Toge Inumaki Jujutsu Kaisen : Everything You Need To Know

Toge Inumaki

Toge Inumaki Gouinu Juanmaki Jito make Inumaki Toge ) is a significant supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen And one of the major characters in its prequel Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High . Toge is a descendant of the Inumaki clan that was born with the unique strong and effective cursed speech method. 

Toge Inumaki Jujutsu Kaisen

This blocks Toge in normal speech, so he has created his own speech pattern in order to avoid curses at others. Toge is an jujutsu sorcerer in semi-grade 1 and a second-year student of Tokyo Jujutsu High along with Yuta, Maki, and Panda.

Appearance Toge Inumaki Jujutsu Kaisen

Appearance Toge Inumaki Jujutsu Kaisen

Toge is a young slim man who has blonde eyes, light skin and a mid-length straight hair. The two-headed Toge has an “Snake and Fangs” seal of the Inumaki clan on his tongue as well as both cheeks. The Jujutsu High uniform was tailored to reflect this and was equipped with a high collar and an opening that covers the mouth of Toge. When he is practicing, Toge wears a zipped-up dark collared shirt under the white short-sleeved shirt and athletic pants. He also wears shoes. Following The Shibuya Incident, Toge lost his arm as a result of Sukuna’s attack.

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In 2017 Toge was a shorter, spiky locks similar to Yuji’s. It changed into the new style of the year 2018. The uniform he wore was similar to Yuji’s however, he wore the lighter-colored turtleneck sweater was worn over a normal student uniform.

In the adaptation of the anime, Toge has platinum blonde hair, with eyes that are purple and his dress is a royal blue hue

Toge Inukami The Price Of Power Jujutsu Kaisen By Hidan27sHeathen

What is Personality Of Toge Inumaki Jujutsu Kaisen ?

Personality Of Toge Inumaki Jujutsu Kaisen

Toge at first appears to appear to be a distant and quiet boy who appears to be quite frightening to Yuta Okkotsu the first time they meet. But, underneath his quiet and aloof appearance, Toge is actually a extremely thoughtful and compassionate person. Toge doesn’t talk in order to avoid accidentally swearing at someone through his magical words.

The sole reason Toge appeared to be a threat to Yuta was due to the fact that He was very protective against Maki And Panda towards Rika. When Toge discovered that Yuta’s circumstance wasn’t that different from his Toge immediately began to speak up. Because of his lack of clearly communicating with someone who was unfamiliar to him, it was a challenge to Toge to communicate. With his words Toge demonstrated to Yuta that the man was a nice comrade who just wanted to help the needs of others.

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Personality Of Toge Inumaki Jujutsu Kaisen

Although he is awed by his own power, Toge understands that he has a powerful power. He’s highly skilled and cool in any situation and knows the right time and place to utilize it. Furthermore, Toge has proven himself to be extremely confident and courageous.

In the Goodwill Event, after only meeting Yuji He wanted to come back to save himself from being attacked by Kyoto students. He did not even panic one time in his fight against the curse of the special grade, Hanami. Even when his throat began to break due to the burden the curse imposed on him, Toge was able to deliver one final curse Hanami’s path.

What Are Abilities and Powers Toge Inumaki Jujutsu Kaisen ?

General Skills Level

General Skills Level

As a member in the Inumaki family, Toge is a respected semi-grade 1 sorcerer. Toge is second only To Aoi Todo, Toge is believed to be among the best and most revered jujutsu players apart from Yuta or Hakari. His unforgiving technique and athletic skills have earned him a prestigious reputation among his students. even Geto believed that he was a magician with immense potential. Toge is extremely intelligent and has an impressive stamina level as well as an expert knowledge of how to use his formidable cursed technique.

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High mobility

High mobility

Although not as fast as the freaks from nature such as Yuji and Maki, Toge is a very athletic and athletic character. He is quick to get up and down and agile enough to defy Hanami’s attacks and take him on a long pursuit across the field until Toge was able to locate his fellow soldiers. Toge was also among the only players during the game of baseball who did not clean his base after hitting, and was in danger of stealing. Even Yuji was amazed by the speed of Toge, which Maki was also impressed with.

High endurance

High endurance

Toge’s cursed speech requires a significant amount of stamina in order to use. It causes severe irritation of the throat which can lead Toge to vomit blood if he’s overused. Yet, Toge continues fighting even when he is exhausted and can still unleash orders against more powerful opponents.

What is Jujutsu Of Toge Inumaki in Jujutsu Kaisen ?

Cursed Energy Manipulation
The Great Cursed Energy Along with the stamina required for cursed speech, cursed speech demands the highest amount of cursed energy. This is especially true when Toge confronts the power of a curse. His power can extend over the entire spectrum and affect any curse that is weaker than him without failing. The fact that he is on the battlefield can make it hard for those who are fighting him to concentrate because of his method. When he is able to overuse his power, it causes an injury to his body, Toge can still unleash attacks that are capable of affecting specific level curses, too.
Inherited Technique
“Cursed Speech” (Zhou Yan Zhou YanJugon ?): Toge possesses the “Snake & Fangs” seal of the Inumaki clan on his tongue as well as on both sides of his mouth. This permits Toge to imbue the words he speaks with cursed power in order to increase the effect of his commands, and force everyone who hears it to follow. As demanding the order is, the greater cost it takes to Toge’s body. Curses that are less severe can be slammed by powerful commands with no negative reaction, however, more ineffective words can consume more stamina and energy when used against those who have higher levels of cursed energies than Toge. Voice amplifiers and communication devices like cellphones or bullhorns, are not a hindrance to Toge’s strategy which allows him to broadcast his words and the effects they produce across a greater distance, when needed.
” Explode” triggers Toge’s target to explode violently. He was able to dispel a swarm of curses that were weak.
” Get Twisted” makes an appendage the curse to turn until it is completely disfigurement. The actor used it to try to ward off the curse of Grade 2 but it does not cause devastating damage.
” Get Crushed” triggers the target to collapse until they’re flattened. Toge made use of this to conclude the Grade 2 incident.
” Crumble Away” creates a small area of extremely heavy gravity which is able to crush the target until they are quickly buried. Toge employed this technique to try and take down Suguru Geto.
” Don’t Move” or ” Stop” completely blocks the target of Toge’s attack and any attacks. He initially utilized “Don’t Move” to stop Aoi Todo and after that, repeatedly instructed Hanami to stop their battle.
” Sleep” instantly puts anyone who receives the message to sleep. Toge used this to disable Kasumi Miwa on the phone.
” Return” can forcefully dispel the Shikigami. The command was used to retrieve the Megumi’s Divine Dog after using it to track him.
” Run Away” makes Inumaki’s target leave the area. He used it to tell his troops to escape from Hanami’s advancing.
” Blast Away” is an extremely powerful command that produces an explosive blast of concussive force powerful enough to cause a specific grade curse to come to the ground on an temple.

 Equipment Of Toge Inumaki Jujutsu Kaisen 

Conventional Tools
Toge is always carrying cough syrup to ease his irritation of his throat when he’s fighting. It’s a great way to extend the amount of time Toge can speak his cursed words before he reaches his limit.

Battles and Events

Cursed Child Arc

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Cursed Child Arc

Yuta Okkotsu & Toge Inumaki vs. Cursed Spirits

Maki Zenin, Toge Inumaki & Panda vs. Suguru Geto

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Megumi Fushiguro, Toge Inumaki & Noritoshi Kamo vs. Hanami

8 Times Toge Inumaki Stole The Spotlight In Jujutsu Kaisen

Although cursed speech is not common however its impact is swift. To keep from accidentally cursing one of his buddies Toge only speaks in rice ball-like ingredients. When he makes use of his cursed language in battle, his foes are defeated within the quick blink of an eye. In Jujutsu Kaisen, Toge Inumaki has proven he is a mighty sorcerer.

Warning: Manga spoilers ahead!

8. Toge Told Megumi & Noritoshi To Run Away During The Goodwill Event

Toge Told Megumi & Noritoshi To Run Away During The Goodwill Event

Principal Gakuganji’s scheme to make use of a semi-grade cursed spirit in the Goodwill Event to kill Yuji was a complete fail. Although he intended for it to kill Yuji, Toge came across it rather. At the moment Toge would be about apply his cursed speech technique against his creature Hanami emerged from a nearby tree, and swiftly killed the other spirit.

That was the time when the strategy devised by Mahito’s team began to unfold. Toge decided to escape from Hanami and avoid his attacks until he stumbled upon Megumi along with Noritoshi. Toge employed his cursed voice and instructed them to flee the scene. Although they had the option of fighting Hanami, Toge certainly bought everyone some time to determine his strengths as well as weaknesses.

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7. Toge Helped Yuji Take On The Mutated Humans

As Yuji was at the train station of Shibuya the city of Shibuya, he was shocked by the number of mutated human beings who were running wild. Mutated people were attacking innocents which meant that Yuji found himself outnumbered. At this moment, Yuji outright admitted that there was no way to save all the victims.

Fortunately for Yuji, Toge showed up just in timing. Once the arrival of Toge, Toge used his cursed speech to swiftly take on the vast number of mutated individuals causing chaos at the station.

6. Toge Demanded Suguru To Crumble Away

Toge Demanded Suguru To Crumble Away

When Suguru unleashed his infamous Night Parade of a Hundred Demons He let the cursed spirits cause destruction in a variety of places, and stayed in Jujutsu High to target Yuta. After they escaped the curtain, Toge and Panda held their each other to Suguru for a time.

As Suguru struck Panda’s face in the cement, Toge was steadfast in using his cursed voice to ask Suguru to “crumble away” in an instant. By this command, Suguru was crushed inside massive holes within the earth. Although uttering such an imposing command had immediate negative effects on Toge It was nevertheless an impressive display of his strength.

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5. Toge Inumaki Proved That He, Indeed, Loves Trolling Others

Toge Inumaki Proved That He, Indeed, Loves Trolling Others

In the fifth volume of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gege Akutami featured characters’ profiles and trivia about a handful of characters. In his profile, Toge states that he is a fan of the game of trolling. Although his humor isn’t usually featured in the show, Toge has proven that he is a fan of joining in on a fun prank.

In episode 10’s Juju Stroll the pieces of Nobara’s outfit disappear. In her ignorance Maki as well as Maki are being targeted with Panda, Satoru, and Toge. After Panda appears to be in a state of obliviousness, while wearing a jacket worn by Nobara, Toge bursts into the room and shouts in “Mustard leaf!” He poses in a dramatic manner with Maki’s pencil skirt. Although it was one moment towards the end of the show, viewers were pleased to see more of Toge’s humor.

4. Toge Recovered & Instantly Killed A Cursed Spirit

In the Cursed Child arc, Toge and Yuta were assigned an adventure to expel the spirit of a curse in an outlet mall. Although Toge succeeded in removing the spirit, Suguru planted a more strong curse on the mall as Suguru wanted to discover the potential of Rika.

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oge Recovered & Instantly Killed A Cursed Spirit

If Toge makes use of his cursed voice often enough, he could risk harming his throat. Because Toge has already expelled one spirit, trying to exorcise another was exceeding his boundaries. If he attempts to instruct the spirit that he is trying to exorcise to “twist,” the command is only damaging the spirit’s arms. Toge was coughing because of. When Yuta took Toge some time during the fight against the curse, Yuta throws Toge his coughing syrup he dropped when they were moving back. After drinking the cough syrup Toge requested that the spirit “get crushed,” killing it immediately.

3. Toge’s Cursed Speech Forced Aoi To Stop Fighting With Megumi

Toge's Cursed Speech Forced Aoi To Stop Fighting With Megumi

Prior to on the Goodwill Event, Aoi Todo and Mai Zenin paid first-year students from Tokyo Jujutsu High a visit in order to frighten the students. After Aoi was asked by Megumi what kind of woman was and was dissatisfied by Megumi’s reply. He then started an altercation with Megumi because of her unsatisfactory response. The fight lasted long.

Just when Megumi was ready to place Aoi on the spot, Toge interrupted their squabble by using his cursed syllable to stop Aoi’s actions. It’s not clear who would have been the winner however Toge was once more arrived at the right moment to stop anything catastrophic from erupting between the two sorcerers.

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2. Toge’s Phone Call Put Miwa To Sleep

Toge's Phone Call Put Miwa To Sleep

After Panda handed over Mechamaru’s phone to Toge and he used it to contact Miwa. The call set Miwa to sleep immediately. Toge employed his cursed language through the phone to instruct Miwa to sleep which caused her to drift through the forest.

It was even more fun, Toge nonchalantly handed the phone to an disabled Mechamaru after throwing away the dismembered arm of the machine. After that, Toge decided to pet one of Megumi’s Demon Dogs before telling them to come back.

1. Toge Used Up His Strength Against Hanami

Toge Used Up His Strength Against Hanami

Because Toge’s cursed method cannot be employed repeatedly however, he attempts to use it only when it is needed. In the Goodwill Event, he used his cursed words with various degrees of power. Even when his throat was already being impacted by the effects, Toge wanted to make sure he was able to stop Hanami even if it was only for a moment.

Within a couple of minutes Toge’s throat began to bleed due to the force of his instructions. However the throat was bleeding, Toge stood up and demanded Hanami to “blast away.” Even even though Toge fell unconscious afterward but the force of his commands blew up his roof, sending Hanami to fly through the forest.

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