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Wanze is a prepare dinner who’s a member of CP7.


Wanze at all times has a goofy smile on her face, even when she will get scared. She has lengthy, curly grey hair, two protruding entrance enamel, and spirals drawn on her cheeks. He wears a black jacket that he retains unbuttoned, a yellow scarf, black pants supported by an orange belt, and curler skates.

After being hit within the face by Sanji, Wanze’s face turned far more stunning. After being kicked within the chest by the 🏴 ☠️ pirate, his look returned to the way it was when he began.


He typically acts like a madman, prompting his enemies to underestimate him. His dumbfounded look additionally contributes to creating him appear innocent. Wanze additionally tries to impress his enemies into making just a few missteps.

When Sanji modified his options, he turned enraged, discovered his new options horrible and claimed to really feel mutilated.


Energy and ability

Wanze is a talented hand-to-hand fighter and strikes rapidly due to his skates. He may analyze the enemy effectively, as he proved by sensing that immobilizing Sanji’s legs would render him helpless.

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Ramen Kenpo

He makes use of a combating fashion known as Ramen Kenpo that depends on ramen noodles, which Wanze expels from his nostrils after chewing flour. With them he can create some kind of projectiles or blunt weapons; he may immobilize his opponent in an armor constituted of these ramen noodles.


As a final resort, Wanze makes use of an enormous kitchen knife, which he can coat with 🧪 poison.

Historical past


He was born within the West Sea and, when he grew up, entered CP7. He was born within the West Sea.

Water Seven Saga

Wanze boards the Puffing Tom, positioning himself within the fourth automotive.

On the way in which to Enies Foyer, a marine catches up with him and tells him an issue has occurred, however he replies to be quiet as a result of a significant issue has occurred to him.

Later, throughout their advance to the pinnacle of the ocean practice, Sanji, Franky, and Sogeking enter its carriage. After Wanze taunts him, the latter two proceed on by way of the roof of the carriage, whereas Sanji stops to confront him. The confrontation retains balanced till Wanze creates an armor product of ramen with which to guard himself from the 🏴 ☠️ pirate’s kicks. Sanji will get his legs caught and Wanze takes benefit of this to ship him crashing into the partitions of the carriage. The 🏴 ☠️ pirate manages to free himself and, enraged by the waste of meals he’s witnessing, grabs a pair of knives and slices Wanze’s armor, then hits him with a number of kicks to the face till his options change.

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Enraged by the remedy he receives, Wanze pulls out a big knife lined in 🧪 poison. Sanji avoids the assaults and strikes him once more, returning him to his authentic look, sending him into the carriage the place the CP9 members are, and knocking him unconscious.


Prototypes for One Piece

Wanze was initially regarded as a 👩🏻 girl, however later turned a surfer-like man. He later resembled the stereotypical French chef, whereas his fourth preliminary model is much like his “stunning” model.

Variations between manga and anime

Film 13

Aboard the Grand Treasure he makes a declaration of affection to a 👩🏻 girl.


  • His signature snort is “sasasasa!”.
  • Wanze is the one opponent Sanji has used his arms in opposition to.
  • Wanzen means Heteroptera in German, which is a sort of insect.


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