Manhwa Cultivation : Our Top 30+

Manhwa Cultivation is referred to in Chinese novels as a Taoist method. This Taoist technique allows people to improve their skills by learning a variety of martial arts. These Xianxia/ cultivation Manhua provide you with amazing abilities and stunning action scenes.

Many popular cultivation manhua, such as The Untamed are available. However, we felt it was better to include other varieties since most people have already read them. Let’s start our list of the best cultivation manhua.


30. Spirit Sword Sovereign

Spirit Sword Sovereign

Chu Xing Yun was a strong man, but he returned to his youth to become a weak young lord after being attacked by an unknown enmity. He is determined to not let go of his enemy, who made his past life painful.

To do this, he will need his Spirit Sword in order to be strong enough to once again reign supreme over the earth and the heavens. He is determined to kill anyone who stands in his path.

A story that focuses on revenge or reincarnation is the best. Although the story may be a common one, it is still unique in its execution. The story can get a little draggy at the middle chapters. But, keep reading.

The story is quickly re-invigorated and the main characters are no longer overwhelmed. It is easy to enjoy the artwork and the story progression. It is, therefore, one of the most impressive cultivation manhuas.

29. Bowblade Spirit

Bowblade Spirit

The bow is a weapon that dominates all things in sight, even targets hidden at far distances. Imagine a weapon that you can’t even see, but is threatening your life. A joyous trip to Zhongyuan, in search for a wife. A hero rises to overthrow the Murim world.

28. Against Gods

Against Gods

His meridians were destroyed. His clan abandoned him, ridiculed by the world for being useless trash, and he was murdered the night before his wedding.

But thanks to the Mirror of Samsara his fate was reversed. He was reborn into the world filled with hatred and regret. He promised that he would be able to reach the pinnacle in power this time.

27. Save Me, Great Lord!

Save Me, Great Lord!

The modern cultivation manhwa was adapted from “Spare Me, Great Lord!” The author of the book is “The Speaking Pork Trotter”.

Spare Me, Great Lord! Lu Shu is the central character. He was only left behind by his parents at the tender age of 15.

His necklace helps him to save himself from a car accident. This gives him an additional burden: a mental shock system. Lu Shu discovers more about the world through business trips.

26. The Urban Immortal Cultivator is Reborn

The Urban Immortal Cultivator is Reborn

Monk Chen Fanyu was known as being the strongest person in the heavens. He was swept into the catastrophe of the day during Anti-cataclysm.

He prefers to be reincarnated the same person as he is now, but instead of being reincarnated the same person he was before, he would like to be born as an infant boy in five hundred years.

It has been 500 years since then. As a young boy, the immortal is born and attempts to live a miserable existence as a weakling. The man who once ruled this world is now a fragment of it.

This incredible cultivation of manhua demonstrates how the story unfolds with each chapter. This story is not very logical. This is how normal manhua in China should look.

These stories are masterworks. Even though it isn’t in this category, the cultivation womanhua still entertains until the end.

25. Banished Disciple Counterattack

Banished Disciple Counterattack

The main character of this cultivation manga was very loyal to his sect. His sect assigned him the responsibility of protecting the spiritual field.

He was defeated by the sect’s enemies and the spiritual realm was destroyed. This is why the sect expelled him. The protagonist was loyal and worked hard to get it.

He thought his peers would be there to protect him. But they weren’t. This manhua is a great cultivation manhua you should try. The art of this manhua is also outstanding.

24. The Heaven’s List

The Heaven's List

Manhua is the best cultivation. “The Heaven’s List” refers to Tian can Tu Dou’s original text.

The worldviews of “Battle Through the Heavens”, “Martial Universe”, and “The Great Ruler” were used to create the manga. It interprets the stories from Lin Dong, Xiao Yan, and other evil races.

23. Sovereignty of the Spirit Sword

Sovereignty of the Spirit Sword

Chu Xing Yun is officially known as Chu Xing Yun. After being attacked by unknown enemies, he was a strong man but he went back to his youth and became a weak young lord.

He will not give up on his enemy, who has made his past painful. He must have his own. To become the supreme entity of earth and heavens, the Spirit Sword must be strong enough.

He will kill anyone in his path. There is nothing more exciting than a story that is based upon reincarnation or revenge.

The story isn’t unusual but it is unique in its execution. In the middle chapters, the story can become a little too dramatic. The film picks up quickly and the main characters become overpowered.

22. Soul Land, Douluo Dalu (Douluo Dalu), 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Soul Land, Douluo Dalu (Douluo Dalu), 1, 2, 3 and 4.

This collection of classic cultivation comics was inspired by popular novels by Tang Jia San Shao. The first comic is about Tang San. The comic features Tang San, Xiao Wu and Dai Mubai as its main characters.

The second manhua is about Huo Yuhao’s ten-year-old revival in Tang Sect. The third manga book was about Tang Wulin who wanted to become a powerful soul master.

His soul woke up to find that it was a weak Blue Silver Gras. This comic is about Lan Xuanyu and his friends.

21. The Scholar’s Reincarnation

The Scholar’s Reincarnation

Hwang Jun-woo, a martial artist, claims to be a killer. He is killed in a suicide attack and then reincarnated. He is the first son of a lord and cares for peaceful areas. He is blessed with a loving family and a small sister to protect him, so he chooses peace. To be a better person all around. It’s not always easy.

Although it isn’t always easy Hwang Jun-woo is ready to fight any enemy that could hurt his family. It’s a lighthearted, convenient cultivation manhua. You won’t soon forget some amazing moments. This is a refreshing departure from the typical cultivation manhua stories that are full of plot and action.

There are no action scenes missing in this manga, but you shouldn’t be disappointed by the absence of them. It is very good, even though it may not be the best in the world. It is well-suited for the context.

20. The Pinnacle of Martial Arts

The Pinnacle of Martial Arts

“The Pinnacle of Martial Arts,”Martial Peak, is a cultivation manhua equipped with an op mc. It is located in a world where it is impossible to attain the pinnacle martial arts. It has been attempted many times but it was not possible.

Yang Kai, a disciple from the Lingxiao sect, A man is being tried because he discovered a black book with nothing in it. This could be the key to his success.

This incredible cultivation manhua will show you how to do it. In Chinese manhua, it is important that the main character appears perfect. However, this one has an amazing MC.

You will feel all fluffy and happy when the main female character is featured. These are just some of the entertainment options. The action is the main focus. You should therefore read the cultivation manhua quickly.

19. The Everlasting God and the Sword

The Everlasting God and the Sword

Manhua refers to a type or cultivation. The main character is a genius cultivator. He was a talented cultivator, and he showed it early in life. The world was stunned by his ability to cultivate. He began to challenge those he considered strong as he grew up. As he defeated each one, his reputation grew.

After having challenged all of them, he barely beat the strongest cultivator. His meridians burst and he was left a cripple. This was the end of the world-famous genius tale. After several months, the main character emerges and proves that they are not his enemies anymore.

18. Apotheosis


Zen Luo, the Young Lord of Luo Family, has been kind to people but an unfortunate incident changed their fate. His father has died, his sister is being held by a powerful sect and he is now a slave.

Although he has been through a lot, he still strives to save his sister. He finally discovers a secret Weapon Creation technology in the book left behind by his father. But is it possible to do this with his cultivation skills?

While most cultivation manhua focus on one Qi-based concept, Apothesis offers a whole new level. You won’t be able to see all of the stories at the beginning, because the author missed some important points.

17. Science Through Cultivation

Science Through Cultivation

If you are looking for a good cultivation manga that will make your smile, this manga is a good option. It’s funny and decently cultivable.

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16. Spirit Blade Mountain

Spirit Blade Mountain

Mountain of the Spirit BladeThis mountain is also famous for its wizards, also known as Spirit Blade Masters. They are also known by the Reiken clan and work to maintain order in the world. They have to find a way around the fact that a comet may cause great destruction.

They decide to take the exams again to discover the child of God, and make Lua a disciple.

Lu Wang begins his quest to become the greatest sage who can stop the calamity.

He is intelligent and powerful and can beat people who work harder than him. He is the chosen one and destined.

You will enjoy his ability to improve at times. These are the moments that are worth remembering.

15. The Awakening

The Awakening

The main character in this cultivation manhua is the most prominent and young scholar. However, we don’t know much about him.

He is HwaSan’s successor. One day, he amazes the world when a few people visit his place to kill the sect members who sought refuge there.

After he kept his identity secret for so many years, the world was thrown into chaos. Fighting broke out and many people came out. It was not uncommon.

14. Cultivation Chat Group

Cultivation Chat Group

Song Shuhang is a He was invited to join a chat group that featured many of his senior citizens and other types of people. Surprisingly, many people in the chat room called each other nicknames like Cave Lord, Immortal Master, and so forth.

One called his dog “a dog” while another called it a “demon animal.” He ran from his home and called his dog “Suzuhang”. Imagine Shuhang discovering that cultivators can live thousands of years.

Shuhang uses this method to deal with the pleasant surprises in life. This is so much different than any cultivation manhua that you have read.

You won’t be unhappy even though the story isn’t as historical. All the characters are relatable.

This book is for those who are interested in a unique cultivation manhua/manga.

13. God Of Martial Arts

God Of Martial Arts

Lin Feng was born in a world that values martial arts and respects martial artists. Some can split trees and boulders, but stronger ones can cut mountains into two halves.

Some martial kings are capable of traversing into other universes. The weak are made to feel humiliated and the strong make them suffer. Lin Feng is yet to be a great martial artist, but it seems all seems discriminating.

Keep this in mind before you begin reading the cultivation manhua. Although the beginning of this manhua may not be very good, once you have read a few chapters you will be amazed.

The characters and art are fantastic, and the story is so great that you will love it over time. This cultivation manhua is a must-read and you should add it to your to-read list.

12. Peerless Martial Goddess

Peerless Martial Goddess

Feng Lin was raised in a martial arts-rich area and was born to a world that values martial art. While some can split boulders and trees, stronger ones can divide mountains into two halves.

Some martial kings can travel into other universes. The strong will trample on the weak and humiliate them in this world. Lin Feng, a great martial artist and not discriminated against, seems absurd.

This is important to remember before you start reading the cultivation manhua.

The art and characters are amazing. The music is also fantastic.

11. The Mount Hua Sect’s Revenge

The Mount Hua Sect’s Revenge

The Mount Hua Sect was one of the most powerful in the world. Chung Myung the leader of Demonic Sect, was defeated by one of the three most skilled swordsmen. After the battle for the bodies of his disciples, he finally died.

Many of the most powerful members his sect accompanied him.

He realizes that he is dead after 100 years of fighting. After his rebirth, he is brought back to life as a child. He soon discovers that Mount Hua Sect has vanished.

10. Legend of the Northern Blade

Legend of the Northern Blade

The Darkness has taken the entire world under its sway, and almost no one can stop it. To fight back, martial artists formed the ” Northern Heavenly Sect“. This sect helped bring peace to the world.

The sect leader died after many years and the sect was eventually disbanded. Everyone can now live their lives. Jin Kwan is the only son of the sect leader and discovers the secrets left behind by his father. He decides to study them for a better tomorrow.

The Legend of the Northern Blade manhua is well-known for the flow of the story and each chapter is full of thrills. It makes me think of solo leveling at events that include all the cultivation or leveling up techniques.

The art feels original and fits perfectly into the premise. It is a remarkable cultivation manhua that combines many aspects.

9. Supreme

They are treated very cruelly by his sister and the family of their protagonist. The family’s head elder trampled the dantian, making him a cripple. He was accidentally taken to Tower of Boundless Hell by a ring his mother had given him.

It is a great cultivation manga you should read.

The main character is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his family. This book is a must-read for any otaku.

8. Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods

Nie LI was the strongest Demon Spiritist, and reached the pinnacle in the martial world to defend his home. He lost his life fighting Sage Emperor. However, his soul was resurrected into the body of a thirteen-year old child.

He is one of the most vulnerable among his classmates but with the knowledge from his past, he decides that he will be stronger again. The demonic beasts and their enemies are on the other side, ready to move.

The plot of this cultivation manhua is so compelling that the reader can continue reading for as many chapters as they like . The plot is complex and takes time to create the world you desire. This is why you should keep it in your head before you start reading.

This one is for you if you love the Narutofranchise. This amazing cultivation manhua is a must-have for your collection.

7. Battle in the Heavens

Battle in the Heavens

Set in a Dou Qiu universe where the strong can trample upon the weak and the weak are respected around the world. Xiao YanOne the eight strongest clans.

A 11-year-old boy with exceptional talent is forced out of his clan. Later, Xiao Yan promises that he will prove to be more than just trash. He is the strongest person in all of Dou Qiu.

Although the story is a cliché, it’s been funny and poignant. The story is not the most important thing, but the characters are amazing.

Every chapter features new and improved artwork. The best part is entertainment. It will amaze you with the humor.

6. Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

Hyuk Seong is an apprentice of the Spear Masters Sect’s successor and are both framed to learn Demonic cultivation. Even though they were sentenced to death, the artifact from the sect gives Woon Seong a new beginning.

This time, he is a Demonic cult trainee. Although there are two sects, the Orthodox Sect & Demonic Sect, his target is only one. He considers his vengeance more important than his new life and waits patiently to cultivate his talents.

One of the best things I have done is to add ” Chronicles of Heavenly Demon ” to the list of top cultivation manhua. It has been amazing right from the start, but it may make you hesitate about the artwork.

It gets even better in the lateral chapters. We promise you won’t feel tired. This amazing cultivation manhua is a must-have for any list.

5. Alchemist for Chaos

Alchemist for Chaos

This cultivation manhua is very similar to the battle through heaven. He was a cultivation genius, who lost all of his cultivation after a seal was placed around his wrist.

All the people he believed in soon disturbed him. The sect expelled him and made him an outer disciple on the farm.

Everything changes when he discovers the secret to his seal.

4. The Path Of The Shaman

The Path Of The Shaman

This cultivation manhua is very similar to the battle through heaven. A cultivation genius, he lost all of his cultivation after a seal was placed around his wrist. All the people he believed soon disturbed him.

The sect expelled him and made an outer disciple work at the farm.

3. Heavenly Demon Chronicles

Heavenly Demon Chronicles

Both Hyuk Woon Seong, and The Apprentice of Spear Master Sect were framed to learn from their successors. They were both sentenced to death but survived.

An artifact taken from the sect Woon Seong is given new life.

There are two types: the Orthodox Sect or the Demonic Sect. But his goal is one.

He sees his revenge as more important than his new life. Although it has been incredible from the beginning, you may be hesitant about the art.

2. Demon and God Stories

Demon and God Stories

Nie Li, the strongest of the demons, rose to the top in martial arts to defend his home. He was killed in battle against the Sage Emperor.

He was able bring his soul back to life as a thirteen-year old child. But with the help of his past, he knows he can be stronger.

The demon beasts and their foes are waiting for the reader to continue reading.

1. The Northern Blade’s Legend

The Northern Blade's Legend

The Darkness has almost taken control of the world and no one can stop it. When a group martial artists gathered together to form the “Northern Heavenly Sect”, they created “Martial Artists”. They were fighting back.

This sect helped bring peace to the entire world. After many years, the leader of the sect died. The sect was finally disbanded, allowing all people to continue their lives. The son of the sect leader was the only one.

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