The Devil is A Part-Timer!! Characters & Personnalities Explained

With the aid of Alciel, Lucifer and Malacoda as demon generals, the Demon Lord Satan wants to take over the world of Ente Isla. After they have killed Adramelech and Malacoda, Satan and Alciel are confronted by Emilia, the heroine, and then escape the Ente Isla world through a gate that leads to Tokyo, Japan. Alciel and Satan are transformed into human-like forms due to lack of magic in the contemporary world.

The Devil is A Part-Timer!! Characters & Personnalities Explained

Satan works part-time at MgRonald’s fast food restaurant, Alciel is his houseman, in order to survive. Satan now goes by Sadao mao and meets Emi Yusa, a girl who is actually Emilia. The story continues and explores each character’s personalities and moral values. Ente Isla is home to many more characters, who often find themselves in new world dilemmas.


Principal characters

Sadao Maou/ Satan Jacob

Sadao Maou

Emi would be furious, Ashiya thrilled to see it! The show’s resident Devil Kings absolutely wins the popularity contest! This story is a great one because Maou is a fantastic protagonist. Maou’s nature as a demonic being is not inherently evil or sadistic. It’s a character who puts his best foot forward.

Although his powers are fuelled by the fear and despair around him, Maou is incredibly friendly and optimistic. He is willing to make friends with former foes like Emi or Urushihara.

Emi Yusa/Emilia Justina

Emi Yusa

Half-angel, Emilia Justina was raised by the Church as the ultimate good to Maou’s ultimate evil. She is determined to defeat the Devil King she believes is responsible for her father’s death and threatens her world. She forces Maou to retreat to another planet and follows him to Earth to complete her work on Ente Isla. However, she finds herself overwhelmed and confused as she attempts to adjust to Earth’s new life.

Shirou Ashiya / Alciel

Shirou Ashiya

Alciel is the right hand of a Devil King. He was once a major in Maou’s demonic army. Now he runs their household and is the main reason their group functions on Earth.

Ashiya’s unwavering loyalty to Maou, his remarkable competence and incredible dedication are two of his greatest assets. But his intense approach to everyday situations and tendency to be the only sensible person in the room is what make him a fan favorite.

Chiho Sasaki

Chiho Sasaki

Although the story is lighthearted, it is still very funny for a tale about demons that destroyed their entire world.

She is loved by her fans for her crush on Maou, which he finds bewildering, but also for her determination and ability to persuade all humans, demons and angels to get along, no matter what. Although she may not be the most extraordinary human being, there are few who believe in love as passionately.

Urushihara Hanzou

Urushihara Hanzou

Maou is the all-powerful Devil king, but it’s Urushihara who once bore the name Lucifer. He is a fallen angel who abandoned Heaven to defect for Maou’s army. He tries to take over his king, believing he is inhumane. He is proved wrong by Maou.

Urushihara is loved by his multi-faceted comic relief ability. There is humor in every scene, thanks to his amorality, eagerness to create chaos at all costs, and his affinity for technology and laziness that sometimes prevent him from following through.

Suzuno Kamazuki /Crestia Bell

Suzuno Kamazuki

Crestia Bell (who assumes the name Suzuno kamazuki when she travels on Earth) is part of the Reformation, which fights against Maou’s army as well as the Church for peace on Ente Isla. Suzuno is not like Emi who adheres to strict morals and rules. She will resort to subversive tactics in order to reach her goals, unlike Emi.

Suzuno is not as well-versed in Earth as the rest of the characters. For tips on acting, she researched the wrong century in Japan and based her efforts to blend in with period dramas and samurai action movies. She realized her mistake and tried to imitate the behavior of other characters.

Other characters

Rika Suzuki

Rika Suzuki

The comedy and heart of the show is largely derived from Ente Isla humans and demons interacting with one another. However, the show wouldn’t be complete if both sides connected to Earth through friendships formed with humans who don’t know their true natures and care only for them as individuals.

Emi is offered a job at the same call centre that Rika works, and Rika quickly becomes friends with the troubled Hero. Emi quickly becomes protective and tests Maou to determine if he is a good boyfriend. Emi for her part insists that Rika not get involved in demon-angel conflict.

Mayumi Kisaki

Mayumi Kisaki

Maou and Chiho were both managed by Kisaki at MgRonalds. Kisaki is proud of their high success rate in business and plans to continue climbing the ranks in the future. Maou for his part appreciates her determination to succeed. He worked his way to the top of the demon realm in the exact same manner.

Kisaki is a hard boss but fair and reasonable. Although Maou and Chiho make mistakes, she provides them with the guidance and opportunities they need as they start their careers. To Maou’s delight, she rewards him for his impressive work ethic by giving him several promotions.

Mitsuki Sarue

Mitsuki Sarue

A soldier of Heaven is the Devil King’s natural predator, while a Sentucky Fried Chicken manager is part-time for a humble MgRonald. To both Emi and Maou’s inexplicable frustration, the Archangel Sariel (known as Mitsuki Sarue) is simultaneously a complete nuisance and a source of annoyance.

Even Emi finds more in common than she thinks with Maou, but Mitsuki is Maou’s complete opposite. He is flashy and showy, where Maou puts real effort into fast-food, and he flirts openly with any girl he meets, where Maou is, at best, unconcerned about human girls’ attentions, at worst, confused.

Emeralda Etuva

Emeralda Etuva

Emi is with Emi as Emi falls to Earth to assist him. Ashiya was there to help Maou. Emi now has Emeralda. This is more difficult than any of the complicated spells or potions she has ever used.

Although Emeralda isn’t a great talker, she is a sweet and loyal friend to Emi. This is evident even though her screen time is limited. Emi can be slow to trust and prickly. However, she affectionately calls Emeralda Eme. This is not something she does for other people.


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