The Tetris Murders Season 2 Release Date : All You Need To Know

Tetris Murders Season 2 Release Date

The Tetris Murders, a three-part documentary series, focuses on the case of Vladimir Pokhilko. He was found dead in his home in September 1998 with Elena Fedotova, his 12-year-old son Peter Pokhilko and his wife. Sandra Brown, a CSI Investigator for the Palo Alto Police Department is one of the interviewees. Other detectives involved in the investigation of PAPD were interviewed, as well as friends of Vladimir Pokhilko (and Elena Fedotova).

Tetris Murders Season 2 Preview

Tetris Murders Review

Tetris Murders Season 2 Preview

The Tetris Murders couldn’t resist having someone liken it to the classic video game. Both were complex puzzles that required a lot of pieces to be assembled in the correct order. You could also say that Discovery+ and ID’s three-part docuseries, out Dec. 5, aims to tell a mystery that is so addicting and so deeply engrained in viewers’ minds that it reproduces the “Tetris Effect,” a condition where gamers can see Tetris’ falling blocks long past they have stopped playing.

These cutesy parallels aside though, there is a lot of intrigue in this re-examination if an infamous tragedy, even if there seems to be no way to resolve it.

The Tetris Morders is a probe into the bizarre case of Vladimir Pokhilko (co-developer) of Tetris. On Sept. 22, 1998, a friend found him dead from a knife wound to his neck in his Palo Alto home. Yelena Fedotova his wife and Peter Pokhilko (12 years old) were also found dead after being bludgeoned with a hammer to death and then repeatedly stabbed. Sandra Brown, Palo Alto CSI tech Investigator, Sergeant Curtis Chan and Sergeant Scott Wong, as well as detectives Mike Denson, Jean Bready, all remembered that it was a bloody, nasty scene. It appeared that it was a murder-suicide at first glance, as Vladimir was holding the knife that was used to cut his throat. He also left a suicide note which, strangely, stated, “I’ve eaten alive–Vladimir.” Remember that I exist–The Davil.”=

Grigoriy Shapirshteyn claims that Vladimir, his friend, wasn’t religious so the reference to Satan in his last missive was a strange one. Brown and her colleagues quickly discovered that this was not the only bizarre aspect of this horror movie. There were two hammers, one for each victim. Yelena, Peter and their bodies were killed by the killer. He then got a knife and stabbed them exactly eleven times. He then went to the bathroom and washed off the knife in the sink. Then he cleaned the faucets and the hammers so that there were no fingerprints. Vladimir, the perpetrator of the crime, wrote the note and burned several travel and financial documents on his backyard barbecue. He then killed himself by gashing himself with a knife in his right hand, in a downward cut of four inches that was so deep officers could see his back and spinal cord. Vladimir kept the knife in his hand and left no fingerprints.

This reeked to Brown, Chan and Wong, all of whom are involved in the Tetris Murders – suggesting that someone staged the scene to make Vladimir look guilty. The family’s history and life were not changed by their subsequent look. Vladimir, a Soviet immigrant, had previously worked in Moscow as a psychologist in the 1980s. He then turned his attention to computers because he believed they could be useful for psychological research. He met Alexey Pajitnov during this time. Alexey had taken his pentominoes love (a game where you make pictures by putting together five different shapes of blocks) and reimagined Tetris. Vladimir fell in love with this interactive game immediately. He spent a year working alongside Alexey to develop it. After that, he moved to the United States in 1991.

The post-Soviet corruption caused Tetris’ intellectual property rights to become tangled. However, they eventually fell into the hands of Alexey who founded The Tetris Company along with Henk Rogers. Vladimir concentrated his energies on AnimaTek while his wife Yelena, a yoga instructor in her home country, tried to make a profit at her new American studio. Yelena and Vladimir were facing financial problems at the time of their deaths. Vladimir had to lay off employees in Russia and the U.S. However, everyone interviewed by Palo Alto PD said they were a happy family. A brief news clip shows Peter’s teacher praising him as a gifted student.Officers from Palo Alto Police Department hold an impromptu press conference Sept. 22, 1998 on the spot where three bodies were found in a house. Later, it was revealed that Vladimir Pokhilko had murdered Yelena Fedotova and his 12-year-old son Peter Pokhilko. He then took his own life.

Then, what could explain this terrible calamity? The Tetris Murders offers a range of theories. Most of them have to do with Vladimir’s financial connections and the Russian mafia. The story focuses on Russia in the late 1990s as a gangster country, with Vladimir Putin as its chief. It also discusses how mobsters and oligarchs ruled the roost, demanding large cuts from any home-grown business that was profitable. This idea seems plausible. The FBI quickly became involved in the case and, as further revelations revealed, had been monitoring Vladimir before the murders as part of another investigation only bolstered such suspicions. This was particularly true for Brown who spent most of The Tetris Murders doubting that this was murder-suicide despite two separate autopsies concluding that it was. Officially closing the books on her efforts was Brown.

The Tetris Morders has a lot smoke, but it isn’t enough to make the episode illuminating. Insinuation, implication, and so on, are more important than hard evidence. It seems plausible that Vladimir did not kill himself, his wife, and child, even though it is far from certain. This Discovery+ docuseries is a tease and is hampered by the streamer’s mediocre aesthetics. These three episodes are full of corny dramatic recreations. They also feature slow motion, overdone musical cues and cliffhanger commercial break soundbites, which were apparently scripted by a team. The nonfiction standards of television are not very high these days and this new episode won’t raise them much.

The Tetris Murders doesn’t care about formal daring. It just wants to examine a triple homicide related to one the most popular videogames in the world. Although those ambitions might seem modest, Tetris proves that simplicity can sometimes be surprisingly and deeply satisfying.

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5.7 / 10 on IMDB

The Tetris Murders Season 2 Release Date

The Tetris Murders Season 2 Release Date

According to some rumors, The Tetris Murders season 2 would not be renewed and the series would be cancelled.
We are waiting for more information to be fixed about the future of the series and the Tetris Murders Season 2 Release Date.


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