Trouble for the Pentagrams Release Date

The Pentagrams In Trouble! Release Date



The pentagrams were successful in their mission, and they now look forward to their next adventure. They used their magical abilities to rescue the farmer from a runaway cow. However, someone was a mole. The person has informed the knights about the pentagrams’ whereabouts, and they will head to find the pentagrams. The pentagrams will have trouble in Episode 7 of Smile Of The Arsnotoria The Animation. Let’s see how they deal with the knights.

In the seventh episode, they will succeed in their mission and return to the Ashram. However, the knights will detect their presence. They will follow them to catch them. Are the pentagrams secure? Will the knights be able to find them? They are also keeping their intentions secret.

smile Of The Arsnotoria The Animation Episode 7

Smile Of The Arsnotoria Episode 7: What’s Next?

The following episode, “Coo Coo Coo,” hints that the pentagrams will finally acquire everything on their list and head to return to the ashram. However, their adventures outside will leave an impression. The knights will also be drawn to it. Solow advised them to avoid the knights but they will soon be in contact with them. The knights will race towards the Ashram to fight the people. Solow and others will speak with the pentagrams. They will be asking them if they were in touch with the knights.

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The pentagrams won’t accept it. The knights will continue to be interested in catching pentagrams. It is still not clear why the knights are behind this. It is evident that the knights are motivated by bad intentions. They are looking for something from the pentagrams to help them find a lost treasure, or perhaps their power.

smile Of The Arsnotoria The Animation Episode 7

Here is a Quick Recap

In Smile Of The Arsnotoria The Animation Episode 6, pentagrams were excited for their first adventure. Solow gave them the task of running errands around outside the ashram. They were told to avoid knights. They were to find eggs, milk and incense. They thought they would get all their needs from one shop. But it didn’t happen. The shop didn’t have everything they needed. To get everything on their wish list, they had to travel more.

The first was to look for incense. But they only found one. They had to get it without disturbing the shopkeeper. Later, the pentagrams cleaned out the entire shop. The next step was to go to a house where they traded apples for eggs. They then went to a farm and saved a farmer by using their magic.

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smile Of The Arsnotoria The Animation Episode 7

Episode 7 of Smile Of the Arsnotoria: Release Date

Smile Of The Arsnotoria The Animation Episode 7, titled “Coo Coo Coo,” will air on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, at 9.30 pm JST. It will also be available on Japanese local networks like BS NTV, Tokyo MX and others. You can also stream it on Bilibili and Muse Asia’s YouTube Channel. The upcoming episode will focus on the knight’s intentions and why they are behind the pentagrams. Keep checking back. Keep checking the Anime Daily for updates.


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