First time that I double-cast with the Flames spell and watched the animation with two hands I couldn’t help but believe it was a resemblance to the Dragon Ball Kamehameha.

Of course, it was a recreation of Ryu’s Hadoken or nearly any other kind of energy beam, but Dragon Ball will always come first on my search engine.

It made me think about what it’s like to be flying through Skyrim combating dragons in their home territory, blasting the dragons with Ki and pounding them into submission, like Super Saiyan. Super Saiyan.


We’re fortunate to have mods that enable you to do everything (and many more!) in Skyrim.

Kamehameha in Skyrim

Kamehameha in Skyrim Dragon Ball

Let’s begin with the fundamentals to Dragon Ball: the Kamehameha.

This energy stream was the first focused Ki attack that was featured during the Dragon Ball series, and it continues to be used throughout DBZ, DBGT, and DBS.

Similar to the character in the show ASchoe311’s Kamehameha in Skyrim has to be learned from Master Roshi – but you will not have to meet the master in person.

Instead, you’ll discover everything you must be aware of this secret technique from a book titled Master Roshi’s Instructions.

Be aware it is a fact the “spell” is a bit powerful. It’s best reserved for opponents with the greatest power like dragons and their dragon priests.

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2. DBZ Scouter (LE)

2. DBZ Scouter (LE)

I’m sure a lot of you remain connected to Skyrim Legendary Edition, and many of the top Dragon Ball mods are exclusive to the classic edition.

One such example of this is the Volvaga0 DBZ Scouter mod, which introduces these renowned power level measuring equipment into Skyrim.

In addition to looking amazing as well as making you feel just like Vegeta when he first appeared These Scouters will also highlight all life forms that are in close proximity – similar to similar to that of Detect Life spell.

It’s also available with 5 colors, meaning you can create your own Frieza’s Elite using Skyrim players – Dovahkiin’s Elite If you want to.

3. Gi (LE) of Goku. Gi (LE)

The Backsteppo’s Dragon Ball Outfit is another legendary Legendary Edition mod bringing Goku’s iconic training gear to The Elder Scrolls V.

This mod is the perfect match for something that resembles the Kamehameha.

Be a bit imaginative in character design and play Skyrim as Goku and just slay criminals with determination and Kamehameha.

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You can also put on the Super Saiyan wig and just defeat Tamriel to the glory of the Saiyan Empire.

4. Dragon Ball & Naruto Spell Pack (LE)

If Kamehameha made you thirsty for additional Dragon Ball abilities in Skyrim then look for Luheu1’s Dragon Ball & Naruto Spell Pack for Legendary Edition.

This amazing mod comes with more than of 20 movements of Dragon Ball, including Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack, a several kinds of Kamehameha as well as a number of Super Saiyan transformations.

That’s not even what you get from DBZ stuff!

If you like Naruto and Naruto, then it’s likely that you’ll soon be experimenting with new moves over the years. So many Rasengan varieties…

The mod was made by a person who truly enjoys anime and is a great way to take a look!

5. Bulma Follower

We’re all aware of how much the Skyrim modding community is awed by their waifus.

And Bulma is among the anime characters with the oldest style that anyone can love and, naturally there’s an Bulma fan for Skyrim.

The amazing mod developed by Jinxxed includes two distinct costumes and looks for the heroine with a turquoise hair.

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One look is her classic style in The Dragon Ball anime, while the other style is more transparent bikini and shorts that is similar to Launch (the blonde version with the SMG shooting).

It is only possible to use one at the same time, so pick wisely. I’m a little of a traditionalist, so I’d choose Classic Bulma for my game.

6. Chi-Chi Follower

Another character from the initial Dragon Ball series comes Chi-Chi who is the daughter of Goku’s Ox-King and his future wife.

But that’s only half true.

The hairstyle and armor that are featured on this model are based off the hairstyle and armor from her original Dragon Ball look, but this fan has grown up. In fact, it’s Chi-Chi from DBZ’s adult version trying on her previous attire.

In the original material, Chi-Chi has incredible strength , which she got through her dad, Ox King.

Mod creator Jinxxed kept true to the character’s origins in this game, creating an armored brawler with tanky strength. enhancements boost her force.

7. DBZ Overhaul Project (LE)

The present Skyrim modders have reached an amount of high-quality standards I didn’t think I’d experience – however, every thing comes with a cost.

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In 2012 the modding scene was wild.

It is then that something like the Rigormortician’s Dragon Ball Z Overhaul Project take shape.

This innovative mod is designed to make Skyrim’s battles as exciting as DBZ’s providing Dragonborn Dragonborn an ability to fly around, shoot energy beams and throw punches as Saiyan. Saiyan.

Additionally, these new features are supported by DBZ audio clips.

Every punch each Ki blast and every Kamehameha sound exactly as the show.

8. Kakarotty Saiyan Follower

Although the previous mod can make your game feel the most similar to Dragon Ball Z, it’s not always the best method (or the most enjoyable).

This honor belongs to Kakarotty the Saiyan Follower from MightyChopsticks.

This amazing mod adds two new characters in Skyrim: Kakarotty and her dark twin Kakarotty Black..

Kakarotty is a bit like Goku. She is a master of hand-to-hand combat and even sends enemies flying with a few moves. Additionally, she has more powerful transforms that come from Super Saiyan and even more.

However Kakarotty Black will only be transformed into Super Saiyan Rose, and fights with energy blades.

The good news is that these capabilities and transformations are offered as spells as well as as equipment to the player.

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Who really needs to have Dragonborn when you already have three Saiyan heroes?

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