Ultramarine Magmell (also known as Magmel the Sea Blue) is an anime series that combines fantasy and adventure. It was launched on Netflix worldwide in 2019. This anime is part of a manhua series that was originally written by and illustrated in China by Dainenbyo. It may be more interesting to call it manhua. The manga series is not Japanese-made and the Chinese manga series are named that way. The series was originally aired on Tokyo MX and BS Fuji channels. Studio Signpost is a substudio of Pierrot Studio. This studio is responsible for anime like Akudama Driver. Thanks to the Netflix licensing, the series was able to attract viewers all around the globe. After being released in Japan from April 7th 2019 to June 30th 2019, the first season consisted of 13 episodes and was broadcasted on Netflix on October 10, 2019. Fans have not yet seen the 2nd season for more than a year. Netflix has renewed the series for a ULTRAMARINE MAGMELL SEASON 2.

Ultramarine Magmell Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know


One day, a continent appears in the Pacific Ocean. This new continent is called Magmell by the locals. Magmell is home to dangerous creatures and plants that are not found on other continents. Many of the researchers who visited Magmell to study it died. Researchers are helped by anglers: Inyo, the Angler, and Zero, his assistant, help researchers who seek help in Magmell’s Wilderness.

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The anime’s first season was a success. It managed to capture the imagination of its viewers. This series was a hit with fantasy fans, especially those who enjoy fantasy productions. Inyo and Zero’s past were also discussed in the first season. But viewers are keen to learn more about Inyo’s inner world and past in the next season. What is the secret to Inyo’s success? Shuin is who? Where are Inyo and Shuin’s parents? There are many questions. These questions will only be answered in the second season. Fans were not happy with the drawings in the first season. In season 2, we hope to fix the mismatch between 2D and 3D character drawings.


At the time of writing, neither Netflix nor creator studios Pierrot and Studio Signpost had renewed anime for a second series. An anime can take many years to renew. However, the lack of leaks or renewals reduces the chances. In terms of popularity, the first season was less popular than other Netflix anime. The popularity score for the series is 55.0%. This is quite low in comparison to other animes such as Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress or Seis Manos that were released on Netflix during this time. The manga situation will also affect our ability to see the next season.

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The anime was adapted from a manga written by Dainenbyo, as we have mentioned at the start of this series article.¬†Fanfan Dongman’s manga series began airing in 2014.¬†It is hard to find an English translation of the manga as it does not have an English publisher.

The total manga series is eight volumes. The first four volumes were used to adapt anime. Although there is enough material to make a second season, the popularity of the series as well as the silence greatly reduces the likelihood of it being made. It is highly unlikely that the series will have a second season. We will let you know if we have any new information.

Ultramarine Magmell Season 2 Renewal Statut

On April 29, 2018, Ultramarine Magmell’s anime adaptation was announced for the first time. Pierrot Plus, a Pierrot subsidiary animation studio, animated it. There have been many anime released by them, but Tokyo Ghoul: Re and Beelzebub are the most well-known.

The first episode aired on April 7, 2019. It lasted thirteen episodes and ended on June 30, 2019. Many of the viewers who fell in love after the end of the first season are begging for a second. What is the status of Ultramarine Magmell Season 2’s renewal? It will be available when we can see it.

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We have not heard from either the studio or the author regarding Ultramarine Magmell Season 2 as of yet. We are not sure if there will be a renewal of the season. It hasn’t been cancelled either.

What are the chances that Ultramarine Magmell Season 2 will be a success?

There is no information at the moment about Ultramarine Magmell Season 2. What are the odds?

Ultramarine Magmell is unlikely. Many viewers didn’t like the anime adaptation. MyAnimeList forum members have indicated that while the show began promisingly, it fell apart after only a few episodes. The plot is a mess and there are many fillers.

Ultramarine Magmell, an anime series, didn’t sell as many BDs and certainly didn’t help the source.¬†The show also received a disappointing score of¬†6.08¬†on MyAnimeList, and has only gathered around 120k members.

The studio does have enough source material to continue another run, however. There are four volumes or more that need to be adapted. The manhua series, which is still in operation, will also be available.

It is best to assume that Ultramarine Magmell Season 2 will never be released.

Ultramarine Magmell Action

The sudden appearance of Magmell, a new continent, signals a new era in exploration.¬†Magmell’s wealth of undiscovered natural resources encourages exploration of its vast terrain.¬†The unknown isn’t always easy to navigate.¬†People known as “anglers”, who specialize in Magmell’s hazardous wildlife, are needed to support the expeditions.¬†Inyou, a highly skilled and experienced angler, performs search-and-rescue operations for clients using Zero as his assistant.

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