s grandfather is her brother Yosho. Tenchi, Ryoko, Ayeka, and Mihoshi pursue him aboard Ryo-Ohki (which transformed into its spaceship form and combined with the remains of Ayeka Ryu-Oh’s ship).

The girls head to Kagato’s ship to avenge Tenchi. Sasami on Earth senses Tenchi’s distress and summons Tsunami to save him. Mihoshi accidentally releases from Kagato’s captivity a 20,000-year-old scientific genius, Washu, who turns out to be Ryoko’s (and Ryo-Ohki’s) true creator, and Tenchi returns to face Kagato in a fight to the death.

The Masaki family lives in chaos after the Kagato accident. Ayeka and Washu plant a Ryu-Oh replacement seedling to build a new ship. Ryoko and Ayeka, spurred on by reading romance comics, try all sorts of methods to win Tenchi’s love. They have Mihoshi report at Galaxy Police Headquarters to capture Washu in the lab under the stairs. Ryoko and Ayeka are fighting Tenchi once more.

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“Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special” (OVA, 1994)

Mihoshi Kuramitsu, as usual, slept on the patio while Ryoko and everyone else did the chores. After Ayeka questions Mihoshi’s qualifications as a Galaxy cop, Mihoshi shares the story of her and her partner Kiyone’s greatest adventure: the Ultra-Energy Matter caper. In the story, Mihoshi plays House Masaki as different story characters: Ryoko as a thief, Tenchi as a galaxy cop, Ayeka as Tenchi’s heiress fiancé, Sasami as an apprentice detective, Washu as a mad scientist (not far from the imagination) and Ryo-Ohki as… Ryo-Ohki. As the investigation progresses (not to mention the love rivalries between “Ryoko” and “Ayeka”), the detectives stumble upon a plot to destroy the universe.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Season 2 (OVA, 1994–1995)

Tenchi and her sisters were to care for Taro for a couple of days. The chaos soon ensues, and the girls find themselves in desperate straits. It’s up to Washu to show them how to take care of a baby, but even with their guardianship they can’t cope, so Washu takes the job on his own. Tenchi and his family go back to the hot springs for holidays. However, Washu must first fix what was damaged.

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As they are working at the inn the others notice a ghostly figure wearing white. Sasami is acting out strangely and has a secret to share about her past. Ryoko accidentally damages a dress that belonged to Tenchi’s late mother. Tenchi’s yelling angers Ryooki. Heartbroken Ryo-Ohki sulks in Washu’s lab, where his feelings affect a colony of shapeshifting creatures (the same creatures used as a base for Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki).

Tenchi apologizes for Ryo-Ohki, and he picks up some carrots. However, the rest of his friends discover that the creatures have escaped the lab and head towards Tenchi. Ryo-Ohki eventually assimilates all the creatures and is made human. Clay, the deceitful Dr. sends Zero his robot slave to Earth to capture Washu.

Zero becomes Ryoko’s exact copy to infiltrate House Masaki. However, Zero fails repeatedly to accomplish her mission because she cannot handle the emotional rollercoaster she feels around Tenchi. Zero fails to conquer Washu, and he returns to Dr. Clayback. Tenchi, Ayeka & Washu chase them to rescue the real Ryoko.

As Washu Dr. She confronts Clay and reveals that Clay and she were once contestants in the Academy of Sciences leadership. Clay was disowned because he had misused his scientific talents. Tenchi attempts to kill him in order to manipulate Washu. But Zero betrays him, and he is forced by Zero to destroy his ship.

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Ryoko agrees that Zero will be assimiled so she can express her true feelings toward Tenchi. Tenchi’s life is turned upside down again when visitors from Jurai arrive. Funaho, Tenchi’s Jurassic great-grandmother, and her sister Misaki, who is also Ayeka and Sasami’s mother, visit Earth. Funaho visited her son Yosho to make Washu an appealing offer. Shortly after, Misaki and Funaho’s husband, King Azusa of Jurai, arrives and tells Ayeka that she must marry the man he has already chosen, Seiryo. Tenchi must fight Seiryo in order to save Ayeka.

Pretty Sammy, Magical Girl (OVA, 1995–1997)

Sasami Kawai is a Japanese girl who is chosen by the queen of Juraihelm’s magical kingdom, Tsunami to become the champion of justice Pretty Sammy, to protect the world from the attacks of the evil Pixy Misa. What Sasami doesn’t know is that Pixy Misa is actually her best friend, the shy Misao Amano, who in turn is transformed against her will and therefore is completely unaware of it.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Season 3 (OVA, 2003–2005)

Tenchi Muyo! Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide

Tokimi and D3 summon the mysterious warrior Tokimi. Tenchi recalls the strange events of his life and also the death of his mother ten-years ago. Ryo-Ohki wanders away and becomes lost in the forest. Ryoko rescues Ryoko and she becomes more affectionate.

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The Masaki household receives an unexpected visitor the next day. Tenchi is shocked and overjoyed to find out that he has an older sister named Tennyo, but Tennyo’s arrival at the Masaki household brings another revelation: Tenchi’s arranged bride is also on the way! Tenchi decides to run and hide before this new girl shows up, but he ends up meeting Noike, a mysterious green-haired lady. Could this be the same girl Tenchi wanted to avoid?

Either way, it looks like Tenchi’s family troubles are just beginning. When Mihoshi’s brother, Misao, gets the false impression that his sister is a prisoner of the cruel Earthling Tenchi’s harem, he decides to travel to Earth and wreak havoc on the planet! His aide Mashisu manages to convince him to abandon his evil plans. But it quickly becomes apparent that this was not a good act.

Because Mashisu suggested another plan which involves luring Ryoko to Misao’s ship and destroying her in a planet-sized explosion. Mihoshi’s brother Misao develops the idea that his beloved sister is part of a harem led by Tenchi and swears to kill him. His assistant Mashisu, however, has other plans.

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Meanwhile, the princesses’ grandmother, Lady Seto, comes to visit, and the family prepares a special meal to welcome her. Mashisu’s heavy mob is defeated by the girls. Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki and Chobimaru are defeated by Mashisu. Mashisu asks Misao to choose between herself and her sister.

Lady Tokimi’s offspring, Z, ends up confronting Tenchi and an epic space battle ensues. However, when the other two Chōshin, Tsunami and Washu, discover Z’s motivation for wanting to kill Tenchi, they are forced to take action against his sister, leading to a confrontation that threatens to destroy Tenchi, Z, and the universe itself. same.

The Chobimaru incident has prompted the Kuramitsu families to reunite and discuss, among other matters, the future of Mashisu, Misao, and many other issues. Tenchi’s family also has a lot to say, including Tenchi finally revealing the truth about his mother. Tokimi and Washu reveal further shocking information about the little girl whose lives were saved by Tenchi.

Tenchi Muyo! GXP (anime, 2002)

Tenchi Muyo! Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide

Seina Yamada, a very unfortunate boy. He is searching for Tenchi Masaki his senpai, Seina runs into a recruiter and after a series of miscommunications, Seina is soon enlisted in intergalactic patrol. His luck is about to change. On board he is assigned to four beautiful women: Kanak, a former model turned officer of the intergalactic police, Kiriko, Seina’s childhood friend, the mysterious Ryoko, a former criminal who takes her name from that of a legendary pirate, and the infantile Neiju. He is endowed with supernatural abilities. Seina will have to face the incredible personalities and beauty of the four women rather than just his intergalactic mission.

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Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar (OVA, 2009–2010)

Tenchi Muyo! Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide

The story takes place on Geminar another world, where kingdoms fight endless wars with Seikishi piloted Androids. They find ancient ruins as weapons and use them to attack their enemies. Kenshi Masaki is fifteen-years-old, half-brother to Tenchi Masaki (the protagonist). Tenchi Muyo() is summoned from the world to Geminar.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Season 4 (OVA, 2016–2017)

Tenchi Muyo! Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide

As everyone prepares for Nobuyuki and Rea’s wedding in three days, they are visited by Minaho and his three accountants. As more guests arrive, Minaho starts to form a bond with Tenchi. Finally, Nobuyuki and Rea celebrate their wedding while the Jurai Emperor talks to Minaho and Airi about Rea’s origins and why she was sent to Earth from the world of Geminar. The Masaki family is overjoyed at the birth of Kenshi, Nobuyuki and Rea’s child. Several years later, Tenchi’s family and friends discuss the preparations necessary for Kenshi to complete his mission in Geminar.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Season 5 (OVA, 2020–2021)

Tenchi Muyo! Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide

Tennyo and Rea talk about Kiyone and his research into Rea’s past and Rea’s homeworld, Geminar. Five years later, Kenshi is playing with Jovia and Ryo-Ohki while Tenchi and Seina talk about building a house on Seina across from the lake. The group also discuss a place to keep Kenshi away from Lady Seto’s prying eyes.

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Kiriko talks about making Earth a permanent home to Seina and her families with her group. Lady Seto dispatches Kuis to investigate the role of Seina in overseeing the proxy war on Table Island. Tenchi and his group arrive on the island to be greeted and embraced by Seina. Tenchi uses all his powers to protect Tabletop Island. Kenshi is now starting his training.

Kenshi’s training continues as Tenchi and Seina stop another attack on the island. A few years later, Kenshi continues his training to defeat Minaho Funaho Misaki and Seto. That evening, a large gathering of the Jurassic Royal Family, other kings, the Kuramitsu Family, and Seina’s family gather with Tenchi and the girls to hear Tenchi’s decision.

2. Tenchi Muyo!

Tenchi Universe (anime, 1995)

Tenchi Muyo! Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide

Tenchi Masaki may seem like a normal 17-year-old living in the Japanese countryside, as he still doesn’t know what awaits him in the future. When the space pirate Ryoko, pursued by two agents of the intergalactic police, ends up crashing her spaceship in the property of the temple of Tenchi’s grandfather, the boy is sucked into an adventure, which will take him into orbit in deep space and beyond.

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Tenchi Muyo in love: Tenchi Muyo, the Movie (movie, 1996)

Tenchi Muyo! Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide

Kain, a demonic space criminal, managed to escape the prison where he was held. He also destroyed the headquarters of intergalactic law enforcement, who had time to share the news. The situation at Masaki house is also strange. Tenchi seems on the verge to disappear as his temple falls apart.

Washu provides Tenchi protection with a time shield and the group sets out to investigate. The group goes back in time 26 years when Achika and Nobuyuki (Tenchi’s parents) were teenagers. Here they will discover that Kain is also watching Achika, and if Tenchi and his friends do not intervene to protect the couple’s love, there will never be a future for him.

Tenchi Forever! The Movie (movie, 1999)

Tenchi Muyo! Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide

It seems like every day at Masaki Temple, except for the moment Tenchi disappears into the trees. Ryoko and Ayeka continue to search for the boy throughout Japan six months later. Eventually, they discover that Tenchi is in another dimension with a strange woman, but they don’t know who she is or how to reach them.

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I don’t even know if Tenchi still wants to see them. In the other dimension, the boy, completely unaware of his history, attempts to remember the names of those who keep coming back. The two dimensions eventually meet. Ryoko, Ayeka, and Tenchi will soon realize that all the knots are coming to an end.


The titles that are not in chronological order are standalone titles, whose chronology can’t be determined.

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